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    Originally posted by Skydiver
    to have delivered in march, amanda got pregnant in june/july or so, simple math

    now i don't know how long she waited to tell them. i've heard rumors that, after the past 2 miscarriages, she kept this pregnancy under her hat for a bit - which i would too.

    however, if you watch the end of s8, you can see her start to show. it's especially evident in moebius and citizen joe. IMHO, they knew before the season ended that she was pregnant, and i'm presuming that they too can do the math

    now, they probably are right when they say that s9 would have been different had at been a full part. first of all, she'd be in all 20 eps. second of all, i've heard rumors that her 'packing' had to do with her being on daedelus and going to atlantis.

    and also, we'd have little to no claudia/vala to deal with

    but that's not important now, because things are as they are. if it's the choice between getting s9 as it 'should' have been or having amanda having a lovely healthy baby, hey screw the show.

    I do think, however, that some of joe's comments are like comments tptb made at cons a couple of months ago. the ones along the line of 'we listen to the fans' and 'wait until you see it and then tell us what you think'

    well, again, it's simple math. we're not gonna see s9 until july15th. which is right about when the show goes on its summer hiatus taping wise. which means that a good portion of the last 10 eps are either plotted or written before we even see the season premiere (heck, we have titles for 17 of the 20 i think). by the time the folks in the states see the second half of the season, it'll be january...and the show will either be cancelled or gearing up for s10.

    basically, as nice as it is for them to say that they listen to or take to heart anything we say, or as reasonable as it sounds to say 'wait until yo usee it then give us informed feedback' the time delay means that by the time we see any of the episodes, they're history. They're written 9 months before we see them and taped 6 months before we see them

    so while it may sound nice, it's just something nice to say, because time being what it is, it's not possible for anything we say or do after we see the eps to get to them in time for them to do anything

    I complete agree with you when you said ... "but that's not important now, because things are as they are. if it's the choice between getting s9 as it 'should' have been or having amanda having a lovely healthy baby, hey screw the show."

    I also agree that JM can't change anything now and complaining about it will not change it. JM is just making nice and plugging his show trying to please all the different fans which can't really be done on any show, but he is at least attempting to try by answering or commenting on the fans questions.


      Originally posted by majorsal
      i just saw the winners. i see a pattern. i'll say no more.

      Uh... yeah... pretty weird. I dunno. It's pretty obvious and I don't know what to think about it.

      Farscape went and will forever go over my head. And the only reason why I liked Prometheus Unbound a smidge was because CB was actually pretty funny in the execution of Vala's mannerisms, and Daniel wore a bit of leather...

      I'm sure those at SciFi are feeling PRETTY good about themselves right now, heh heh... Even if they don't use a fan-based boll to support their decisions, it's probably interesting to know that they seem to be moving in the "right" direction where fans are concerned, whatever that may be...
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        Originally posted by ForeverSg1
        I don't think Grace was saying that Sam needed to have a man in her life to be happy... I think Jacob was saying Sam had to learn to open herself up more and learn to love in order to be happy. Sure she loves her father and brother but obviously they never had a great relationship until Selmac. Sam obviously loves her team mates, but it's still a working relationship and although it appeared that they occassionally got together outside of work, many times Sam seemed to be excluded or exclude herself from these outings. From episodes like Space Race, it is obvious that she kept a lot of her personal life and interests secret from even the members of her team.

        A woman doesn't need a man to be happy, but I think everyone needs to love and be loved. Regardless if it's from a husband, lover, or a child and Sam has changed a great deal over the past seven or eight years. I don't think it shows weakness for a woman to get to an age (40yrs) and ask herself if she is really making the right decisions in life. Men are lucky, they can have a child very late in life but a woman really had to decide if they want to have a child of their own by the time she turns forty. Yes she can have one later, but her chances of having issues during pregnancy or with child increases as she gets older.

        I think Grace was right on the mark for Sam. She hadn't had very good luck with men in the past and the one man she seemed to care about or allow herself to care about was the one person she couldn't have. As far as Jacob's views was concerned Sam was hiding from love in order to prevent herself from being hurt again. I didn't hear anything from Jacob that I haven't heard from my grandparents and relatives. My sister is 35 and single and everytime a relative calls, the first thing they ask is if she is dating or seeing anyone seriously. It was a just the concerns of a parent who wanted to see his child happy. I just think Sam misunderstood what her hallucination of Jacob was truly trying to tell her.

        So in my opinion, Grace was a beautifully written, directed and acted. The problems that arose with Sam later were due to certain writers not really knowing how to write for Sam and taking her down roads that were completely uncharacteristic. It's like they basically wrote her as having a midlife crisis for over a year. I'm just hoping this extended time away from the SGC at the beginning of season nine gave her the time to work out what she was missing in her life and finally get her life back on the right track.
        Wonderfully said! In fact Grace is one of my favorite episodes, because I could relate so well with the character. {paraphrase} If you have many possessions and talents, but have not loved, then you gain nothing.


          I know I'm slow today - but it has been a crazy one

          My View From The Peanut Gallery


            Originally posted by tsaxlady
            I know I'm slow today - but it has been a crazy one

            *sniff* another one converted to the way of Sam/Jack shippiness...

            My work here is done...

            Just teasing you....

            Thank you so much for the wonderful collage(s) and pictures and well wishes...

            Being all alone today really REALLY sucked...but it truly helped being able to come here and talk and share my feelings and enjoy my birthday...I think because of you all here in Samanda and my shipper fam, this day was salvaged and I can't tell you what that means to me...

            Thank you!!!!!
            Mary Beth
            aka ÜberSG-1Fan
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            ...You're ALWAYS Welcome in Samanda: Amanda's Community of New Fans and Old Friends...


              Originally posted by JMallozzi
              Originally posted by SueS
              Hello Joe,

              I have a few questions regarding Carter's return.

              1. You said that Carter will return in the episode "Beach Head". The latest Stargate magazine is saying, "Colonel Samantha Carter returns to Stargate Command in Ex Deus Machina ..." Can you confirm for us that Sam's first appearance is in Beach Head?

              2. In the same SG magazine, regarding Carter's absence, Amanda said, "After Janet died, Carter took responsibility for Cassie. Cassie has had some problems, so Carter went to spend time with her. That's how I'm playing Carter's decision to leave the SGC."

              Okay, this sounds like a backstory that Amanda created for Carter, and not necessarily something we're going to see. I believe the last "official word" was that when Carter finally returns we'll learn she's been working at Area 51. I was wondering, any chance of this backstory becoming a part of the on-screen story? Also, what's the most interesting backstory an actor has come up with to explain their character's action/motivation?

              3. Final question regarding Carter's return. First we were told Carter was away for "personal and professional reasons", then it was "just professional". Then we were told she was "far, far, away" and finally "she's been working at Area 51". My guess is that you guys were playing around with a bunch of different ideas to explain Carter's absence before finally settling on the Area 51 one. Any chance of letting us know what some of those other reasons were?


              What's with all the questions, Sue? You have less of a life than I do!

              1. Beachhead airs before Ex Deus. Beachhead it is.

              2. No, that's a backstory created by Robert Cooper which accounts for one of several reasons Carter is away.

              3. See above.
              So, sounds like Sam *is* actually canon'ly spending time with Cassie after all


                Originally Posted by majorsal
                i just saw the winners. i see a pattern. i'll say no more.
                Well, I'll say more. The bias among award winners is so apparent Justice herself didn't even bother with the scales this time. Claudia Black is a fine actress, and Prometheus Unbound was worth a chuckle, but a clean sweep? It's laughable.

                And kudos to Stargate for its FIRST EVER win in any catagory in the Sy Fy Portal awards. The odds of it occurring now, with the incorporation of Ben Browder and Claudia Black into Stargate, well, the sheer coincidence of it all leaves me dumbfounded. Then again, when it comes to the Internet, I'm often stupefied. Hey, have I mentioned the winners of my own personal, completely unbiased, perfectly legitimate awards? No? Well, you'll all just have to use your imaginations. But let me tell ya, they were great. If only I knew how to hand out those trophies.


                  Originally posted by MajorSam

                  Can I get a HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAY!?!

                  *What, I didn't heeeeaaaar youuuu*

                  Happy Birthday toooooo youuuuuu

                  Hey, i'm not THAT bad!!! Go away party pooper!

                  Where were we???

                  Ah, Rite!!!


                  Wow, Sam, you're such an amazing singer, I just can't keep away from you!!!!!

                  Oh... what... Birthday!? UBER!?!?

                  Well we can CELEBRATE TOGETHER!!!!!

                  Unless of course you'd like to have something "special" for your birthday

                  Ah... *hehe* I mean... um... *cough*... GOTTA GO!!!

                  But WE'RE free

                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY UBER!!!!
                  Can't do anything fancy for you but looking at what MS has given you>>> i don't think i have anything to worry about
                  Have a great time and enjoy your day!


                    Originally posted by Skydiver
                    to have delivered in march, amanda got pregnant in june/july or so, simple math

                    skydiver, i'm going to c/p over a part of your post to the shipper thread so i can i reply. i just wanted you to know because... well, it's your post.




                      Originally posted by ForeverSg1
                      Good Grief! I think I need to go read a good fic to cheer myself up.
                      actually, i'm not that bumbed by this one, because when i'd originally seen that prometheus unbound was up for best stargate ep... i already saw things were kind of hinky from the start. i don't know who picks who's in what category and such, but i can't believe that ep would be picked to represent the BEST of stargate for the entire season 8. it wasn't bad, it just... wasn't stargate to me at all.




                        Originally posted by tsaxlady
                        I know I'm slow today - but it has been a crazy one


                        great pics, tsaxlady!

                        i notice that you've used the newest jack pic, of him standing by the window looking out. (it's from the first ep of the new season). anyhoo, i can't seem to get that pic to save to my computer. i mean i save it, but it comes out blank. any suggestions? (i really want it so i can drool over rda/jack).





                          I've never posted here before, but I've written an essay on Sam, and thought you might like to read it.


                          and for feedback


                          (ps - I apologise if there's anything in the essay that people dissagree with)
                          Part 2 coming very soon!! (this is a fic btw, not the Fandemonium novel)


                            Originally Posted by ÜberSG-1Fan
                            Yeah me sense was that she had a good life and was comfortable...but that she didn't allow herself to need someone, to love someone and be loved in return...not in a desperate "you need a man to be complete" kind of way but in a "you need to allow yourself to experience true intimacy with a man you love who loves you so that you can experience a fulfillment that your life could never have without it."

                            I think "Jacob" was advising her to examine her life, to consider her priorities and to question if she's getting out of life everything that she deserves...with the focus on the fact that he had a wonderful career, but it missed something because he didn't have anyone to share it with until Sam's mother came along.

                            Not in a pathetic needy kind of way but in a make your life richer kind of way.

                            You and Sal make good points. And I want Sam to have everything she wants in life. Perhaps my view of the ep. has been colored by the Pete debacle.

                            I did think the point that she had been kind of ignoring her romantic life b/c it had always ended in pain before was very touching and true. Gosh, given her past experiences, you could hardly blame her.

                            I guess it's just that so often single women are given the message by society that something is wrong with them if they're not married, that that colors my view a bit too. I would love to see Sam happily married. But I'm glad that romance does not seem to be on the agenda for S9.
                            The fact that "Jacob" was in reality Sam in her own mind was the problem for me. Had the real Jacob given her this speech, I would agree that it comes from a concerned father who wants the best for his daughter. I'd have taken that as a way to show his love for Sam. I liked what Jacob, the real one told her in Threads, but I didn't like what "Jacob" said in Grace. As it was Sam and not Jacob speaking, I thought she was telling herself "Look at your life and how you screwed up" and not "Look at your life and how beautiful she could be".
                            It was like she agreed that there was something wrong with her because she was single. Well, that's how I understood it. As far as I know, being single is not an illness. I'll support Sam if she finds someone who cares really for her and with whom she's happy, but I don't want her to get married from fear to miss something.
                            Well, maybe I heard this speech from my relatives too many times.
                            Kingdom of Samanda : Hic Comitas Regit


                              Originally posted by ÜberSG-1Fan
                              Lonely. Extremely, painfully, unyeildingly lonely.

                              My folks also live in town...but they're away for this weekend on a business trip. However I did something fun perhaps in part to cheer myself up as I knew today would be a major downer...I was supposed to drive them to the airport yesterday...but instead I hired a limo service to pick them up...

                              At first they just thought they were being chaffuered to the airport in a regular car. So picture it if you will...I'm standing with my father outside of my parent's house and we're both looking at the trunk of the car but then I pulled him around to the side and he couldn't believe it...A STRETCH LIMO!!!

                              They've never been catered to so it was kind of a Birthday present for me just to see the look on my Dad's face...he was beaming! and he said..."You gotta be kidding me!" He looked like a kid at Christmas...

                              Too much fun. Like I said, that was like a birthday present for me...I'm kinda funny that way...I typically enjoy giving gifts even more than receiving them just for the look on the other person's face.

                              And could I BE any more off topic? I DON'T THINK SO.

                              I therefore submit myself to Royal Security for the punishment that is due me. Hopefully it will entail being forced to watch MacGyver for HOURS and HOURS. Just torture...

                              So to stay On Topic, here are my favorite Sam pictures for Season 8:

                              From New Order:

                              From Lockdown:

                              From Zero Hour:

                              From Icon:

                              From Avatar:

                              From Affinity:

                              From Covenant:

                              From Sacrifices:

                              From Endgame:

                              From Gemini:

                              From Prometheus Unbound:

                              From It's Good to be King:

                              From Full Alert:

                              From Citizen Joe:

                              From Reckoning:

                              From Threads:

                              From Moebius:
                              Great pics of Sam Uber !
                              I especially love the ones from Avatar and Reckoning : Sam with a big gun.
                              I also have a particular fondness for the "geek" Sam one from Moebius.
                              And I really agree with you : giving gifts is something I truely enjoy more than receiving them. My great pleasure is spending time searching the really appropriate gift for the person. I find it fun, but I'm weird like that.
                              Kingdom of Samanda : Hic Comitas Regit


                                i don't remember the one from sacrifices for some reason