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    I also liked the most Tok'ras who we met in the TV series, it was a very interesting race. I liked even the less favourite as Anise or Delek.

    I like Jacob/Selmak the most, he was the very interesting character and he had the biggest number of appearances. Behind him I would place Aldwin and Malek on the second place.

    The third place would be for Lantash. I was pretty indifferent to him while he was in Martouf (he did not belong to my favourite characters, but I did not have any negative feelings towards him) but I liked him more when he entered into the lieutenant Elliot. I actually wished that Lantash would be able to heal Elliot in Last Stand. We could have a Tok'ra who would probably stayed in SGC (I do not think that Elliot would join to Tok'ra permanetly as Jacob). If he stayed a recurring character (as I wished at this time) it could be interesting to watch.