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    It wasn't until I read a page or two back in these reviews that I realized there wasn't any action in this episode. Strange, I like action but also really liked this episode. I was somewhat miffed when in the middle of it all they figured out what was going on with the kids' memories disappearing and they were so aghast at this culture's way of doing things that they even thought about not letting Merrin go back. Yes, it was a bittersweet ending but I thought it was the best end result.


      I like this one! Despite the fact that involves kids (children and sci-fi are not a good mix for me). Mostly because the girl who played Merrin did a good job, and her part as written was quite interesting. It's not the most exciting or thrilling of episodes, but it has a charm to it and we get to see some nice character development from our main cast. I think this is one of the earliest episodes in which Daniel gets to really make one of his famous ethical arguments (which he always does very well).

      One character I did not enjoy watching in this was Kalan. Man, that guy really rubs me up the wrong way. Most of what he said came across as unintentionally arrogant. This makes it a delight to see his complete reversal at the end of the episode, and the big smile on his face as he gives his drawing to Jack ("It's ME!").

      - Nice, a red Stargate. It looks good.

      - Jack REALLY breaks the rules in this one, and appears to get away with it.

      - Who teaches all this advanced knowledge to the Urrone in the first place? What was Merrin doing during those 10 years she spent learning about naquadah reactors, if it wasn't some form of school/teaching?

      RATING: 7 out of 10
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        This was one of the episodes I wasn't looking forward to watching again. It is slow, but somehow still manages to keep you watching. Again the clash of cultures, how things are viewed from an Earth perspective. Mainly how the Urrone used their children as computer hard drives, fill them up with info and download to master computer to pass on knowledge. Creeped me out the first time I saw this to see the kids turn into vegetables after the info download, that was mainly why I never wanted to watch this episode again really.

        I didn't realise until this re watch how many episodes dealt with kids as tools for nefarious alien purposes in early Stargate!


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            Originally posted by Girlbot View Post
            This was a truly sad episode, they couldn't save her in he end.
            In a sense they did save her. Without their involvement, she would have been left to exist in a room with no stimulation. Now she has a chance to learn and grow. I'd say with good teaching, she has the potential for a good life.
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              So this was a episode where Jack teaches a smart kid about being an actual Kid.

              But this one was an average episode none the less.

              Monday, Kawalsky's back, an alternate version of him, I mean.


                5pm...another ep of SG1...

                1. 11 year old reactor expert...right...

                2. I'm with Jack on this one...that is a seriously messed up way of's like the Orbanians don't value individuality at all...

                3. Daniel did realise that the Orbanians had become reliant on this method though and to be fair...they 'did' need to let Merrin go back.

                4. Was very cool to see that Merrin was one step ahead of Jack here.

                Pretty cool ep.
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                  Finally! Daniel and his tools are united! Woot! And Stargirl...they grow up so fast.

                  Two things were especially important about this ep for me. First, we have the opportunity to see how we react when our beliefs about cultural norms are challenged; and second, warriors have big hearts. It's Teal'c who first suspects all is not well with the children and takes a fierce stand against what he believes to be an injustice. And Jack only sees what he wants to about children; that nothing should interfere with them having fun. He sees Charlie, and in the end, he shows the planet a different way of dealing with "problem" within their 'education' system.

                  A nice departure.


                    This episode has always creepied me out and not in a good way. While not out of character for him, it disgusts me how Jack feels he has the moral authority to decide his culture's way is superior to the Orbians. No matter how much I disagree with the philosphy of how the Orbanians obtain technology its just wrong for Jack and SG1 to force our beliefs on this one. Although this episode has awesome merit for the first time we see a naqaduh reactor.

                    I liked how the linked the Aztec culture with the Obraians but it feels half-fetched. Don't really feel this angle had any ending it was just dangled in favor of expanding the other story
                    Originally posted by aretood2
                    Jelgate is right


                      I like and hate this episode. I understand how they want to help the children, but I don't like how the go about it.
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                        I like this episode: good character development.

                        The first thing that struck me was Teal'c's reaction when he suspects something is wrong because they won't bring back Tomin. Chris Judge played Teal'c's anger consistent with his character's tight self-control, but it's not wooden, you can feel it simmering beneath the surface.

                        I love the banter when Sam an Merrin think that working on the reactor is 'fun,' and Jack's look when Merrin implies that he is not as smart as Sam -and he agrees.

                        Jack waking Carter up after she fell asleep in her lab made me laugh all over again. His line that the Orbanians "don't deserve" their children reminded me that this situation must be killing him, with his own history of losing Charlie.

                        The positive change created by Merrin was a nice ending -it kept it from being too dark. It left you feeling that she and the other children would now be taught and develop into mature people.
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                          Originally posted by jelgate View Post
                          This episode has always creepied me out and not in a good way. While not out of character for him, it disgusts me how Jack feels he has the moral authority to decide his culture's way is superior to the Orbians. No matter how much I disagree with the philosphy of how the Orbanians obtain technology its just wrong for Jack and SG1 to force our beliefs on this one..
                          It does show a standard in many Sci Fi shows.. where earth considered IT's way (or humans in general) way as always being superior/better than any others, and be damned any evidence to the contrary.


                            Not one of my favourite eps.

                            Was cool to have a mention of Nanite's again.


                              I love the character development in this episode. Sam’s scientific, problem solver self comes out in her working with Merrin to learn about the generator. Both Teal’c and Daniel demonstrate their teaching ability. Jack, in this episode, shows more of his care and compassion for children


                                An outstanding episode........if all television was of this quality maybe our adults would be a tenth as intelligent as the children on Orban........But do the children on that planet have parents??
                                I do notice that in a number of episodes SG1 only encounters a single alien in an environment where that alien is either alone or virtually alone, i.e. Maternal Instinct and Window of Opportunity. Is that simply because the story can be explained with its lesson in that way, or is a question of budgeting for actors?
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