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    i'm locked out of spaz's green jello supply, so i'll have to catch up with her later. but darlin, what a wonderful, calm and thought out post.
    Where in the World is George Hammond?



      oh, and there is a thread in the features folder where darren announced the primer update. i know that i e-mailed him, but maybe one of you might want to check on the misspelling and point it out to him.
      Where in the World is George Hammond?



        Originally posted by Skydiver
        i happen to know that amanda's birthday is aug 28th

        how about we work on a birthday book for her?

        something to be done by the 15th or so so that it can be mailed to her in time for her birthday

        i like this idea, skydiver.




          Dear Astrogeologist,

          Tried to send you green Jello: couldn't
          Tried to PM you: Your box is overflowing with admirations from the Kingdom!

          You are The Bomb! You rock! The book is absolutely more professional looking than I ever dreamed it could be! And I'm so thrilled to have my little contribution in one of the featured photographs. Gee, how much would it cost us each to get a copy????

          I can't get over the time and dedication you have put into this project. I hope AT is just as overwhelmed. I don't see how she could fail to be. This is a one-of-a-kind effort.

          One thing's for sure: you meet the nicest people on this thread, and you're definitely at the top of the list!

          Thanks for all you do!

          Hic Comitas Regit,



            Originally posted by tsaxlady
            Thanks for posting the pictures. It was really great seeing AT in so much of the special. I really liked the bit with the Saturn Award. We got to see her in one of the new sets built for this season, in both blue and black BDU's, plus in civilian clothes.
            i wish someone (hint) would find a way of putting all of amanda's part of that special into one video clip. hmmm, i wonder if someone could? (more subtle hinting)

            It got me more excited about going to Comic Con this weekend. They are showing the first new episodes of SG1, Atlantis and BSG Friday night on large screens and then on Saturday the SG1 is now including AT, Ben B, Beau B, and CJ. The MGM both will also have one of the Stargates at their booth. Dan Shea was telling us this weekend that when he was at the studio last week they were packing up one of the Stargates so they could have it at the booth in San Deigo.
            have fun, tsax, and pull out all of the spoilers (sam *and s/j for me*) you can from them!

            you know... if i found out rda had shown up at that also.... it's better i don't explain here how i'd react... it's ugly and messy... small animals would be quivering....

            oh, i hope they have the tv guide cover blown up *real* big like they did the last time sg1 was on the cover! i went to comic con a couple of years ago - when rda and ms were on the cover - and it was directly behind amanda and don when they were signing autogs. i hope they do that again, so amanda can feel proud!




              On this night of Samandan celebration the Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service goes to our Keeper of the Flame for her dedication and devotion to the completion of the Samandan Archive. She has proven herself to be a true Samspecialist, First Class!


              This is just a thread of people
              Most of whom will never meet
              And yet what happens in Samanda
              Is something hard to beat

              We all have one common purpose
              To celebrate our Queen
              We often chat and ramble
              But never are we mean

              Some of us may come and go
              While others choose to stay
              Something almost magical
              Takes place along the way

              Compliments are given
              Civility displayed
              Sure we beg to differ
              But don't let differences dismay

              We admire one special lady
              Her talent, wit, and beauty
              She has affected all of us
              Sam Carter is a cutie

              She's much more than that of course
              A woman of substance and resource
              A role model for young and old
              Leading us a hundredfold

              Life oft imitates art you know
              We may try to be Sam as we grow
              Learning how to find our gifts
              We can be Samspecialists

              Yes we're just a group of scifi folks
              Sharing stories, telling jokes
              One great actor brought us here
              So enjoy the ride, share in the cheer


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                Originally posted by ÜberSG-1Fan
                As a member of the Royal Court of Samanda, I believe it is my duty to point out when a Samandan ventures into dangerous territory and defends our fair queen to the likes of an absolute <fill in euphamism of your choice> who for some reason does not see her majesty in the same way we do...(of course, he/she has a right to his/her completely ridiculous opinion...)

                So now, straight from the Browder's character should OUTRANK Carter thread, I give you THE SPAZMEISTER!!!!!

                For you SPAZ, first, a round of applause from the audience...

                ...and then a heaping bunch of blue jello!!!!!!!!!!

                Let's all give it up for THE DANCER OF SPAZ!!!

                I encourage all like-minded Samandans to go and show your appreciation for this brilliant post (that is of course if your green keepers are in a giving mood today).

                WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!

                love it!

                i love it when logic out-rules stubbornness.




                  *sniff* my first milestone {yeep} and I thought I'd pop in here to make it coz Samandans rock. I've been a little absent lately, but only because I've had a special technical assignment from the queen involving a sidecar for the princess to be attached to the Indian.....

                  I wanted to throw something out there with my 100th post. Everyday I see Amanda Tapping in a brighter and brighter light. Partly because of Sam Carter, partly because of Amanda's beautiful warmth and unending generosity. But much of it comes by comparison. I hold a moderation position in the official board of another actress and let me tell you. Amanda Tapping gets it. Where others don't, this woman does. I've been holding her name up to TPTB in my other fandom as a shining example of what should be done. Maybe they'll listen (I can only hope) and maybe they won't, but I feel content that I've contributed a brilliant example of how a television personality can treat fans. Amanda has paved the way as far as I'm concerned and is the best in her field on several levels and I'm not talking about the performance (which is outstanding at all times).

                  In recognising Amanda's strength in sharing herself with us, it must be noted that she doesn't do it alone. Very few stars do. So I'd like to throw a shout out to Amanda's staff too. I have no idea how many there are, but brilliant job guys! I've seen what goes into the upkeep of a personality and what kind of time constraints are involved, and these people are champs... seriously. So three Samandan cheers for Amanda & her people.

                  Ok I'm done for now... but I feel priveleged to be able to look to Amanda as a role model, a source of entertainment and an example of the better person I'd like to be.



                    hey samandans, i have a mission for you

                    my job this month is to be the sam fic reccer for a group on live journal. I've recced some sam fic, but i need more.

                    can you guys post or send to me some titles and authors of some good sam fic? shippy, slashy or gen, it's all the same to me.

                    I've already found a good dozen fic, and i'd have more if helio's links were working, but i know that the folks here have plenty of other good fic to rec
                    Where in the World is George Hammond?



                      Curious - is anyone here going to the con that AT is supposed to be at>? If so a few questions you may consider asking:

                      1 - will Carter be in charge of SG1 upon her return? I know the answer will likely be you have to watch but I thought it might be worth asking to see what AT has to say.

                      2 - if Carter is not in charge after her return why not and how does that make you (AT) feel in light of the fact that Carter had command in S8 and the opportunities were wasted (language can be changed up to make it sound better but you get the idea)

                      3 - Was Carter in charge in S8? I ask this to see if AT says yes because so many of the news items and the PTB themselves are saying mitchell is in to take over SG1 from O'Neill and we, the intelligent fans, know this is not true and I would love to know ATs take on that whole bit of misinformation.

                      Just some suggestions if there is time and the inclination to ask - I would really love to know ATs thoughts on this topic (again, I know there might not be an answer from her but you never know what she might actually say because she is one of the few that actually does seem to care about her fans (and the fans in general) and it seems she is one of the few that always tries to be open and honest so she may give a little something out on it, especially if it is somehting to try and allay the fears and worries of the Carter fans, as well as the AT fans.


                        Congratulations, dancerofspaz, on 1,000 posts.....and for
                        heroically defending Queen Samantha & the Kingdom of Samanda
                        in unfriendly territory!

                        Congratulations, Agent Dark, on 900 posts!

                        Congratulations, Myrth, on 100 posts!
                        In other business.....
                        Originally posted by chocdoc
                        I was pleasantly surprised with the special. I wasn't expecting AT in it at all (I thought she may be unavailable for the filming of it), but in fact she was in it for a reasonable amount of time. I liked what she said about her character (as NC's description shows), I liked that they recognized her Saturn award, and I liked the McKay thing. She also said something about how having all these new characters gave her less trailer space, or something like that.
                        It was all highly edited. I think they scripted her parts so she could record them when she returned, and they'd be inserted in the show.

                        Originally posted by Lys
                        Did you also notice that Sam isn't even mentioned as SG1's leader in season 8 ? And when you go and see the Mitchell's page, the first thing they say is : "The new commander of SG1 is Lt Colonel Cameron Mitchell..."
                        Here's the link :
                        Ok.....this really ticks me off too!

                        Originally posted by Lida
                        Astro, I am totally blown away. The book is beyond words. It is so fantastic. Don't be surprised if you receive a personal letter from Amanda, thanking you for the gift, for it is an amazing gift, one of pure love. I feel so terrible now, that I ever left this thread and could not contribute to your wonderful work.
                        But we're glad you're back, Lida.....and don't go away again!
                        Originally posted by Lida
                        Edit: I knew I forgot somethng. Astro, this must have cost you a mint....if you need a money to cover expenses, I would be more than willing to chip in. It's the least I can do. You put in so much time, at least let us help with other expenses.


                          Finally got Gateworld to recognize my log-in, so disregard this post -just making sure it works.

                          Nice to finally be able to join the Samanda world.

                          Hello to all my buddies from AT.Com!


                            Originally posted by Fiddler
                            Finally got Gateworld to recognize my log-in, so disregard this post -just making sure it works.

                            Nice to finally be able to join the Samanda world.

                            Hello to all my buddies from AT.Com!
                            Welcome to Samanda, Fiddler! Good to have you here and hope you've brought some of the crowd with you!


                              A busy Samanda night ... more congratulations in order for Agent Dark and Myrth on milestone Posts 900 and 100! You two take the cake and, since Royal Baker is on sick leave ... I guess it's up to me to supply some of the goodies!



                                Ooooh chocolate!

                                {diez with glee}