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    Originally posted by ekolint48 View Post
    The switching machine was not for fighting the Goa'uld. He made it specifically to take someone's body as he felt that he was entitled for altruistic deeds he had done. He had his life pod keeping him in status until he could take the body of the first traveler that came through the stargate in his lab.
    Thats random speculation. Just because Ma'chello did that does not mean that was the original purpose of the body switching machine. The ability to switch bodies with a Goa'uld or even a System Lord has many war advantages
    Originally posted by aretood2
    Jelgate is right


      Originally posted by jelgate View Post
      Thats random speculation. Just because Ma'chello did that does not mean that was the original purpose of the body switching machine. The ability to switch bodies with a Goa'uld or even a System Lord has many war advantages
      But if you use the machine with a goa'uld inside a host and a regular human then you have three bodies and consciousnesses. How would that switch work? Maybe the host would become the goa'uld, the goa'uld would become the human and the human would become the host? That could be quite a mess.


        Another average episode.

        Liked Chris Judge's acting in this one.

        Can't remember what tomorrow ep is because I'm in kind of a hurry.


          My favorite moment in the ep is when Sam, Teal'c and Jack exit the 'gate and we find out the boys are switched:

          "It did not go well, Gen. Hammond" Teal'c (Jack's body)
          "Ya think?!" Jack (Teal'c's body)

          I SO laughed out loud...again. Chris Judge must have really enjoyed this. RDA didn't quite have the Teal'c mannerisms down, but he played it pretty well (stoic/flat).

          I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to watch the prep/practice for this ep -how much tape did they have to watch to absorb each other's character's mannerisms?

          MS gave a spot-on Jack, and RDA preformed Daniel much more easily than Teal'c (to be fair it was only a few seconds).

          On the serious side -Jack had to come to terms of having to reach that place of deep communication with "Jr" to acheive Kel-no-reem, which had to be difficult due to his absolute distaste for the Goa'uld. Daniel's conversation with Michello, showing him how he had become what he dispised was well done, and his passion and emotion when pleading with the old inventor that he could still save Sha're was moving.
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          "When Colonel Maybourne and yourself were stranded off world, Major Carter felt a similar sense of frustration. She despaired at the thought of never seeing you again." ~Teal'c
          "I didn't leave,because I'd have rather died myself,than lose Carter." ~Jack O'Neill

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            Loved this episode.
            Christopher played Jack flawlessly. Jack had a bit of a challenge with Teal'c but still believable. Then in one scene Jack stands behind Sam(?) after he switched with Daniel, even without saying a word, he looked exactly like Daniel.
            really enjoyed the episode Funny and well played


              5pm...another ep of SG1...

              1. Machello's initial behaviour was a bit nutty though later it became obvious that he was saying to himself..."right, this is who I have to be now".

              2. Odds on this was the first time he'd used the device, Teal'c clearly recognised him.

              3. Jack and Teal'c swapping, great laugh...the two polar oppisite characters bodyswapping! Jack's go at Teal'c was a bit better than I remembered from last time I watched this ep.

              4. Forgot this was our first introduction to kelnoreem!

              Cool ep!
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                LOVE this episode.....Michael Shanks acted brilliantly in that final scene between him (Daniel "in" Machello) and him (Machello "in" Daniel)....and great ensemble acting from everyone involved....REALLY enjoyed it...

                And...."SHAVE MY HEAD???"....

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                  It always made me sad that daniel never won any awards for this ep.


                    Okay episode made really entertaining by CJ playing Jack.


                      It was kind of a confusing episode.
                      Or weird, that's some holiday..


                        Not the best...Daniel as 'Ma'chello' wasn't terribly convincing...he seemed kinda goofy.

                        Have to admit, though, Jack acting like Teal'c and vice versa was pretty funny.
                        "Y'know; Lose it. It means, go crazy. Nuts. Insane. Bonzo. No Longer in posession of one's faculties. Three fries short of a Happy Meal. WHACKO!!!!!"

                        The perfect couple!


                          Maybe "machello' had been sequestered so long he lacked any social skills, which daniel had to emulate.


                            Just watched this again last night, and I forgot how laugh out loud funny this was. I thought the actors did a great job imitating each other, particularly Teal'c and Jack. they were dead on. Daniel wasn't bad although know where near as funny as the other two. He does do non caring pretty well as in when "Machello" tried to convince them to let him live in Daniel's body.


                              Teal'c all loose and un-Jaffa-like is such a rarity it's unbelievably fun to see Chris do his interpretation of O'Neill. Rick, on the other hand, did a poor Daniel in my opinion. While Michael managed a fairly believable O'Neill.


                              "Shave my head?" --

                              Machello's not a likeable person -- a litte self-centered if you ask me, and no better than the Goa'uld. Possibly what did it for him when Daniel told him that. Must have stung.

                              Overall, a funny episode... well, O'Neill & Teal'c are funny.
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                                I know this is not a favorite episode of most fans...but I love it. I always seem to have this soft spot for "body switch" plots, and this one, in my opinion, was done better (and was far less predictable).

                                I first saw this episode in early 2010, shortly after I began watching the show, and had heard of a "body switching" episode (thanks "Fragile Balance"). So I hunted episode guides, determined to see it. thankfully, the guide I was using was so vague that I had no clue Jack and Teal'c fell victim...until I actually saw it. I think the B-Plot was even better than the main story.

                                Favorite scene? Definitely musical chairs, and the exchanges with Jack and Teal'c - when I first started watching this show, it was because I was a Colonel O'Neill devotee. The Jack-Daniel swap was hysterical...something tells me no one really had to spend too much time figuring out how to emulate RDA, it just seemed to come naturally.

                                "As much as I'd like're not exactly yourself. Dismissed."

                                I always throw in "BURRRRRN!" everytime I hear that line!

                                All I'll say is at least the shippers didn't get a Jack-Sam swap, that's just too predictable!!!! Unfortunately, those who dabble in slash got what they wanted.

                                I love this episode...even if no one else really does (including my boyfriend).

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