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    Daniel was totally into this intergalactic babe with a brain. And, as he put it,"...I actually really lost her (Sha're) a long time ago. The fact is I don't think right now I would trust myself completely to, uh…" which, to someone as passionate and determined as Ke'ra, was an uncensored invitation!

    I didn't feel like the visit to Vyus necessarily had to occur just days after they'd buried Sha're. For crying out loud! It was his first kiss as a willing participant in 3 years!

    Jack plugging his ears and singing rather than hearing unwanted news was funny, though I'm not sure I understand why he had to be so cruel to Daniel telling him he'd be the first to go if Linnea's memories returned. I don't doubt he would have shot Ke'ra/Linea if Daniel had moved when ordered to.

    Anyway, I thought it was a sad ep for Daniel. He's got such a huge heart and just gets crushed every time.


      Daniel annoyed me in this ep. Not something he does very often. He seemed too rash and hot headed. Out of character.

      Was nice to revisit Linea though.


        5pm and another ep of SG1...

        1. Planetary-wide amnesia. Interesting.

        2. Linea! Didn't think we'd ever run into her again.

        3. I can see Daniel being very emotionally vulnerable at this point(and he knew it!) and we've all done stupid things in that state - therefore I can live with his behavior here.

        4. Interesting that someone compared this to...(Atlantis spoilers)

        The Michael situation in Atlantis

        In both cases our guys ultimately tried to do the right thing. In both cases the amnesiac had to decide who/what they wanted to be. This time round it went pretty smooth.


          I loved this episode.

          I do wonder if the people will age again at the same rate. Will they be able to have kids? So many stories are possible to bring back Linnea and the others.
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            Orner is Randy Disher from Monk
            Also, the first couple of times someone said 'Dargol', I thought they said 'D'Argo', as in Farscape.

            Good to know what happens to Linea.
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              Pretty average episode.

              That one chick (the "Destroyer of Worlds," makes me think of The Doctor or Decade (one of you will understand second reference)) from that previous episode. Oh, and that guy (Randy) from Monk was in this episode.

              Tomorrow, Jacob is back, and that guy, Sokar, finally appears. And let's not forget Martouf. The episode which I think, is the beginning of the "good part" of SG-1 the series.


                The episode lacks a wow factor to me. Its not bad but it lacks anything to keep my interest. I find it interesting that the fountain of youth comes with amnesia but everything is wrapped to nicely with finding a cure and I have a hard time accepeating Hammond would agree Linea/Kera to touch dangerous chemicals despite how many aliens lives are at risk. His duty is too Earth first. Also Kera when she is cured I feel cheated we didn't see her return to psychopath ways. Instead she was going to commit suicide. Althought I liked watching Daniel talk her down. They should have shown the amnesia chemical in future episodes. Would have been a good use for fighting the Goa'uld.
                Originally posted by aretood2
                Jelgate is right


                  I didn't like this episode that much. Daniel really annoyed me in this episode in my opinon its a little to soon after Sha'res death for him to fall for Kera. I like the part where Jack didn't want to hear that Linea could have possibly survived.
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                    Rebound. ;D
                    Okay episode, not to shabby lol


                      The Return of The Destroyer of Worlds! *dramatic music*

                      I agree that it seems way too soon to have Daniel falling for another woman, though maybe he's reaching out with a combination of his natural empathy and feeling lonely. I kind of felt sorry for him more than I was annoyed.

                      On a seperate note, I liked the funny moments, like Jack's 'Lalala, I can't hear you!' gag and the two people who hung out with Kira. Their being married was no big surprise, given their humorous bickering.
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                      The perfect couple!


                        Maybe it was like some people i know who bounce to another guy/gal right after a broken up relationship...


                          Originally posted by Sam-n-Jack-in-<3 View Post
                          I agree that it seems way too soon to have Daniel falling for another woman, though maybe he's reaching out with a combination of his natural empathy and feeling lonely. I kind of felt sorry for him more than I was annoyed
                          What, you don't think almost three years is long enough? Because while Sha're hasn't been dead long, Daniel lost her a long time ago.

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                            Depends.. I know some who have gotten into relationships after losing someone within 9 months or so, and others who even 7 years later still are torn up about it they don't try to get over it.


                              well, I"m going to join in with everyone agreeing that it was too early for Daniel to fall for anyone. Time may have passed in the SG-1 world, but it's still the first episode that follows the rather poignant loss of Sha're from a storytelling point of view. Also, episodes in which characters fall for each other after about a day annoy the hell out of me, though it seems to be a common occurence on television since they only have 40 minutes. Still, I like to think that Daniel would like to get to know a person, not just jump at the first woman who showed interest, and I just really did not buy him getting over his wife that fast. I really don't see how that scene progressed from him saying he lost Sha're to the kissing session that ensued. Daniel, to me, is a very decent person, who remained faithful to Sha're during all the time she was gone (well, minus all the stuff where he wasn't himself). I see him as someone who would wait and remain faithful to her memory for a bit longer. And, yes, he may have really lost her a long time ago, but that doesn't change the fact that, in the previous episode, he was willing to quit the SGC and get as far away as possible to deal with the loss. From that, it just doesn't follow that he's so willing to jump into another relationship.

                              And also add to that my dislike of Daniel being all irrational and quick to jump to conclusions, that's a bit OOC to me.

                              Also, what I felt this episode really really lacks is an explanation of Why Ke'ra/Linnaiea is the person she is. Without her memories, she is a good person, with her memories, "a monster," as she calls herself, a destroyer of worlds. So what is it about the things that she remembers that makes her bad? Is it a particular memory, or is it a part of her identity? Given the storyline and its focus on whether Ke'ra was still Linnaiea, and given Daniel's comparison of her to Teal'c, it'd have been nice if they'd shown her turning point, the way we know Teal'c's turning point. Otherwise, well, I can just see her becoming the person she was again, memories or not. I don't trust that the amnesia will keep her evil side away.

                              also, interesting comparison to Michael in Atlantis, that's something I hadn't thought of. I"ll have to think on that!
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                                not overly impressed with this ep because they have Daniel - an ostensibly brainy person - going off on one and not following team protocols. On the other hand, he must be a bit cut up about (finally) losing Sha're.

                                on the other hand i really liked the look of the planet, very steampunk. On the other hand why was Sam suddenly an expert in biology and taking a look down the microscope and Dr Fraser not looking?

                                But on the other hand. Blimey, it takes time but finally finally we get a follow up e on a very important character.

                                But I'll only give it 2 stars because I found it boring.
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