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    Originally posted by Liebestraume
    Back in Prisoners, we were never told what made Linea the mass murderer that she had been -- was it predisposition or experience? If she were criminally inclined, then surely erasing her memories would not have compeletly eradicated that threat. I felt this episode touched upon, yet ultimately failed to explore, an interesting subject.
    I agree totally there. I've always wonder why she was the mass murderer she was and they don't tell us why. Glad we got to see Linnea again and have a follow up to an episode for once. I knew almost immediatly Keira was Linnea. They made that pretty obvious.


      Or will she constantly have to have her memories wiped?
      They better hook up with MIB and get a flashy thingy!

      I liked this episode. I thought Kera might have been Linnea when she was so eager to be a volunteer and go through the Stargate, also she was a bit anxious to get outside. Of course, that thinking on my part was that she was conscious of who she was, (maybe transferred her soul into Kera's body). Because at this point we did not yet know the elders had become young.

      When I first say her, I thought Kera was Amanda Tapping, (that we were going to have another alternate Sam or something). But closer looks I could tell it wasn't, although they did look very similar. Then I thought maybe one of the "elder women" was going to be Sam, and Kera her daughter.


        It was a great episode, quite a few mysteries for SG1 to unravel, and it was good to think alongside them in an episode and try to guess what had happened. I think straight-away that keira might be linnea but it was still well played out and got daniel confused (loved up).
        The only thing that seemed a bit odd was the ending which was over quite quickly. It didn't really tie up any loose ends....oh well should be used to that by now!


          who'd have thought that Linae would come back after so many storries that have left an opening for another but never happened


            Like most people, I disliked Keira's hair.
            Unlike most people, I immediately accepted that Danny was on the rebound.

            Not one of the best episodes. Zero action episodes get knocked to the bottom of the list, along with episodes that don't have any exotic worlds. I didn't really like Prisoners, either. It didn't seem to warrant a sequel. I did like that guy they brought back to the SGC, though, and his wife. Their bickering was funny, and she was beautiful. The overall concept really was well thought-out, it just happened to be a NonEpisode.

            Meh. The whole thing was kind of anticlimactic after FIAD. It would have been more fun to see Daniel going out to carve up the Goa'uld in a haze of vengeance. I know it's in him, and he's pretty danged good with dual pistols.


              Yeah......... it was pretty cool to see the layout of the city in the beginning.........anybody know why the actress from "prisoners" could not return?


                She was much too younger they couldnt have used the same actress.
                Oh Yes the Sam is Back and hes more Sci-fied up than ever !!!!!!!!!

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                  ok as a follow up, just watched it again, don't understand why they would just let her go, the episode should have been called "the changing face of evil" thats more appropriate, but not a bad try and a desent 40 minutes of stargate so ok
                  For all the pollution woes on Earth, will the Human race end up taking those problems into space in the future?

                  We can all call our ships Sports Utility Ships to curtail the carbon emissions and hypersleep at night


                    Because now she can start her life all over again!!


                      yeah great episode follow on from prisoners


                        The whole issue of memory and amnesia confuses me... As some of you have pointed out, what exactly IS memory, and how much of who we are is it?

                        I actually didn't think of that in terms of character though (as in, is Keira INHERENTLY evil, or is she not because the evil part was only in her memory?). The thing I thought was in terms of language, culture and all the rest. To me, memory contains the things we have LEARNT (including experiences). Like, we learn to read, and we learn language - or is that just inherent knowledge, which is different? Basically, what I'm saying is, directly after the individual wakes up with NO memory, shouldn't that mean they don't know anything? Like language, or what things are, or how to use items and all that kinda stuff?

                        Does any of that make sense....?

                        Other than that, I loved this episode (apart from the whole Keira/Daniel thing.). It was a neat idea, good tying up loose ends, it had funny moments (the bickering of that couple and Jacks humming, teeheeheeeee!!!), it dealt with some cool issues. Yeah, I liked it, I'm just being nit-picky!

                        Oh - LOVE the idea of the Plot Point Device thing!! I TOTALLY agree with it about the gate shutting off - likewise how whenever SG-1 dies, there just happens to be someone or something able to bring them back. How convenient... =D
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                          This was a clever, thought provoking episode. The Kiera/Linea story raises a lot of issues about nature vs nurture, and it was good to see a resolution to the 'Linea issue'. I wonder, though, if we will see her again, and whether the risk will have paid off; clearly, she is very skilled and intelligent, and of great value to her people, if the evil does not surface again.

                          I was, at first, susprised to see Daniel entering a relationshio so soon after Sha're, but then again, I guess it's natural; he must feel in real need of some love and affection after losing his wife, from whom he'd been parted for so long.
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                            I also didn't like that Daniel jumped into this relationship so fast, but 1) it could be a rebound thing and 2) I know it wasn't filmed like that and even MS was disappointed with the airing order, so I can overlook it for now. But, besides that, I didn't believe the relationship. Just because Daniel hasn't ever jumped into romantic relationships, before or since. It seemed completely against his nature. And I didn't think this Linea had any qualities that would explain him making this the exception.

                            Also, WAS that a wig on Megan Leitch? Her hair on X-Files and on the SGA episode in S4 seemed just like it (just darker on The X-Files). I thought it was her real hair!


                              Great Episode!

                              The Dargol is a very interesting substance, the Vyans would have ceased to exist if Linea hadn't stumbled upon the "Vorlex". If she hadn't come they would have died of old age and their would be no one to carry on their civilization. I liked the husband and wife chatter between Orner and Layale. They made the right decision by allowing Linea to go back to Vyus, I think she could really help them get their civilization back on track.


                                It's interesting to compare this episode to the Michael story arc in Atlantis.

                                My Rating: 9/10

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