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    I'm trying to find something. There was a man far away who often lay on Abydos. His children are gone but his memory lives on


      Darren replied in the COTG thread:

      The place to "Gate" to during Outages for updates and info:


        Just rew-atched.

        Its really a beautiful episode.

        Yes, the Nox are such a wasted idea in the Stargate Universe, but watching this episode again i realised that it would have been very hard to have used them in future episodes. Their very nature means that they would have not wanted to be involved. 'Your way is not the only way...'

        Armin Shimerman is really great as well.

        Nice episode, and perhaps the earliest example post pilot, of the series starting to find its identity.
        Chief Galen Tyrol: But how do you know I'm human?
        Brother Cavil: Oh, well, maybe because I'm a Cylon, and I've never seen you at any of the meetings.


          Loved this again. This is the first death of a certain someone was the biggest thought that I had. Lol. The Nox is still one of the coolest alien races in the series.
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