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    Originally posted by NZBG View Post
    Agreed! I also love old British comedy though, which really doesn't have strong women.
    Jam and Jerusalem!


      Originally posted by majorsal View Post
      when you put it that way, i think it's more an 'aspiration' thing for me too. i 'wish' i were as strong and/or cool as these women, but since i'm not, i live through them.

      and it's not perfection that i find interesting about these characters, but surviving and enduring and just making it through life. sam isn't perfect, and i'm *so* glad she's not written or acted that way.

      i hope the last ten eps give sam fans something good and interesting and juicy. and i *really* hope those two dvd movies will blow us away!

      OMG Sal, that is so completely how I see it as well. I've watched things for the 'crush' factor as well, but for me to end up with an enduring love of a program, there has to be something there that I can relate to and aspire to. People like Beverly Crusher and Deanna Troi, CJ Craig on West Wing, All the women on Grey's Anatomy, SUsan Lewis and Elizabeth Corday on ER, Sam (of course), Janet, and Weir on Atlantis.

      All these beautiful, talented, amazing women, who are so strong, but are still women and human, and so also have their flaws and insecurities. A television show is really for me, only as good as its characterisation, and you just can't relate to a program if human beings aren't on there.

      That's why SG-1 has always been such an enjoyable program for me. Because Sam is so real. She's this amazing woman, but the writers have (thanks God), never gone down the path of losing her humanity. She's made mistakes, and sometimes BIG mistakes. She's cried. She's lost people she cared about, and has reacted like a human would. She's fallen in love with someone she can't have (and hey haven't we all done that!). She's had her heart broken, and she's broken someone's heart as well. She's struggled with being someone approaching forty who knows that she one day wants a family, but she can't juggle it with her career, something every women, everywhere is having to deal with.

      She's real. And her trials and tribulations, although fictional, ring true to me. And they make me think that if I try hard enough, well maybe I can be a strong, kickass woman too (although I'll never be quite that pretty or that thin .)

      Ooops. Sorry for the ramble. But that's why I loves this show so much. Cos it's the same for all the characters. I just identify with Sam the best .
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        Originally posted by SunKrux View Post
        Sam: I will not laugh...I will not laugh...I will not laugh.
        Cam: Is she laughing at me?
        Sam: I will not laugh...
        Teal'C: It is not that impressive
        Daniel: This is not happening...
        I will laugh...good one Sun...
        Originally posted by Tracy Jane View Post
        Is that the BS or the Jelly making your tongue blue?
        And sob... I haven't had Blue jelly in over a month! *Cries*
        I had blue jelly/jello for dinner coz David and the kids aren't I get to have whatever I want...yay!!
        Originally posted by Gate gal View Post
        I hope I'm not too late on the confession game, because I'm gonna confess anyway. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a Charlie's Angel when I grew up. Now that I'm a woman, I want to be a Sam Carter....or maybe an Amanda Tapping.
        Holy did I!! I wanted to be a nurse then I wanted to be an actress then I decided I was going to be one of Charlies Angels...well...I'm neither of them but wow...fancy that and me...Charlies!! I loved Kris (Cheryl Ladd) the best!
        Originally posted by Tracy Jane View Post
        Hiya. Got a question for all my obsessive brainy Samandans.
        I'm currently writing Chapter Nineteen of Shattered (yes, I'm getting back on track with it. I've beaten the muse into submission! Kinda) and I've got a bit where one character is looking into the night sky.

        There was once a quote where Jack was looking at the stars, asking how many they had visited. Sam made a "technically, Sir..." type comment.

        Can anyone remember the quote and the episode?
        Please, please, pretty please with blue jelly on top!
        Ok...not sure if this has been answered yet but I think it was Lost City when Sam went to his house and he said something along the lines of looking at the stars to see how many he'd been to and Sam said something like "Technically sir we've only been to a few of them" coz I think you can't see the rest...does that help?? Sorry...haven't got the dvd handy but might check it out later for you!
        *Edit....some quick Samandans have already posted for you...looks like I'm usual...sorry!*
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        "Live Peace - Speak Kindness - Dwell in Possibility"
        Hug Your Loved Ones!!
        ~Amanda Tapping


          Originally posted by chelle db View Post

          Ok...not sure if this has been answered yet but I think it was Lost City when Sam went to his house and he said something along the lines of looking at the stars to see how many he'd been to and Sam said something like "Technically sir we've only been to a few of them" coz I think you can't see the rest...does that help?? Sorry...haven't got the dvd handy but might check it out later for you!
          Lost city Part I...

          this is a snippet from the GateWorld transcript

          CARTER:I couldn't sleep at all last night.

          O'NEILL: You should have called.

          CARTER:I didn't wanna bother you.

          O'NEILL: Um, (Motions for her to enter) I was just looking at the sky. Trying to figure out how many stars we'd actually been to.

          CARTER:Actually, only a few of the stars visible from Earth have Stargates on them, so.....

          O'NEILL: I knew that.


          One of the best Jack/Sam scenes, that turns into one of the best team scenes EVER IMHO. Sorry (*small voice*the Turkey loves Lost City)


            Originally posted by ÜberSG-1Fan View Post
            I agree. I i noticed that when we tried to put a halt to our posts on the topic, Samanda stalled for a bit. Why? Because being supportive is a part of our nature.

            It happens so naturally for us it's like breathing. But as long as we maintain the balance and are respectful to her feelings as well as continuing our fun fandom stuff, I think we'll serve our core mission of supporting/respecting Amanda quite well.
            Well said Oooober
            "Live Peace - Speak Kindness - Dwell in Possibility"
            Hug Your Loved Ones!!
            ~Amanda Tapping


              Originally posted by majorsal View Post
              thoughts of the team...
              mitchell: i'm hot, i know it. and i know you're trying not to peek, sam.
              sam: i wonder if jack would like underwear like that? or commando?... yeah...
              daniel: i love you, teal'c.
              teal'c: please, colonelcarter, i plead with you to notice my discomfort. danieljackson is giving me 'that' look again.

              ...holy hannah....good one sally!!
              Originally posted by Skydiver View Post
              i think, had solitudes happened later in the show, sam's response woulda been different.
              look at her. t his is her, oh less than 2-3 dozen trip through the gate. she only knew a bare handful of addresses they coulda have dialed - and with jack's injuries, none of the planets theyu'd met thus far coulda helped him. they were all too primitive for thoracic surgery, he'd have just died in a warmer place is all
              to this point, they had NEVER seen or heard of a planet with two gates. one planet, one gate. heck, they hadn't even learned that ships could have gates on them yet.

              she had one focus, get jack to earth. earth had the meds to save him. and that was her goal. Get jack home.

              which is most likely why she never tried to dial another planet. none of them coulda helped him anyway and even considering that she was on earth was simply beyond her logic.
              also, ya gotta remember that sam herself was injured. she likely had a concussion from getting tossed out of the gate. she was hungry, cold, hypothermic and scared to death
              Poor Sam... ...either was a great ep and played out well!!
              Originally posted by Skydiver View Post
              i remember that. jack is ticked, sam doesn't quite know why he's ticked at malichai, but as soon as he raises his gun, she does. no questions, no hesitation.
              if jack's on guard, she is
              wonderful moment of shared consciousness
              In Crystal Skull when the giant alien Quetzecoatel popped up...did you see how they both reacted...very much in tune to each other...but I found it odd that Daniel just stood there while the 2 military personel backed off...just a bit odd to me is all!
              Originally posted by SG1Poz View Post
              Ok, I'm going to have a shot at this. I'm trying to get out of this funk I'm in....
              Mitchell: SAAAAAM?? Just remember, it's not the size that counts, it's how well it fits.[/QUOTE]
              Originally posted by LaCroix View Post
              Mitchell: How am I going to explain this at the de-briefing?
              Sam: (Thinking) I'm not even going there.
              Daniel: (Trying not to laugh) De-briefing, what de-briefing?
              Teal'c: I have lived amongst the Tauri far too long. Indeed
              RITGLMAO...this is fun...
              Originally posted by Skydiver View Post
              New Years eve is this, how is sam's preferred way to spend it????
              With Jack no O'Malleys with all the other members of SG1 and other SGC personel...then later back at his house.......alone...together!!
              Originally posted by Gate gal View Post
              Sam will fiddle with her doohickies on base until about 1700, then she'll go home and fiddle with her favorite doohicky.....Jack's in town.
              Hehehehe...I like!!
              Originally posted by Deejay435 View Post
              I've been offline for a couple of days-Christmas stuff really wore me out.
              I'm just catching up with the thread. I'm very sorry to hear about Amanda's brother. I can't imagine what it must be like to lose a sibling. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family.
              Sometimes I think Christmas is so overrated...sometimes...I love christmas but it's probably the most stressful time of the year for's things going for you Deejay??
              Originally posted by crazedturkey View Post
              Thankee muchly!!!
              I wouldn't eat might catch crazy
              Too late...we're all a bit crazy here...just look around!!
              Originally posted by L.A. Doyle View Post
              I think it's too late...
              Originally posted by ÜberSG-1Fan View Post
    's okay crazedturkey.
              I don't think there's animosity...just a healthy disagreement. And that's natural for a kingdom as diverse as Samanda. But no one's come to blows just yet, nor do I anticipate it happening.
              We all want the best for Amanda though and will protect her from what we perceive as threats to her well being and privacy...that will never change. But she knows we're human and we don't always agree with what's best in every fact, it'd be unnatural for us to always agree on everything.
              I believe she also knows that she can come here if she wants to and see our comfort and support about this specific issue as well as read our continued general appreciation for her as a person and for the terrific character she plays.
              I think we'll all do just fine as long as we continue to respect Amanda and each other...even and especially when we disagree...and continue posting what we normally do...great debates over episodes, silly caption me games and such.
              Balance is the key.
              Great post again Oooober...I don't think it's animosity either....just a difference of least we all agree on one fundamental thing here....Sam's a great character and Amanda is awesome!!!
              Originally posted by crazedturkey View Post
              Heh . Although can we go down the path of not eating me anyways ?
              Ok...well that sounds a bit...wierd!!
              Originally posted by tara3583 View Post
              I love your poster, it's just right for all Samandans to give to Amanda.
              Yay Nolamom...I love the poster too...I'm with tara on that one...well done!

              Night night all...I'm off to read some shippy fics then off to bed...1 more day of work then I have a long weekend...finally...but unfortunately I'll be pulling down the tree and doing some huge cleaning around the house and hubby wants to go four wheel driving before it starts to get really hot so I don't think I'll be getting much "me" time...looks like I'll have to wait til next month...D'oH!
              Take care safe and be happy!!
              "Live Peace - Speak Kindness - Dwell in Possibility"
              Hug Your Loved Ones!!
              ~Amanda Tapping


                Originally posted by scarimor View Post
                Jam and Jerusalem!
                She said strong, not mad as earwigs! Weren't they magnificent helping the old farmer! It's the village panto next... Oh boy.

                All I can say for strong women in comedy of the past is Sybil Fawlty and Polly from Faulty Towers (and Connie Booth co wrote them) and Queenie and Nursie from Blackadder 2.
                Also, the incomparible Dame Edith Evens as Lady Bracknell (''A HANDBAG?*'' "Losing one parent is a misfortune; but losing both parents is plain carelessness.") and my first comedy heroine, Joyce Grenfell ("George, don't do that.")

                As to Sam's new year, having spent Christmas with Mark and his family, I suspect she'd spend New Year's eve with her boys (if Cam has been very, very good he might get invited).
                Maybe she and Vala could show the girls at the jello wrestling club how it's really done?


                *This quote got me beaten up at school at the tender age of 11 - we were reading 'Ernest' in class. I was sulking as the teacher had cast me as Miss Prism when it was very obvious, even at that age, that I wanted to be Lady Bracknell. As the famous line occured, the girl reading Lady B just sort of mumbled it, so I piped up, full volume and pretty good impersonation of Edith Evans, 'A HANDBAG?' The teacher and I were in fits of laughter, no one else had a clue. The girl playing Lady B thought I was taking the micky out of her and beat me up after class.
                I guess most 11 year olds didn't have Wilde as one of their favourite writers. I sort of grew into my weirdness, now I'm just eccentric, when I was a kid, I was just a target for every bully in class.


                  Just came across this quote by C.S. Lewis. For some reason I thought of y'all and the shipper thread:

                  Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, "What! You too? I thought I was the only one!"

                  'nuff said <hugs>


                    Daniel: Another late night poker game?

                    Sam: Yeeeeeep.

                    Mitchell: Hmmph.

                    Daniel (whispering to Teal'c): I guess when Sam said she was going to beat the pants off him, she meant it literally this time.

                    Teal'c: Indeed.


                      Originally posted by tsaxlady View Post
                      Sam: (as patiently as possible) Cam, I know you're proud of your "big boy" underwear, but you still have to wear pants.
                      Mitchell: Don' wanna!
                      Daniel: Why did we have to get stuck with toilet training?
                      Sam: Because you let Vala hypnotise him into thinking that he was a toddler!

                      Sig courtesy of RepliCartertje


                        Originally posted by L.A. Doyle View Post
                        Jack's in town and they are all having a team night.
                        Which is nice for Jack and Sam, as they get to kiss their SO at midnight. Though one must wonder whom the others will be kissing...
                        Originally posted by Skydiver View Post
                        i remember that. jack is ticked, sam doesn't quite know why he's ticked at malichai, but as soon as he raises his gun, she does. no questions, no hesitation.

                        if jack's on guard, she is

                        wonderful moment of shared consciousness
                        Some slides I made for the WoO discussion on the S/J thread. The first shows this scene, the second two show some of the problems Sam has being perceived as perfect, and the fourth is just a nice little team moment:

                        EDIT: Just realized this was post 1000. Given the subject matter, couldn't be more appropriate
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                          You know, Jennifer, that last slide... that's the ony time that I really liked the longer hair. It looked gorgeous under the hat like that. Lovely slides, really well done!
                          Yepp, it's blank down here.


                            Originally posted by Gate gal View Post
                            Yep, I was getting worried about that poor Major General until that last second. I should have known that Oooober wouldn't let us down.

                            Of course, if Jack is stuck in D.C. then I can see Sam doing Mandy's suggestion. If she blows up the mountain then the big wigs in D.C. will have to send Jack to handle things.

                            *****Obviously, I'm kidding and I would never imply that Sam would seriously blow anything up in order to see Jack. That was my attempt at revenge for a certain polar bear who made an appearance elsewhere on the boards.

                            O.K., seriously Good Night people. It's midnight. I have to put my kids to bed. (Hey, its Christmas vacation. They are entitled to a few nights without a nine o'clock bedtime, right?)
                            What, you mean this guy

                            but he's so cute

                            my fanfic


                              Originally posted by ChopinGal View Post

                              Samandans, have you come out of the wormhole closet?! Do your friends and family know about your (choose one):

                              a) strong interest in
                              b) obsession with
                              Proof my brain is riddled with wormholes or my brain is Samaged:

                              I consider using 3 shots of my zat gun to deal with dinner dishes.

                              Bracelets I might buy with too many charms begin to look suspiciously like goa’uld weapons and jewelry store owners wonder why I run from the store screaming for Tealc'.

                              At work, I call my male peers “Sir” (I am not in the military or law enforcement) and any disagreement I have is tempered by the phrase” with all due respect”.

                              I wonder if I can use ring technology to get my load of groceries and 50 pounds of dog food from my car into the house.

                              A block of Swiss cheese becomes an analogy for the universe and wormholes.

                              I attribute holiday weight gain to my increasing proximity to a black hole.

                              I consider having a mini-black–hole or mini wormhole inserted into the back of my throat as a possible weight loss invention.

                              I think it would be cool if my front door was an event horizon.

                              My conversations flit through wormholes from topic to topic without warning and without my control.

                              My favorite curseword is Netu.

                              And as final proof the wormhole damage to my brain is irreversible: when SG1 is over, I will…

                              Sit on my TV and watch the couch.

                              you know, laughter and the medicine thingy .
                              Words have tremendous power. The right words spoken by the right people at the right times can lift up communities, transform lives, mend relationships, break hearts—even topple empires.
                              Quint Studer


                                Originally posted by ÜberSG-1Fan View Post
                                Sam had plans to spend New Year's Eve with the fellas...

                                ...but then got an urgent message from the Pegasus site.

                                McKay was on the video link bragging that he was about to solve a mathmatical equation that had been driving Sam nuts for MONTHS. He teased her relentlessly that he was so close to solving something she hadn't yet...but then in his arrogance he accidentally let slip the key to figuring the rest of the problem out.

                                He saw the look in her eyes during the transmission and knew he blew it.

                                Then it was a race...each one rushing to their respective labs as they frantically and furiously worked on the solution. After several painstaking hours, a triumphant "AHA!!!" could be heard echoing throughout the corridors of the SGC as the clock struck 12:00am.


                                Okay the shipper in me HAS to add that Jack was at the SGC and saw her working. She shushed his repeated attempts to distract her and finally gave in when she blasted him with the male appendage shrivelling Carter glare. Jack was no dummy. Of all the things he learned and retained from his survival training, he never forgot the first rule in dealing with wild animals and irritated Carters. Don't antagonize them when they get antsy.

                                He looked at his watch...getting, or rather continuing to be impatient. It was going to be close...that's for sure. Until finally she shrieked her victorious battle cry only to subsequently find her mouth covered by the one owned by a particularly enthusiastic Major General.