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    Bad Guys (1016)

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    The SG-1 team visits an alien museum on another planet -- but are mistaken for a band of zealous rebels who have taken hostages.

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    Now that was an episode that was different, liked how Jackson was playing the boss.

    Also with Vala thinking she is so good as a thief aswell.

    Sorry did not know there was a thread already about this, admin can you close this thread.
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      I thought this ep was hilarious!

      Did anyone else think that the security guard was a 24/Jack Bauer parody?
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        As usual i missed it due to my weekly session of 5-a-side. Was it any good? The synopsis of the episode didn't have me too excited about it.


          This was actually another episode that I wasnt expecting to like after reading the synopsis but was pleasantly suprised.

          Nice bits of humour in the episode and I was waiting for the Die Hard references to begin. Good to see them using previously introduced items like the Naquadah bomb, shame we didnt get to see more around the museum.


            Not a bad episode didn't see the significance of the storyline was but i liked it. But the only problem I had was the way cam was acting, he seemed to act like he was a rebel rather than trying to talk to people like daniel did he seemed to reinforce the hostages view of them them being rebels.


              it was alright but lacked substance I thought, it would've made it 100 times better if they did actually find the ancient weapons etc.


                do we know why amanda tapping wasnt in it??


                  Originally posted by kirmit View Post
                  it was alright but lacked substance I thought, it would've made it 100 times better if they did actually find the ancient weapons etc.
                  We will never find ancient weapons when we need them, also i think that the writers like to keep that sort of thing for Atlantis, anyway we have two ancient weapons that have helped us and that was the dakara weapon(GONE) and the outpost.


                    Was a very funny episode
                    It was a very good episode, with loads of funny parts in it.
                    Daniel pretending to be a hardcore terrorist/hostage taker And teal'c aswell, he is good at that.
                    That security guard was definatly a jack bauer wannabe And vala pretending to be a know it all criminal, but really isn't. Especiallity sinse she activated that naquada bomb and couldn't turn it off

                    A good episode with loads of funny parts in it. But the ending was a bit weak, where they were just let go and the gate is burried. And th beginning, havn't we gone down the whole 'Advanced cache of powerful ancient weapons' before *Cough* Season7 *cough*

                    I give it 8.5/10

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                      Yet another awful episode of SG-1. Cringe-worthy every 3 secs.

                      Bad points:

                      - Woman screaming. Was that supposed to be funny?
                      - Vala having one of those glass cutter things with her. Does TPTB think we're really that stupid?
                      - Pathetic security guard actor/character.
                      - Dull storyline
                      - Bunch of aliens who are pretty much identical to us
                      - Girls b1tching at each other... wtf???
                      - Daniel, not sure what the actor was smoking when he filmed this ep
                      - Ending. Over in 3 seconds.
                      - Yet another 'hey I managed to figure out a gate address to a planet with a large supply of ancient stuff' episode
                      - Hooking a bomb up to a stargate? Please.
                      - Cheap drama factor: a ticking bomb
                      - Did I mention boooooooring.
                      - A waste of an episode.
                      - Another ep where a main character is missing.
                      - Camp secondary character guy. Horrible actor, horrible characterisation.
                      - Not funny except for a few Vala bits.

                      Good stuff:

                      - a few of Vala's one liners
                      - at least it wasn't another medieval village for the ten billionth time.
                      - ummm... it only lasted 45 minutes?

                      I'd be more forgiving if the episode before this one (Bounty) wasn't garbage as well.

                      You'd think with the series finale approaching they might want to tie up loose ends, show us taking the fight to the Ori themselves. Please god let them not all be dead after the ep a couple of weeks back. If that's the case, I really give up on this once amazing show.

                      Pure, pointless, cringeworthy 5hite 'Bad Guys' was.



                        One of the best episodes this season, the Die Hard parody was hysterical and the fact that they hired the sae actor who plays the cop in DIE HARD to play the outside-cop in this ep - it was hysterical and Ben Browder actually helped write it too.

                        GREAT EPISODE!!!!
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                          1. Landry clearly liked the idea of being President in an AU!

                          2. Liked the idea of Mitchell convincing Daniel that the truth wouldn't work on this occassion.

                          3. Still think Daniel looked slightly petty concerning the hostages attitude...but him not knowing Die Hard was a good one.

                          4. Vala's little Show and tell worked as well.

                          5. The security guard was definately a Die Hard parody, they hung a lantern on that one!

                          Overall, better than Bounty, definately got toasted by the Shroud though!
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                            My only problem with these episodes is that in The Shroud we learn't that the Ori have sent several more ships into our galaxy and they have the power to send more and we have episodes which deals with people who yet again don't know about the stargate etc, come on how many more of these episodes do we need, we should be out their trying to find advance weapons in which to defend ourselves. The episode, if it wasn't for the humor then I would say that it is the worse episode to deal with the Ori series this is the reason the show is being cancelled boring episodes.


                              For the first time in... quite a while i actually believed in that society. It seemed real. Even if the security guard got right on my wick. All the main characters were on form, especially Daniel (his negotiation was particularly amusing) and the guest role of... I can't remember his name, the head negotiator guy was awesome.

                              Although, the most alarming part, once again, is that the massive Ori fleet now present in the galaxy wasn't mentioned once..

                              Anyway, i thought it was a good episode. Certainly better than Bounty but i'd rather they got back onto the Ori storyline.

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