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    Originally posted by ÜberSG-1Fan
    And with this in mind, as a member of the Royal Samandan Court, I would like to propose an additional title for Coley...Royal Doppelgänger. What say you all?
    I second Uber's motion!


      I read the blurb on Browder throwing himself into his work. I like him and I'm glad he's fitting in, I just hope he remembers Sam is coming back. If AT needs to scale back her working hours a bit, I just hope they can work it so we the audience don't feel it.

      Seeing all that leather a few posts back (I like all but the 2nd one) put me in mind of Sam and her motorcycle. I heard they won't let AT actually ride b/c of insurance. I don't see how going a few feet would be dangerous. She could be arriving at the base or driving off. They could cut quick. Or we could see her get on the bike--like we see people get into cars, but not actually drive away. It would reinforce the fun, off the base side of Sam.


        Originally posted by Strix varia
        Wow, 21megs already! This is quite a monumental work. You know, you'll probably want to send a CD with all of this on it, too. Thanks for putting it together for us.

        Were you planning to send this soon? I thought you'd originally talked about mid-end of June as a deadline? I ask, because I'm leaving on a two-week trip to Europe Thursday, and I may not finish the photo-caption compendium before then... I'm having too much fun reading past posts, so it's going slowly. And at some point in time I'm going to have to pack.

        If you are planning to send it sooner than that, I may have to ask someone to pick up where I leave off...
        I was thinking that sending a CD-ROM with the file on it would be a smart thing -then she can see the pics on the screen if she wants - or even print certain pieces out separately if she wants - or click on the links (which will work if she's connected to the internet).

        And I'm not planning on sending this soon - it's still a work-in-progress. Am still thinking mid June-ish to get it finished and sent off. Have fun on your trip to Europe!


          Originally posted by ÜberSG-1Fan
          Off topic from the Sam presentation project...but I just wanted to show off the great AT autographed photo I just won on eBay:

          Great pic - AT looks like a movie actress from the 50's!


            Originally posted by ForeverSg1
            I thought since we've had so many posts lately with people expressing their own personal insecurities that I'd post an excerpt from one of Amanda's older chat transcripts. I believe I posted it sometime ago on the thread.

            How do you put up with celebrity, the fact that hundreds of people around the world talk about you, analyse every move you make, every word you say...

            Amanda's response:

            On the one hand it's fantastic, because people are so nice and make you feel so loved. On the other hand, they get a picture of you at a bad angle and suddenly it's all over the net; and to have every aspect of your being analysed, makes me...personally insecure.

            Being an established actress for many years now you must get used to watching yourself on television. I was wondering how that made you feel, and do you get the same enjoyment out of watching episodes of Stargate and the many other productions you have featured in knowing how much hard work went into each and every scene.

            Amanda's response:

            I have a hard time watching myself on television because I am very critical of everything. I can now watch earlier episodes, like from the first 3 or 4 seasons, and have enough distance to enjoy them and I actually really like the show when I watch it. But I'm very critical of myself, so it can be frustrating watching an episode with me


            I thought these comments from Amanda were extremely enlightning because they show that, no matter who we are, we all have insecurities and have to deal with then in our own ways. As much as we Samandans adore Amanda and think she is flawless, she too must endure personal insecurities on a daily basis.

            I'm sure there are many photos that even we have posted on this thread that she may have thought, 'Good lord, why do they have to post that one of me.' I know I have heard her mentioning on dvd commentaries that she gets uncomfortable with some of the camera close ups.

            There's nohing like a camera being so close to someone's face that you can see up their nose or the pores on their face. I personally love the close-up shots of Sam in Grace, but I'm sure they probably make AT cringe.

            I guess what I'm trying to say here is, don't let the opinion of others bring you down. Life's too short to waste your time worrying about what other people think about you. A friend may at times appear brutally honest, and often the honesty may hurt momentarily; but it should never make you feel bad about yourself. If they do, then they aren't very good friends in my opinion.

            We can't control what other's think about us. The only thing we can control is what we think about ourselves. There may be things you dislike about yourself and that is perfectly normal. If there are things about yourself that you don't like, then pick one thing out of that list and try improve on it.
            However, you shouldn't let yourself dwell on the negative aspects. For every negative you find for yourself, try to find a postive as well and remind yourself daily about the good things.

            I have to admit, growning up I always had a very positive opinion about myself. Not that there weren't things that I didn't like about myself. However, I was lucky enough to have a very supportive family who worked very hard to make sure I knew I was special in my own way. I try to do the same thing now with my own children when they start to feel down.

            We all may not be beautiful, or geniuses, or popular, or the most creative, but somewhere deep down inside of each of us...there is a gift. Something that makes us each special. You only need to look deep within yourself to find that gift and I'm sure once you do you will begin to feel much better about yourself and not allow other's to diminish your self worth.

            You've already taken the first steps. You've joined the SAGC forum and surrounded yourself with a wonderful group of extremely friendly and supportive Samandans!!! But most importantly you have chosen to look up to a woman who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Be it Amanda or Sam, each woman is an extremely positivel role model for all of us.


            Wonderful post, Kat!
            Tried to rep you, but I am again banned from the green jello fridge!

            Originally posted by ChopinGal
            Kat, what a truly beautiful and sincere post! I'm so glad I just logged back on to finish the weekend and take one last look at our thread, because your post sums up the nature of the people posting here. Good, kind-hearted folks who seem to go out of their way to respond to and support one another. I'm proud to be a Samandan after reading what you wrote.


              Originally posted by ForeverSg1
              Aw man, I couldn't leave well enough alone. I had to go look through the spoiler pages.

              Well this blows my dreams all to hell ... Excalibur
              Well, I can't say that I'm surprised... disappointed, yes, surprised, not really. Once they introduced the whole 'sword in the stone' plotline, you knew that someone was going to have to pull it out and get into a swordfight with it. It would have been really cool for Sam to pull the sword out (you go girl!), but she's not in those episodes, so that hope was moot. Next, I was hoping it would be Teal'c - he doesn't get to do much of that kind of cool stuff, it would have added great scifi depth and breadth to his character - and, besides, he'd look great in a sword fight (with a big, heavy sword). Either deepspace or chocdoc posted awhile back that perhaps someone with the ancient gene would be needed to pull the sword out of the stone - and RDA is supposed to be in the third(?) episode, so I thought maybe Jack would be the one to do it.

              Having Mitchell do it establishes the depth and breadth of his character's scifi mythos immediately for the series - the BB and Mitchell fans will be a strong force in Stargate fandom.

              Here's to hoping that Sam gets some wonderfully strong storylines when she gets back!


                Originally posted by ChopinGal
                Psst ... just a whisper, not a shout

                Soon the word may get out ...

                Not much fuss at her request

                So don't do more, just do less ...

                Even though she'll be forlorn,


                Glad you were born!!

                Happy Non-Event!!!
                Happy Birthday, Sally!


                  Originally posted by deepspace
                  I finally got to see the collection book after an ever-so-long download. Looking good. Gee, it's going to be even bigger and more complex than I thought . Unfortunately the majority of the pictures were showing up as red crosses, and right click show picture wouldn't work.

                  People please tell me what you truthfully think of this. I wouldn't want this pic to be taken the wrong way or anything. I'm just not sure if the idea is just too plain weird or not.

                  I've used some of astro's screencaps, one of Agent Dark's sig pics, and other pics that I've googled off the net. I hope this is ok, as I didn't have anything else to play around with. Every screencap program I've tried doesn't manage to capture anything but a black screen off the DVD's. So hope you don't mind.

                  By the way, incase you noticed, no more picture attatchments, I can link straight to my brand new photopage .
                  Great photocollage, deepspace! Love the inclusion of the 'meteor that causes the dinosaurs to go extinct' pic. Do you want me to put this pic into the SaGC Collection for AT?


                    Originally posted by deepspace
                    oooooh, I am three quarters of the way through astrogeologist's fanfic 'Nine'. But I must. make. myself. go. to. bed. now.
                    I'll be continuing tomorrow!
                    So much fun though. What a fantastic idea to write about a young Sam. So original, and in that sense, it's amazingly fresh to read, nothing about it is an average SG1 mission. Nine year old Sam is just how I would imagine her to be, if I had ever really bothered to try imagining her! I am really enjoying this so far.

                    One last note for the night, I have every page of this thead saved to my hardisk. I've saved each page as an MHTML (*.mht) web archive file, so the whole folder of 366 pages comes to 608 MB. This would fit onto a 700 MB cd if you'de like me to burn one?
                    Kudos to your perserverance, deepspace - you have done something I have *thought* of doing, but haven't actually sat down and done! What are MHTML files? Can anyone open them? Will standard webbrowsers (like Explorer or Netscape) open MHTML files like normal web pages?
                    Originally posted by Matt G
                    I don't read fanfic as much as I used to, but 'Nine' is v.good BTW!
                    Thanks deepspace and MattG! Nine was fun to write


                      Originally posted by ForeverSg1
                      Nothing fancy here, I was just too darn lazy to load all nine photos separately.

                      Sam and her leather

                      Bottom right two pics are from same show, the full body pose was just a really bad pic (too dark) so I added the other. Oddly I think this is the same jacket as in the picture above. Sam wearing the same jacket more than once? *gasp*

                      I have a feeling I'm missing a couple of others but my kid and I had fun trying to remember what episodes she wore leather. He swore she wore leather in Nightwalkers. He even had to pop in the dvd when I argued she only wore leather pants. It's sad what I do for entertainment these days.

                      Oh by the way, I can't really tell but is Sam wearing leather chaps in the 2nd picture on the bottom?? It looks like it to me if I lighten the picture a lot.
                      What fun, Kat! And I think you made AgentDark's day with this collage! Here's to hoping that Sam in Season 9 is happy... riding her cycle on her downtime and just enjoying life!


                      Edited to add: As I continued to catch up on reading the posts, I see that Jckfan posted a similar comment about seeing Sam having fun and enjoying life and riding her motorcycle:
                      Originally posted by jckfan55
                      Seeing all that leather a few posts back (I like all but the 2nd one) put me in mind of Sam and her motorcycle. I heard they won't let AT actually ride b/c of insurance. I don't see how going a few feet would be dangerous. She could be arriving at the base or driving off. They could cut quick. Or we could see her get on the bike--like we see people get into cars, but not actually drive away. It would reinforce the fun, off the base side of Sam.
                      The second one reminds me of some of the leather tops/outfits that Emma Peel wore on the old Avengers TV series. (I'm not against them in either series or on either woman). Emma Peel was a great female lead who 'kicked serious bad guy butt'! (If anything on that wonderfully campy series could be considered serious)
                      Last edited by astrogeologist; 16 May 2005, 11:48 AM.


                        Originally posted by ForeverSg1
                        ROFL, so true!!

                        I love this picture from Space Race. Sam is walking up the stairs in her leather outfit and the SF is totally checking her out.

                        LOL! Nice shot, Kat!


                          Originally posted by ChopinGal
                          Oh yeah ... terrific shots! I remember reading an AT interview where she implied that Sam wouldn't want to wear leather around O'Neill because he would just lose it! Of course, for us shippers, that would be the perfect episode ...
                          That would be perfect! Now, we just need to get her dressed out in leather and back on the planet.....then get them on the same continent in front of a camera at the same time. Yeah! That's doable (unless you're TPTB)!


                            Originally posted by astrogeologist
                            And, yeah, I noticed that some of the pics didn't upload with the file when I loaded it onto my webspace. And I have no idea why! The pics show fine in my Word file - and when I print pages from it. I decided not to worry about the few missing pics in the uploaded file for now - I was just trying to give folks a look at what I have so far.
                            Hmm.....I have one suggestion that might help with the pics. I know not everyone can make .pdfs, but if those who can would take their Word docs and save them to .pdfs before e-mailing them to you, it would preserve each doc as one image. Then, photos couldn't disappear because their links "went hinky" (a very technical term) somewhere in cyberspace.

                            I personally will be working in Photoshop and Publisher to create mine. I hate Word (but I have to use it at work).

                            Just a thought. And if that's ok, I will send my piece as a .pdf.
                            Last edited by sg-1fanintn; 16 May 2005, 12:47 PM.


                              i can create stuff as pdf's, but unless youhave acrobat i don't think you can stitch the separate pages together.

                              however, if individual pages work, i can convert.
                              or i can possibly convert the whole file for you astro

                              once it's done i can either download it (i have a good connectino at work, dialup at home) or you can snail mail me the cd and i can make the pdf and then mail it back to you
                              Where in the World is George Hammond?



                                Greetings all poping in quickly with this - SyFy Portal has opened up voting for SyFy Genre Awards and AT is nominated for Best Actress so go vote at
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