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    Good eppy, a lot off-world, it was another example of SG-1 getting held prisoners (they should add a new spin to that scenario...)


      This was a great episode. Expecially when Teal'c Rose from the dead and you had the women running around screaming. That was hilarious.
      Oh Yes the Sam is Back and hes more Sci-fied up than ever !!!!!!!!!

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        it was ok but i didn't enjoy it as much as other epidsodes
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          Originally posted by omnian
          I wonder what happened to the ring that O'Neill got from the village Canon? It's never mentioned after that is it?
          The ring is useless on Earth. The ring works as a control device for a flying platform that acts like a huge zat gun. The platform is still on the planet and they buried their stargate so SGC can't go and get this platform.
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            Wow! Some explanation. Did you hear that somewhere or did you make it up?
            Yes, I really do look like (a younger) Daniel. Don't believe me? Look for yourself.

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              I read it in the official DVD and magazine thingy It explains all the tech and history of the goa'uld and it has mission reports, it's great. I don't know if it's canon but it does say it's the official thing so...
              I'm a TrustNo1/Weir shipper Also TrustNo1/Carter shipper and TrustNo1/Teyla Shipper. In fact I'm a TrustNo1/Weir/Carter/Teyla shipper. Yes, that would be good Throw in some Vala in tight leather. Is this sig PG? Oh well

              Thank you L-JADE for the sig, it ROCKS!!!

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                I just saw Peter Deluise, while watching the show on my DVD's. I hadn't noticed him before. He's the one shouting, "The demon is coming, the demon is coming..!"

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                  Hmmm, I'll check that out next time Sci-fi shows it.
                  Yes, I really do look like (a younger) Daniel. Don't believe me? Look for yourself.

                  Hey, Mitchell! You want a turn?


                    I didnt know that either.


                      yeah me neither i just wateched it again and i just noticed it after reading this thread strange


                        Okay, I am a newbie to Stargate SG1. I just started to watch the show during season 10. I am now watching every episode that comes on SciFi, and obviously, watch a lot of things out of order. (BTW, thank goodness for Gateworld and its forum members: y'all have helped tremendously when I had no clue what was going on.)

                        In the Demons episode, Jack gets seriously smacked in the face by one of the Canon's guards, midpoint. He has a large gash through his left eyebrow. In later scenes, his left eyebrow is still pretty bloody.

                        And, it seems that in later episodes, all the way through season 10, Richard Dean Anderson has a scar in the middle of his left eyebrow.

                        And, I'm wondering...was RDA hurt while filiming Demons, with a stuntman actually injuring him and causing a permanent scar?

                        In watching seasons 1-2, I don't see the scar on RDA's left eyebrow, but after the Demons episode, I do.

                        Just me?



                          A Mal Doran:

                          Wow, that's perceptive! I've noticed the scar and knew it wasn't there in the beginning, but never "caught" where it appeared in the series. I'd be curious as well about if a stunt double caused it. Interesting ... I think I'll dig out my tape and watch it again ... if it's one that wasn't eaten by the VCR.

                          Welcome to Stargate! Yes, it gets confusing watching shows out of order, but a majority of the early shows are stand-alones, they follow a basic theme and every once in a while go back to a previous episode.

                          Gateworld has an analysis and breakdown of all the episodes on the main page that might help fill in any other blanks. Also offers some interesting bits of trivia as well.

                          Such as - Mike Myers fan? There's a "nod" to Mike Myers in this episode, and probably in other episodes as well.

                          I also heard that Peter Deluise showed up in a lot of early shows. Missed him in this one, but saw him in another episode where he was in the gateroom.

                          Nice insight into Teal'c on this one. Loved the "raising from the dead" scene as well.


                            My brother has a similar scar on his right eye brow. The family dog bit him there when my brother blew in the face of the sleeping dog. The scar prevents hair from growing, so he has this thin line the splits his eyebrow in two.

                            The scar is especially noticeable on RDA as he has gotten older.

                            Because I jump around viewing the episodes in no particular order (at the whim of SciFi), RDA's eyebrow became sort of a "Where's Waldo" thing for me.

                            When I saw RDA get bashed in the face and saw all the blood, and then saw the bloody eyebrow at the end as they are headed for the gate, it made me think "I think this is more than just great consistent special effects".

                            And, I caught Peter Deluise in this episode. He likes to stick himself in the frame right near the beginning of most episodes he directs. This episode, it's a full face closeup of him with one line (the demons are here, or something like that). I know I picked up that tidbit from on Deluise's "Alfred Hitchcock" love of appearing in every episode he directs.

                            As soon as I realize it's one of his, my family plays "spot the Peter".

                            And, I know that another SG1 director likes to insert a pineapple in his episodes. I just can't recall his name at the moment.

                            And, yeah, I caught the Austin Powers reference ("or some ... thing" and the pinky).

                            And, I liked this episode, if only for the show being pretty daring for introducing a not so positive aspect of Christianity's less than charitable past.

                            I can't think of many shows (other than maybe Boston Legal) that are willing to tackle that subject matter.

                            And, I want to again thank any of you who have ever contributed to Stargate analysis, breakdowns, or trivia. It's been enormously helpful.

                            I did read this specific thread in its entirety, before asking my question, to make sure that it hadn't been addressed before. I realize that the Demons episode was watched originally a long time ago, and doesn't get much fan forum comments so I really appreciate your reply, MFA.


                              Okay, I decided, "what the heck, let's see what I can find with google".

                              So, I googled:

                              richard dean anderson eyebrow scar

                              and I found two articles.

                              And, before I share the articles, I really have to praise RDA and the crew. Talk about consistency.

                              So, here's what I found:


                              From: CAZASIMPSON
                              I have a question that’s been bugging me for a while. How did you get that scar across your eyebrow?

                              Richard Dean Anderson:
                              It’s part of what we established in the character. We have to maintain it because it will grow over, and believe me, it’s a pain in the butt to be walking around with this bareness there. It was one of those elements of movies and television that has always driven me crazy. Like MacGyver, for instance, if we showed him naked at any point, he would be nothing but one big scar, because he was always getting cut or ripped or shot or whatever, beat up, bruised, and yet by the end of the series, he didn’t have a mark on him. It was one of those things. So, I can’t remember the episode, but I got hit in the eye or slugged or something, and we established a big bandage and the whole thing, and I told Jan [Newman, make-up artist], you know, this would leave a mark. Let’s run with this. Let’s keep it in there as part of what defines O’Neill. And so that’s all it is. It’s just a character thing. In fact what I try to do is to suggest that any time O’Neill has to be beat up, that he always holds his left eye. He always takes the first shot, and every monster that he fights is right handed, so he takes the shot to the left eye. [laughing]

                              [Asked if the scar might have originated from a genuine injury from hockey, for example, he continued:]

                              Richard Dean Anderson:
                              No, I’ve got those on the top of my head, and one down here [indicating the bottom of his chin]. I’ve had that since I was a kid. I took the rear end of a skate blade right up through the bottom of my chin, and bled! Wylie and I were trying to count how many scars Daddy had at one point. I think it was 70 or something like that. She started wanting to see them all. She’s got two already. Like I say that with pride! [laughing]
                              and, from:


                              Anderson's make-up is fairly standard. Faces tend to look flat on screen, so Newman adds extra shape by highlighting and shading cheeks and chin. I do use mascara on him, and eyeliner. Probably he'd hate anybody to know that," she laughs.

                              She also lightens around his deep-set eyes, which would otherwise be -quite shadowed - you wouldn't see the expression in his eyes.

                              The finishing touch is a nick in one eyebrow, giving the impression of a scar. It's based on a gash Newman created when Anderson's character was bashed during an adventure a couple of seasons ago. "He rather likes the battle-scar look," says Newman, "so 1 trim it up regularly."
                              Okay, so I think Jack O'Neill gets seriously bashed in the face in Demons, and from then on, his left eyebrow shows his battlewound. Not RDA, but Jack.


                                A Mal Doran:

                                You're welcome! I just recently finished watching most of the shows from Seasons 1-5 for about the umpteenth time. Bad things happen with you just pop in a tape or DVD while doing laundry, I kept finding my way back to the couch to watch the next 2-3-4-5 episodes

                                Drove my husband crazy ... he'd come in, take one look at the TV, mutter "good Lord", and walk back out. He actually admitted once that he "kinda" likes Stargate, he mostly just enjoys aggravating me.

                                Nice bit of trivia on RDA. Thanks for sharing! It's nice when actors care enough to make their characters consistent, even down to the scars! It's also fun to catch when the gray started to show up as well.