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    I loved this episode, I thought it really represented the ancients (well Oma) well and ascension. A strong episode and great character development. Also the monk was fantastic.

    Question 2, you are in the desert, you see a tortoise lying on his back, in the hot sun. You recognize his plight but do nothing to help, why?

    because… you are also a tortoise.

    O’NEILL: No. No. Full well expected the other shoe to drop eventually.

    THOR: We can only hope this will be the last footwear to fall.

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      Does anyone remember when they first saw Maternal Instinct (when it first aired on Showtime)?

      I remember being so surprised and bewildered when it seemed like Daniel learned "new powers." With this episode, Robert Cooper certainly took the show down an entirely new path to where it has landed today.

      Now if a character actually exhibted telekenetic powers of his or her own, it wouldn't even seem all that strange or surprising.

      It is amazing how much SG-1 has grown, changed, and evolved (and without a revolt by a majority of fans). You have to wonder how much has been planned and how much has been thought up on the fly.

      Did they even know that the ascended beings would be the Ancients as early as Maternal Instinct? Hmmm....


        I always enjoy the episodes in which Bra'tac appears, and the journey his character takes in this episode is engrossing. It was a good introduction to the Ancients, as well as further developing the characters of the SG1 characters. In the cases of Jack and Sam especially, it seemed to me that everything they knew was wrong. Daniel once again demonstrated both knowledge and wisdom, as well as a willingness to learn.

        I think that this is an episode that takes some repeat viewings, in order to fully understand the different levels upon which is operates.
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          Did this child ever come back into the story? (haven't seen the movies) Or was it not really worth it in the end, what with the Goauld threat being removed?


            Originally posted by placid View Post
            Did this child ever come back into the story? (haven't seen the movies) Or was it not really worth it in the end, what with the Goauld threat being removed?
            To answer my own question, "Absolute Power".

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              Originally posted by Cade View Post
              She killed the Jaffa to protect the child, and SG-1, if she was just protecting her home why would she stop the jaffa from killing Sg-1?

              perhaps since she was already bending the rules she figured there was nothing to lose by bending them again.
              Or maybe she just wanted to kick some jaffa ass lol
              I think she just wanted to protect the child and SG1
              Also, how many were killed? Will it effect Apophis fleet? Will he send a great army of ships next? Will Apophis ever get his child?


                Great episode - just when you think you know all there is to know about the Stargate universe, you learn that beings can ascend to higher planes of existence. Highly evolved beings of pure energy are nothing new in sci-fi - there were several Star Trek Next Generation episodes featuring "ascended" aliens with super powers (Q comes to mind). Still it was a neat episode. The Buddhist monastery set was really cool, as was the banter between Daniel and the monk.

                It was also cool seeing T'ealc and Bra'tac exhibit their tracking skills on Kheb. And I liked the night sky - it looked like Kheb isn't too far from a globular star cluster, so they must have been thousands of light years from Earth.

                So was Oma an ascended being, or just on the brink of ascending? I was under the impression that ascended beings were pure of heart and wouldn't stoop to frying Jaffa for fun. Couldn't Oma have just teleported them away, like Thor did on Cimmeria?


                  This was a definite turning point for Bra'tac before this episode he was vain and childish, but ever since he has been wise and honorable. I think it was because he was insecure about his age and afraid of death, though once he found out about the journey that lay before him he felt secure and no longer needed to be young or on top. It was also a major turning point for Daniel it was around this time that he became more spiritual and less of an archaeologist. The introduction to Oma Desala was interesting, but she interfered in a huge way by killing all of those Jaffa.

                  As we have seen in future episodes such an action would have it's consequences.


                    The Asian guy made me feel like I was stoned.

                    Rating: 8/10

                    Full Review:
                    My attempt to watch every episode of SG-1 and Atlantis this summer:


                      An interesting episode. The glowing alien is cool. However, it hurt my brain trying to decipher what the heck the monk was trying to say.


                        It almost pissed me off when Danial never asked that glowing lady who is she or where she came from, LOL.

                        From what I understand, she's the Ancients, right? Supposedly the greatest race among the 4 powerful alliance, whom had ascended to some higher plane or something like that.


                          Great episode. All the "mind control" stuff was cool (though i wasn't really that but..). There were some funny Daniel/Jack -moments again. I wonder how many times Daniel has said: "Jack. If you are ever going to trust me on anything...."


                            That stone archway at the entrance reminded me of a stargate.

                            Probably confirmation that that place was built by the Ancients.


                              Originally posted by ZoSo View Post
                              That stone archway at the entrance reminded me of a stargate.
                              i thought that too, when the ascended being goes towards it for some reason i thought it was going to form a wormhole in the middle of it and go through it haha i was like when it didn't happen brilliant episode though!


                                i think the monk was cooler than Teal'c. the things he was saying were so deep Daniel was having trouble understanding them.
                                Some say that he has only one ear.
                                And that he solved the Da Vinci Code in 3 minutes.
                                All we know is he's called