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    Originally posted by mrscopterdoc View Post
    she is.
    For one of my fave past times i do role playing games (d6 starwars, adnd, shadowrun), and one of the gaming modules i wrote up for SW, had an evil child (girl)...
    One of the people playing that module said "Why does it always have to be the girls who are the evil ones"!??!?


      I guess s/he'd never heard of the Boys from Brazil. Or Damian.

      If you're going to allow yourself to be offended by a cat, you might as well just pack it in -- Steven Brust


        I really like this episode - and even more now that I have watched it several times.
        I was never really annoyed by Vala before as others were, but with this ep. I really started to love that character and CB's acting skills. She did so extremely well throughout the whole ep. and especially scenes with Adria. The different Adria actresses also did a great job. Even the youngest, who only had a few lines, delivered those so incredibly bitter sweet... still wondering, if they were wearing contacts or the coloured eyes were a result of post-production.
        Every cast member got a decent on screen time, while Teal'c unfortunately had to spend quite a lot of it being tortured - AGAIN.

        Daniel/Vala: Love it, now that Vala calmed down. Great chemistry. Seems as if they start to bring the best out of each other.
        In their first scene Daniel's reaction to Vala's question "do you know, what's strange?" cracks me up, every time I watch it. It is just a simple "No", but it is sooo wrapping up this totally bizarre situation of somebody just having told you the strangest things possible and then asking you "you know, what's strange?" as if everything else were 'normal' news...
        It is hilarious and it is those little things that cannot be scripted or rehearsed, but just pop up once in a while, when you don't expect them. Those little things is what go me into "Stargate" in the first place, since I am really no scifi-fan in general.


          It seems each character has their 'focus.

          Tealc is torture guy
          Daniel is 'converted or killed guy
          Jack is smart but stupid guy


            And so it begins... the last season of Stargate SG-1 and the first time I'm watching season 10 on DVD. Much like season 9 I haven't seen any of the episodes since it went off the air in the US.

            First of all, VALA IS BAAAAAACK!!!
            And I couldn't be happier.

            So... we're getting our asses kicked by the Ori and for the time being we have no weapon powerful enough to take on these bad guys as they ravage their way through the galaxy, bringing death and destruction to the non-believers. Hallowed are the Ori.... blah blah blah...

            Bra'tac always looking for an epic death and never quite getting there because other people around him are the voice of reason -- luckily.

            Daniel never not dying -- he's good at pretending but always getting out at the nick of time. Wasn't it just his luck he transported himself onto the one Ori ship which also contained his best friend Vala and the newly arrived brat of the century, the Orici.

            Ori ships are still toiletseats -- cannot be unseen.

            How would you rate SG-1's "Flesh and Blood?"



            3-episode quiz: Crusade, Camelot & Flesh And Blood (s10)

            Jigsaw puzzle: Flesh And Blood
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            Proper Stargate Rewatch -- season 10 of SG-1


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