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    Loved Maybourne like i always do. His facial expressions are jsut priceless. Do we ever use that technology again. Or are they going to say that it blew up when the main dude self-destructed him self.


      The following quotes and pics are from the episode Foothold...
      thanks to all of you who cited this as one of the best Carter episodes
      -- you are most certainly correct!

      I loved this infimary scene where SG-1 is getting tranqued by the aliens masquerading as SGC personnel. AT did an amazing job with her surprised, perplexed and then drowsy facial expressions after 'Janet' jabs her a bit too forcefully...

      Foothold did have a few good scenes of Teal'c and Sam working together. I loved their interaction in the elevator just after Sam wakes up and then as she gets ready to go for help.

      Maybourne, you are an idiot every day of the week!
      Why couldn't you have just taken one day off?!

      The scenes with 'Jack', 'Daniel' and Maybourne were also wonderful.

      This is kick-ass Sam Carter -- she takes down the alien masquerading as Jack without hesitation.

      Dealing with the other aliens aboard and Maybourne proves that he's not one.

      A few parting shots in the last few scenes.

      Carter knows how to handle a gun!

      Foothold was most definitely a stand-out episode for both the competency of the character of Sam Carter - and the acting talents of Amanda Tapping. Thanks to all of you who commented on this episode in this thread... because of all of the comments, I went back and watched it. Thanks!
      Photos are screen captures from the episode 'Foothold'


        and not to mention she shoots evil davis


          This is a great Sam-centred episode. I began to like Maybourne after seeing this as well.... But Sam is certainly the best character in this, even when Michael Shanks was acting like her - her personality still came across - lol. The scene with Jack punching Janet in the face was weirdly funny - and when he has to take the device off her. Glad Davis had a few good scenes in this too.


            Originally posted by jenniferhailey
            I love the Idiot every day line even more because Amanda came up with that herself I think she said.
            I didn't know she came up with that herself. It is my favourite Sam line from any episode of any series of the show.

            I was also pleased that Maybourne eventually came through - better late than never!


              "tetra-chlora-ethyl-mermalyne" ?! I almost fell off the couch!


                i saw the episode tonight and was the first time i sort of liked Mayborne as a chrector... sure glad he is out of the picture nowadays...
                "A general is only as good as the people he commands."


                  This is my favourite episode from Season 3, and one of my favourite episodes of all time. It's also my favourite Sam episode so far, and there a few very good Sam eps in this season.

                  I love it when Sam is in charge -- she has great leadership abilities and it's nice to see her out of Jack's shadow. As someone said, this episode really demonstrated both the competency of Sam's character and the brilliance of Amanda's acting. I must also give a nod to MS for a great performance as Sam.

                  I'm delighted to hear that AT was responsible for the 'you're an idiot..' line. Sam's usually such a nice little goody-two shoes, and so I love it when she gets snarky.

                  I also love bad-ass Sam, such as when she shot alien Jack without hesitation. She *IS* pretty slick with a gun, and I enjoy that side of her. We don't see it nearly enough IMO. Don't get me wrong I LOVE brainy Sam, but I like ass-kicking Sam alot too. It creates some lovely complexity within her character.

                  I too do think Maybourne deserved a little credit, yeah he's still a jerk, but he isn't a coward, and he DID help once he got his head out of his butt and started believing Carter. I too much prefer him in his helpful good-guy role as opposed to scheming evil NID role.

                  Great job on TR's part as evil Janet, I have to agree that she'd make an excellent villian, but I prefer her good with occasional bouts of evil.


                    I have always enjoyed Maybourne as a character. The smug git that everyone loves to hate. This time, however, he gets jerked out of his smug-git-ness and proves that he actually has a spine (you'd be amazed how many smug-git-types don't!). His cool thinking when he has to prove to Sam that he's not a disguised Alien is brilliant. No dithering about how he 'couldn't possibly be an Alien because...' stuff, just a simple slice across the hand to show his red (rather than cerise) blood. Neat.

                    It's also great the way that despite the attempts at safeguards, the risks inherent in Stargate exploration still come to bite the SGC in the butt.

                    It was also a fab spot of acting from AT. That moment when Sam begins to wonder if she really has been acting on the premise of an hallucination is beautifully done - plus that fab line about Maybourne being an 'Idiot every day of the week'. It shows how desperate she is to shout that at a senior officer!


                      Sam was on fire in this episode. I loved how she insulted maybourne i wish she'd done more. i think her peformance in this episode was excelent it showed her as an individual character. that doesn't need an order to do what must be done.


                        Liked this one too. I would have liked to see them use the devices more to infiltrate the aliens. Like Carter did with Daniel's device. Still very enjoyable. I was worried for a little that somehow Maybourne was an alien, when he was freaking out about Carter trying to use the second device, the one that links the thoughts.


                          Just watched this episode again a few days ago and it is definetly on my top five episodes list.

                          It´s a crime that they haven´t used these aliens again on the show, there must be a way to write another good episode involving them. Perhaps they were scouting out Earth as a possible refuge from the Orii?


                            These aliens were great,this is one of the episodes where I liked working out what had happened. Sam and Teal'c worked good together. I must admit I too,thought that maybourne might be an alien.This could easily have been made into a two-parter it was so good and it would have been cool to find out more about the aliens and their technology. Jack seemed to like punching frasier a bit too much *That felt a bit weird* is all he could come up with, maybe it was payback for all those injections.


                              Particularly that jab in the ...*ahem*... rear.



                                Originally posted by Chaka's_Mum
                                Particularly that jab in the ...*ahem*... rear.

                                ROFLMAO! that's funny