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    I love this episode...dom deluise was excellant in this.
    i want to know how everyone managed to keep a straight face while he was messing around coz i was in stitches!!
    SAM & JACK 4EVER!!


      This is another cracking episode and one that definitely resides in the 'Chaka's Mum's Faves' collection.

      I'm not in the least surprised that Urgo drives some people up the wall - it appears to be his raison d'etre really!

      *sits at briefing table*

      "Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me.
      Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me.
      Etc. etc."

      And that moment when he decides that they're going to play hide and seek - covers eyes and counts in a long monotone drone:


      Who wouldn't want to smack him in the gob for that? I know I would.

      Great fun from start to finish - loved Pete's small cameo as well!


        I really didn't like this ep all that much *dodges flying objects* . Urgo was just TOO annoying for me. I know that was the point, and I did find SG1's reactions amusing, but Urgo's annoyingness overwhelmed everything for me. I have a very short fuse when it comes to annoying characters.

        I did find the idea of the brain implant/shared hallucination and this way of exploring the world very interesting, however. It's a shame that we didn't get to share some tech with the creator dude (what a surprise, eh?).

        As for comedic moments, I thought Sam, Teal'c, and Hammond were all particularily funny in this episode, so their lines were the highlights for me.


          Hey, I'm not gonna throw nutt'n' at yer. Urgo is (insert appropriate expletive here) annoying. He's like someone's little kid brother who just won't stop clamouring for attention when you go round to their house for tea.

          In my case, Urgo was amusing (just about) - whereas other annoying characters (not on Stargate - other programmes) make me switch off even as the opening titles roll.

          But, as you said, despite having to put up with his sheer irritating-ness, Urgo's a great foil for the other characters and they get the opportunity to come up with some classic moments - such as the already quoted 'Urgo, that was rude!'. Janet Frasier having to address empty air - and then be redirected to the right bit of empty air was also a nice touch.

          As for the misery he was inflicting on SG1. That irritation was so beautifully demonstrated by Jack in the Briefing Room when he yelled at Urgo to shut up and stop singing 'Me, Me, Me, Me...'.

          What a pity he was forced to address that to empty air - no wonder Hammond's jaw was on the floor.


            I think it was great. they needed a little humor. so many bad things happened to them that i think they needed a little break from the drama. i love how sam is talking to urgo but it looks like she's talking to the air.


              This was good, a bit of a break after many more serious episodes. It seems that in the hall Hammond calls Frasier, "Teryl" instead of Doctor or Janet.

              The "row, row, row, your boat" bit seemed like homage to Star Trek 5.
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                Well, seems like we're on a roll here. I liked the episode too. I thought Dom DeLuise was fantastic and I also don't know how they managed to film it, with all the jokes that must have been going on. I loved Urgo's constant need for attention, and his constant warnings that the team not return to the planet, to get him out their heads. To me, Urgo was real, not a program, and I know he felt that way to the others. I won't go into my favorite funny scenes, as you have already hit on most of them.

                Glad so many others appreciated and enjoyed this very funny episode!
                "After all is said and done, more is said, than done." - Unknown


                  I thought it was hilarious when Teal'c chugged the coffee, and I absolutely LOVED hearing him sing! That was just pathetic! And I liked how Sam started singing, but was totally unaware that she was doing it. That was great
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                    Originally posted by JastersLegacy
                    I thought it was hilarious when Teal'c chugged the coffee, and I absolutely LOVED hearing him sing! That was just pathetic! And I liked how Sam started singing, but was totally unaware that she was doing it. That was great
                    Ah, yes - the ghastly quartet! That was fun. Just like the moment when Urgo-in-Jack discovered the joy of desserts - and everyone else just dropped what they were doing and joined him. That moment when the camera pulls back over an almost bacchanalian scene of sweet and creamy goodies...yum...

                    Though it was a bit of a risky business - as demonstrated when Urgo prompted Teal'c to go play with the defibrillator!


                      Loved this ep. It's too bad they couldn't control Urgo a little more- if all four of them had a kind of telepathy between each other, that would be a huge asset in the field.


                        What was good:
                        a. Urgo. The DeLuis family is brilliant. That's all.
                        b. Oh, and Urgo reminds me of my Da. Wonder if Da has any relations named Irving.
                        c. 'Team' humor. This ep was character-centric; it flowed smoothly between RDA, AT, MS, and CJ. Hence we got a lovely display of hilarity from four different directions.
                        d. Writing. Silly but not stupid [such as 'Wormhold X-Treme!'].
                        e. Plot. Improbable...but works.
                        f. AT. I know I'm partial to AT in general, but it seemed to me that she did epsecially well with this one. I forget how good she is at comedy sometimes ['Random Acts', anyone?].
                        g. RDA was good too...but not as good as AT. [shrugs]
                        h. Hammond & Frasier. What do you do when a bombastic invisible man is implanted in the team's heads, anyway? During the 'row row row your boat' part, I swear you could see Frasier thinking, "Where is this in my job description?!"
                        i. Oh, hell. Everything.



                          I thought they all handled the 'empty air' bits really well. It would have been really straightforward when Dom was in shot, but when they were having to address no one at all - not an easy thing to do.

                          Respect on all fronts there.

                          Mind you - imagine having to spend the rest of your life with Urgo in your head. Argh...



                            I think that, were Urgo to have moved in indefinitely, 'the rest of my life' would suddenly become a very short amount of time.

                            Oh, and I forgot to mention that the part where Urgo says to Jack, "You know, you were just thinking about that island Maui, with the big beaches and little bikinis. That's where we should go because it's very nice and warm there – instead of being here," and there's just this 'look' he gets from Sam--does anyone else think that was priceless?


                              I was laughing most of the way through this episode,right from the first words Urgo said *boring*. I have to agree in real life I would have jumped over a cliff if he was stuck in my head permanently.
                              But the character/actor was great and it was nice to see SG1 in more normal surroundings. Teal'c drinking the coffee, all of them pigging out in the canteen and the singing were really funny. And when Urgo said *me or death, death or me, your choice* and jack said *we're thinking about it* had me rolling about (I'm strange like that).
                              I was almost sad to see him go at the end!


                                Alli Snow made this LJ icon, I nicked it from her site...cracks me up...