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    And the 'listening to' is right - I did hear Highway to Hell part way through writing this. I love it when I hear an apt song for an episode's day.
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      I thought it was a pretty good episode. So good old Apophis is alive.

      The scene where the Cargo ship arrives at the planet, the moment of the camera kind of gave me SGU vibes.

      The space battle between Teal'c and the Gliders, it looked like it moved a little too fast.

      Tomorrow, the conclusion of this 2 parter. Will Jacob (or anyone else) survive?


        Jack gets some classic lines:

        "By all means. To hell with us.!"
        "Well, I'm going to end up there sooner or later. Might as well check out the neighborhood, huh?"

        Even on the rewatch I thought the set was pretty good for a TV series. It certainly was different from previous eps. The concept that Sokar is playing the Devil (and they have carried this theme from 'Serpent's Song' to 'Demons' to this ep) is an interesting one.

        Carter's memories added depth to her backstory and I always love to see her interact with Jacob.

        Learning more about Jolinar...about what she had to do to escape, and the way she wanted to spare Martouf that pain gave us another layer of her character as well. It also raised moral/ethical questions about doing what you have to in order to survive.

        Apophis? Noooo! We should have known after the comments on 'Serpent's Song' that Sokar wouldn't let him stay dead.
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        "When Colonel Maybourne and yourself were stranded off world, Major Carter felt a similar sense of frustration. She despaired at the thought of never seeing you again." ~Teal'c
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          This a great two parter however Jolinar's Memories has the burden of setting the exposition to make the great pace for Part 2. It isn't done poorly but their is a lot of setup before any real action occurs. I guess that in itself isn't bad. It shows insight into Sam and really highlights the worst time of her life. I like that as it something we haven't seen before. Once we get onto Netu what makes this episode so great we have no idea what is going. Thier are so many twists and turns in the episode its hard to understand what is going on. For example when Naonak killed Bynar it was so unexcpected. Speaking of unexpected the reveal of Apophis was probably the biggest jawdropper for the series. I remember hating that "to be continued" when I orginally saw this episode.

          Plus Sokar is just plain creepy.
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          Jelgate is right


            Yes, the creepy quotient is pretty high on this one. The Aphophis revelation always gets an audible laugh from me, not that I'm pleased by his return. Noooo! Not him again!


              I always enjoy watching this episode.
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                Good episode with good acting.
                Like the flashbacks.


                  Sg-1, off to the rescue again!

                  Jacks "To H--- with us," was almost morbidly funny...

                  Marty's back! While I like the guy, he still seems to be thinking of Sam as Jolinar, which is why he's so attached to her.... Call me crazy, but I always felt Martouf's attraction to Sam was kind of creepy...
                  "Y'know; Lose it. It means, go crazy. Nuts. Insane. Bonzo. No Longer in posession of one's faculties. Three fries short of a Happy Meal. WHACKO!!!!!"

                  The perfect couple!


                    Morbid?? Not really.. Sarcastic, yes.. But then again seeing as Teal'c has also had some good funny quips, i was surprised it wasn't him that said it.


                      I liked Martouf.
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                        Re-watching season three and I've forgotten how good this was.
                        Loved Jack and his defensive of Sam when he saw how pushing Martouf was with the memory implant thingy.


                          not a bad ep - love all the flashbacks and Jack / Martouf interaction.

                          And, yaayyy - Apophis is back.
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                            A rescue-op that goes south, way south... To hell with us!

                            This one really is just the build-up to part 2. Nevertheless it has some good moments. Ne'tu looks particularly pleasant... ...not exactly Emerald City but it could pass for one, in hell anyway.

                            And oh right, Apophis is back... He's like a cockroach, hard to kill.
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                              Apophis is like the energizer bunny. He keeps on going.

                              I watched this episode for the first time about two weeks ago. I loved it.
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                                Apophis is one of my favorite system lords other than Ba'al. His persistence, cunning, and skill as a warrior made him nearly unbeatable.

                                Also, it was interesting to see the connection made between the minds of the host and of the symbiote. Jolinar was only with Sam for a short while, and yet her thoughts, memories, and feelings made a notable impact on Sam's mind.