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    Hi everyone! Please do go over to my journal to take a look if you haven't. I had no idea no one had posted anything yet! WTH? *bops fellow con goers* HEH. Thanks for posting a link here, my frosted flake.

    No one should be without their dose of AmandaOftheDarkHairOMGFlailThud

    OH...and the quilt went over brilliantly!

    *sends kisses*

    You may save/share any pix you wish. Just please credit me or link to me if you post them somewhere. Unlike my icons, which I always sign, the photos have no watermarks. Didn't want to spoil the loverliness.



      Originally posted by LilFerret View Post
      Hi everyone! Please do go over to my journal to take a look if you haven't. I had no idea no one had posted anything yet! WTH? *bops fellow con goers* HEH. Thanks for posting a link here, my frosted flake.

      No one should be without their dose of AmandaOftheDarkHairOMGFlailThud

      OH...and the quilt went over brilliantly!

      *sends kisses*

      You may save/share any pix you wish. Just please credit me or link to me if you post them somewhere. Unlike my icons, which I always sign, the photos have no watermarks. Didn't want to spoil the loverliness.

      Incredible! Thankyou!


        So does this mean that Sam will be a brunette on her last episode of SGA?

        Lovely pictures of AT/Sam? LilFerret. Thx. so very much
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        Much credit to Replicatertje and Ann Sgc_Fan for their lovely sigs


          Originally posted by LilFerret View Post
          Hi everyone! Please do go over to my journal to take a look if you haven't. I had no idea no one had posted anything yet! WTH? *bops fellow con goers* HEH. Thanks for posting a link here, my frosted flake.

          No one should be without their dose of AmandaOftheDarkHairOMGFlailThud

          OH...and the quilt went over brilliantly!

          *sends kisses*

          You may save/share any pix you wish. Just please credit me or link to me if you post them somewhere. Unlike my icons, which I always sign, the photos have no watermarks. Didn't want to spoil the loverliness.

          Thank you for the pics. Amanda looked so fantastic with the darker hair.


            Originally posted by LilFerret View Post
            Hi everyone! Please do go over to my journal to take a look if you haven't. I had no idea no one had posted anything yet! WTH? *bops fellow con goers* HEH. Thanks for posting a link here, my frosted flake.

            No one should be without their dose of AmandaOftheDarkHairOMGFlailThud

            OH...and the quilt went over brilliantly!

            *sends kisses*

            You may save/share any pix you wish. Just please credit me or link to me if you post them somewhere. Unlike my icons, which I always sign, the photos have no watermarks. Didn't want to spoil the loverliness.

            All the thanks belongs to you! You are first to break the news and get the scoop. Two scoops of lovely. If you haven't seen the pictures rush over to LilFerrets it such a change.

            "The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it."--Thucydides


              Hey kids, what's happening? Lets get to it.

              Part 1: Amanda news and interviews

              Originally posted by Tracy Jane View Post
              (I am supposed to be moving house today, after all), I just managed to find, whilst doing a women of sci-fi search, an interesting little snippet.

              The LesbiaNation Women of Sci-Fi poll results came out this month and Amanda Tapping came out top, beating the likes of Claudia Black and Gillian Anderson. Here's what the article says...

              The full article can be found here
              Originally posted by chelle db View Post
              Yay!! Go Amanda!! Thanks for that tidbit of info Tracy...definitely our winner of the "random post of the day" award!!!

              Oh thank you so much!!! If only you could know how much better that has made my day.
              ...I wish I could add to the list...but these are pretty much it!!
              Thanks Tracy I'm so glad Amanda did as well as she did, but she should be #1 on the list, but she's a winner in my book, and she'll always be our #1 And I loved how the article said some really nice things about her. I agree chelle, I also wish I could have added to that list, but I didn't know about it. And yeah, I always love reading great things about Amanda, it just makes me feel better

              Samandans will be meeting Amanda...I'll be moving into my new I'll be starting the packing process this week already...Yay...I'm nervous, scared, excited and sad all at the same time...yep...totally FRIED!!!!
              I'm happy for you buying a new house chelle, hope it turns out great, and yeah, AT3 is this weekend HAVE FUN SAMANDAN"S!

              I was a bit worried for a second there Sky...phew...glad you cleared that up!!!!

              Thank you for adding the thread Sky...I've subscribed to it so that should make it a little easier to keep up...I hope!!

              I'm off to take a pill then hit the sack...night night all...take care and have fun
              I'm sorry what are ou guys talking about? Well whatever it is I'm sure it's good like you 2 .

              Originally posted by SWMBOTGSG View Post
              Some Sanctuary news. I got this from an SG1 Yahoo group it it applies mostly to the UK.

              From Digital Spy...


              ITV4 is to air a new stylised sci-fi series from the makers of Stargate SG-1.

              Sanctuary uses live-action actors with green-screen shooting and CGI
              to create a graphic novel feel along the lines of movie Sin City.

              A 13-part series is in production for the Sci Fi Channel in the US.

              Dave Fewings, ITV4 channel editor, said it would go to air in the UK
              later this year. He said: "Coming from the team behind Stargate and
              starring Amanda Tapping (Stargate), Sanctuary couldn't have a better
              sci-fi pedigree. It's absolutely at the cutting edge of the genre."

              The show began as an internet production in May 2007 and was picked up
              for television after proving a hit.

              Sci Fi Channel's Mark Stern said previously: "We were blown away by
              the level of quality they have been able to achieve on a web budget.

              "We loved the world they'd created, and we particularly loved their
              approach, since we had been looking for a way to apply the virtual-set
              CGI environment from films like 300 and Sin City to a television

              Those parts I bolded were my favorite parts . It makes me happy and glad to read that something of Amanda's is becoming recognized and being admired by TV makers. I hope Amanda feels so proud that something of hers that started out small and on the net is impressing Sci-fi fans and producers so much that it's coming to TV. From the net to TV, that's definitely a step ahead. Go Amanda!!!

              Originally posted by ann_sgcfan View Post
              SciFi did an interview with Amanda and they posted it today... so not sure if this is posted anywhere else or not.. but just in case.


              oh and some major news

              Intervewer: Is that frightening? Do you now go look at your previous producers and say 'oh my god, I had no idea!'.

              Amanda: I actually went up to Joe Mallozi and Paul Mullie on my first day of Atlantis because I was directing an episode

              She's directing an episode!!! YAY!!! I have to see that!
              Alright, I'm glad to hear that, although she did say in another interview that she probably wouldn't direct in the first season, to give the show time to establish itself. But hey, more power to her.

              Originally posted by john_and_teyla_for_life View Post

              Hey, I'm taller than Teryl, cool! I always thought she was taller than me....
              WHAT??? I think in one of the commentaries-- actually I think it was revelations, someone said it was easy for Teryl to play heimdall because she's the same height as an Asgard. Speaking of which, why are there no Dr. Fraiser avatars here?

              Amanda's gonna direct an ep!! woohoo!! I loved what she did with Resurrection. when I watched it for the first time, i didn't know that she had directed it, but I was like 'hey this seems a bit different from the other eps', but different as in really good! Then i saw the credits and I almost screamed when I sam Amanda's name under 'director'!!!
              Same here, I was surprised when it said MS wrote the episode, but I wasn't expecting to see that Amanda it. I'm very proud of her, she's really coming along as an actor. You know what I think of sometimes? If she's come this far since 1997, I can't wait to see where she at 2017. She'll still be young and beautiful, and we'll be... older.

              Originally posted by Tracy Jane View Post
              Random (Alkyhole fueled) post of the day:

              What sort of drunk would Sam be? A silly drunk, a violent drunk, a melancholy drunk, a slightly dirrrrrrty drunk....?

              Would she ever have "one too many" or would she always restrain herself?
              Sam drunk? She'd probably be a silly and slightly dirrrrrrty drunk. We would never actually see her drunk, but it'd be interesting to see the things she's say and do. Right guys?

              : Colonel Carter drunk? JACKPOT!!!
              : It's true, just read my mission report from P3X-595. Whew.
              : Indeed.
              : My classes actually fogged up. Speaking of which, Sam someone from Femme Fatale magazine called, they want you again, and that flag too.
              : Ha, I knew they couldn't get enough from me. But where is that flag?
              : Hmm, I don't know..... God bless America .

              Originally posted by Daivy View Post
              Hey guys! (and girls lol) I read the interview. It was a bit short but, intresting. If there wasn't a title I'd name it : In a heartbeat. I can follow her about Australia! Aussie Cowboys, Bush... Aussie accent , nature and for the kids, the 'roo's !! Too bad I missed that previous interview about her cooking! I knew she could cook, and I know if I'd taste it... I could never have enough lol!
              I really enjoyed that interview, and at now we know that Amanda will be in more SG-1 movies. I wonder though how many more SG-1 movies they'll make until they stop and start making Atlantis movies. And I wonder if Amanda will be in them. Oh, and here's that previous interview about her cooking you were talking about - Queen Of Sci-Fi

              Me seeing Sam drunk: I'd think she'd be realy funny, eh ridiculous funny. Like me. Imagine the whole of SG-1 drunk: jumping in a pool with their clothes on, I can see Sam: Watch out guys, here I come! Or Sam blindly agreeing and fully explaining Jack's "magnets" theory lol.
              She can explain anything, I can imagine her beating Albert Einstein in a math and science tournament. SAM ROCKS!!! Can you imagine if Jack entered that tournament?

              : Whao, whao, whoa! Go back to.....everything.

              Hey for the gabit convention goers (sadly you prolly can't film) ask Amanda to do a "How'd Sam be if she's drunk impression". Actually I wanna know if (after the 2 movies) the gang still comes together (RDA, Chris, Daniel, Amanda... Ben?) like: occiaionly going out.... or watch the Superbowl or...

              BTW On that video about Amanda's laugh the Puffy... Ruffy... that one, OK she still looks GREAT! but on that video she looked 20-25, don't y'all agree.
              Anyone who visits a convention where Amanda is one of the eh guest speakers.. (by the lack of a word) and said he didn't have fun has NO sense of humor... Amanda is one of the funniest peeps I know. I wonder how Alan could still be alive , not dying by a laugh attack lol. I know I'd beg to stop for just one minut to regein my breath again! Her neighbors are so luckly to live next (or on the other site of the street) of her.
              That's a good idea Daivy someone going to AT3 should ask that. I also hope they get together and do stuff, maybe not watch the superbowl, but still get together, like go to parties, have get togthers and bring the kids along. I agree, she must keep Alan and her neighbors entertained a lot, and actually Amanda said that Olivia usually keeps her and Alan laughing on the floor at home. I wonder where she gets it from? Does anyone know what interview that was from BTW?

              OK Threads cause I wannt to see Pëte's expression again when Sam breaks up with him... Stalking her is not something ya do when ya really respect her! Anyone!
              True, true, let’s talk about "stalking" for a sec. As much as I love Amanda, I'd never stalk her, I respect her too much. And I don't know anyone here who would stalk her, it's soooo creepy. I mean, if you hear she's in town, and you ask some people if they know where she is so you can ask her for an autograph, that's different. But to track her, memorize her schedule, and find out where she's going is crazy. If you see Amanda and Olivia at the store shopping, leave them be, that's not actor and fan time, that's mother and daughter time, and that means more to Amanda. Who agrees with me?

              Originally posted by Bekah See View Post

              Here's a YouTube vid about Amanda commenting on her laugh. She's not roaring with it, but it's pretty funny. It's been recently posted, but here it is for you:
              HAAAAAAAAA, you gotta love Amanda. She's right though, her laugh is like a chipmunk. Here's another cute Youtube video of her, and read what some user wrote about her in the 3rd and last comment below the video- Amanda

              Originally posted by MerryK View Post
              Just a quick question about that quote (love the fun...hate to ruin it). What exactly was Sam referring to? Jacob says he doesn't want to lose his last chance to be right, and Jack just stares.

              I love all the lines mentioned...I love Sam's less-than-serious lines.
              In Enemies, when their ship was under attack, Jacob said out loud they weren't going to make it, they did and Jack kept sticking it in his face. Oh yeah, I also love Sam's funny lines, because they're so rare.

              "Well, lately the dating scene's been pretty stale, but then again I have been marooned on a space ship."

              "That sounds like a pretty typical male fantasy to me."

              Mitchell: "I've been thinking." Sam: "Uh oh." (And I love how she manages that even gravely wounded...what a woman!)
              That's one of my favorites, even badly hurt, and dying, she still manages to lighten things up. And yeah, what a woman.

              (To Be Continued)


                Here we go, Part 2: Some Amanda/Sam side stuff:

                Originally posted by sofie View Post

                Also the humming scene in the elevator!!

                And the pigeon scene in SGA Quarantine

                CARTER: We could really use one of your pigeons around now.
                ZELENKA: Well, they're not for eating.
                CARTER: No, no! You know, I meant to get help.
                CARTER: Like homing pigeons – you tie a little S.O.S. note to their feet and ...
                ZELENKA: Yeah, but there's no window in here.
                CARTER: I know. I was just ...
                Oh Sofie I loved that scene, that was classic Sam, and her facial expressions were so funny. I mean look-


                Originally posted by PengYn View Post
                Oh I love that pigeon quote lol. ^^

                Mitchell: When I said that I wanted to get the team back together—work with you guys, learn from ya—I did not mean the next 50 years.

                Carter: You said that yesterday.

                To be perfectly honest with you guys, and some may call me crazy for saying this, but I actually wouldn't really mind spending 50 years trapped on a ship with Sam . Who else wouldn't mind?

                Originally posted by Erin13 View Post
                I agree, I think that it goes s10, AoT, SGA s4 then I think that there going to do something in those first couple of eps of s5that'll put her either leaving Atlantis to go fix the Earth in Continuum or maybe mopping up after Continuum. I know that the movie comes out in the US in July but it's not released worldwide before s5 starts to air (if they go with the midsummer start like they've been hinting at).
                I always thought both the SG-1 movies are before S4 of Atlantis, then I thought Continuum was after S4, now, who knows? I just can't wait for Continuum, Sam and Jack are back!!!

                One of my favorite Sam moments is in "Small Victories", with Thor when he asks if she's hungry and she says she's starving and he beams in the plate of different shaped and colored pieces and he says "I like the yellow ones" and Sam takes a bite and makes that horrible face and spits it back in her hand and then looks so childishly embarrassed, looks down at her hand like "God what do I do with this"...It's a priceless look, no words necessary, just great acting, her whole body just said YUK!
                I loved that line, the look on her face was priceless. she should have more scenes like that in the future. Although why did Thor like the yellow ones?

                : I like the yellow ones because they matched her hair.

                Originally posted by chelle db View Post
                Same here...
                I like how it ties in with season 10...I just felt that it was more like watching Amanda on screen than Sam Carter...not that that was necessarily bad...I was just making a note of it is all...I loved the scene....just could have done without the kiss's like Cam gets to play the hero and gets whumped and then gets the girl...kinda cliche like but...anyhoo!!
                I agree chelle , like I've said before, that scene in AoT, where she was giving him the macaroons, she was more Amanda than Sam in that scene. Which was great because I we get the best of both worlds. I would have fought Marrick and gotten a whumping if it meant getting a kiss from Sam, and her thinking I'm a hero .

                I think Sam would be a silly and a slightly dirty drunk...and I mean have to remember that she did grow up with the military background...and she would have seen and heard a lot during her years in the think she would mainly be silly/goofy and slightly dirrrtttyyy!!!!
                My fave line at the top of my head is:
                "My god look at this. The energy the gate must release to create a stable wormhole is....astronomical to use exactly the right word.
                You can actually see the fluctuations in the event horizon"
                Why this line???...coz she's so new and excited about it all back then!! Very
                I also love it when she calls Jonas a "chicken sh..!"

                Gotta go...should have been in and out really quickly took so long to play catch up!!
                Speaking of that first line, how cool would it have been if Cadet Hailey in Prodigy said that same thing before going through the gate for the first time? And I still can't believe Sam actually cursed, we didn't hear her though.

                Got this from the Sanctuary forum site...
                it's an aussie interview thingy with Amanda...I'm just a little dismayed that Amanda doesn't wander into the boards anymore.
                IGN AU: You obviously have a very healthy online fan base. Do you Google yourself?

                Amanda Tapping: Yeah I have in the past, but I don't any more. You know, when people compliment you, you don't really pay much attention but when people say something nasty you carry it with you! I read a couple of not so terrific things and immediately thought, oh they hate me…I can't go on the boards anymore. Then I had some people send me some nice things and show me the nice things people were saying about me which is great but it is just so much easier to believe the negative than the positive. I have to say that the people who are Amanda Tapping fans, and I have had the opportunity to meet quite a few of them, are really incredible. God bless them because they really give me the strength to carry on which again is a hokey, esoteric answer. You are my hokey, esoteric interview! They are funny and generous and all those things that you really hope you reflect. I see that in the fans that I meet and I am so thrilled. I have been very lucky in my personal interaction with the fans.
                About what Amanda said about the "boards"- Okay, first of all, thanks Chelle for finding this, second, we don't know for sure if she was talking about this thread, she just said that she can't go to those boards anymore, I mean this her thread. This is a place where tons of her fans come from all over to talk really nice things about her, I don't see any reason why she wouldn't come here.

                The rest of the interview-I found it interesting that she said she used to Google herself, but doesn't anymore, and that she carries the nasty things with her, and doesn't really pay much attention to the good things. I guess I can see why, I mean she's probably so used to getting fan mail, gifts and all that, but she actually has to go online to find those kind of comments. It hurts me to read things like that, and it hurts even more when Amanda talks about those nasty comments, especially when she said "Oh they hate me" . I can't understand how or why some people become haters, I mean Amanda is a good and pure hearted person who gives so much, and asks for little in return. You know she shows up for work happy with a smile on her face, ready to make things happen, and she gets those mean commits. She's never hurt anyone, and yet these haters try to hurt her, and that makes me sick. And why does she find it easier to believe the bad comments, as opposed to the good ones? But the one good thing I have is knowing that she'll always have way more fans than haters, and I hope the Samandan's going to AT3 will give a lot back to Amanda for all she's done this past year, because like she's said so many times, she does these things for the fans. She wants the fans to be happy, and I only wish more celebs were like that, and the haters would see Amanda for the sweet and kind hearted person she is. It cheered me up when she said "Then I had some people send me some nice things and show me the nice things people were saying about me which is great..." I’m glad they send her gifts, because she deserves it. And then she said "I have to say that the people who are Amanda Tapping fans, and I have had the opportunity to meet quite a few of them, are really incredible. God bless them because they really give me the strength to carry on which again is a hokey, esoteric answer. They are funny and generous and all those things that you really hope you reflect. I see that in the fans that I meet and I am so thrilled. I have been very lucky in my personal interaction with the fans." I'm very happy to hear all that, because she's right, the fan mail, gifts, the fans give her strength to carry on, and her personal interaction with them. All that shows a special bond between her and the fans, and I'm so glad she has that with them/you guys and she's as thrilled to meet you guys as you are her, and how sweet was Amanda's God bless them part? This is a woman with class, integrity and love, she deserves the best, but she settles with what she's got. WAY DA GO AMANDA!!!


                Originally posted by samcarterrules View Post
                Hey everyone *waves*

                Aww Amanda says the nicest things! I understand why she visits the anti-threads but some of the stuff folks write there, it must hurt Amanda when she reads it. Thanks chelle for posting it.

                EDIT: chelle I read that fic too, the one your describing but I can't remember the name of it, I'll check my bookmarks and see if I kept the link

                I agree Julia, poor Amanda, I mean what did she do to have those anti's talking harsh about her? If only they understood her as we do.

                Originally posted by Melora View Post
                Hi Everyone,

                I ran across this info. and thought I would let anyone interested know. Amanda has been nominated for a Constellation Award as Best Actress in a Science Fiction Television Episode for Season 10's "The Road Not Taken."

                The Constellation Awards are given out by the TCON Promotional Society, a non-profit organization who organize the Polaris Convention every year in Toronto, Canada.

                If you went to Polaris last year or are planning to go this year, you can vote in the awards. All Canadian citizens and permanent residents can also vote, as well as non-Canadian members of the TCON Promotional Society. This leaves a lot of us out, but I thought our Canadian Samandans might be interested, eh? There is also a $5 voting fee (I think they do this as kind of a fund-raiser).

                Here's the link to the awards site:
                Constellation Awards 2008

                And the list of nominees:
                Award Nominees 2008

                Polaris Con will be in Toronto from July 11-13, 2008 and Rachel Luttrell is one of the guests this year.
                Polaris Con Website

                Originally posted by Alan View Post
                That's great news! All my hopes are with Amanda for a win! She deserves it!
                Great find Melora I'm so happy she's been nominated for something SG-1 related. I so hope she wins too Alan she so deserves it, it would have been nice for her too have been nominated for LitS, but RNT was a great Sam eppy. It'll be great if she wins since she won 3 awards for Breakdown. I saw that the other day BTW, and it was really funny, the way Amanda screamed in slow-mo was awesome. And I noticed something odd, think about Amanda than, and her now, I think she looks younger with long hair. Anyway, can we help vote for Amanda, if so, where can we go to vote?

                (To Be Continued again)


                  Boom, Part 3 is here. Some more Amanda/Sam side stuff:

                  Originally posted by EH-T View Post
                  In Orpheus there is a scene in the gym with Sam, Daniel, Tealc where she is picking apart a sci-fi movie she has just seen. (Note to TPTB: should have been more gym scenes!)

                  Originally posted by NearlyCircular View Post

                  Unattended, that was exactly the sort of situation likely to create the kind of person who developed an operating system that crashed every time someone attempted to download an Amanda Tapping screen saver.
                  Hmm, out of curiosity, how many people here have AT screen savers?

                  Originally posted by Sg Gato View Post

                  Whoaa, that was good exercise! Ok, who wants to wrestle me next?

                  No takers? Well then, you're next Major Lorne.
                  Originally posted by Mandysg1 View Post
                  Lrone: Please Col, let us handle it.

                  John: Yea, we want him in one piece for the next mission.

                  Sam: I don't care, next time I see McKay, he's dead meat!!!

                  Lorne: I'm sure McKay didn't mean it, when he said he had you wrapped around his little finger.
                  Those are really good guys, let me try:

                  Sam: Dammit Mckay, how long were you in there, and what did you see?
                  Mckay: Nothing, I just wanted to drop something off.
                  Sam: In my bathrom?
                  Mckay: Well...
                  Sam: Mckay this isn't Grace under pressure.

                  Originally posted by Mandysg1 View Post
                  Funny you brought this up, I just finished writing a fic from Sam's point of view during Metamorphosis, if there was ever a reason to have PTSD, I think this episode would apply.


                  It's a general fic, rated PG due to thoughts of death
                  Wow, that was really good, I'm impressed. I always sorta wondered what was going through Sams head at the time, now I have a somewhat better idea. Hey, you know what fic I would reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly like to read, Sam in LitS. I would love to read that fic. Do you have one?

                  Originally posted by majorsal View Post

                  i'm sorry to see jewel not doing the commentary with amanda (and i wish david could have been in there too), but look how many amanda commentaries there are!! and i love her doing them with martin!

                  this dvd has a lot for me to be excited about! i'll even buy a dvd player for my bedroom.

                  I also wish Jewel or David could have been there with Amanda, but Amanda is all we need . I'm really forward to Amanda's commentaries, I loved her comments for the SG-1 DVD's, and I can't wait to see what she talks about, especially Trio.

                  Amanda's height:

                  Originally posted by jckfan55 View Post

                  Random thought: does Sam look taller on Atlantis to anyone? Do you think the guys on Atlantis are shorter than our SG1 fellas?
                  Originally posted by samcarterrules View Post
                  Hey everyone,

                  I feel so short reading everyone's heights(sp?) I'm only 4'10"
                  Ah well, good things in small packages and all that

                  I never really thought of Sam's height on Atlantis before, but I always thought she was the right height for the things she does. I mean if she was 5'4" than she could be walked on, and she wouldn't really give off that soldier feel. Luckily Amanda is just the right height for her line of work.

                  Wow, Julia, I never knew you were 4'10, I'm only 5'4" and I know how you feel. But you're right, good things do come in small packages. Could you imagine if Amanda was 5'3" like Teryl, than Amanda could probably play an Asgard too.

                  Originally posted by sofie View Post
                  I'm 1m78, last time I checked. I remember being very suprised the first time I met Amanda at AT1 at how tall she was. She was a bit taller than me, and I thought that was very cool lol . I'm usually the tallest in the room. All the girls at school are shorter than me, which used to annoy me from time to time. But now it doesn't bother me at all
                  I'll probably be a bit taller than her now (if she's not in heals)
                  Cool story Sofie I'm sure meeting Amanda (someone whos taller than you) was kinda was strange. If that were me, I'd been like : Oh my God, it's Amanda Tapping!!!. And lucky you, you got to go to At1.

                  Originally posted by PengYn View Post
                  I think I'm around 160cm which would make me 5'3. Pretty sure I'm fibbing and could be an inch shorter give or take as I don't have a tape measure on hand for accuracy. Poor Amanda had to bend right down to take the photo. Of course she still looked amazing whilst I was bright red and splotchy and a tear was working it's way down my cheek. My aim this year is to actually look like I'm happy to be standing next to Amanda
                  Originally posted by chelle db View Post

                  Oh yay...I might need to pack a soap box or something when I meet Amanda!! Although I think it would be more fun if she bent down...Tony Amendola got down on his knees when we had our picture taken with him in 2006...I'm not tall...I think I'm about 5'3 ish...nearly 5'4..I think...but I can't remember when I was measured last so I may be a little shorter given that we do shrink as we get older....and wiser!!!!...I wonder if Amanda is still 5'9???
                  "A soap box" Wow, everyone here is short. I don't think Amanda will mind how tall either of you 2 are. PengYn, you have a pic with Amanda? Can we see it? And BTW, who wouldn't be ahppy standing next to Amanda? And Chelle, like Amanda said in that IGN interview you posted, she's always so happy and thrilled to meet the fans, because they/you guys give her the strength to carry on. Doesn't she say the sweetest things? And yeah, I also wonder if in like 10 years from now Amanda will still be the same height she is now. Hey you think Olivia will ever be Amanda's height?

                  The only other commentary with an actor/actors speaking is Midway with Chris Judge and Jason is just so awesome to be doing all the commentaries that she'!!
                  And there's bloopers and deleted scenes and the making of Trio!!
                  Thank you Jan and Morjana!!

                  Yeah it's a pity isn't would have been fun to hear the three least they have a making of Trio...maybe we get to see more of the three and what they got up to behind the scenes!!!
                  Amanda is always awesome no matter what, and I also would like to have seen the 3 of them do the commentary together for Trio, I would have liked to hear Amanda and David talk about the "Breasts" scene from the episode . But I think that the S4 set will have a behind the scenes feature of Trio, so that's good .

                  Chris Judge is too tall!
                  Amanda is 5'9...or is it 5'7???
                  RDA is 6'2...and IIRC
                  Micheal Shanks is 6'1...or 6' of those!!!
                  I think RDA is 6'1"
                  Shanks 6 foot
                  Chris is about 6'2"
                  And our lovely Amanda is 5'9"

                  Would you believe I have to work again this weekend...that's the third weekend in a row of work...and then I won't get time off til next Thursday!!! Good thing is...the bills will be paid on time this month!!! Yay!!
                  I got a little something sent to me on my mobile/cell phone yesterday that I would have shared with you last night but I didn't get online for more than 10 minutes last sent this to some of my contacts but I wanted to share it with everyone here...

                  Good night all...take care and have fun!
                  I know it may seem like a lot of work, but look at it this way, you're making lot's of money, and if you make enough, you can go to AT4 . Thank you for reading, good night.

                  Originally posted by jckfan55 View Post
                  RE: Trio The thing about the
                  "that was fun" line for me that really made it great was not only the line itself, but the delivery. In her tone of voice it's clear she was hurt & probably got the wind knocked out of her.
                  AT is great with the inflections.

                  On another note, Damien Kindler says some nice things about AT and Sam in this interview about Sanctuary:
                  Amanda always does great with inflections, just look at LitS. The "that was fun" line was funny because she tried to get out, she failed, and instead of worrying Mckay and Keller that she was hurt, she tried lighten up the situation. Gotta love her. Oh, and thanks for the Damien interview, yeah, he better be talking good about Amanda. *laughs*

                  Originally posted by majorsal View Post
                  and i liked the way she did it, with respect to mckay and their relationship. i *really* like the way they've made sam and mckay friends.

                  Me too, it's kinda like how Amanda and David are in real life. The part in TLM where Sam hugs McKay was really sweet. Like I said before, Sam was thanking McKay for all he's done for her, and at the same time, it was like Amanda thanking David for supporting her when she joined Atlantis. So you can see the similarities in the 2.

                  Here's 2 vids about Sam and Mckay I really like:

                  Rodney Mckay is a hero (Sam/Rodney)

                  Sam/Rodney- Someday we'll know
                  Originally posted by Conn8d View Post
                  Don't know if anyone has seen this yet, but GateWorld play has put up the teaser trailer for Continuum! (with the "GateWorld Play" introduction read by Amanda)


                  I seriously can't wait until July!
                  Gotta love Amanda, she should do the intro more often. And I too can't wait for July, S4 of Atlantis, Continuum, no school, what could be better? BTW, speaking of Gateworld, some posted here a little while back a vid of Amanda talking about Chris and his...“flatulence”. Does anyone know what that video is, I lost it. Please and thanks.

                  Originally posted by parsifal View Post
                  Another chance to submit questions for an interview with Amanda.

                  Oh way cool, but I don't know what to ask, I'll think of something. Btw, when does this mag come out, and who here as already asked a question?
                  Originally posted by EH-T View Post
                  Starburst Magazine #362 (May/08) has an interview with Amanda. Quizzing her on Stargate and Sanctuary.
                  Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out for that.

                  Originally posted by Über View Post
                  Hey stranger. Just thought I'd pop my head in and say, "Howdy y'all!"
                  so ...
                  HOWDY Y'ALL!!!
                  Hey, hey, welcome back Über, long time no see. Stay around and have some fun with us.

                  (Yeah, To Be Continued yet again)


                    Okay, big one, Part 4: Amanda's big interview

                    Originally posted by Tracy Jane View Post

                    BUT, it does tell you what happened in the interview, so here you go:

                    Amanda Tapping Opens The Stargate

                    You had the questions, now – to celebrate the DVD releast of “Stargate – The Ark of Truth”, out on the 23rd April – Amanda Tapping gives you the answers.

                    ~Snip~ for size

                    I didn't know she considers Heroes and Grace as one of her favourite episodes. Also it's only normal she'd think of leaving, I mean, I'm tired from writing these long posts, but I'm still here , and she kept going after becoming a mom, that's one of the many, many reasons she better than me. How funny was that Amanda would say Carter is smarter than Mckay, only because Amanda is actually smarter than David Also I was glad when Amanda thanked the show for her success and travelling to the Arctic. She always gives credit to where it's deserved .

                    Another Carter, O'Neill question eh? I haven't seen much of those in a while. I like when Amanda answers new fun questions, not the same ones over and over. Thanks for finding this Tracy.

                    Originally posted by Frostfox View Post
                    Nicely put.

                    And poor Amanda has, politely and patiently answered the same questions again and again and again.
                    And then the S/J fans whine and call her names because she says that the characters should have a night together to 'get it out of their systems' and that's not what they want to hear. I backed out of the Mala's World thread in anger when FANS of S/J are calling Amanda stupid for DARING to have an opinion different to their own. And these people call themselves Sam fans?
                    No wonder she gets upset by what she reads on line.

                    Originally posted by Mary-Jane View Post
                    I've been on the SJ thread for a little while and I haven't noticed any bad mouthing of Amanda for how she's answered a question regarding the relationship between Jack and Sam. I agree with you on how crap it is for her to constantly have to answer that question though.
                    Whoa, whoa, hold the phone "calling Amanda stupid", that's crazy. I agree with you both, poor lady is always been asked that, and of course she has t say something different, what else is she gonna do, repeat herself? Real Sam fans wouldn't say stuff like that, and like I said in "Part 2" she gets nasty comments for trying to give people what they want, and yeah, no wonder she gets upset by what she reads on line. I swear, these haters are going to crazy, and eventually this'll be me- Leave her alone Okay, never, never that crazy, but still

                    Originally posted by jasminaGo View Post
                    I don't know who's been saying that, but they obviously aren't Sam's fans. No one on the S/J thread has said anything bad about AT.
                    I agree, they obviously aren't Sam's fans, and I don't really go to the S/J thread, so I don't know what goes on there. But I hope you're right, and No one on the S/J thread has said anything bad about Amanda/Sam. Or else

                    Originally posted by PengYn View Post
                    I myself have told a few trolls in their time to back off. I find it unacceptable to bad mouth an actor in that way, and I do find it shameful. But a few begrudged shippers IMO does not equate to the whole pot. I would never dream of thinking any less of Amanda for sharing her opinion. She could tell me "Ya know what PengYn I'm not really keen on the whole Sam/Jack storyline" and I would still say "That's ok, can I have my hug now?".

                    Originally posted by helenmagnus23 View Post
                    HI SAMANDAN FAMILY ! (HUGS EVERYONE)

                    I agree with everyone no one on the s/j thread has said anything bad about Amanda but it is still wrong to say thing's like what these people have said towards the actor everyone is entitled to an opinon as long as it is fair and not focused or directed towards anyone in a bad way .

                    AMANDA IS NUMBER 1 !!!!!

                    Amanda is number 1 her smile
                    is brighter than the sun she is number 1
                    she makes me laugh and makes my day's
                    so much fun , she has given me confidence
                    to carry on , her character's are strong , i thank her
                    for them , thank you Amanda your our number 1 !

                    My first poem of sort's hope you's like
                    Originally posted by helenmagnus23 View Post
                    HI SAMANDAN FAMILY ! (HUGS)

                    I got a job WOOHOO !
                    Congrats Helen . What do you do there?
                    Originally posted by john_and_teyla_for_life View Post
                    Awww, she looks lovely as always

                    Darn, not in the UK.... but there was a Continuum interview with Amanda in the stargate magazine's 100 page movie specials issue!

                    Nope, it not possible!

                    Don't think it's selfish, I kinda wish she'd stay blonde too... cuz with fair hair like hers, once it goes black, it stays black (until it grows out! which could take a while, seeing how long it is right now...)

                    Continuum will be better! Don't get me wrong, AoT was great and all, but the Ori storyline was starting to get a bit old.... and Rick wasn't there
                    To PengYn: I bolded the statements I agree most with, I've also told some trolls in my day to back off, I mean, don't they listen to themselves? They're bad-mouthing her for having a different than them. I would NEVER, NEVER think less of Amanda for thinking something differently than I do, I fully respect and accept her ideas and opinons. She's a very smart woman, she knows what she wants, and what's best for her. If she said, Yeah Mike I want them together" I'd be like "Okay", if she said no, I'd be like "Okay, can I also have a hug now too"

                    To Helen: I agree with what you said, and I also hope there's no bad mouthers in the S/J thread, because they're there to talk good about At/Sam and RDA/Jack. Oh, I love you poem, because it's so right and true. Maybe I should try-- oh wait, don't I usually talk about Amanda/Sam in poem form everytime I come here?

                    Originally posted by chelle db View Post
                    I like to consider myself a huge Sam fan...and an even bigger Amanda fan...I love respect both...but that doesn't mean I have to agree with everything they say and do does it???
                    Take care and have fun!!
                    I agree with you Chelle I'll always be a huge Sam and Amanda fan, and honestly I don't know who I'm a bigger fan of... probably Amanda. But yeah, there are going to be some people who don't always see eye to eye with her, but that doesn't mean they think any less of her.
                    Originally posted by Melora View Post
                    Honestly, Amanda gets it from all sides. There will always be someone who will take what she says in an interview and use it against her in some way. If she says that she wants Sam and Jack to get together, the shippers will all squee and some of the extreme anti-shippers and slashers will lambast her for it. If she does the opposite, there will be some extreme shippers who say unkind things about her for it. She can’t win either way.
                    One thing I have discovered is that you can be a fan of a character and not be a fan of the actor playing the part. You can also be a fan of a pairing and not be a fan of one half of the pairing. For example, there are quite a few Sam/Daniel and Sam/Cam fans (and some J/S fans too) who really don’t care much for Sam. They don’t usually hate her, but they would not consider themselves to be big fans of Sam or AT. Heck, there are fans of Jack/Sam/Daniel OT3 who absolutely loath Sam (and AT in some cases. It makes no sense to me, but then human beings rarely make sense.

                    I know many shippers might not agree with everything AT says, but most at least respect her right to express her own opinion.
                    I completely agree Melora Amanda’s only crime is that she’s open and honest, and she tries to say what everyone wants to hear, but there’s those people who are just leeches, like you said, they look for things in the interview to use against her. If she wants Sam and Jack together, the shippers will be all happy, and the anti-shippers not so much, and vice versa. But I wouldn’t say she can’t win either way, more like, she wins one way, loses another way.

                    And yeah, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 3 years of working at a grocery store, it’s that people rarely ever make sense .

                    Originally posted by NZNeep View Post
                    Cross posted from S/J, but you will have to forgive me because my brain is buzzing with squee

                    I just found some photos of my penguin on a convention guest's flickr account!

                    From left: Spacegirlnz, my twin sister, Fred the penguin, me!

                    See where we were working? We got to stare at the pretty all weekend. I got an overdose of Stargate photos. Fans loved us because we knew a lot more about what they wanted than the average temp worker
                    Oh that's really cool, where is that? And how come I don't see more Sam pics on those walls?

                    Originally posted by RealmOfX View Post
                    Hey look!!
                    There's an auction for a lunch with Amanda on the set of Sanctuary over at the Waterkeeper Alliance auction site.
                    There's also some other Stargate goodies too.
                    1. Visit the Set of Stargate Atlantis and Enjoy a Lunch Joe Flanigan
                    2. Lunch with Jewel Staite on the Set of Stargate Atlantis
                    3. Signed Double Kayak Paddle from the Cast of Stargate Atlantis and the Cast of Stargate SG-1

                    This one would be totally cool :

                    Intern at Valhalla Motion Pictures (for 1 week)
                    Originally posted by jckfan55 View Post
                    I'd only be an "a few hundred dollars nutcase."
                    If I won lunch with AT in a lottery, say, I'd have to convince her I'm not a nutcase b/c I'd probably get all tongue tied and just stare at her in awe--or worse, chatter nervously like an idiot.
                    Wow, could you imagine that, lunch with Amanda on the Sanctuary set? How many people here would consider that a dream come true? Julia, Sofie, Helen? And yeah cool, there are already a few bids; I hope the winner and lunch is discussed in an interview with Amanda or something. jckfan, I appreciate you being honest about what you’d do if you won. I would know what to say, I’d be super starstruck. And yeah, like you, I wouldn’t know what to say, I wouldn’t know what to do; I’d probably just sit back and stare into her those beautiful blues.

                    Originally posted by EH-T View Post
                    Saw the article on the home page about the Continuum release. Sounds great. Only downer is that I was hoping Amanda would be on the commentary. Would have loved her stories of filming in the Arctic. Especially glad now I'll get to hear about it at AT3.
                    Originally posted by parsifal View Post
                    For those who have been wondering, Sanctuary is listed as shooting from May 5 to September 11.
                    Originally posted by Mandysg1 View Post
                    Oh so Amanda will be rested after her weekend at AT3
                    I looked but I couldn’t the article, could you direct me to it? I was also hoping that she would have done the commentary for the movie its only right, her and Ben. After all, they were the ones in the Arctic, so it would have been great to hear what they would have had to say. But I’ve already heard a few stories of her time in the Arctic, so it’s all good. At least the ones going to AT3 will here some good stories. Speaking of which, wow, Amanda starts filming Sanctuary after her weekend at AT3. Damn, she’s a busy woman.

                    (To Be Continued one more time)


                      Here we go, Part 5: Amanda beautiful pics:
                      Originally posted by Nolamom View Post
                      New pic of AT on Joe's blog tonight
                      WOW this is without a doubt one of the BEST pics of her to date. She looks sooooooooooooo beautiful wondeful, and bright, and her smile is so full of love and...white. Sometimes I wonder if she knows she's as we all know she is. Thanks Nola for this iconic AT pic.

                      Originally posted by EH-T View Post
                      Hmmm ......... still blonde.

                      That photo is from a screening of Continuum on Sunday.
                      Originally posted by jckfan55 View Post
                      Yay! And looking as beautiful as ever. Darn her!

                      I hope Continuum is a lot better than AOT & that Sam gets to do more.
                      "Continuum screening"? Alright that's good to hear, I don't think she want to the AoT screening, so I'm glad she want to this one. You're right Jckfan, she is looking as beautiful as ever, even with a different, she's still Amanda Tapping.

                      Originally posted by chelle db View Post

                      Awww...that woman is just stunning...every time I see a new picture of just makes my day!! Thank you Nola!!

                      Agreed Chelle, she just keeps on getting more and more stunning. Oh, same here, every time I see a new pic of her, I feel all happy and warm inside, I'm just always glad to see her.

                      Originally posted by Krissie678 View Post
                      I just loved the pic of AT from Joe's blog so I made a pretty new icon.
                      WHOA, that's really a beautiful icon, she really brightens up he sun. Good job.

                      Originally posted by majorsal View Post
                      i really don't think amanda's capable of looking bad. i showed my mom the pics, and she said like me, amanda's got a sweet and beautiful smile.

                      now please tell me, if amanda was going to dye her hair dark for sanctuary, wouldn't she have already done it? as gorgeous as amanda is as helen/dark, i'm still hoping she stays blond and wears a wig. selfish, but there you go.

                      I also don't think Amanda's capable of looking bad either, I'm glad your mom liked those pics. And if your mom did say Amanda's got a sweet and beautiful smile, than she's a very smart lady just like her daughter.

                      As for the hair, All I can say is: Blonde or dark, Amanda Tapping is stiill Amanda. Our Amanda who we all love, and admire, and that will never change.

                      Originally posted by john_and_teyla_for_life View Post
                      Awww, she looks lovely as always

                      Darn, not in the UK.... but there was a Continuum interview with Amanda in the stargate magazine's 100 page movie specials issue!

                      Don't think it's selfish, I kinda wish she'd stay blonde too... cuz with fair hair like hers, once it goes black, it stays black(until it grows out! which could take a while, seeing how long it is right now...)

                      Continuum will be better! Don't get me wrong, AoT was great and all, but the Ori storyline was starting to get a bit old.... and Rick wasn't there
                      The "Awww, she looks lovely as always" is right john. You have that issue too? I liked it, but there was one point when someone wrote they sat down with Amanda to talk, and she talk about stuff, but one thing I didn't like is when the person said "She also talked about how internet forums can be bad for your health" Poor Amanda, she shouldn't have to take that. Ather stuff just reminded me of the "controversy" when she joined the show. Other than that it was cool.

                      As for the hair, I'll miss her beautiful blonde hair, but I'm open to the whole dark hair thing. And as for it staying black, until it grows out, who knows? Didn't Amanda say somewhere that maybe one day she'll change it back, or is that my imagination? But you know what, Amanda wants the dark hair to make her new character has realistic as she can. Just like how she always used to study for Carters technobabble lines. It just goes to show you how much Amanda will do to make a new role as real as she can. And who knows, if there is another SG-1 movie, maybe she'll change it back, maybe?

                      Originally posted by mapsc View Post
                      Maybe SciFi also prefers Helen as a blonde. For promotion purposes, they may not want Helen to look THAT much different than Sam. She could start out with dark hair(to re-use the web footage) and than go blonde. With long hair, the accent and Amanda's acting ability, I don't think people will confuse Helen with Sam. I kind of hope that's the way it works out. But I'll watch, regardless.

                      I wish they wanted a blonde Helen. Could you imagine though?

                      Originally posted by JennyJ View Post
                      OK, I made these in the past hour:

                      You can find smaller and bigger versions on my Photobucket Feel free to use them!
                      Beautiful, just beautiful, especially the last one. Her natural beauty just adds to the art of the pics. Great job on the pics Jenny.

                      Originally posted by kir_fect View Post
                      For the Record I bring an offering a photo you can't find anymore.

                      Originally posted by Celandine View Post
                      Oooh very pretty! I love this pic of her as she's looks very natural and not all posed like she had to think about it.
                      Whao, she looks like she posing for a hot summer pic. And that shirt makes her look even hotter . Oh, and I agree Celandine about her pose, all her poses look so natural and firm. They pose pics aren't really, but Amanda sure makes them look real.

                      Originally posted by chelle db View Post

                      I miss this picture...why did they remove it FCOL?? I still haven't ordered my hoodie yet...not sure if I will...I've been wearing my Sanctuary t shirt with a black long sleeved top underneath it and it works!!!

                      You have Sanctuary t-shirt? Cool.

                      Originally posted by antoa315 View Post

                      I couldn't find the original off hand.
                      If you're looking for the video to where that pic was taken, I have it. I'll post it, also it's in 2 parts:

                      Stargate Press Conference Video 1
                      Stargate Press Conference Video 2 -Ths kiss is here.

                      Originally posted by john_and_teyla_for_life View Post
                      That's a great pic of Amanda, wow, does she look good! I'm so making a sig of that....
                      Originally posted by john_and_teyla_for_life View Post
                      I made these earlier enjoy:

                      John, you are an artist when it comes to Amanda, those 2, are some of the best pics I've seen. Those should be sigs. Very well done.

                      Originally posted by Sg Gato View Post
                      Some cute pics of Sam



                      I love her facial expressions the most in the last 3. She always makes the cutest and sweet faces than that of any other Stargate actor.

                      Originally posted by Krissie678 View Post
                      My season 2 icons in my Sam/Jack series are now up on my lj. There are plenty of Sam ones to choose from.
                      Find more here!
                      very nice, how long until you have season 2 icons?

                      Originally posted by Skydiver View Post

                      anyone know if there's a high res version of this pic anywhere?

                      Originally posted by john_and_teyla_for_life View Post
                      that's such a good pic of Amanda! seriously, that girl takes the best photos.... and I love the outfit she was wearing

                      I haven't seen this one before, so i'm not sure about a hi-res version.....
                      Originally posted by tsaxlady View Post
                      Originally posted by Miss_Izzy View Post
                      That's a nice hi res picture! Amanda has such a nice smile. :-D
                      Wow, she sure looks good in hi-def. *laughs* What a great smile, and she has such great teeth, and what a cute nose *laughs* BTW since you help Sky, where can I get hi-res pics of these? BTW, which of these 4 pics do you guys think are the best?


                      (To Be Continued one last time)


                        I made another part so we can see more pics, Part 6: More of Amanda's beautiful pics

                        Originally posted by JennyJ View Post
                        Dear Samandans,

                        I made Amanda related art again, thanks antoa315 for her beautiful pictures!!! Feel free to use them and I'd love to read your opinions!!




                        Originally posted by JennyJ View Post
                        I found this just now... Beautiful Amanda in HQ

                        Whoooooooooa those are amazing, can I have a couple? The last 2 in your 1st post, are cool, "Sci-fi queen" so true. Btw, that last one with Amanda at ET, she was presenting an award, is there a vid of her being talked about on ET?

                        Originally posted by Fainne View Post
                        gooooood mooorning Sam-thunkers. I made something you might like

                        wish you all a beautiful pre-weekend ^^
                        Very good, and it's so true because Amanda is always a natural.

                        Originally posted by Celandine View Post
                        Beautiful is an understatement here. What better way to begin the weekend! Well done on your sig Fainne.

                        As to "MacGyvering" gadgets? I join in the chorus of one who's tinkered with tv's, computers and a slew of other electrical things. dad works on tv's for a living so watching him take the backs off them as a kid taught me no fear in this department. I regularly tackled anything that I felt wasn't working to my standard.

                        I guess we all have a bit of Sam in us which is the unifying factor which attracts us all to this amazing woman.
                        Agreed, spending the weekend in a hotal with Amanda, what can be better? As to "MacGyvering" gadgets, for me it's Amanda's great beauty, heart and soul that attracts me to this amazing woman.

                        Originally posted by samcarterrules View Post
                        Hey everyone

                        That's a great pic

                        Ooober!! *waves*

                        About Sam and Rodney, I love their relationship from the beginning, I didn't like Rodney in 48 Hours but then we weren't supposed to, but he brought out the 'unrestrained' side of Sam which was very funny. I love the way their relationship has evolved over the years.
                        Yes that is indeed a great pic, and Julia I also love how close Sam and Mckay become, it's so right.

                        As to having Sam and Amanda moments, I don't think I've had a Sam moment because I'm not brainy enough LOL. Amanda moments, hmmm, well I think about her a lot when I'm in new situations you know, the 'what would Amanda do' moment, I like to think/hope I have the same sort of compassion for others as Amanda has too.

                        Sam moments? No, not brainy enough. Amanda moments? Sometimes I say and do silly stuff, I try to be as sweet and kind as Amanda would be, and I think about her a lot during the days. She cheers me up, and makes me feel better.

                        Originally posted by Über View Post
                        Those are from an interview she did with a talk show last year, I think. She was talking about joining SGA and she also discussed Sanctuary.
                        I'm sorry what was?

                        Originally posted by antoa315 View Post
                        Just dropping off a new drawing.

                        I had hoped to get this signed at AT3, but alas, the signing rules are entirely too strict *sigh*

                        Just for fun, I took pictures at various stages of the drawing, for those who might be interested in my process. You can see the pictures (and a short vid) here.

                        Anyway, let me know what you think
                        Oh that's cool, I also hope you get, or by now got that signed at AT3. Hope Amanda liked it.

                        Originally posted by Fainne View Post
                        I just made a female group walli and thought you might like it. I just LOVE this picture af Amanda -wrapped in the US flag she is soooo beautiful!!!

                        We all love that and the rest of Amanda's flag pics. She makes America look great.

                        Originally posted by chelle db View Post
                        I'm with you on that one Strix...I too see Amanda as the type of person who would fly home and get straight back to work the next morning...but I'm thinking she might be eager to go back to work and tell everyone about the wonderful time she had...just thinking!!

                        I remember that....I'm still hoping for at least another 2 or 3 eps with Sam.

                        Oh...forgot...bought this last's dog tags with Sam on it...nice!!!!!
                        Good post, Amanda really is the kind of person who's always working, and I'm sure she'll have some cool AT3 stories to tell. I'm also hoping for a couple of Sam eps this season, hopefully she'll be in the 100th episode. Cool Sam tag btw. Nice.

                        Originally posted by samcarterrules View Post
                        Hi Everyone, *waves*

                        Those are great Jenny

                        Well said EH-T

                        Exactly, I'm a Shipper (albeit a quiet one right now) and I know most folks on the S/J thread are really nice about Amanda, there were in the past some not nice things said but those people were usually trolls just there to cause trouble or sometimes its the Shippers who only watch for the ship and get caught up in the heat of the moment.

                        I agree with the folks who say that TPTB should stop dangling the carrot and do something with the storyline because IMHO they've dragged it out long enough.
                        I agree Julia, they should do somethung about the storyline, and be done with it. I hope in the near future something is done, so those trolls will leave Amanda and Rick alone. BTW are the ever any trolls bad mouthing Rick too on that thread?

                        As for me I'm an Amanda Tapping fan first, a Sam fan second and a Shipper last.

                        Same here, I'll always be an Amanda fan first because she controls Sam and Helens fates, and I'm more drawn to Amanda. Also I get more joy out of what Amanda does because it's real.

                        Originally posted by EH-T View Post
                        This vid is absolutely hilarious:


                        Warning it is Sam/Cam and Daniel/Vala but fun nonetheless.
                        LOL, that video was so fun, it made Amanda look so cute. Thanks for sharing.

                        Originally posted by chelle db View Post

                        My long posts???
                        Are you kidding me???
               if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black???
                        I'm glad you are much better Rocky...I'm so sorry to hear you have been unwell and take care and no exerting yourself with those infamous long long posts of yours...even though I must admit...I do actually enjoy them as it kinda gives me a flashback on what has happened recently!

                        And she has a real one named in her honor too!!

                        Wow, thanks Chelle, I'm glad my post gives you flashbacks of recent topics. I'm like the "Previously on SAGC thead", but yeah, your post remind me of mine cause they're so long. Anyway, thanks. Oh, and I know Amanda has a star-- literally in her honor, but it would be grear if she had one figuratively, the award I mean. I sure hope she wins, where can we vote?

                        Originally posted by CapitaBlood View Post
                        Those are two of my photos from AT2. And there may be a little grey there, yes, but grey or silver is good
                        Good point, I've just noticed that in a few pics recently she's been show a few greys, you remember those post of mine where I've mentioned them in pics right? Like this one: Amanda's hair But hey, I'm sure she'll be just as beautiful in 20 years as she is now.

                        Originally posted by ChopinGal View Post
                        Just reading through the past few pages and thinking how much Amanda has accomplished since her last AT2 appearance ... exec producer, one season of SGA, Sanctuary distribution, original webisodes, new production about to start and then there's Olivia becoming a toddler! I can just imagine how diverse the questions will be at AT3 - so much to ask her!

                        Should be fun! I'll weigh in with Strix on Amanda flying back to be on Sanctuary set early in the week - wonder if she'll be a brunette or a blonde next weekend?!

                        Safe travels to all - see you soon!
                        Well said. Wow, Amanda really has accomplished soooooooo much since AT2. She's a terrific, hard working wife and mom, she has 2 Sci-fi shows, one she's had for over a decade, and the other that's gone from being an internet to a TV show, and she's the exec producer and she'll be directing episodes. Amanda has come a long way with her life, and her career, best of all, she's always kept her cool, and she's never let fame and success go to her head.

                        Amanda is one of the hardest working, kind, sweet, and "real" celebs I know, and she deserves every great little thing she gets. She really is a role-model, and an idol for a lot of people, and only wish the people who idolize her, follow her example, and they'll be just fine, because it's her heart, and spirit that touches people. Olivia is a very lucky little girl to have Amanda as a mom, one day she'll realize how great and important her mom is, and maybe one, she'll think of her mom as a lot of people here and many other places do, as a hero. Because if I had a daughter, I'd want Amanda or Sam as her role-model, that way I'd know she'd be just fine. Oh, speaking of which, I found a very touching vid on Youtube dedicated to Sam, here it is:

                        Stargate: Life and Death of Sam Carter

                        YOU ROCK AMANDA!!!


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                          ::: runs in tripping over her own feet:: I found some. I found some.

                          :: pauses to catch her breath:: This is from Lilferret's LJ

                          Amanda She of Dark Hair.
                          Wow thanks for the link, Amanda really does look so differant and the darker hair brings out the colour of her eyes more, i'm really looking foreward to seeing her as Helen in Sanctuary


                            as a fanboy I can tell you that there is nothing more hot and exotic than a mega-sexy brunette!!!

                            Elizabeth Hurley
                            Milla Jovovich
                            Vanessa Ferlito
                            Eva Longoria
                            Teri Hatcher

                            i've always been luke warm with the long hair on Amanda because it made her look too much like a common blonde, imo, her long hair looks better in a dark color

                            I still like the short hair the best


                              mary ann > ginger

                              janet > chrissy


                                Erin Grey & Catherine Bach : Old School Brunette's

                                who was hotter than Vilma on Buck Rogers!