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Adria's Last Name????

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    Originally posted by Jackie View Post
    In medevil society--the person's father or city was the last name. As I have posted above.

    The last names devolped from this trend. Even peasents had surnames...maybe not in the sense that we would use them.

    Jeepers, my brain wasn't working last night.

    Adria's last name is Oracle of the Ori.

    She is Adria, Oracle of the Ori. Her title is her full name! Translate that to Ancient and you would have her last name. Anyone know Ancient?
    But that's so long! No one would bother.

    Which is why Adria took her existing last name : Oracle of the Ori and turned into an acronym of the same thus turning: Oracle of the Ori... into : Ooto.

    In fact, she filed legal papers to change her full name to Adria Ooto a few weeks ago.

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      Originally posted by JackBauer2007 View Post
      Adriana Sun?

      or Adriana Crichton?
      Who's Adriana?


        Also keep in mind that the definition of the word *virgin* is not what it was say when it was the Virgin Mary giving birth the Jesus. It evolved into meaning what we say it means now, but way back in that day it did not mean the same thing.
        If a girl was called a virgin back then it was just a reference to her being young and unmarried, not having had carnal relations.

        But back to the name..

        Hey, she can start a rock band and go by a single name. Or in this day and age *total time jump from previous comment* she can take any name she wants.

        *rant mode on*
        I think it is funny that when a couple gets married it is free for the woman to change her name to take the husband's last name but if the hubby wanted to take the wife's name he has to go through the courts and file name change documentation just like anyone who wanted to change their name for whatever reason

        I also thought it was funny that when hubby and I got our marriage license, in Texas, I was given a gift package. The package consisted detergent, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, a loofah, and a few other things that hinted to me what Texas thought my role was suppose to be, from the 19th century.
        *rant mode off*




            Seriousley speaking though, there are three options:

            *Adria MalDoran: The Technical name since she was conceived before marriage, but no one would use it.

            *Adria of Ver Isca : I believe that's the town from where Tomin was, and would probaly be what she would be called were she not the Orici.

            *Adria the Orici or simply Orici: Which is probably what her people call her, "Adria" being a name only she and her mother (and her friends) really use.


              Adria's name is:

              Adria Orici
              Company of Thieves

              Daniel: You might want to prepare to return fire.

              Marks: For the record, Im always prepared. I just have to push this button.


                TEALC doesnt have a last name actually most aliens dont have a last name mostly titles like thor supreme commander of the asgard fleet or darell the dragon lol

                but adria Apu Nahasapeemapetilon sounds good! lol


                  Originally posted by wise one View Post

                  but adria Apu Nahasapeemapetilon sounds good! lol
                  Sounds good to me too


                    Didn't the couple Harrid and Sallis have last names? You know, the ones that Daniel and Vala were connected to through the Ancient device. They lived in the Ori village. I think their last name was Sisera or Cicero.