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    Can you imagine if every other episode of SG-1 had featured an equivalent level of nudity?


      I'm trying to find something. There was a man far away who often lay on Abydos. His children are gone but his memory lives on. ANy idea?



        Is this a crossword puzzle, or a scavenger hunt?

        For Stargate it's vaguely suggestive of the character of Kasuf, the leader of the Abydonians, whose son and daughter were taken by Apophis.
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          Originally posted by EvaWallE7744 View Post
          the missing female sergeant without her Earth and humanity would not have gone back out into the universe. She, therefore, becomes an important part of the origins of the franchise but
          1: we never hear her name spoken (at any time) and
          2: as soon as Jack, Daniel and Sam are captured they forget all about the sergeant that it was their whole mission to go and rescue. It is really obvious when you re-watch the episode because it goes completely against Jack's motto of never leave your people behind(which we know from A Matter of Time that Jack has from personal experiences in his own past that makes him believe this).
          OK, the female sergeant was Senior Airman Carol Weterings played by Canadian actress Rachael Heyward

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            They killed that kidnapped soldier lady anyway after Amonet refused her as a host.
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