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    I like how we saw O'Neill's special forces mind control techniques obviously in use here, when they were chanting, he wasnt that much into it.



      I felt the episode worked well until they entered Seth's throne room.

      Sam got to play Harry Potter to her dad's dumbledore. As always, Amanda Tapping is rather wooden in her reactions, in this case for killing Seth.
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        Saw it again tonight. I had forgotten about this awesome scene:

        ATF dude - You guys special forces?

        Jack - also classified

        ATF - I was talking to your commanding officer.

        Jacob - He's right. It's classified.

        ATF - I have top level clearance.

        Jack - Oh, not top enough.

        ATF - You have a rather insubordinate subordinate general.

        Jacob - He's not insubordinate to me. Only the people such as yourself. Saves me the trouble.



          It's a decent enough episode, it has quite a different feel from much of what we've seen before. In fact it reminds me a bit of The X-Files in terms of visual atmosphere, with the rainy green streets. I quite enjoy Earth-based episodes, although this isn't one of the best ones. I wasn't the biggest fan of the character of Seth, he wasn't very well defined and never seemed a real threat. The episode is pretty entertaining until SG-1 get into Seth's compound, from then on I find it a bit boring.

          - This episode possibly has the best stuff for Jacob so far, he gets to stretch himself a bit here.

          - A lot of really good humour. Teal'c's joke and the following reaction is superb. I enjoy seeing O'Neill bantering with the ATF commander.

          - Nice to see Carter using Goa'uld tech. It was never explored enough in the show.

          - The guy who plays Seth was the same actor who played Daniel's dad in The Gamekeeper. I was half expecting Daniel to recognise him!

          - The ending is a mixture of good and bad. After Seth has knocked Jack and Daniel down, he just leaves the bomb counting down next to them and leaves. There are 2 zat guns just sitting there he could have finished them off with, but he takes the stupid route. The moment where Sam pummels Seth into the ground is pretty good, and quite violent too.

          - The zat guns don't seem to cause anybody pain in this episode, they just instantly recover.

          RATING: 6.5 out of 10
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            The one with the Jaffa joke!

            Wonderful bit of deadpan comedic acting by everyone concerned in that scene!

            I liked the take on a cult leader being a Goa'uld hiding out on Earth, fits all the criteria for nut job cults! That fawning obedience a result of yet another Goa'uld drug, Amanda played the devoted slave to Seth so well it was downright chilling!

            Her shock at how easily she killed Seth by breaking him in half with the hand device was also a great scene. It explains why I guess she never used a hand device again, the look on her face said it all. It's a terrifying power to be able to will death like that on someone.

            This was the beginning of the selective stunning power of zats. How in some episodes they hardly affect people and others knock them into next week! This lack of consistency with what a zat on one hit does to people became quite irritating as time went on I felt.


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                Interesting episode. We're two episodes into the season, and we've already killed 2 Goa'ulds.

                Daniel got a haircut. And the current Zat effect debut in this episode.

                And Jack, Sam, & Daniel were apparently sent by the deprogrammers


                Netscape Navigator makes another appearance, this time they've upgraded the operating system, and hid the address bar.

                Tomorrow, and episode I've been waiting for, 3 Goa'ulds come to the SGC.


                  5pm and another ep of SG1...

                  1. Jaffa joke, liked the fact that TEal'c laughed and no one else did.

                  2. Forgot about the President's call.

                  3. That guy showing up was 'such' a dodgy plot device.

                  4. "Bomb?" "Bomb!"

                  Solid enough idea and ep!
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                    Forgot about this, and laughed my head off all over again:

                    Jack: Dare I ask about the men inside the compound?
                    Daniel: They were turned into eunuchs.
                    Jack: Eunuchs, as in "snippity-do-dah"?

                    (after they are captured, as they are falling unconcious):
                    Jack: So help me, if I wake up and I'm singing soprano…

                    I think AT played Sam's reaction to killing Seth very spot-on. She was stunned and horrified. Jack's "Hail Dorothy" only worsened it for her (though this was not his intent). The power she was able to wield with just her mind and a hand device seemed to disturb her deeply.

                    I also like the Carter family interaction in this ep. Selmak gets to get out a bit, too.
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                      Yeah, I'm not even sure I knew what eunnuch's were first time I saw this ep!
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                        This is why I think season 3 is when SG1 found its angle. When a filler episode like this gets you so happy you know its a good show. This episode has a little bit of everything. It has archelogical mystery as Daniel tracks down Seth. It has actual action as SG1 and Jacob infiltrate Seth's compound. Although given the episodes ending I would have liked to see Sam use a hand device more often. They did kind of dilute her link with Jolinar as the series progressed. Speaking of Sam it has good character interaction as we see Sama and Jacob explore their dysfunctional family. It even had humor as Jack mocks the ATF.

                        PS: Minitanks are awesome
                        Originally posted by aretood2
                        Jelgate is right


                          Hail Dorothy! I too like that line along with some of the effects, especially the System Lord hologram (we learn there are a limited number of SL's) and the ring explosion as Jack and Danny (as Jacob greeted Daniel in the 'gate room) depart Seth's compound.

                          I always had a memory that Nishta was the same drug used by Sokar mixed with something??

                          Teal'c's shocking discovery about human behavior toward children was a great moment. Why don't we as a society love our children unconditionally? Why do we make it so complicated when we see the results of both physical and psychological abuse so often? Like 10,000 Maniacs ask, whether child or adult, What's the Matter Here?


                            I loved the Jaffa joke I always laugh when I see that cause it's so unatural to see Teal'c laugh. Also Sams reaction to killing Seth was spot on I think this was the first time she killed someone face to face like that.
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                              Originally posted by Starscape91 View Post
                              I loved the Jaffa joke I always laugh when I see that cause it's so unatural to see Teal'c laugh. Also Sams reaction to killing Seth was spot on I think this was the first time she killed someone face to face like that.
                              And in such a powerful mannner and her realization of what she had just done (Jack's "Hail Dorothy" line added to it)...great scene and good episode!!

                              Love it when Jacob/Selmak is in an episode


                                I thought the Jaffa joke that Teal'c told was funny, and just as funny were the teams' reactions to the joke. I always like Jacob Carter in the episode. Between Selmac and Jacob, you can guarantee some great inter/intra action. I also liked Jack's comment at the end 'Hail Dorothy.' It was so good. I'd forgotten about that. Good episode.