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Previous Questions about the asgard ship in Camelot.

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    Previous Questions about the asgard ship in Camelot.

    ok look... i just registered with this site to answer this question only to find it was thread closed.

    so i feel that since i went through all this trouble i will re open it for a moment to say this...

    the question was... what ever happened to the asgard ship that was in the battle in the camelot episode with the ori...

    ive read through all the posts, and replies and all that and heres the thing, as i have all sg1 episodes on my pc, and have watched them religiously for the last 8 years or so, even today, i watch and love them, ...

    heres what happened.

    at the begining of the battle, you see everyone fire at the ori, then the ori returning fire. now theres a couple shots where the main weapon blast sails right past the asgard ship as it manurvers to the left and right avoiding the weapon fire.

    then, the asgard ship does a upward thrust, firing at the ori ship, as it flys past them. you dont see it fly past the ships, but you see it on its way moving foward above the ori ships.

    as far as being destroyed that was not the case. if anything it took a couple random shots, but that was about it. seeing the asgard tactic of what they can destroy they hyperdrive away, thats what happened.

    in the episode after that, flesh and blood, the asgard ( dont know how to spell his name nor am i willing to try ) is on the human ship re writing the code for the asgard computer trying to fix it from the damage it took, so clearly he and his ship werent destroyed.

    as far as gen land is concerned, he was only giving minor details about the battle. he tried to enlist a group to go search through the wreckage. like the military, they try and fill in what they dont know.

    now, whats interesting... go back to the camelot episode... ( 34 min 15 seconds )
    heres whats going on at that point...

    the asgard ( vasier ? ) and carter are standing there looking at a computer at the super gate. commander of the ship walks in. carter turns to him telling him they found the dialing crystal and the asgard vasier ? already made another crystal...

    heres where something funny happens... watch carefully carters mouth during this... the overlay of her voice says the asgards name, however her lips dont say that. it says something else.... perhaps this scene or act had another asgard in mind when this was done, and that asgard was added later...


    The asgard ship escaped into hyperspace..