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    5pm and another ep of SG1...

    1. Cool opening scene...and then enter the Bedrosian military.

    2. The Bedrosians...the most paranoid idiots in the whole of the Stargate series probably. It would have been great to see Hammond send an SG-Rescue squad through and pump them all full of lead.

    3. Not often we see Teal'c vulnerable like that - was certainly hard for him to give that much trust to Nyan.

    4. Teal'c vs Bedrosian....YOOOOOUUUUCHHHH!

    5. Surprised we never saw Nyan, either the actor was never available or the writers couldn't think of a reason to bring him back!

    Nice ep though.


      A pretty boring episode.

      I was wrong, that other guy (not Joel) is still composing music.

      We never really knew what happened to that refuge from the other planet.

      Tomorrow, Bra'tac returns with information about that kid.


        This was an okay episode it was nice to see how another civilazation would take knowing that the stargate exists. I can understand the Bedrosians point of view, but they were a little to stubborn for my taste. I liked Nyan it's to bad we never saw him again.
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          Who doesn't like a good holy war? While the Stargate being thought as a holy object is nothing new I think this is the first time we see too groups fighting over it. A concept mind you that will appear in coming episodes in future seasons.

          While I do not hate the torture of SG1 I am far more interested in Tealc as he becomes temporaly blind. The interaction of Teal'c putting his trust in a stranger and Nyan having to deal with the notion his ideas are false makes for an interesting and unique dynamic. That dynamic makes the fight at the end all the more interesting. I can't shake but thier is something cool about them running to the gate at Bedrosians are shooting at them. Cool but unrealastic.
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            Originally posted by jelgate View Post
            The interaction of Teal'c putting his trust in a stranger and Nyan having to deal with the notion his ideas are false makes for an interesting and unique dynamic.
            Nyan's exposition of science and progress was a nice moment. Teal'c: "You sound like Daniel Jackson."


              Originally posted by Krisz View Post
              I like the way the theme of discovery and mystery of the stargate is taken and seen from another civilisation's point of view. This episode has the off world equivalents of Daniel discovering their stargate. We see how their history is shaped by beliefs formed over time, right or wrong, by the stargate.

              On seeing this again I couldn't help thinking that the alien commander who stubbornly maintained his beliefs, despite being faced with evidence to the contrary reminded me of Earth's Colonel Samuels! Both thought it better to forget that the gate was ever found!

              Teal'c being rendered helpless was interesting to watch. It must have been hard for him to accept help, especially as the stoic strong warrior that he is.

              Shame we never saw Nyan again, would have been interesting to see how he adapted to life on Earth, and actually seeing him on occasion being Daniel's assistant when we see Daniel burning the midnight oil over his books!
              Yes Yes Yes! And indeed, Brother Freyr, the Nyan moment was very nice. I thought of this episode as very much an opportunity to get the measure of the man that is Teal'c. Being humbled and accepting of aid was huge! Teal'c is so often the one who is able to speak honestly with other cultures...and children. And this gives Nyan the chance to contemplate his own theories and eventually realize his broader desire to explore. And Teal'c never wavers in his goal to save his friends, even at the risk of self-harm.

              I was rather shocked at the plethora of weapons found with just one team, with or without the contents of the MALP. Jack's first inclination to slow down Daniel and Sam's enthusiasm to go and talk with folks they contacted through her special program, was justified because it seems like an awful lot of supply was left behind. I guess opening the 'gate's not the only reason the program costs so much!

              The whole torture scene, when a 10-year old looking Daniel refuses to give up Teal'c's existence, causing harm to Jack and Sam was tense and horific. But the Butch & Sundance/Jack & Teal'c shootout at the transport scene was quite exciting.

              One of my fav eps.

              And belated Thanks, Krisz for the previous link to your town that was used to film 100 Days!


                i couldn't stand rygar or ryger or whatever the hell his name was. i wanted o'neill to shoot him twice instead of once. that guy was a total ****head. like most of you i wish we say Nyan more often. i


                  By the by, The guy who plays Nyan actually was on an episode of Atlantis (the Defiant One). I always like to think that it was Nyan...who had adopted an earth name by then and went along on the Atlantis expedition. Anyway...that's how I make myself happy. of course if you've seen that episode....well, yeah...there's that.
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                    Very interesting episode!


                      oh dear, this was a weak and meh ep.

                      This happens a little too often for me, and I was glad that in S4 The Other Side we got a much much better version of this type of story.

                      I don't know why the writers have to make the military guys so black & white and stupid. I can handle them not wanting to suddenly abandon their beliefs, but it was all too basic and not enough development of ideas or characters.

                      Not one for the rewatch list.
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                        Originally posted by Brother Freyr View Post
                        Is the Bedrosian lieutenant played by the same actress who plays the foreman in the episode where SG-1 is working in mines below a city on an ice planet?
                        Yes, one and the same according to my sister cause I haven't actually made it that far yet and I haven't seen that episode on a while either.

                        So, New Ground...

                        Nyan is the off-world version of Daniel Jackson. He probably would have gotten the same treatment Daniel did on Earth when he presented his wild outlandish theories. The Bedrosian scientist community would have had him excommunicated.

                        Interesting story idea though... what would happen if we meet a people whom are convinced they didn't come from anywhere else but from the planet they are on, to whom the Goa'uld aren't any longer aliens but actual gods, and not aliens that come to harm and enslave. And who are so convinced about that believe that anything threatening that believe must be a trick from the enemy.

                        That commander obviously fought in the war and lost a bit of leg by the way he moved around, a little on the stiff side. I can understand completely that he wouldn't take kindly to learning that what he fought and got injured for, is a lie. I think, though, that part of him was also afraid to admit to the truth. He made a fairly good point when his medic informs him that our team is human and possibly not from around their parts.

                        Interesting weapons. Teal'c being vulnerable, which he obviously didn't like. Junior in trouble -- not good.

                        Too bad though that we never hear from Nyan again.
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                          I quite liked this episode. It had a decent mix of action to keep it ticking a long. Wasn't a blow out the water episode, but it wasn't that bad. I always wonder what happened to Nyan as well. You would think if you are an assistant of Daniel to catalog his stuff, that you would see him on the base again.


                            Didn't Teal'c leave his staff weapon behind?
                            He was carrying an alien staff when they escaped through the gate.


                              How does Jackson input the address for the SGC?

                              Does the Naquadah generator have a built DHD?

                              And on that point, how do O'Neil and the other dial in the address for home in the movie? I don't remember there being a DHD in the film? Did I miss it or is it a plot hole (which I'm fine with, just curious )


                                Originally posted by I Am Not James Spader View Post
                                How does Jackson input the address for the SGC?

                                Does the Naquadah generator have a built DHD?
                                He dialed the address using the DHD, which was in a hole that had just been excavated.

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