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    Certainly was a great episode, had a little bit of everything.


      This was one of the best. i didn't expect Apophis to return but afterwards i could see how he could. Sokar is awesome.
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        I just re-watched this tonight and this was a tough episode for creeped me out...but i couldn't stop watching

        i loved AT in this ep, VERY powerful acting...and the dynamics b/w the characters was amazing.

        Ne'tu is scary...they went all out to make it look like the last place you'd ever want to end up and they did it well

        I LOVE the fighting scenes....I definitely prefer a good butt whumping to a fire fight any day.....

        I had forgotten about the whole Apophis thing... WOW!

        And I'd be totally up the creek w/out a paddle if I had to go into one of those descent pods (dark, small places....VERY BAD!)

        all in all i like this episode....i just can't turn out the lights and go to sleep right after watching it....need to find some fuzzy bunnies and rainbows and daisies.....
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          Why Apophis had to come back! I so made up a party when he was dead.Now I have bills to pay and no one will believe me next time.
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            I hate two-parters....And Apophis is back.


              i just rewatched this ep, i forgot how much i liked it, and the music in the part where sam is remembering Jolinar saying goodbye to Martouf was soo beautiful.


                Apophis returns like a bad penny. This one was creepy Poor Carter having to rememver what Jolinar had to do to get away
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                  Poor Jolinar/Carter! Great suspense, loved this double ep.



                    Very well done. Nothing stood out for me to nitpick!
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                      Even thought the ep was about Jolinar, I didn't really get a sense of who she was... It would've been nice to see more about her throughout the series, seeing as Sam had her memories and stuff.

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                        Ambitious stuff. The set design for Ne'tu was pretty good stuff by the day's standards and the budget the show had - by today's standards it looks pretty poor, but it can't be knocked for that. The show was pushing the edge of what it could do, and it succeeds.

                        Splitting this into a two parter was clearly a means of allowing the cost to be spread, as this first part moves pretty slowly in terms of story. That doesn't prevent it from being an enjoyable watch, though. The trip on the cargo ship allows for Amanda Tapping to show off her ever improving acting and gives us our first real look at Jolinar. Martouf is also given a chance to shine and become an ever more rounded character.

                        Once we get to Ne'tu it becomes all about the visuals, and we get a bunch of fairly stereotypical villains thrown at us. Bynarr is nothing special (although we haven't really seen a subserviant Goa'uld before), Neonak is a blank slate with a silly name and the "denizens", as they are referred to far too many times, are silly big sweaty brutes.

                        - Sokar is much more interesting, and his Jaffa look awesome! I don't think Sokar was given enough to do though, and he is eventually relegated to the cliche of a big bad guy who sits around and tries to act intimidating.

                        - There's a great effect down one of the tunnels on Ne'tu with flowing lava. I guess it's a rear projection, and it's subtle but works great.

                        - The actress who played young Sam really looked the part and gave a good performance.

                        - An unexpected appearance by Apophis at the end, but really unwelcome. I was never a fan.

                        RATING: 7 out of 10
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                          At last one of the episodes I like in this season. I loved the whole idea of this hell created by a Goa'uld in which even other Goa'uld are tormented! As a vision of hell it was a pretty good vision I thought, the visual effects hold up pretty well to the passing of time.

                          Liked how we saw a little more of what alienated Sam and her Father, makes it all the more poignant to see how they had reconciled to the point they are now, she risked her life to save him.

                          I thought it was a great idea with that 'Blood of Sokar' bringing out painful memories as the vehicle for the bad guy to try and get information!

                          The revelation of Apophis at the end was a great surprise when I first saw this. Pretty pointless for rewatches though! Still, it's fun to see the different reactions on everyones' faces and shows Apophis has the staying power of a cockroach!


                            Some really good comedic delivery: "No one ever asked how she escaped from an unescapable prison?" blink blink "Hey Marty! A word?"

                            And the team rallying around Sam was moving. Really enjoyed the art or matte painting or whatever to create Ne'tu, top side and down below. Even Sokar's eyes glowed red!

                            High drama and jeopardy throughout. Fast moving and exciting episode.


                              Fantastic ep. So many things I love about it. The set looks fantastic. The background sound effects are chilling. Sokar is awesome. His Jaffa look epic. Especially the one with horns.

                              Was so shocked when Apophis revealed himself the first time I saw this ep. Love his costume.


                                Not sure I actually watched this ep at 5pm...think I may have missed the 5pm showing and watched the late night showing for this one.

                                1. "Your father has been sent to hell". OK...

                                2. Didn't expect the memory thing to show up again...hadn't even been sure it was a real device.

                                3. Er...subtle, not.

                                4. Yes Sokar does look like the Emporer.

                                5. Was not expecting to see 'him' again!

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