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    Originally posted by ses110 View Post
    It's interesting how Daniel spoke up when Makepeace took over SG-1 when everyone though Jack was bad in shades of Grey. When Sam came back in Season 9 Daniel never said Sam should be in charge of SG-1. Another example of how the show missed RDA and Gekko leadership.
    Sorry that I react to such an old comment but despite the fact how much I like Daniel defending Sam, there is one thing which is quite annoying for me in the connection. I never found any comment about it on this page, so I will write it there. I do not like the suggestion of Daniel that the fourth member probably will be "someone like Ferretti." It looked as quite unfair to him. He was already a leader with his own team, we know him as a capable soldier, so why Daniel thinks that he should be demoted in the favour of Sam?