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The Quest, Part 2 (1011)

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    The Quest, Part 2 (1011)

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    When the team finds Merlin himself, they must help him complete the Sangraal weapon before Adria and her Ori forces can track them down.

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    That was smashing! I want to watch it again.

    Best Daniel ep in a year or so. Spunkiest Sam since s1. Cam and Vala being all team-ish over Daniel. Teal'c winding up Sam and Baal soooo innocently

    And crikey what an ending



      Don't usually post in an episode discussion thread but this episode deserves it


      What an amazing episode.

      I loved the dragon scenes at the start and the way Teal'c ran out and threw the C4 in the dragons mouth and nothing happened and had to hop foot it back to the woodland.

      The part when Merlin came unfrozen and Daniel explaining things was a bit slow - but once he took on Merlins knowledge and started to build the weapon the action picked up.

      Sam punching Baal, he had it coming

      Loved the gun battle scene at the end, I mean we had tonnes of gun battles with the Jaffa in the first season and second of SG-1, yet our first gun battle with Ori soldiers was in Part I, but this one ruled.

      Daniel controlling weather like Oma was good and the way he protected the team and helped them escape even thoe he prob knew he couldn't get back with them.

      Looks like Adria is going to have her way with Daniel, but the one big question is:

      Was the weapon destroyed by Adria or is it still half complete because she knew no-one will ever get there again to finish it.

      Overall an amazing episode.



        ^ My reaction to Sam giving Ba'al a bloody nose. Literally. *giggles* I actually punched the air. I've been wanting to see her do that in response to some of his snarky chauvinist crap forever. *grins* He always makes me laugh, but he does get on my nerves sometimes. Just a little.

        -- Merlin/Moros! Yay, but it was kind of sad to see him die, though it was nice to see he'd mellowed since Atlantis. I wonder if this means Daniel got the memories of meeting Elizabeth Weir the first time her expedition hit Atlantis? Hmmmm.

        -- Really wanted to hug Vala. This episode totally cemented my Daniel/Vala 'shipping...

        -- Cam, I'm beginning to like you.

        -- Cliffhanger. EVIL. Adria also evil. But hot. Mmmm...


          all I can say is.... WOW!!! This was an amazing episode. Daniel was brilliant. And so was adria. Teal'c insults to baal, and Merlin stealing Baal's voice classic

          And we know how epsiode 13 occures now... what an ending!

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            It was very very good, definitely the best episodes in recent years, and probably one of the best ever.

            It was funny when Sam punched Ba'al
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              Originally posted by Trialia View Post

              ^ My reaction to Sam giving Ba'al a bloody nose. Literally. *giggles* I actually punched the air.
              Lol me too

              Excellent episode, really enjoyed it. The start was very fast paced. And the character interaction was just great, everyone got good scenes and screen time, and there was angsty stuff too. You got to see how much Vala cares for Daniel.



                That was great, best episode for a while. Best Daniel espisode in ages, Sam puching Baal so good. And Vala, first time I've warmed to her character. Best group interaction this season
                I remember something. There was a man. He’s bald and wears a short sleeve shirt and somehow he’s very important to me. I think his name is Homer.


                  I loved this episode, everyone had a part to play and they really felt like a team. The dragon scene was amazing, especially the part when it smashed out of the top of the mountain. I found the way Adria used the DHD very kool aswell, the battle with the soliders was good, though would've liked them to put up a bit more of a battle but the battle between Adria and Daniel made up for that. I loved the end, especially because I loved everytime we get to see an Ori ship . Overall brillant episode, one of my favs, 10 outta 10. Oh yer and loved Cam's line, probably his best line ever.


                    Could have done with much more of the dragon - it felt like the writers have decided to speed things along for the last few episodes. Not a bad thing after series 9, which seemed to take forever to get not very far.
                    However, it does look like Daniel will get some quality airtime for the rest of the series! I loved the way that Merlin taking him over wasn't outright, but seems to be a developing thing.
                    And Sam decking Baal? Wonderful!

                    Want more! Now!


                      Same as everyones comments really,

                      Good interaction with the characters, superb action,Daniel was on the ball and was his best performance yet.

                      Other things were Sam hitting Baal which he had coming. You have to wonder a few things though, what happend to the weapon and has the knowledge really gone from Daniels mind.

                      Better than Pegasus Project


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                        Better than I was expecting actually

                        Good things:

                        Sam hitting Ba'al was the best moment for me, go Sam!
                        Plus Teal'c being all menacing towards him, always fun to watch.......
                        Some nice Cam/Vala interaction, about time they allowed those two to interact properly.
                        And Cam told Vala to shut up, about time someone did
                        Cam actually calling Daniel "Daniel" if only under duress, I wish he would drop
                        the "Jackson"
                        A good ep for Daniel and nice that Oma Desala was brought up, I'd have liked to have seen her again.
                        Jack actually getting a few mentions, nice to know he's not forgotten.....
                        I liked Adria in this, she's a bad girl....

                        Bad things:

                        The dragon, I sorry but it was lame for me, like some bad B movie.
                        A bit too much Daniel/Vala yet again for me, can't those two be allowed to be apart for a while
                        The whole download thing was a bit predictable for me, Daniel getting telekenesis, that was pushing it a bit OTT for me.......
                        I would have liked to have seen Vala have a bit more interaction with Adria, a bit of a wasted opportunity there.

                        Overall 6/10

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                          tht was one of the greatest episode ever, it was sooo great. It aired on my birthday, how cool is tht for a birthday present.



                            Fantastic episode. It was a much better conclusion to the story than I had expected with loads of great moments that have already been mentioned (e.g. Baal getting a smack in the face, Adria's cool DHD speed dial, Dragon bursting out of the mountain, etc.)

                            One problem I had was the ending being slightly rushed but the Daniel/Adria fight and cliffhanger more than made up for that.
                            It'll never fit in there you know...


                              Ok firstly i just want to express how awesome i think this episode was, i have watched two of the best ever stargate episodes in one day, Window of Oppertunity was on earlier and then THIS!

                              Quest part 2 is IMO one of the best episodes ever. From start to finish it was brilliant to watch. It had everything, Adria was great, she has to be one of the best villain there has been, and i just want to mention, how bloody cool was it seeing baal, Adria and SG1 together. They just look fantastic together.

                              The dragon scenes, kudos to the CGI guys the dragon was perfect, it acted exactly as it should do and well it was realyl amazing. The Shield expanding from Adria was predictable, it would have pushed her off the ledge at that point but still, id thank her afterwoods.
                              The field scene was hilarious,
                              i was so in to it i didnt even notice the credits, Teal's one liners have been excellent in this episode but "puff" is officially his best EVER use of sarcasm. the C4 and P-90 firefights were great and Daniel and Vala dispatching of the dragon was classic vala/daniel-ness.
                              Next up the Lair of Merlin! How cool, and it wasnt overly cliche ancient lab, it was perfect, loved it. Merlin, what a chap! I want him to get revived in a sarcofagus and be a regular and lead the SGC. By far the coolest ancient there has ever been on stargate. building the Device, shutting up Baal! hehe.
                              Shame he died That sucked but OMG!!! Daniel! Im very overexcited if people cant tell, i think this is the most giddy ive been in 2 years but WOW! Daniel is merlin! Built the Device all the super powers, he could ever rain thunder which proves merlin really was the most powerfull human there was at that time. I miss merlin but i cant wait for the shroud!
                              Adria and he cool dialing thing, i was really :O:O:O Cool
                              Sam punching Baal, the souvenistic ****, but wow! what a punch and reaction, tealcs one liner!
                              Vala/ cam scene over daniel, i respect that he and she care and i lvoe them both but Cam hasnt been through enough situation where peopel have risked thier live for the sake of the team to actually know what the hell hes talking about and while yes that comment is true he should have said that IMO
                              The end scene! How amazing was that, Daniel if he was strong and recoverd would be a powerfull as Adria, i knew he would be our Prior at some point, and damn wasnt he a great one! Daniel is a god and i would kneel before him! I cant wait for the shroud and i hope he hasnt lost his merlinity because i think he has earned the right to have power for just a little while. But my friend just surgested that adrias going to use him to build a weapon to wipe out the ancients instead and i have a really bad suspicion that he s right but i really dont care.

                              This episode was amazing from start to fiinish, every bit even if i didnt neccisarily agree was great and this has to be one of the best evening for stargate in along time! 15/10. Legendary episode and it become one of my favourates already, well worth the wait!

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