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    Originally posted by Strix varia
    If you take a look at Sam Carter's house -

    You'll notice only one scene in which there is apparently a TV (next to the fireplace in the scene where Orlin goes glowy).

    If you look at other pictures, you'll notice one in particular that appears to show a big stuffed chair next to the fireplace that would completely block the view of the TV.

    Since the picture of the chair next to the fireplace was taken by security cameras before Orlin went all glowy on her, it appears that Olin must have moved the chair to access the TV while Sam was gone.

    So.... I don't think Sam watches a lot of TV. Although I agree with Sky that Nova and other science and history shows would likely interest her!

    On the other hand, there are books, lots of books in her house. Many of them open, indicating she likes to read (or study).

    And there are about a billion computers in her house... maybe her secret is shamelessly surfing the internet for original Star Trek fanfic, perhaps even with a few Kirk/Spock slash stories thrown in for giggles.

    On second review, it looks like there might also be a small TV in her bedroom in one pic (on her dresser), so maybe she likes watching late-night reruns of M*A*S*H.

    LOL Brilliant Strix - great observation


      Originally posted by ForeverSg1
      Admittedly, Sam doesn't really have a lot of free time to watch television, and even when she does have downtime there always seems to be something better she can be doing. But every once in awhile, when she has the urge, she likes to turn on the television or pop in a tape/dvd and this is what I think she is watching ...and why.

      Whenever she wakes up in the morning feeling a bit nostalgic, she often finds herself rushing around the house, trying to get ready for work with the Weather Channel echoing across her house. It’s not that she particularly cares what the weather will be like that morning. When you spend most of your day inside the belly of a giant mountain or exploring another planet on the other side of the galaxy, there really isn't a need to know what the weather will be like Colorado Springs...but it reminds her of a friend. It reminds her of Jonas and his annoyingly infectious smile...and she thinks to herself that it’s not such a bad way to start the morning.

      Whenever she can't sleep, she always finds herself curled up on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket, listening to the History Channel. The television volume is turned down low, just loud enough that she can clearly hear the words of the narrators. The images on the screen slowly blur as she closes her eyes and imagines Daniel standing in front of her in the briefing room. His face all-a-glow with excitement as he describes the various cultures, their religious backgrounds and traditions. The words ebb and flow through her mind as his voice gently lulls her to sleep. Deep in her subconscious, she finds it utterly amazing how much information she's actually retained over the years during these hazy history lessons.

      Whenever she's had a really bad mission or is feeling a bit unnerved, she always ends up curled up in bed, with a bowl of Ben & Jerry's in one hand and a copy of Star Wars on the TV. She received the Star Wars Trilogy a few years ago from Teal'c. She, Daniel and the Colonel( now General ) had all received identical copies for Christmas that year. It was Teal'c's way, she supposed, of making sure there was always a copy wherever he went. Over the years, she'd often watch the movie and imagine her team: Teal'c as Chewy, herself as Leia, Daniel as Luke and Jack...well...needless to say, real-life never works out like it does in the movies. But she always fells better after she’s watched the movie; knowing that her friends...her family will always be there for her. And she always feels safer...knowing that Teal'c is watching her six.

      Though she would never admit it, especially to Jack, she has become a closet Simpson's fan over the years. In the beginning, she would tape it for him, whenever they went off-world or he was sick, but the show has begun to slowly grow on her. She finds that whenever she is feeling down and needs a quick pick me up, all she needs to do is pop in one of the tapes and for a few minutes at least she's able to forget that she's a Colonel. She forgets there's a Stargate. Or Gou'alds. Or Replicators. She forgets about saving the world. For a few minutes, she sits and laughs and wonders if perhaps this is reason he watches the Simpsons too.

      Whenever she feels lonely or has a need to chat with someone, she finds herself curled up in front of the television with a glass of white wine and an episode of ER. It had been Janet's favorite show; she called it her one true vice in life. Whenever they both had downtime, after Cassie had gone to bed, they would treat themselves with a box of Godiva chocolate, a bottle of wine, and an episode of her favorite show. They would playfully argue over who was the sexiest doctor…she had always preferred Dr. Ross; whereas Janet had a thing for Dr. Greene. She had actually found it quite amusing when she found out Janet secretly had a thing for balding men…Sean Connery and Patrick Stewart, among others. She'd always found it a bit odd that Janet could enjoy watching a show that hit so close to home, but Janet had explained once that that was exactly the reason she enjoyed it so much; because it showed exactly how in a mad and crazy work environment, people could come to respect and care for one another so deeply. The medical aspects of the show were good, but it was relationships that she enjoyed the most. For years, Janet had diligently taped the show on VHS. Janet had kept hoping that it would eventually come out on DVD, and it did finally…just a year too late.

      She’s replaced the first three seasons with DVD’s now; she bought them this year for Janet’s birthday. The gift was unwrapped, the candle was blown out and a silent birthday wish was spoken before she popped in the first disc. It’s funny how life can be…during all those years that they sat together watching the show; she never once imagined the series might actually outlive her friend.


      Just superb! I can't rep yet! But Kudos to both of you!


        Originally posted by Carterslave
        "Yup, ol' Doc Fraiser was right: Carter's got a cute little caboose."

        ... or ...

        "If I let Carter keep talking about spinwave technology maybe she won't notice me copping a feel ... "
        CS, you are *so* b-a-d ... and so funny too!


          Originally posted by ForeverSg1
          Warning: This is not my fault. It was Sky and CG's captions that put me into this frame of mind.

          Sam: Damn it, Daniel…you know we’ve had this evening planned for over a month. Can’t you and Teal’c reschedule? My mouth has been watering for those ice cream sundaes all day.

          Jack: (thinking) A little ice cream, a drizzle of chocolate syrup, and a dollop of whipped cream. Oooooh yeeeeah.

          Jack: Don’t worry Daniel. Really (waving his hands emphatically in the air)…you two go ahead. Have fun. I’ll make sure Carter gets the ice cream sundae she’s been drooling over.



            Originally posted by ForeverSg1
            I don't quite remember who asked for this, my apologies. However, I do remember someone asking for a hug collage; so I went searching for photos with Sam hugging or being hugged and here is what I came up with. I did find two photos, one with her hugging her brother and one where she is hugging the girl goodbye in 1969(can't remember her name), but they didn't seem to fit well so I decided not to use them. I'm also sure there are more photos of Sam hugging her dad, but I didn't want it to be just a Sam and Dad collage. I'll save that for the next one.

            So Much More Than Words
            Hugs are huge! Sometimes even better than a kiss 'cause you can hold on longer than locking lips ... talking friendship here, not passion.

            This is a great collage but I'm stumped on the second-from-the-right bottom pic. Who is that? Janet? And from which episode?


              Originally posted by Coley
              Jester, you are more special to me than my abacus - and even my sloe gin - which is always close to my heart, hic! Err when it's not in my mouth! RA
              Aw, shucks RA! You've got me blushing ... Glad to see that you are up and posting and in real time on a Sunday when everyone's awake! Hoorah!


                Originally posted by astrogeologist
                Was referencing back to an earlier post and saw Uber's Ultimate Sam banner again - and it gave me such a good feeling that I figured I'd bring it forward for everyone to enjoy again.

                Sam Rocks!

                Uber's Ultimate Sam Banner

                Darn, I can't see the banner!!!!!


                  (In regards to the hugs collage question) That's Cassie, in 'In the Line of Duty'....when Sam goes to visit her in Janet's office at the air force hospital, right before Cassie realises Sam's now a Goa'uld. At least, I think it is!
                  Royal Page of Samanda
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                    Originally posted by astrogeologist

                    Just figured that we needed some pics to go with Jckfan's wonderful comments.
                    Death Knell

                    Brilliant captures as ever Astro - many thanks!!


                      Originally posted by ChopinGal
                      Good point regarding the dynamics of the characters' personalities. And, yes, I agree - Sam has been already taken in by RepliCarter and is still feeling the guilt and repercussions of that. So Vala would have to prove herself to Carter in some type of scenario in order for them to even reach a place to share each other's experiences. Perhaps they would be involved in an encounter with a mutual enemy and have to depend on each other to be saved; better yet, Sam is injured and Vala rescues her even with great risk to herself. From this, the bond starts to form.

                      What do we know so far about both women? Vala, herself, seems a pretty tough cookie when we first meet her in PU - scrappy as heck, exuding a rough kind of physicality and sexuality, lying to save her skin, and very, very defensive. However, if we are to believe her story about being a host to Goa'uld for many years and then being almost beaten to death by the local population once the symbiote is gone ... it seems that she may be telling the truth because she can use the hand device to both injure and heal (a Goa'uld property) ... and it could be that she's carrying some deep scars, both physical and emotional.

                      So, Vala seems to be a survivor ... in many ways, Sam Carter is a survivor too. When her back was up against the wall in recent episodes (Grace and Death Knell as examples), she used her wits and determination to save herself. Therefore, right there, Sam and Vala have something in common.

                      Even more so, going back in her past and dealing with Jolinar's invasion of her body and even the Entity possessing her and Fifth torturing her, Sam has memories of being victimized. We have never really seen how Sam has fully dealt with all these acts of the enemy. Vala seems to carry the same kinds of post-trauma with her. Is this is why she's turned into such a tough and rough manipulator? Can she really trust anyone but herself?

                      On the other hand, Carter has always felt supported by her teammates, even in her darkest hours. Maybe Sam can teach this woman to regain trust and maybe Vala can teach Sam how to utilize the powers/vestiges of her Tok'ra knowledge to both heal and defend - hand devices and whatever else runs deep in the blood (gosh, I like that phrase - it just came to me ... ha! You'll see it appear somewhere in one of my future fanfics!).

                      These two actors, if given the chance, are quite capable of some terrific dramatic moments. Both have won Saturns this year alone. I'm betting that they could bring a lot to the development of both characters if given the chance with some decent and mature script writing.

                      I'm starting to want to see Vala and Sam Carter meet and develop a working relationship much more than the initial Vala and Daniel dance. Heck, the writers were just going for the "sex sells" and cutesy poses in PU. Daniel gets roughed up and propositioned by a smart-talking hussy. Daniel reacts. Typical bedroom humor and facial expressions. Yadda, yadda, yadda ...

                      Let's see them take Vala into some deeper dialogue with an equal in valor and combat and skill and gender! Let's see how she and Sam would relate to each other and the commonality of their past experiences.

                      Only one problem here ... will an all-male team of writers be able to do this?!

                      ChopinGal - this is a wonderfully positive post with some great ideas. Are TPTB looking in?!!


                        Oh Kudos to Uber too for the earlier post. We just need to install our SAGCT writers at the Bridge Studio - that would work out just fine


                          Originally posted by Charlie

                          ... Throughout this crazy time I've been trying to deal with these emotions - loss and grief and whatever else - that are so new to me. And for some strange reason the person I've looked to as a role model, to find out how to cope and how to behave is the character of Sam character. Make-believe or no, I've spent the last eight years watching her and wanting to be like her. I now find myself thinking 'what would Sam do?' and looking at her experiences of loss (losing Janet, Jacob, dealing with the thought of Cassie dying etc) and her brushes with death. Her tears, her losses, her grief....and her courage, determination, resolve and sheer force of will throughout the worst experiences of her life have been inspiring and have helped me keep going. I keep saying to myself 'be strong, be like Sam'. And when I'm out with other people and the last thing I feel like doing is smiling I say to myself 'be like Amanda, do what she would do.'

                          If this is the effect that an actress can have, both by being herself and by playing an amazing character with enough conviction and humanity to make it seem real, then maybe more people should watch tv! Sorry, I know this is sort of rambling and not particularly articulate - but I felt I had to say something to someone or I'd burst!
                          Dear Charlie

                          I hope that Amanda reads what you've written here one day on this thread. It's touching to know that one person can have such a tremendous positive effect on another. We all need role models in our lives, no matter how young or old we are. You are just beginning to move into adulthood and experiencing some of the pain and loss which are a part of life. To be alive is to feel, to care, to connect. Never be ashamed of your strong feelings.

                          When Sam looked at Cassie in Singularity and said "you are very brave" she may have been talking to you too.

                          Peace, CG


                            Originally posted by Charlie
                            (In regards to the hugs collage question) That's Cassie, in 'In the Line of Duty'....when Sam goes to visit her in Janet's office at the air force hospital, right before Cassie realises Sam's now a Goa'uld. At least, I think it is!
                            Aha! Methinks you're right! Thanks!


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                              To the Mothers of the Realm

                              Happy Mother's Day To All, especially the Newest Mother and her little cherub, Olivia!


                                Originally posted by astrogeologist
                                Whew! Just got the Ultimate Sam Comment Summaries updated with the comments from Coley, Deepspace and Chopingal!

                                Click here to peruse the updated posts (scroll down through the first 5 posts of the page)

                                Astro, this is just a fantastic job - complete with all the links, clips and captures. You are awesome for doing this. I have just lost myself for a while re reading everyone's comments - I think everyone did the poll proud.

                                Now is there any way it can be stored for easy access. Can I download it with all the highlights and pictures to my computer - help all you technophiles!!

                                Many, many thanks again Astro