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    Originally posted by SamFan31
    Guess who was seen recently? None other than the Copter Lady!

    Sam has been tirelessly fine-tuning, testing, and flying her naquadah enhanced copter. She decided she needed some time off after all her challenging tasks. So, today is a holiday. Sam is having fun and doing what she loves.

    Cruising (medium size 640x480)

    Cruising (large size 1024x768)
    Absolutely breathtaking, Samfan! Beautiful nebula and great superposition of Astronaut Sam!


      Originally posted by ChopinGal
      These are superb!! And I hereby petition a new title for you - let's promote you to Royal Graphics Designer of the Kingdom.

      Your choice: Graphics Artist or Designer - I posted "artist" for now because you really are doing some neat artistic work up here!

      What say? Oh yea?! I'll change my original post later - on way to the office right now!!

      You deserve a whole jar of jelly beans for this clever and creative work, Kat!
      I second Chopingal's motion for ForeverSG-1's new title of 'Royal Graphics Artist'!

      I'd also like to nominate Samfan31 for 'Royal Head of Aeronautical Graphics'

      Gatebee... suggested 'apprentice' for herself... anyone have an idea for a title?


        Originally posted by ChopinGal
        Let it be known that Strix varia has been appointed to Royal Security as Personal Bodyguard to the Queen.
        Woohooo! Um, espionage might not be my strong point, though... Unlike our Queen, I am not suave and debonair, and I have about the subtlety of an ox...

        My LJ


          Originally posted by Agent_Dark
          Found this little music vid the other day, thought I'd post it up

          Its a little vid honouring Sam's promotion to Lt. Col
          WOW! Great video, AgentDark! What a beautifully done vid!

          Blue jello all around!


            Originally posted by ChopinGal
            Inquiring minds want to know ...

            The History of the Court of Samanda

            Once upon a time, in a mythical kingdom far away, there lived a small group of citizens who, unabashedly, admired their Royal Ruler. She was fair of face, possessed of great wit, charm, and grace. All who met her fell under her spell. One of the younger members of this group of admirers suggested that the kingdom be renamed in the Queen's honour and, thus, the name of Samanda was born.

            As a reward for this clever thought, the citizens petitioned that Major Sam be named the kingdom's President. The Major has been in the company of the Queen on more than one occasion and has shared visual images of these moments with her fellow Samandans, much to everyone's pleasure. Shortly thereafter, Major Sal, who tilled and developed the lands within Samanda, was appointed Vice-President. It was she who bestowed upon us the lovely garden of thoughts in the very first post which has led to such a colorful and prolific display of words and pictures everafter.

            What is a kingdom without a court? Therefore, the Royal Court of Samanda came into being and, as certain members exhibited certain talents and/or proclivities, they received certain titles. In fact, it is truly amazing and sometimes frightening to think how much akin to their antics in the kingdom these royal court members may be! Perhaps life imitating art or vice versa.

            An award system for the good citizens was put in place, using beans as the royal largesse of the kingdom. Travelers seemed to stop by in Samanda from time to time and it was heard, elsewhere, that Samandans sometimes seemed to be "full of beans". All to the good, all to the good. Those not worth their beans did not become fully franchised citizens and moved on. Those who seemed of kindred spirit, stayed within the Gate of Samanda.

            As the kingdom grew, the desire for better communication (and gossip) flourished and the Samandan newspaper, Oh Yea What Say Times, was created and edited by the Royal Accountant who was already quite busy taking care of Samanda's budgetary needs and taxation. Thus she is also known by the names of Bean Counter and Royal Editor. At times, depending on the amount of sloe gin being consumed from the Royal Liquor Cabinet, the editor may call upon the Court Jester to assist in meeting the paper's deadline. These two have collaborated on many an occasion ... their love of celebration was influential in establishing the Royal Gala event at which Murray and his Merry Minstrels entertained. Royal Head of Security had his hands full that night ... much merriment and mischief. Even the Royal Sage/Wise Elder was known to get into the act. Many think that the dessert table provided much too much spiked blue jello that evening.

            Throughout it all, others in the kingdom have maintained their sobriety and have guided the citizens and safeguarded the treasures of Samanda. Many moments of lucidity and intriguing data were provided by Keeper of the Flame, a royal archivist supreme, along with Census Taker and Royal Photographer who began to supply a stream of instructive and amusing photo-images of the Queen and her adventures. In fact, the citizens were so enthralled with the photostories which ensued that they, themselves, began to contribute unusual witticisms and comments. It was rumoured that the laughter could be heard outside the Samandan Gate, wafting over the many other nearby kingdoms. Those citizens, more serious of nature, would simply shake their heads and murmur "beans, it must be the beans".

            New citizens are arriving daily and Census Taker must be delighted. The kingdom is, indeed, flourishing and will soon entertain new appointments to the Court. Indeed, assistants have already been hired for security demands and graphic design.

            For now, let us be content to know that Samanda is thriving and the Queen is loved. Yes, there is even a Royal Nanny to take care of the little Princess!

            Respectfully submitted by Court Jester
            Superbly done, Chopingal!

            And, well-deserving of the *special* stock of Royal Blue!


              Originally posted by ChopinGal
              Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye Samandan Public Service Announcement
              Royal Court of Samanda Listing will be maintained at the original post #6973

              Please continue to reference this post for all the newest updates and appointments. The Jester promises to keep it in timely order to the best of her ability. Some adjustments have already been made this morning.

              To help all new citizens to become acquainted with Samanda's history, a request to Keeper of the Flame for the following archival data, if possible:

              Post or page numbers for Bean Award System; Royal Gala news; Oh Yea What Say Times past editions (I know this has been reposted but could we please have it here again); and, possibly, the few post numbers of Madam President's personal photos of the Queen and her.

              Keeper, please add whatever you think would incorporate within one new post number the essence of Samanda and Court developments. I think this would be a truly valuable posting which can be updated and used as point of reference just as the aforementioned Post #6973 which I shall attempt to keep in royal working order.
              Great idea, Chopingal. I've bookmarked the post... and am off to look up the items that you listed.


                Originally posted by tara3583
                Do you need a bottle washer and general keeper of all things that need to be kept tidy in this
                great land of ours? because i can't do nice pics but could do that
                Can you cook, Tara? Because the Keeper of the Flame *can't*... and I was put in charge of the kitchen at the Royal Gala (apparently they figured I could at least keep the fires going)... but then a small fire flared up a bit... and NC tossed her drink on it to try and douse the small flames... but she had been drinking the *special* punch... which had a surreptitiously high proof... needless to say, the small flames quickly roared to a conflagration....

                Note: Thank goodness jello doesn't require any cooking!

                As a geologist, I have never had the urge to learn how to cook... and I absolutely worship the microwave (which heats water wonderfully for the making of Royal Blue Jello).

                I have backpacked hundreds and hundreds of miles on backcountry trails... and yet, I have managed to avoid any real cooking... A simple campstove... throw in the 5-minute rice... add some flavoring... cut up some carrots or broccoli (if it's the first few days out)... maybe toss in a tin of canned chicken (minus the tin)... let it all cook... and voila... a one-pot dinner for two. And *that* is the height of my culinary expertise.

                Hmm... so what was I talking about -- oh, yes - so can you cook?


                  Well I've added a few more banners to my original banner page.

                  Royal Court Banner Page

                  I have to admit, some of these I like much more than others. Some of them, MajorSal and MajorSam in particular, where harder than heck to try to find some sort of picture that identified their court titles.

                  In the end, I decided to just use photos that I thought matched either their personalities or screennames as best as I could.

                  Edit: Hmm, decided to just add direct links as the banner page was way TOO slow.
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                    Originally posted by Strix varia
                    In the name of equal opportunity, I would humbly apply for a position in the Royal Guard under the supervision of Agent Dark, Head of Security, and his trusty assistants, Carterslave and 1speed4Sam. It seems appropriate that at least one member of the female persuasion be present on this team, and I believe I am qualified. I am proficient in the following weapons: long sword, short sword, two-handed sword, dagger, rapier, epee, schlager, ax, two-handed ax, mace, spear, halberd, glaive, long bow, and crossbow.

                    I am also familiar with the operation of varies siege weapons such as trebuchets and catapults. Although I prefer medieval weapons, I can use modern weapons such as pistols, shotguns, and 22-rifles. I'm fairly sure I can learn proficiency with a zat and staff weapon. I have much combat experience in wars and scirmishes, have served as a squire to a knight for 20 years, and have held the auspicious position of Captain of the Mooneschadowe Liondragon Guard:


                    Moments after this picture was taken, I saved my king by taking an arrow in the chest (alas, I wish I could say it was a deliberately heroic move, but I had no idea who was behind me at the time). BUT, I will happily throw myself into the heat of battle in the name of protecting our wondrous Queen.

                    References available upon request.
                    ROTFLOL! (at the flamingos and such).

                    And, erm, I am in awe of your knowledge of all of those implements of combat! And I agree that a female should be amongst the Royal Guard! Wow - I have to say that I am feeling mighty safe with Strix, AgentDark, Carterslave and 1speed protecting the Kingdom!


                      Originally posted by ChevronSeven
                      *waves* Hi everyone! I normally lurk in this thread, but I enjoy reading everyone's posts!

                      Does anyone have any Sam/Amanda pics of her with the short hair (like season 5 or 6)? I'm getting my hair cut in two weeks and I've been looking for a really good picture to take to my hairdresser. I haven't had time to cap one for myself. I love her hair short because it's so managable (and quick to style!)

                      Thanks everybody!

                      Originally posted by Coley
                      Hi there Chevron7! Astro and myself are firm fans of the Sam short hairstyle!
                      Here are a few...
                      (This is one of my favorite pics of Sam/AT)

                      (And this is another of my all-time favorite Sam/AT pics - what a beautiful smile!)
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                        I think they give Carter the weapon she had in season 7 because the size of the flash was cool and the noise COOL!!! I want one
                        "I ask you, what could possibly be in my eye that would explain this"

                        HALLOWED ARE THE SHIPPERS!


                        PROUD TO BE ENGLISH


                          Originally posted by ChopinGal
                          [CENTER]The Royal Court of Samanda

                          Madam President, Major Sam
                          Madam Vice-President, Major Sal
                          Keeper of the Flame, Astrogeologist....
                          Thanks! I remembered quite a few, but this will be a handy reference.

                          Loyal Samanda resident and proud subject of our Queen,
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                            Originally posted by ChopinGal
                            The Royal Court of Samanda

                            Madam President, Major Sam

                            Madam Vice-President, Major Sal

                            Keeper of the Flame, Astrogeologist

                            Accountant/Bean Counter and Editor of Oh Yea What Say Times, Coley

                            Court Jester and Bard, Chopin Gal

                            Census Taker, Skydiver

                            Royal Sage/Wise Elder, Nearly Circular

                            Head of Security, Agent Dark

                            Royal Page, deepspace

                            Royal Photographer, Uber SG-1 Fan

                            Royal Graphics Designer and Nanny, Forever Sg1

                            Assistant Graphics Designer, SamFan 31

                            First Assistant Head of Security, Carterslave

                            Second Assistant Head of Security, 1speed4Sam

                            Personal Bodyguard, Royal Guard/Security, Strix varia

                            Lurker Extraordinaire, Tok'ra Hostess and many unidentified others

                            Please come forth, good citizens, if I have left any valued member of the Court missing or mis-titled. We shall post open positions to the Court in the next edition of the Times. Remember, you, too, can serve the Queen!
                            If it pleases the Court one would like to petition for a spot as Chauffer - As it seems that the Queen would need a driver - Qualifications CDL (commercial drivers license), experience driving on the right side, left side and when in India the middle of the road.

                            Of course there is one requirement to be made - saxophone must be readily available to entertain the Queen and Court at all times.
                            My View From The Peanut Gallery


                              Originally posted by tsaxlady
                              If it pleases the Court one would like to petition for a spot as Chauffer - As it seems that the Queen would need a driver - Qualifications CDL (commercial drivers license), experience driving on the right side, left side and when in India the middle of the road.

                              Of course there is one requirement to be made - saxophone must be readily available to entertain the Queen and Court at all times.
                              Or perhaps you could take a position in the service of the Royal Minstrel's, I'm sure Murray would love having you joing the group.


                                A message for the booklet:
                                Ms. Tapping--thanks for making such a great character really come to life. SG1 just wouldn't be the same without your tremendous talent. Jckfan55