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    Originally posted by KatG View Post
    I was glad to see the interview. I'm still not sure if it's something I'll enjoy, vampires, werewolves etc, but it's not straight out horror and if the premise is good, I'll probably give it go. Looking forward to the 2 hour pilot, to see for sure.
    I too am glad it's not straight horror, it sounds like something I can deal with

    I'm really excited about this, both the technical aspect (I'm a geek at heart) and seeing Amanda in a different show. I think it's great that they actually got to the pilot stage because I think (if I remember correctly) that only about 2-3% of projects ever reach the piot stage and THEN even fewer of the pilots actually succeed to becoming shows with several years behind them.

    Hopefully we'll see more interviews with people from the show over the next month - hopefully a lot more of Amanda too Did I mention I'm really excited about this?????


      Originally posted by Myrth View Post

      The Amanda Tapping Club Presents: Amanda Tapping - A Chat With Her Fans

      Friday February 16th 10am PST (Brisith Columbia: Vancouver time)

      The AT Club would like to invite you to a special online event. Amanda will join us at for an online chat, answering your questions. Amanda truly enjoys her chats with her fans and is thrilled to be participating once again.

      Please go to and submit your questions by 11pm Thurs 15th Feb PST, and we will ask as many as we can during the chat while Amanda is with us.

      We look forward to seeing you there!

      The Amanda Tapping Club

      Okay, what time is that for us Dutchies? I really want to join....

      oh and another pic, can't get enough...
      : Now you, you I would listen to if you were reading a phonebook.
      Geeky : Oh brother...
      : See I love this whole sexy librarian thing...

      Supporting Samantha Carter as leader of Atlantis


        Originally posted by minigeek View Post
        Yes, I agree it takes place in the present also. I also think they'll tie in Jack being a doctor. But I also think that Jack will turn out to be not entirely 'normal' ... one way or another, even if he did it to himself.
        It's definitely set in the present/near present. Didn't she mention that the little boy was a victim of Chernobyl?

        As to her age... first thing that popped into my mind was that she must be a vampire. But, that's kind of cliche, so I hope I'm wrong.

        Still, it sounds very interesting, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with it.

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          Just a quick post before I race out the door to Mom's house to watch the interview myself. Major, major, major thanks to LA for posting the link and ann sgc fan for the transcript. I couldn't green you, because I green you too often already!

          I refrained from waking up my hubby at midnight with plot details since he leaves for work at 0330, but I called him this morning. I told him
          that Amanda's character was 157, and I suggested that maybe she was immortal. Hubby didn't miss a beat. He says, "I could have told you Amanda Tapping was immortal."
          So hubby will be sleeping in the Samandan dog house tonight. Honestly, Amanda is the only woman my hubby gets to crush on, and I only allow this crush because it is my ticket to a GABIT convention.

          More Sanctuary spoilers
          How cool is it that Amanda will have a British accent? I love it! I also love that her character was one of the first female doctors. She's doing that role model thing again.
          Speaking of role models, I read the transcript to my daughter, and she's begging to see the new show. I told her she'd just have to wait until we check it out. It doesn't sound quite as scary as I thought it was going to be, but she'll still be barely 9 when it starts so probably not.

          Chelle, great job hooking your brother! I think my brother is going to check out Sanctuary. He likes horror and fantasy, but he isn't crazy about regular scifi. I never succeeded in hooking either of my brothers on Stargate.
          Happy Birthday MickSpeed!

          Thinking of you Deejay and praying for you daily!


            Originally posted by Kett1701 View Post
            Hi all -
            I've been an occasional lurker on this thread, but I've never posted here before.

            I have a favor to ask from you. About a week ago I got bored and was checking out various actor's listing on to see what their new projects were. I wound up at Amanda's and made the mistake of checking out the message board there as well. IMDB's message boards are usually pretty boring (and short). The subjects on the boards come up with the most recent activity bringing that particular thread to the top.

            What happened is that one of those poisonous types posted something stating that Amanda (or her people, depending upon which version she's telling) was mean to someone at Shore Leave. She also stated that Amanda was seen outside with Olivia and was smoking. The person making the accusations was NOT there and every time that we've been able to point out the truth to her, she just gets more vile.
            We successfully got her initial posts deleted, but she just moved to the new thread that my friend had started. We're working on getting that thread deleted too.

            Meanwhile, this is where you come in. Since the most recent threads show first, would some of you be willing to go to Amanda's page and make new threads there?
            I know that the people on this thread already know that Amanda is beautiful, talented, a wonderful person, etc. All that you need to do is to create a bunch of threads over there saying the same things that you say over here. By doing that, the current thread will be buried deep down and eventually go away.

            Please do not post on the current thread. That will just keep it active for her. I've already made that mistake.

            Many of you on this thread have already met Amanda and have first-hand knowledge of how wonderful she is. I don't want this vile person to have the last word in a place that a lot of strangers that haven't met Amanda will see.


            Kett Kettering
            Shore Leave Co-Chair
            Sadly, I really don't think this will help. The haters will spew their nasty comments elsewhere. We can't bury it and pretend it's not there, because it will just pop up in another thread or another forum. The best we can do is just do as we do here and and hope that people who haven't had the pleasure of meeting Amanda yet will make their way there.

            I have been lucky enough to have met Amanda five times this year and at every instance I have heard nothing but praise about how kind and open she was.

            Honestly I find it sad that people always seem to make comments about how a friend of a friend's cousin's uncle's sister-in-law met Amanda once and she was extremely rude. Very few people seem to be willing to fess up that they themselves were the ones who had a bad experience with Amanda, because in most cases, they probably would not be able to handle the questions that were asked to counter the slanderous comments. So it's much easier to just say my friend said.... therefore they do not have to offer proof.

            In my opinion, anyone who wants to make a nasty comment about an actor in public should be willing to post their true identities and an address for the actor to get in touch with them should they desire. At least a journalist who posts in rag magazines has to identify who they are and take the consequences for making slanderous comments.

            As far as Amanda smoking? I have no idea if she smokes. I do believe I read that she did smoke at one time, but smoking is not something that a person can normally do secretively and get away with it if they do it on a regular basis. Unless precautions are taken, the teeth and fingers generally will have stains, and their breath, clothing, and hair will normally reek of smoke to a non-smoker and in the past five times I have met Amanda I have yet to smell smoke on her. That's not to say she does not smoke, I just would find it very hard to believe. So, I would simply dismiss the comment as another person trying to make Amanda look badly.

            Personal rant about bad behavior at cons. Ignore if you so choose.

            I know I've had issues in the past with certain actors, but I would have no issues at all discussing it to their face. Actually I'd enjoy the opportunity. It's the people who say a bunch of crap behind an actor's back, but then act all sweet to their faces that annoy the hell out of me.

            I mean it's not like she came out on stage and told the attendees at a convention that she didn't think she had ever been to a con before when she wasn't hung-over or drunk, which I have personally heard someone else say.

            In my opinion, what an actor does in his own home or behind close doors is his/her own business. I don't care who the actor is dating/or what strange fetish they may have, nor do I care if they smoke, drink or do drugs in their off hours, but to me a convention is a time when the fans finally get a chance to meet the actors face to face and for some fans its the first time to meet someone they may idolize; so while I understand the actors may want to blow off a little steam and try to have a some fun too, they are also there to do a job. I wouldn't want to go into a business meeting and deal with a collegue who is hung over or three sheets to the wind and I certainly don't enjoy paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars to spend a weekend listening to someone discuss how messed up they got at a party the previous night. If this is the norm for cons, then perhaps they should only sell tickets to people 17+ so that those of us with children or who don't find these types of conversations humorous will know what to expect.

            But bad behavor isn't strictly limited to the actors. The fans can be worse and I think many times if an actor comes across as rude to a fan, one has to ask what one did to obtain said reaction. Perhaps, the actor was ill or having a bad day. Perhaps the fan said something that made them feel uncomfortable or nervous. They are human just like the rest of us and to expect that any actor, including Amanda, will not have an bad moment is ridiculous.

            I recall at one con, MS made a comment that he was not going to be giving hugs during photo ops any more because he had recently had a male fan ask for a hug and just as they took the photo, the fan grabbed his bum. In my opinion, this is appaling behavior and the fan was lucky MS didn't deck him. No actor should have to deal with that and I can completely understand it when they become upset. Just as if Amanda was taking a walk with her daughter during one of her breaks, I could understand if she got upset by a fans' intrusion. Too many fans seem to think that just because an actor is on television that they have every right to just invade their personal space. When an actor is at a con, doing a Q&A or a photo-op, they are making themselves accessible to fans; however, once they step off that stage they are on their own time. They do not owe anyone a special photo or autograph simply because you ran into them in the bathroom. I think people need to keep in mind. Whether or not an actor behaves rudely or poorly is a matter of opinion. I do not necessary agree with how some actors behave, but I'm sure there are other fans who have no issues with it at all and while the actors may not mind certain fans fawning over them, they probably don't feel the same way about all fans.

            Luckily for me, I've never had an actor behave rudely towards me, but then I do try to be respectful to all the actors when I meet them.

            Btw, if any actors are curious if I am speaking about them, feel free to send me a PM and I'll give you my address and phone number and we can chat.

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              Originally posted by ForeverSg1 View Post
              Hmmm, my guess is...


              ...the story takes place in the present. Though I'm not sure it will be England. The Sanctuary compound her father set up could have been anywhere in the world. However according to Amanda, Helen is suppose to be 157 years old and the Jack the Ripper killings took place in 1888 so...

              2007 - 1888 = 119
              157 - 119 =

              38 --- Helen's age when she sought Sanctuary.

              So my guess is Helen and Jack meet before the killings. They were probably colleagues. Helen falls in love with Jack. They become engaged and soon she finds out that she is pregnant with his child( out of wedlock ).

              After that I'm either guessing that Jack goes on his killing spree and she seeks Sanctuary to get away from him OR she disappears to have their child and Jack goes on a crazy killing spree...which leads us to our story.

              The part I'm interested in is the how being around the creatures in the Sanctuary has blessed or perhaps cursed Helen with long life. I'm assuming it did the same thing for her daughter and if we are to assume the young, blond girl in the picture is her daughter then that leaves the question as to how her daughter would age 18 odd years and yet Helen doesn't appear to have aged at all. Maybe it has to do with close proximity to the creatures and Helen may not have allowed her daughter to be around them until she was older?

              My husband's theory is that the aging process is just slowed substantially, but because children grow so quickly in the early years, her daughter appears to have aged 18 years over a 119 year period whereas Helen has probably only aged a year or two. Poor Helen, could you imagine having a toddler for thirty some years? Wow.

              Not really sure, but it's a very interesting premise. Definitely looking forward to the new series.

              wow this makes my head spin....but i think i agree with you
              it has to be now...and the whole thing who her daughter is...i'm curious...i also think the blond girl. ...but i will see...i'm patient


                I'm going with Kat on this one. We've tried making other forums nice places, and it is a depressing task. Just stay here. Bring your friends. We've told Amanda to avoid the other places, and you should, too. Sky and the other mods make this a safe haven. Kamil does the same at I bet Myrth handles things at theamandatappingclub.


                  Originally posted by Gate gal View Post
                  I'm going with Kat on this one. We've tried making other forums nice places, and it is a depressing task. Just stay here. Bring your friends. We've told Amanda to avoid the other places, and you should, too. Sky and the other mods make this a safe haven. Kamil does the same at I bet Myrth handles things at theamandatappingclub.
                  I think you're all right, and I just want to say a big Kudos to the mods for making this thread such a fun, enjoyable and honest place to be. It's nice to come somewhere where I can actually say I Love Amanda and Sam and not get a horde of comments thrown at me. I respect everyone's opinion so I won't say anything nasty about this IMDB thing, but looking at it I don't think suppressing it would really honestly help, since they've already done that and it didn't work.

                  Just find them all and bring them here.

                  Now about Sanctuary...

                  I definitely agree about it being set in the present, which makes it so much more interesting. This Helen is old so she'll probably have like some of those 'old' ways about her and stuff; it'll be interesting to see someone that old in a present-day show. I don't really know much about Jack the Ripper (I guess I really have been living on another planet) but it does sound very cool.

                  I was wondering if her age meant that it's because some kind of Powers believes that she's the only one capable of running this sanctuary or that she has some divine reason or she was chosen for the job. Very cool

                  I'm usually quite patient but I've gotta say I'm dying to watch this, I can't wait till Spring.

                  Speaking of seasons... it's snowing again! Heavily. It does look very pretty but I have to work near the doors at work Boo, not fun.

                  Made by the lovely Jakie


                    Hi Everyone,

                    How is everyone doing? I've just seen Amanda's newest interview doesn't Amanda look absolutely amazing(as always ) Sanctuary sounds like its going to be an interesting show, I can't wait to see it I'm so excited...

                    I think..

                    Helen sounds like she's been though some tough stuff in her 157 years, being the mother of Jack The Rippers child is enough to make anyone interesting I think, I can wait to see what every bodies "special" abilities are and fine out more about how all these "people" found Sanctuary.

                    Roll on spring

                    I haven't been here for a few days so..
                    Hi to any newbies I missed
                    well done to Samanda's who reached a milestone
                    and if I missed anyone's B'Day hope you had a great day

                    Thanks to Ambermoon for the wonderful Avatar Sig by: Me


                      im really looking foward to seeing sanctuary, i think it'll be good, and as always im sure amanda will be great. its been snowing here all day, its eased up now though.

                      sig by starlover1990


                        I am woefully and painfully slow when it comes to catching up. Dang wrong side of the pond I am thrilled that we've had more news on Sanctuary! Looks like it'll be the right shade of dark and daring. And greenscreen - wow - talk about rustling up some skills! Question: Do we have to 'spoiler' our talk on the series? Just so I know for future reference . Anything with Amanda is my cup of tea. And I do believe she has a knack for accents, I don't think she'll let the Brits down. And 157... man she looks... good for her age


                          Hey guys, just thought I'd pop in and ask you guys to vote for Carter in the 'H&H game Women of Stargate' thread in the 'Fun and Games' section. You can only add/minus one point per post. I'm sure you guys would be happy to lol.


                          (Credit to RepliCartertje for the beautiful sig and to Mala for smilies.)


                            Hey ann_sgcfan! Congrats on 1000!

                            Originally posted by StargateSister View Post
                            Yeah, u see, personnally I cant wait to see Amanda in Atlantis, but I don't want her to be a too bigger part. i want to remember Sam by her amazing work on SG-1, and part of the magic of Atlantis is that the characters are all different to SG-1 making it unique. I relly admire Amanda and Sam and would be a shame to see Sam's role diminished through Atlantis ( and beleive when I say I am in no way bagging Atlantis coz it rocks hard!) I just dont want Sam to be remembered by being a smaller role on a different show!

                            Plz tell the truth? Am I betraying Sam/Amanda?

                            The 'rents see it as I am... All the put downs and the questions of betrayal...
                            I'm sure someone's already answered this, but I personally don't think you're betraying the actor (I don't think you can betray a character ). It's your own opinion and preference. Obviously you like Sam and Amanda, so I don't think there's any problem with being worried about what her role will be on Atlantis.

                            ETA: Thanks for the link, Nikki. I ventured into the thread, and tried to vote, but I just couldn't. It pains me to have to choose.

                            ETA2: As for the youtube video recognition, I wouldn't be surprised if she was talking about the vids they play at conventions. I don't see her actively looking for vids on youtube.
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                              Originally posted by Mandysg1 View Post
                              She sounds perfectly normal to me
                              She did to me too. Thanks LA Doyle for posting the link to the interview. I like the sound of AT's character on Sanctuary.
                              On a superficial note, I thought AT looked great as usual.


                                Originally posted by ForeverSg1 View Post
                                Sadly, I really don't think this will help. The haters will spew their nasty comments elsewhere.
                                Honestly I find it sad that people always seem to make comments about how a friend of a friend's cousin's uncle's sister-in-law met Amanda once and she was extremely rude. Very few people seem to be willing to fess up that they themselves were the ones who had a bad experience with Amanda, because in most cases, they probably would not be able to handle the questions that were asked to counter the slanderous comments. So it's much easier to just say my friend said.... therefore they do not have to offer proof.
                                As far as Amanda smoking? I have no idea if she smokes.
                                First, you're probably right regarding it not stopping her. She has posts all over the place about a bunch of actors. That seems to be her "thing". I was concerned that people that have no idea that there even IS a Gateworld would have that as their only frame of reference and it pained me to let it stand. It's easy to avoid those types on Gateworld because they do such a good job of keeping them in their own threads and allowing the true fans their safe place.
                                Second, you hit it on the head again about the "friend of a friend" stuff. I've yet to find anyone that has met Amanda themselves that had nasty things to say about the experience.
                                Third, I can tell you that she no longer smokes. She quit because she was having a child and has not gone back.

                                At least here I can state that fact and know that I will not be called a liar and pathetic because I believe what Amanda herself said.

                                Thanks for being supportive.