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    Originally posted by astrogeologist
    Great link for Gemini, Sally, thanks!
    i found another link for some *great* sam/amanda photos. i 'think' i got it off the shipper thread (i'm going to ask, because i want to ask about this one photo). anyhoo, it's got some really fun pics. here's the link:

    click on gallery.




      Originally posted by ÜberSG-1Fan
      It's okay to say these kinds of things once the show is cancelled...
      Exactly why I would love to see an interview with AT, or any of the ORIGINAL main cast members once the show and any related movies, etc., that they may be involved in are done and overwith because that is when I think you will get the real open and honest opinions they have about the changes and the overall the direction the show has taken in it's twilight years.

      The main cast is all probably being paid quite handsomely after 8 years and they do not want to jeopardize that income or any income from movies, games, etc.,, they may make in the future so it may be a long wait but I really want to hear from them years from now when all is said and done, especially AT after hearing what she had to say about Anise's character. That was about as much criticism I have ever heard from her, or from anyone else about the show in it's 8 years (except for when MS left). At this point in time, this fork in the road so to speak, TPTB know that if they do not control the cast now, and if any negativity starts coming from the cast or crew, they will be in bigger trouble then they already are with fans leaving the show behind so, IMO, TPTB and the suits are doing everything they can to "control" what the cast and crew say and do with the public.


        they can only keep it up for so long.

        course, all they need to do is entice folks for another 3 months or so.

        Thus far, we do only really have spoilers for the first 5 or so, and we knew that those were going to be drastically, horifically different because of the lack of two of the show's four main stars.

        now, i'm predjudice against it simply because i am seeing a shift of the show towards the dumber, sexier type of entertainment. Doesnt' appeal to me. I watched American Pie 1 & 2 and coulda shot myself for wasting my money on such complete and utter drek.

        but so many folks had been talking about it and saying how fantastic it is...boy do we not have the same definition of 'fantastic'

        however, that movie was enough of a hit that it spawned 2 sequels.

        I"m looking forward to amanda's return because i'm hoping this fanboy junk is just the best they could come up with to fill in the absence of half thier cast. if it is, great, if not...hey, i do know where teh off button is, and i'm not afraid to use it. Stargate won't be the first show i've stopped watching

        However, while they may think that this incessant 'isn't it great!!!!!' promoting is going to reassure me, it doesn't. all it does is show me that htey're scared too. they'e unsure and nervous and afraid and are trying desperately to hide it

        for the first time in years, i think they know that they stand a dang good job of getting cancelled
        Where in the World is George Hammond?



          Originally posted by chocdoc
          Yup. I'm feeling in the same sarcastic mood. And I too can't believe, like binkpmmc, that this is his favorite in the last several seasons!! Yikes!!
          Yesterday I was in an oh-so Sam/Jack shippy mood and I was little miss "Carter will be the kick-butt SG-1 teamleader and I can't wait for season 9 girl"...

          But after seeing those Sam-less pictures and continuing to hear a whole lot of nothing about Sam....


          I hate it when I get like this...

          On a much happier note, I'm POST 6,000 on the SaGC Thread!!!!! WooHooo!!!

          ...You're ALWAYS Welcome in Samanda: Amanda's Community of New Fans and Old Friends...


            As I said, running scared.....and using hype to try to mould fan opinion.

            I agree with you on this, Skydiver!


              Originally posted by ÜberSG-1Fan
              Interesting how Jolene Blalock had some not-so-nice things to say about the Enterprise series finale...

              It's okay to say these kinds of things once the show is cancelled...
              of course.

              there's a saying 'you don't piddle in the sandbox'

              she's not in the sandbox anymore

              i will be very, very surprised if anyonoe says anything remotely negative about s9.

              just the fact that skiffy is going to preview the new eps during monday re-runs tells me how spooked they are. They want to snag the fans of the older eps and entice them over to the 'better' eps. and they're willing to lose ad revenue to do it.

              they're scared
              Where in the World is George Hammond?



                I am stunned that she would not be nominated for Gemini - playing both of those characters while keeping them so separate that you would think it was 2 different people and getting it all dead-on straight and perfect when she was practically in every scene with herself - it is amazing that they didn't put Gemini up.


                  Originally posted by ÜberSG-1Fan
                  Yeah. It's his favorite and surprise, surprise...Claudia Black's in it! And what a coincidence...she's going to be in the first 5 episodes of Season 9! What dumb luck that is...

                  Oh and btw no Sam in PU...but it's his fav...

                  Alrighty then.
                  and it's also, theoretically, the old eps that's the most like what the first part of s9 will be

                  of COURSE he's gonna hype it.

                  he was the 'star', he got the girl, so to speak, and it's the most blatant example of fanboyitis they got
                  Where in the World is George Hammond?



                    Originally posted by Skydiver
                    just the fact that skiffy is going to preview the new eps during monday re-runs tells me how spooked they are. They want to snag the fans of the older eps and entice them over to the 'better' eps. and they're willing to lose ad revenue to do it.

                    they're scared
                    Good point! If they're smart, they'll entice me with something I want to see.....not boobs, leather and BB stealing King Arthur's sword!


                      Looks up, Uber, honey,

                      congrats on post 6000!!!!
                      Where in the World is George Hammond?



                        Originally posted by Skydiver
                        Looks up, Uber, honey,

                        congrats on post 6000!!!!
                        *Über takes a bow*

                        Thank you, thank you.

                        I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my fans and fellow Samandans, without whom I would not be here tonight. I also want to thank the members of the academy...

                        ...wait, wrong speech.

                        How about instead I thank AT...for being such a gracious queen, and Sam...for being such a super cool character.

                        Is there anything you'd like add Sam? Anything you'd like to say to the legions of people who love you out there...the millions upon millions of your fans scattered across the globe?

                        SAM: (clears throat nervously) Um...thanks.

                        Last edited by Uber; 27 April 2005, 06:30 PM.

                        ...You're ALWAYS Welcome in Samanda: Amanda's Community of New Fans and Old Friends...


                          Originally posted by chocdoc
                          Yup. I'm feeling in the same sarcastic mood. And I too can't believe, like binkpmmc, that this is his favorite in the last several seasons!! Yikes!!

                          oh, i can
                          Where in the World is George Hammond?



                            Originally posted by Coley
                            Oh Yea Times

                            Written by Coley and Contributions from ChopinGal. Edited, and wisely censored by ChopinGal

                            The Queen has a Princess!

                            Just like the Oh Yea Times it is better late than never and lovely little Olivia arrived a week overdue and the Kingdom of Samanda was awash with cheer and goodwill for the family

                            It is hoped that the Royal Photographer and Nanny may soon provide a photo of the little cherub. The palace has been bustling since her birth ... nappies blowing on the clothesline and all sorts of gifts arriving at the Gate. Nanny has reported that the small staff weapons and other alien playthings will have to be set aside until Olivia is old enough to be trained in their proper use. Baby has already taken a liking to the small flying objects on her mobile. Seems to get very excited when the Queen recites stories of her previous adventures.

                            All our best wishes to the Royal Family!

                            Samanda Citizenship Grows

                            The official census taker – Skydiver has reported that the permanent residents of Samanda have almost doubled over the past month. The population growth has been welcomed by the Royal Accountant as great financial news for the kingdom, the Court Jester has increased her chances of actually getting a laugh, the Head of Security has extended his team to a total of 3 strapping chaps and consequently he is feeling much more safe – beware the trolls, The Royal Nanny is getting excited about the prospect of more business, said Royal Nanny – ForeverSG1, Astrogeologist and UberSG1Fan have got an increased customer base for their excellent photo manipulations and screen captures, the Vice President is in glee that the longevity of the thread seems to be more or less guaranteed, The Queen can only be pleased at the growth in her Kingdom and the President is roaming the land taking all the credit (as Presidents do)!
                            With new visitors occasionally venturing to post on the thread it is hoped this growth rate will continue apace.

                            Stargate Inauguration Day – 1speed4Sam

                            The day started off well, 1speed actually arrived on time at my humble abode, and yet more glee - the sun was shining yet a stiff easterly breeze guaranteed that 1s would stay out of his Lycra.

                            The day was a trade – 1s enjoys the company of a like minded Lancastrian out on the Yorkshire moors (safety in pairs when we cross the border!) and I, on behalf of the kingdom, get to break the chaps duck by showing the film that started the whole thing off – Stargate The Movie!!!
                            The idea for this trade was that 1s would be suitably tired at the end of the day to happily relax in front of the telly for a couple of hours without protest, but not too tired to fall asleep in the middle of what is generally accepted as being an unnecessarily long movie.

                            The route chosen by 1s was mixed terrain and provided plenty of lung busting ascents for the mid-life-crisis-bearing single speed owner. He actually stunned me into silence as he pulled away on many of the ascents (Boy I must do better next time). The ride was largely uneventful apart from me testing my unplanned dismount technique whilst freewheeling downhill. I was pleased with my graceful display and by the look of glee on 1s’s face he was pleased too. I escaped without serious injury but with barbed sarcasm ringing in my ears most of the way back to the car.

                            Wash and clean up time back at base and then put my culinary skills into practice with a much relied upon recipe which can be found in a later article.

                            I proceeded, over tea, to explain the nature of the Kingdom in more detail, the citizens and their characters and of course a dose of what makes Sam Carter and Amanda Tapping so special. Once tea was consumed 1s excused himself under the premise of getting something out of the car. Knowing full well his escape plan would be foiled as I had placed my car right behind his I casually asked him if he “needed an aspirin already?” and the snarky response was “No my ear plugs!” Feelings hurt I knew plan b would have to be brought into action

                            The movie!! 1s was placed in prime viewing location and then under plan b (advised by the Court Jester) was firmly tied down to prevent premature departure!

                            You can catch 1s’s summary of the events of the day on the forum thread a few pages back!! Suffice to say COTG will be showing before the end of May and there is an open invite if anyone wishes to join us!

                            Samandan Radio – The Accountants Gig

                            Calling all you music fans out there the all new Samandan radio station will shortly be hitting the airwaves. Currently the only volunteer for the guest DJ spot is the much maligned Royal Accountant and here she is with a low-down of what to expect.

                            “Well folks I wanted to keep the show on Stargate and Sam topic and we’ve got a right Royal feast of songs lined up for you over the coming weeks. In the first show is a tribute to the much loved season 1 episode “Solitudes” and we’ll be playing a selection of appropriate tunes to fit the theme. Already lined up next to the turntable are”:

                            just us - Chuck Loeb
                            I shiver - Robert Cray
                            Snowfall - Chris Connor
                            Cheek to cheek - Eva Cassidy
                            Together alone - Crowded House
                            Cool love - Chris Isaac
                            Hole in the ice - Neil Finn
                            Shakin' all over - Van Morrison
                            Sugar coated iceberg - The Lightening Seeds
                            Antarctica - Vangelis
                            Shiver - Coldplay
                            The freeze - Spandau Ballet
                            Keep me from the cold - Curtis Stigers

                            “In addition we have a selection of tunes to the theme of Stargate Characters and this selection includes:-“

                            The Goa’uld – Golden Eye - Tina Turner
                            Replicarter – Evil Woman – ELO
                            Daniel Jackson – How to be Dead – Snow Patrol
                            Teal’c – Deep and Wide and Tall – Aztec Camera
                            SGC Personnel – Life’s an Elevator – Trex

                            “And in response to some recent posts”

                            To the SG1 Guys – It ain’t the Meat it’s the Motion – by Maria Muldar

                            “So guys and gals make sure you make a note in your diary – every Friday night at 7.30 GMT to tune in to Samandan Radio somewhere on medium wave”!

                            Recipe of the Week

                            Serves 2 after active day

                            Ikg Courgettes (zuchinni)
                            Clove of Garlic
                            Olive Oil
                            Crème Fraiche
                            Fresh Parmesan cheese
                            Pasta twists (2 servings)

                            Cut courgettes into thin slices, gently heat desert spoon of olive oil in a large pan, add crushed garlic and the courgettes, gently fry, add salt to bring out the juices.

                            (Meanwhile add 2 portions of pasta twists to pan and cook)

                            Fry until courgettes turn to mush, remove from heat, add 3 desert spoons of crème freche (or to taste) and 2 tablespoons of Parmesan cheese (or to taste)
                            Return to heat and just bring to bubbling. Mix with pasta and serve.

                            Public Health Notice:

                            Are you feeling sluggish and out of sorts? Wearing more camouflage than usual? Have a sudden attachment to black T-shirts? Sometimes edgy and dreaming of large rings of water and flying objects? You may need to see the Royal Physician as it has been noted that there seems to be a recent epidemic of SDS in the kingdom.

                            Stargate Deprivation Syndrome occurs seasonally, especially during the change of the season months of March through June. Normally good-natured citizens take a turn for the worse, become quite surly and have been known to accost each other on the streets. The Royal Head of Security has more arrests for unruly behaviour at this time of year than any other.

                            The Royal Physician can prescribe mild sedatives and anti-depressants to calm the jitters. Self medication with sloe gin fizz and spiked blue jello are also a good remedy. A heavy dose of select fanfic also works as a short-term cure. By late July, the symptoms seem to lessen; however, this year, it may take considerably longer as the Queen twill be not available to her public until August or September.

                            Jester’s Joke of the Week

                            So! 2 nuns driving down the road in Transylvania and all of a sudden a great big scary Vampire jumps out right in front of the car. So the nun driving says to the other “Quick show him your cross!, show him your cross!!” so she winds down the window, leans out and says “Get out of the way you toothy so-and-so!”

                            Book club

                            How We Learned to Love Slash by Strix and CarterSlave

                            Surviving the Mirth of a Court Jester by the Royal Accountant

                            Where Angels Fear to Tread – by The Jester – docu biography on the Keeper of the Flame. How one woman has single handedly kept all strands of a forum thread together

                            The Sound of Silence – by Nearly Circular – How to tag music and dialogue to screen caps

                            Where Do I Go From Here – By Skydiver. A Series of short musings on what to do now the Sam polls have ended.

                            Safe Landings and Sarcasm – by The Royal Accountant – My Life on a Mountain Bike

                            Coping with Denial – By Jcfan – the intermittent SAGCT poster bears her soul on coping day-to-day with constant cravings for the SAGCT.

                            It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vet – By Coley – A less than serious account of the recent enforced exile from SAGCT, coping with withdrawals, anxiety attacks on post build up, the support of thread posters, frustration with all things internet, installation of Firefox and finally the homecoming via the purchase of a new computer.

                            How to be a Stargate Groupie - by MajorSam

                            Final Quotes

                            For those on this side of the pond enduring the serial lying season in the run up to the General Election we have:-

                            “An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will stay bought” – Simon Cameron

                            One for Stargate

                            “An actor should be able to create the Universe in the palm of his hand” – Laurence Sterne

                            Finally one that I currently treasure:-

                            “Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one!” - A. J. Liebling

                            Unless they install ChopinGal as Ed’!

                            Lost and Found

                            Found - Man's black sleeveless T-shirt, Size XXL, in back of The Old Hags Inn
                            This was absolutely hilarious! ROTFLMAO! Click here
                            Thanks so much for creating and posting this for us!

                            <<<<<And Click Here >>>>>

                            And... of course, some special Royal Blue Jello for the Royal Accountant, The Court Jester and 1Speed4Sam


                              Originally posted by Strix varia
                              I finally saw Gemini. Yes, a friend burned me a CD with it on it, and I couldn't wait til Friday. And I just have to say, I thought this episode was great! AT's performance was brilliant! The writing was awesome; the plot was gripping; and the characters were true.
                              Strix's complete post
                              Great post, Strix. Right after I saw Gemini (when it first aired here in the US), I felt much the same way - and I posted this on the Gemini episode thread:
                              Originally posted by astrogeologist
                              Originally posted by Skydiver
                              Let's pretend that Daniel wasn't off doing Promie Unbound and was there at the alpha site. Then t here would have been another person in the mix, another person to be suckered in, or to play the devil's advocate, one or the other

                              [...] Sam's taken the hit to get RC out in the world and to nullify jack's gun
                              I saw Gemini for the first time last night - and I thought it was a great episode and I thought it was true to the humanity of Sam's character.

                              This episode was similar to Entity in that Sam's curiosity, heart and willingness to trust were at the forefront. I could easily imagine this episode playing out the same way with Daniel in Sam's role.

                              I remember so vividly in the episode 'Entity' when Daniel was talking to Jack and Teal'c just after the Entity had taken over Sam.

                              DANIEL (to Jack): So basically you're saying if we had just listened to you in the first place and blown it up. No seriously, I'm asking, is that what you're saying?

                              TEAL'C: If we had destroyed the entity Daniel Jackson, Major Carter would not have been adversely affected.

                              DANIEL: Okay, I know your first instinct is to protect, both of you, that's your job, that's what you do but no matter what happens, no matter how this turns out, Sam wasn't wrong to try to communicate with it.

                              I could easily see 'Gemini' splitting SG-1 with Jack and Teal'c on one side of the discussion and Sam and Daniel on the other.

                              How or where do we want humanity to develop? Shoot first and don't take any chances? Or are the potential chances worth the risk of extending trust? Of course, the answer is sometimes yes, and sometimes no. So how do we tell the difference?

                              In Gemini, there was no way to tell which was the correct path (unless you'd read spoilers... which Jack, Sam and Teal'c didn't get to do!). Sam could have been right... Replicarter could have been telling the truth - and cooperation and trust may have been their only way to stay ahead of Fifth.

                              Jack may have seemed to want to take the hardline path and simply destroy Replicarter, but he's no longer the hard, cold Black Ops O'Neill as portrayed by Kurt Russell in the original movie - that character would never have survived 8 years on the TV series - the character had to soften a bit... have some positive hopefullness (get beyond the suicidal O'Neill). In Entity, Jack had to allow Sam to try and communicate with the Entity and in Gemini, they had to take the chance with Replicarter.

                              And even Teal'c didn't stay resolute on destroying the Replicarter. He had the opportunity - Replicarter asked him to do it when the two of them were alone in that interrogation room... but he faltered. His humanity swayed him when there was no one else in the room to do so. Even Teal'c doesn't have a heart that allows the world to be painted in black and whites.

                              The question of who and when to trust was also featured in the episode 'Forsaken'. The aliens that they first meet turn out to be the escaped prisoners... and the ones that 'attack' them turn out to be the 'good guys'... In particular, the conversation between Carter and Corso applies directly to the theme of trust:

                              CORSO: Colonel O’Neill doesn’t trust us, does he?

                              CARTER: [...] Colonel O’Neill is less concerned with showing distrust.

                              CORSO: So why are you helping us?

                              CARTER: Well it’s the only way you make new friends. Take a chance on someone and hope they don’t make you regret it.

                              This very same question was tackled in the original movie... Daniel was the voice of hope and trust who opened himself to the experience of meeting new people... contrasted against those who intended to solve the problem with a suicide mission and a nuclear bomb. The Abydossians were considered acceptable collateral damage. Daniel and Skaara reached the humanity in O'Neill's soul and they didn't annihilate the Abydossians or their 'Gate. And this seems right, doesn't it? Isn't that what we should want to see? O'Neill still has a heart and he can't condemn the Abydossians to death?

                              But then what happens? The Children of the Gods. And the Air Force is dumbfounded to find out that the Abydossians and their Gate are still around... hmmm... and some poor female air force officer is snatched by Apophis and SGC personnel die in the Gateroom firefight. And then so Sha're and Skaara are Goa'ulded. So does the blame lay with O'Neill? Was he too weak in the original movie? Should he have blown up the Abydossian gate site? What about his lies in his report when he got back? If he hadn't lied would that female officer have been abducted - and what about those soldiers who died in that gateroom firefight - could that have been prevented if O'Neill hadn't allowed his humanity and heart to control his actions? You can bet that there were 'higher ups' in the US Air Force who were definitely pissed at one Jack O'Neill! (Good thing Hammond was reasonable and had a heart of his own).

                              At any rate, I think that Gemini re-opened questions that the show has visited before. How much should we trust? How conservative should we be? If we don't extend trust, then we will lose so many opportunities to learn, to grow, to share, to possibly advance or save humanity. But each time we trust, we lay ourselves open to attack.

                              It's not surprising that the life experiences of O'Neill and Teal'c would make them more likely to distrust and less likely to take the chance of trusting new people and new situations. Sam and Daniel do not have the same backgrounds that O'Neill and Teal'c do... Sam and Daniel are still willing to extend that trust - to take the chance of being hurt. And neither O'Neill or Teal'c are as closed-off (or hard) as they were 8 years ago.

                              RepliCarter took full advantage of this.
                              Now that *was* scary.
                              RepliCarter had analysed this situation thoroughly - and correctly... very scary. O'Neill and Teal'c may not trust Replicaters... but who would expect that RepliCarter would so astutely predict their emotions? Carter doesn't show that side of herself... in fact, Carter is generally portrayed as *not* being extremely confident (or arrogant) in the personal relations arena.

                              Overall, as an episode in the Stargate saga, I thought that Gemini was true to the series characters, true to previous episodes and dilemmas... and it brought the Replicators back to Supreme Threat status by taking away the usefulness of the weapon invented in 'New Order'. Sci Fi series ratings are almost higher when the 'good guys' are struggling against an enemy that appears to be overwhelming and/or unstoppable. In 'New Order' they took away and reduced some of the menace from the Replicators by inventing that gun... so 'Gemini' took the gun away and restored the Replicators back to the highest threat level.
                              Originally posted by ChopinGal
                     that [the episode Gemini] will produce even more interesting episodes in the future.
                              As far as the portrayal of Carter's character in Gemini, I think it was pretty well done - and it's how I want to see Carter - still willing to take the chance. Hope still resides. Because if that hope is ever quashed... if she were to evolve toward something like one of the 'inhuman killing machines' in that other Kurt Russell movie 'Soldiers', then the real Sam Carter would have died.

                              Sam Carter is on SG-1, a special operations team. SG-1 is not Black Ops. SG-1 is not an assassination team. SG-1 is a first contact and exploration team. Their mission is to meet new civilizations and to establish relations... to hopefully assist in the protection of Earth with both new technologies and new alliances.

                              Sam Carter joined the Air Force with the original goal of becoming an astronaut. She put her heart into becoming a good soldier, but she would never volunteer for the Black Ops career track. And that's OK. Most soldier don't opt for Black Ops. Most soldiers are not hard-hearted killing machines. Most soldier have heart and kill because it's what they are ordered to do, or forced to do.
                              After some time passed, however, I found myself feeling that Gemini had a huge hole in it... it felt unfinished and lacking the proper ending... In other words, Sam was human and she took a risk and she trusted. We reap great rewards when we take those kinds of leaps in life. But we also take the risk of looking collossally stupid if our trust turns out to be misplaced and abused. So Sam ended up looking less than brilliant when it became clear that RepliCarter had been lying. And I am OK with all of that.. - it adds dimension to her character and drama to the show.... but here's what that episode was missing - the opportunity for Sam to learn what was going on, deal with the disappointment and pain of having her trust abused - and then getting a chance to deal with RepliCarter. While the ending may have been 'real' - it wasn't much fun to watch - and I watch Stargate for fun.

                              I can handle having my heroes make mistakes, but I want - no I need - my fictional heroes to pick themselves up and then go and kick bad-guy butt!

                              Now, Sam is my favorite character, but I am still disappointed that we didn't get to see her struggling with the realization that RC was lying (all we got was a few minutes at the end while RC was escaping and then some Sam sulking while she was looking down the microscope after RC left)... and we definitely didn't get to see Sam kick RC's butt! Or even better - I wanted her to take RC on in that 'mental arena' - take RC on and tie her replicated brain in knots!

                              Maybe there is still a chance that Sam will get to do that, if they invent a way to bring Replicarter back. Or maybe Daniel vs. RC was the end of it.

                              As it stands now, however, it leaves me with the ashy taste of unfinished business for our hero Sam.

                              Last edited by astrogeologist; 27 April 2005, 08:56 PM.


                                Originally posted by Strix varia
                                The only thing that disappointed me about this episode was the anticlimactic demise of Fifth. He just kind of disappeared from the screen. I wish they had done something like show the sky above the Alpha Site with a meteor shower of disintigrating replicator blocks burning into dust in the atmosphere. Fifth was a wonderfully sympathetic villian who deserved better than a bland fade-out at the end.
                                I agree, Strix... his exit was too quiet.

                                Before Season 8, I was looking forward to having Fifth come back after Season 6 - he was such a great character. And I was hoping that they'd make him more complex than they did in New Order - they wrote him as more of the typically evil supervillian than I'd hoped for. With his original innocence and trust, and then his betrayal by Sam and Jack, there was some great potential for a wonderfully deep, rich character - one who could be angry, yet still sympathetic. And it would have been wonderful to see him learn to 'forgive' and/or deal with the betrayal with hurt and anger without turning into the New Supreme Evil Leader of the Replicaters.
                                Last edited by astrogeologist; 27 April 2005, 08:57 PM.