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    Originally posted by tsaxlady View Post
    Sam would not mock the Rose Parade this year - she would watch it with Teal'c since George Lucas is the Grand Marshal - and one of the big highlights is to be the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars Float with the Grambling University Marching Band.
    ROTFLOL! Spot on! Teal'c would be lovin' it ...


      Hi guys,

      Hows everyone today? Many well done on part 4 of the Samanda story.... I'm excited waiting to read the next bit

      Thanks to Ambermoon for the wonderful Avatar Sig by: Me


        Happy New Year



          Happy New Year to our Australian cousins!

          We've still got nine and a half hours to go!
          Yepp, it's blank down here.


            Originally posted by Gate gal View Post
            O.K., the link to the Samanda story isn't working for me. Is anyone else having trouble or is it just me?
            I can't tell you exactly which posts this comment refers to, but...

            The first link posted here on Samanda didn't work for me (and I got confused on the site itself), but the second link did. I would suggest trying another link. They're sprinkled about on this thread.

            Question, folks. By folks, I mean Sky, I think. As far as the story is concerned, if we pick up a part, how fast does it have to go up? I'm not as speedy as some of the masterminds here.

            *takes a deep breath* Sign me up for a part, Sky.

            In memory of Deejay.
            May we all be so well loved.


              Originally posted by kamjul View Post
              Samandans Story - Mandysg1's Part Is Up.
              Holy Hannah this is some story! Just finished reading all of it now. You guys are incredible! More please



                Originally posted by ShimmeringStar View Post
                Great job, Mandy! And thanks Kamil for getting it up so quick!

                *offers tagger and Denise moral support* Go Tttttt! Go-oh Ttttt! Go Dddd! Go-oh Dddddd!

                Next up Strix and then her Überness.

                *eyes thread*

                Now that we're on a roll... more volunteers? C'mon y'all... y'know you can do it. Just a thousand words or less of Sam-centric thoughts....
                Samandan Scribes, I just had a chance to go over and read the added chapters - way to go! Wonderful flow to the story which surprises me a bit as I thought each writer's own voice would make it uneven but Samandans are on a roll! Thanks to JuliaR for starting us off!

                I'm volunteering (gulp) for the chapter after Her Uberness ... Strix and Ooobs ... I'll have my work cut out for me ... but I like challenges!

                So, Kamil, list me after Mary Beth.



                  Originally posted by scifithinker View Post
                  Question, folks. By folks, I mean Sky, I think. As far as the story is concerned, if we pick up a part, how fast does it have to go up? I'm not as speedy as some of the masterminds here.

                  *takes a deep breath* Sign me up for a part, Sky.
                  sft, sorry! I just read this and you posted right before me this morning ... do you want to go right after Uber/Mary Beth or can I pick up that slot as I first asked?

                  Either way, I'm willing to keep the flow going and write a chapter.

                  Not sure who has to confirm the sequence but think it is Kamil. Sky?


                    Originally posted by SG1Poz View Post
                    I wish the others that so willingly support and agree with my stance on this matter would publicy post here as well. I thought I was the shy one
                    Tagger, it would be one thing to discuss the intimate details or lack of her brothers untimely death but I'm speaking of supporting Amanda with our sympathies and condolences.
                    As one of the supporters of this, sent privately to me, "It isn't correct to try to control one's responses to grief by donating whether they should openly send condolences or not (paraphrasing)." I totally agree. I also understand that there are nut cases out there but that's why we have Sky and company to delete any off color posts.
                    This hopefully is the last post from me on this matter as I really don't want to upset anyone. It does help to release but let those that want to... do it in their own way, whether it be in the privacy of prayers or in a public manner. Of course I mean in a positive way.

                    My mom is still with us. I'm about to leave for the hospital. I'll need to just take my time but I feel I can make it today. Thanks for asking.
                    I've got so much catching up to do, that I was holding off posting much until I read through. However since you so kindly asked, I will chime in and say that I agree with you.

                    Honestly, not talking about or having people expressing condolences, doesn't make the pain go away. If Amanda had chosen not to say anything to her fans regarding the death of her brother, then it would be appropriate to leave it be, but the fact is that she did post something. She told her fans what happened, even though it was hard for her to type it. Having done so, I would imagine that she would be quite surprised and hurt even, if no one did express condolences or asked if maybe they could donate to a charity for epilepsy research. After all, she knows what her fans are like. That like her, they are generally a very caring, supportive group of people.

                    Am I saying that we should ask for nitty gritty details about what happened? No. Not at all. However, expressing our sympathy and support and encouragement in message form, should not be stifled. After all, sympathy cards are sent all the time, and can be a comfort later on. Receiving and reading condolences helps with the grief process and lets the person know that the sender cares.

                    So, that's my 2 cents for what it's worth.

                    So, to Amanda, if you choose to read it
                    I'm so sorry for your loss. It's a difficult thing to lose someone we love, especially when it's unexpected. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

                    And Poz, I hope you made it to the hospital. Take it easy and know that you're in our thoughts and prayers as well.
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                      Originally posted by Mandysg1 View Post
                      *whew* I just e-mailed my part to Kamil

                      get ready Tagger

                      Dratted time difference, still the wee hours here.

                      I'll run over and read it.

                      Beginning to chicken, freak, spaz out.

                      You guys can write, my creative skills amount to adding astericks between the chapters....

                      Zeta reader anyone? (or actually omega).

                      I'll be sure to contribute once all the hard work is done - which reminds me, where is Sky?
                      Words have tremendous power. The right words spoken by the right people at the right times can lift up communities, transform lives, mend relationships, break hearts—even topple empires.
                      Quint Studer


                        Originally posted by majorsal View Post
                        oh, i'm sure she's looking at vala, but sam only 'plays' with pitchers on her baseball team, not other catchers.
                        The fuh?!


                          Originally posted by ChopinGal View Post
                          Samandans, have you come out of the wormhole closet?! Do your friends and family know about your (choose one):

                          a) strong interest in
                          b) obsession with
                          c) devotion to
                          d) willingness to travel great distances for
                          e) all of the above

                          Stargate SG1 and all things Amanda

                          How did you break the news to the outer world? Or, are you still hiding your Stargate magazines under your bed? Stashing your boxed sets of DVDs in back of your husband's video library?

                          Come out, come out wherever you are ... fellow Samandans, how did you first get hooked on the show and especially Sam Carter? How long have you been watching? Have you ever attended a con? Whose autographs have you managed to get? What do you plan to do once Season 10 comes to an end?
                          Only my family and my "invisible" friends know how truly obsessed I am. RL friends, know that I like the show a lot, a little more than your average fan, however they don't know and probably never will know my how great my obsession really is.

                          As for getting hooked on the show, I was hooked when I saw the movie. Finding out they were going to make a series on it, was icing on the cake. In fact, Stargate was the only reason I had Showtime, and as soon they let it go, I let my subscription go too. I've been to one con, Gatecon 2002. Had my picture made with Colin Cunningham, Don S. Davis, Corin Nemec Peter Williams and of course Amanda. Was able to get autographs from Colin, JR Bourne, Peter Williams and DSD.

                          When S10 comes to an end, I'll keep watching re-runs and DVDs of S1-S8, reading fanfic and the Stargate novels, watching Atlantis, and I'll check out the movies for old times sake. And of course, I'll keep following Amanda's career. I have a feeling she's gonna go far.

                          Originally posted by Gate gal View Post
                          Now, since we are going for balance here. Let's all share our favorite Sam moment for Season 1 (then we can do 2, 3, 4, so on). Yes, I know we've done this before, but let's do it again.

                          Mine was at the end of Emancipation where she kicked her captor's butt! I think it set the stage for Soldier Sam better than anything else (even better than the "just because my sexual organs are on the inside" comment from the pilot).
                          My favorite Sam moment from S1 has to be in Singularity, when she left Cassie and was going back up in the elevator and totally lost it. It was at that moment that I thought "wow, this woman can act". That scene and her going back for Cassie sealed my admiration for Carter and from then on, Sam was my favorite character.


                            Originally posted by Skydiver View Post
                            looks up, hey, y'all realize we're on course to hit 60,000 posts soon???

                            wonder if we can do it within the next 24 hours and hit 60K for the new year??
                            It would definitely be a cool way to celebrate - but what do we use as our time for New Years?

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                              Originally posted by ReganX View Post
                              It would definitely be a cool way to celebrate - but what do we use as our time for New Years?
                              Anytime after 60,000 posts of course

                              It's off to bed for me, no more partying - 3.30am and way too much sangria!!

                              For those Samanda's yet to celebrate - have a good one


                                ok, story wise, tagger and i are up - gimme some time please, i haven't had time to read the last 2 chapters yet

                                then strix

                                You two can switch if you want. You have plenty of time to work it out and see who wants to go after oobs

                                as to how long it takes as long as it takes, but for the sake of finish the story, i'td be good if you could definitely get it done in less than a week.

                                each fork is 1000 words, which is about 2 pages or so, so it's really not all that long.

                                If folks end up wiht needing more time, maybe 2-3 can work together and combine their quota to have a really long chapter with three authors. I haven't cleared this with kamil but i doubt he'll mind. I think the main reason for the 1000 word limit is to keep one person from monopolizing the whole thing

                                as to when to celebrate new years...well it is already 2007 over in aussie land

                                we'll have a 24 hour celebration, cause that's about how l ong it'll last

                                eta: scifithinkier, did i see you volunteering???
                                Where in the World is George Hammond?