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    Point of View (306)

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    SG-1 must free an alternate reality Earth from a Goa'uld invasion after duplicates of Samantha Carter and Charles Kawalsky come through the quantum mirror.

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    Point of View is probably my favourite episode ever.

    Sam with long hair is so cool.

    The scene with Jack in the VIP Quarters is so emotional, she was incredible in that. It was just such a great S/J episode. Or S/S/J if you think about it lol.

    And the return of

    Shelby aka JessMerrick


      This episode, window of opportunity, and there but by the grace of god are some of my favorites. And sam with long hair is hot.


        I liked Sams hair better in "There But For The Grace Of God" my self. But it's a good episode in the sense that it shows The characters and us how our Decisions can effect the rest of our lives. Like Sam becoming a Doctor instead of a Major, etc.

        True Love! <3 True Love! <3


          Ah.. but in the main reality she is a Major AND a Doctor.
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            I love this episode, but everytime I watch I have to laugh at the whole quantum epilepsy effect.

            I wish they had used some other way to show that she couldn't stay in our reality.

            I also dig Teal'C's line right after he kills the alternate him; "Like I said O'Neill: Our reality is the only one of consequence."


              Well, you know if Teal'c didn't kill his alternate, he'd suffer the same "theoretical" hoo-haw Dr. Sam was suffering from when she was in Major Sam's world. And imagine him taking the time to convince his alternate to switch sides... oy!

              I really liked the differences in the Sams. Dr. Sam was a lot more open with her emotions, which is something unbecoming with Major Sam. I just don't see the Major as a crier, but crying fits the doctor. They also spoke differently, what with Dr. Sam speaking a lot more like Col. O'Neill. The writers really did a good job in making sure we could tell the difference by dialogue as well as visual.

              And Sam joining the military had everything to do with her finding the solution. A doctor of physics is hardly qualified to plan against an alien attack, but an airforce officer/doctor would think somewhat differently. Although Doc Sam gets kudos for "McGyvering" the stargate without Dr. Jackson's help in her world.
              It's a Fargate! It's different.


                I like the alternate universe episodes like this.

                (2nd post)Kawalsky returns... kinda

                (3rd post)The episode must have been hard to shoot with 2 carters.
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                  Liked the ep, but wish Kawalski could have stayed.


                    "That was quick Sir?"
                    "Too Quick, It just doesnt sit right, there are some lines that just shouldnt be crossed"

                    Go Hammond!


                      Great lines from Hammond once again



                        This is quite specific, actually, though I'll make some other observations while I'm at it.

                        Right, where can I get hold of the music for point of view? Cd, download, anything. It's driving me up the wall.

                        Now, to the more general observations... I never noticed until last night (and that was about the millionth time that I've watched that episode) that Major Carter doesn't speak to Colonel O'Neill after she discovers about the marriage. Her face is priceless when she sees him with her, and when she shifts her eyes back to him as he comes back through the mirror (Which I never saw before because I was too busy watching Dr Carter, bless her little heart). Do you think that was the moment she admitted her feelings to herself? Or discovered them?

                        And was Daniel alived in their reality or not? We never found out. Interesting.

                        Tj x
                        Yepp, it's blank down here.


                          Here's something that troubles me. In "The Fifth Race", O'Neil built a power source to gate to the Asgards galaxy. In this episode, Carter and Carter were able to get it working again. Now that inter-galactic gate travel is going to be occuring more and more, why hasn't this tech been considered?


                            Uhhhh, becuase the writers haven't thought of it?(shrugs sheepishly)

                            Anyway, I did like this episode. However, I did not like this style of long hair for Carter. It just didn't look right. She needs some kind of bangs!
                            Yes, I really do look like (a younger) Daniel. Don't believe me? Look for yourself.

                            Hey, Mitchell! You want a turn?


                              Originally posted by Daniel's_twin
                              Anyway, I did like this episode. However, I did not like this style of long hair for Carter. It just didn't look right. She needs some kind of bangs!
                              She needs a better wig. The one from New Order was pretty bad too. Only one i"ve liked was the one in There But for the Grace of God....

                              That or she needs a left leaning 19th century British politician.