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    OK... here's the full transcript - with Uber's screenshots interspersed throughout

    Amanda’s Leo Award for Threads

    Clip starts with a short piece from the other nominee’s (Erin Karpluk) submitted work (something about the actress'es character having trouble clearing her ears!) from Godiva’s “Begin It Now” “Ooohh! Oh, wow! (sounds like she’s having good sex to me) My ears just popped. Finally! (and the guy with her looks really concerned… Looks like they are sitting next to each other in a bedroom – but not ‘in bed’)

    Then there’s a title shot
    ‘Amanda Tapping
    Stargate SG-1

    Clip is the scene of Carter and O’Neill in the observation area above Jacob’s bed.
    “Thank You, Sir.”
    “For what?”
    “For being here for me”
    (The clip is *very* short)

    Voiceover: And the Leo goes to… Amanda Tapping, Stargate SG-1, Threads

    Amanda is on stage, in front of the microphone and with the award in her hand (and it looks heavy to me)

    AT: “Wow… I gotta build a shelf.. or something… Thanks You Walter Duroush (sp?) and Sonny Wong for giving me… stuff… to show for nine years on an incredible series… you know, besides the house and the car…”


    AT is now backstage with two interviewers from the show

    Female Interviewer (FI) holds up what looks like a white pamphlet… it says “Leo Awards” across the top, and is apparently something like a formal certificate to go along with the trophy that AT is still holding.

    FI: OK, When you win your Leo Award, not only do you get the beautiful statue, but you get one of these, and it’s just like… do you all remember we did ‘participaktion’ (I deliberately spelled it this way to emphasis how she said the word) in elementary school (AT laughs at this… she apparently ‘gets it’)? We all get top honors in our categories…

    Male Interviewer (MI): pointing at the words on the front of the ‘certificate’: Amanda Tapping has received top honors…

    FI: In Stargate SG-1… congratulations… (and she turns back to AT who is waiting patiently)

    AT: (laughing) Thank you, very much.

    MI: This is your second year right?

    AT: Second year in a row that I’ve won, this is my third Leo, actually… not to boast or anything..

    MI: (comes in over the top of the end of AT’s last sentence): So have you run out of things to say on stage now… Do you thank the same people… What do you do…?

    AT: I do!.. I say the same thing over and over again…

    MI: You’re getting good at it!

    AT: I am…! (big smile) And I’m more practiced at it this year than ever before….No, I was really nervous this year, because I didn’t expect to win…. ‘cuz they only had two people nominated…. and I thought, well, they’ve just thrown my name in there, ‘cuz I always get nominated…it’s just the thing…

    FI: (hard to make out she said because she started speaking over the top of AT’s last words and the male interview tried to say something at the same time… so all three of them were talking for a moment): Well, it’s at least a 50-50

    MI: It’s a Leo tradition (I think he’s referring to AT getting nominated)

    AT: 50-50…exactly, it’s a Leo tradition – throw Amanda’s name in there….

    FI: Now another congratulations is in order, because you just had a baby…

    AT: I just had a baby… little Olivia…. um, she’s 2 months old…

    MI: A nice name! (and he says it like ‘awww, that’s sooo cute)

    AT: Yeah, she’s awesome.

    MI: Uh, how is that? That’s cool isn’t it?

    AT: It’s amazing.

    MI: I know, it’s hard to describe to people, I have a child...

    AT: Yeah, yeah, people keep saying ‘It’s life transforming’, and you go ‘Yeah, yeah, whatever, and then it happens and you go ‘Oh My God, It’s Life Transforming!...(the MI chimes in and choruses “It’s Life Transforming” with AT)… AT continues without missing a beat: Nobody Told Me!’

    FI: (cuts in over the top of AT last words and what the MI is trying to say): Now you’re back at work and I know a lot of people, uh, take a little bit of time off, not yourself, you took off a few weeks, and now you’re good-to-go, How does one balance being in a series like Stargate and having a newborn like Olivia-?” (The male interviewer started talking over the female interview right here) MI: Do you think…? (and his words were too difficult to make out over the female interviewer’s words). FI: Look at her face – she’s looking great, though…

    AT: I am, it’s like this (and she crosses her eyes)

    MI: Does Olivia come on the set?

    AT: Olivia comes with me to work every day, and it’s a balancing act…it’s like, you know, you’re breast feeding and (she puts her finger in her mouth and pops it out against her cheek to make a ‘popping sound’… like a baby getting pulled away from mom’s breast)… and I gotta go save the world from aliens…. and you run to set

    MI: So, can we see that one more…

    And AT knows exactly what he wants, and she pops her finger in her mouth and and makes that popping sound again.

    MI: Okay, okay… (both the male and female interviewers are laughing)

    AT makes a hand gesture like she handing her baby from her breast off to someone else. “Yeah”

    MI: Wow.

    FI: And they don’t need a sound effects artist on Stargate, because they have Amanda!”

    AT: (chimes in over the FI’s last words): because they have me, breast feeding, on set…

    MI: Very nice. Uh, you guys are taping right now too, aren’t you?

    AT: Yeah we are

    MI: Are you shooting right now? I guess you don’t call it taping

    AT: Not *right* now (and she points at the floor)

    MI: Not right now?
    FI: Not *right* now?
    AT: No
    MI: Not right at this moment
    FI: This is not Stargate
    MI: No this is…
    AT: Run across the corridor… yeah, and grab my P90, no (laughing)…
    MI: Just remember to take the baby.
    FI: What’s a P90?
    AT: It’s a gun. It’s a big gun.
    FI: Oh, that’s right.
    AT: Yeah
    FI: You get to carry a big gun
    AT: Big gun in one hand, baby in the other
    FI: Such a beautiful image (sarcastically)
    AT: mouths “Hi Mom” to the camera while the FI is talking
    MI: Well, congratulations, it really is a tradition now-
    AT: Thank you so much
    MI: -that you get nominated, now it’s even more of a tradition that you actually win the sucker every year
    FI: And it will be so weird for baby Olivia to know that her mommy carries a Pee90 (sorry, she said it that way) and saves the world from aliens
    AT: And her mother wears army boots (laughing)

    FI: That’s right!
    MI: Oh, yeah… I forgot about that!
    AT: I know! I know!
    MI: Oh, that’s gotta hurt! and speaking at the same time: FI: Well, congratulations, Amanda
    FI: I’ll give you back your ‘Top Honors In Participaktion’ (hands Amanda the certificate/pamphlet) and the ‘arm hang’ (I don’t know what that refers to)
    Amanda looked perplexed for a moment and then said: Yes, Exactly and then laughed.

    MajorSaM's video clip online of AT at the Leos
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      Originally posted by sg-1fanintn
      My, but you're feeling forceful today! Good for you. You know I believe in people always saying what's on their minds.

      Photo: I will find one as soon as I get up from the computer, and I will scan it in tomorrow morning. You will have it sometime tomorrow, ma'am!

      Voting: I've been doing it every day, including today, ma'am!!!

      Blue Jello: Bought and waiting on kitchen counter for deployment. Polite appreciation note written. Awaiting further instructions, ma'am!!!!!

      ROTFLOL, sg1fanintn! Great post!

      For myself...

      Voting: Have dutifully logged in and voted every day

      Blue Jello: waiting for more information on the where and when

      Photo: Will go and look right now...


        ((((astrogeologist)))))....Its great! Thanks! I watched it and its awsome! I just love AT,she is the greatest and Im so happy for her,with Olivia and all! Great clip thanks again!


          Originally posted by astrogeologist

          *Ahem* I believe that's MajorSAM'S video clip!!!
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            (((((((( Astrogeologist ))))))) thank you for the Leo transcript

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              Originally posted by MajorSam
              *Ahem* I believe that's MajorSAM'S video clip!!!
              Yep Thanks for the vid MajorSam!!!!
              Amanda look great her hair looks really nice up close! It's great to hear that the family is doing well

              Thanks for the transcript Astrogeologist!!!


                Originally posted by MajorSam
                *Ahem* I believe that's MajorSAM'S video clip!!!
                Woops! Mea Culpa! (Astrog hurriedly goes back and fixes that)


                  tsk! Too much love! Too much love! It's gotten so I can't rep anybody in this thread, anymore! 8-) So, Thanks, Astro, for the transcript, and MajorSam, for the dl.

                  I, too have a mute computer so I had to watch the silent vid with a printout of Astro's transcript.

                  A Cherokee elder sitting with his grandchildren told them,
                  "In every life there is a terrible fight – a fight between two wolves.
                  One is evil: he is fear, anger, envy, greed, arrogance, self-pity,
                  resentment, and deceit. The other is good: joy, serenity, humility,
                  confidence, generosity, truth, gentleness, and compassion."
                  A child asked, "Grandfather, which wolf will win?"
                  The elder looked the child in the eye. "The one you feed."


                    I would just make an observation after watching The Fifth Man again tonight...

                    How cool was it to watch Sam being interrogated by Simmons? How she wasn't intimidated for even a second and even took a shot at him for his online activity...exposing his agenda to fish for anything that could hurt SG-1.

                    Way to go Sam!

                    ...You're ALWAYS Welcome in Samanda: Amanda's Community of New Fans and Old Friends...


                      Wonderful Chopingal, just beautiful!

                      I have downloaded this and put it into the SaGC Collection - and I have also added a link to Sam's Music in the Index Post
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                        Anybody see the new SFX article yet? Don't bother if you haven't - it is the same old cr*p about how great the new characters are with barely any mention of the returning 3 STARS, expect Shanks who they keep playing up with the vala connection. (Gosh, I get the impression with all the honey and goopiness about the NEW people that TPTB think the other 3 (well maybe not Shanks when he is with vala) are nothing but hacks.

                        What they say about vala is very depressing and leads one to believe that what we will get in those first 5-6 eps is exactly what we all fear, sexual innuendo and dominatrixesque pandering to that lowest common denominator demographic. (Thank goodness it is only 5-6 eps.) There is one passing mention of RDA and one of AT and absolutely no mention at all of Teal'c or CJ. It really is crumby the way they are waging this PR crusade trying to convince themselves that everything is great now - at least that is what I take away from all of this junk. Kindler and Mullie join the fray in this one and what they have to say is also bothersome. Based on this, coupled with what we have seen and heard previously, I wonder why they don't just get rid of the 3 old stars and do what they seem to want to do anyway -- call a spade a spade - this is a new show with a whole new cast (who are great by the way, in case you hadn't heard) and new stories, that's the impression they give in this article and in most of the other interviews I have seen. Gosh I am really bugged again.


                          dancer of spaz,

                          I had to post to say I love your sig. Is there somewhere where you have all four posted together? I think you really nailed each one's thoughts, they're great.
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                            I'm also standing by with blue jell-o at the ready awaiting further instructions!!!
                            In the Kingdom of Hope, there is no Winter

                            Life is too short for drama & petty things,
                            so kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly & forgive quickly!

                            Attendee of Shore Leave28, AT2 and AVALON
                            Proud Member of the Sam is a Great Character Thread
                            Hic Comitas Regit
                            Member of the Ship, Ship Hooray Special Ops Team
                            Member of Gategrrlz Gone Wild (proud Shore Leave 28 attendee).



                              This is the last week to submit your materials for the SaGC Collection (up through Sunday, June 12).
                              The latest version of the SaGC Collection is here if you want to see what others have submitted.

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                                A Quick-Reference post for the SaGC Thread
                                (an index to some of the highlights of the Realm of Samanda)

                                Ultimate Sam Carter Episode Summary Comments:
                                Thread page 277, post 5521 , post 5522, post 5523, post 5524 and post 5525
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                                The SaGC Collection for AT
                                Pictures of the bound tome
                                Great Sam lines and quotes
                                SaGC Thread page 167, post 3321
                                Sam's CarterCopter Adventures - by Samfan31
                                Coley's 'Oh Yea We Say Times' - the Royal Newspaper of the Court of Samanda.
                                Index post is on Thread page 334 post 6670 (including the Royal Gala edition)
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                                Sam Carter/AT Websites
                                "Wonderful World", a Sam Carter drabble by AgentDark - you've got to read this one!
                                (this post is updated and revised from my earlier one. In addition, this post is also conveniently at the top of a thread page - which makes it easier for bookmarking and returning to. If anyone has any thread pages/posts that they'd like me to include in this index posting, please post (or PM me) the links to what you want included, and I will edit this post to include your links.)
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