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    Merry Christmas Samanda

    and as my gift to you all, I will not sing I wouldn't want to put Sky to work having to delete the post after all the complaints she would get

    I hope everyone enjoys their time with their families

    my fanfic


      Happy Belated Chanukah!

      Happy Belated Solstice!

      Happy Christmas!


        Originally posted by samcarterrules View Post

        I wish I was as talented as Oooober and could sing to you all, but alas I'm not lol.
        When did I miss Oooober sing? I've heard about it and am quite curious! And Merry Christmas!!


          Originally posted by L.A. Doyle View Post
          When did I miss Oooober sing? I've heard about it and am quite curious! And Merry Christmas!!
          It's a few pages back. Her Christmas wish comes with a link. It's Ooooberness herself singing her X-Factor winning performance
          Yepp, it's blank down here.


            Originally posted by Tracy Jane View Post
            It's a few pages back. Her Christmas wish comes with a link. It's Ooooberness herself singing her X-Factor winning performance
            I found it! I'd seen her greeting, but didn't catch the link.

            Wow, Ooober, what a nice voice. Very relaxing.


              A Happy and Safe Hoilday To Samanda.


                Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Very Happy 2007 to everyone.


                  Stopping by to wish all of you safe and happy holidays and a healthy and happy new year!

                  P.S. I miss hanging out with you guys, but I hope to be online more often soon again.

                  Thank you, Skydiver


                    Originally posted by SunKrux View Post
                    DAYUM! She looks HOT!!! Well done Amanda!
                    Nice to see you up and about (((SunKrux)))
                    haven't read your LJ yet will do that later day though

                    Originally posted by SG1Poz View Post
                    Piece of Cake! I'm back! Glad to see Sun up and about here too Heal up quickly!

                    Surgery at 2:50....Took one hour and recovered by 4:30, sitting up drinking a full cup of ginger ale. Home by 6pm but only because my sister stopped to grab a couple things at the grocery store.
                    I'm still coughing due to the tube down my throat which causes pain but ti's not too bad. I'm a bit tired but nothing like I expected. I have three bandaid size incisions below my belly button and one in my belly button.
                    See all those well wishes and good lucks do help Thanks everyone!
                    Glad to you have back too (((Poz))) how are you doing?

                    Originally posted by the dancer of spaz View Post
                    One Stargate film a year? Holy canoli.
                    shouldn't that be holy Hanah?!?

                    Originally posted by jckfan55 View Post
                    Sam might watch Miracle on 34th Street--she knows it's not scientific, but part of her believes in Santa.

                    Merry Chris-Moose Everyone!
                    ***runs away***
                    I so don't want a moose against my head today lol

                    Originally posted by Mandysg1 View Post
                    Wow, I can't beleive I just made post 3500 and yes it was here on Samanda
                    Congrats Mandy!!! you really talk a lot eh

                    I will probably not be able to post much before Christmas so here goes...
                    I know it is nothing special...Not as awesome as über but you get the idea eh
                    You really are all amazing people and I wish you all the best!!! even if I don't post here that often...Just know you are all in my heart and will never leave there, Amanda can be very lucky with such a great fans... and I wish for all of you to one day meet her...And I wish you all to meet eachother!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR


                      Merry Christmas, Sam Fans!

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                        Help, ITechie Samandans! I'm at my wit's end. I cannot post within a normal margin anymore ... everything in my screen keeps spreading out - the width is all off and pulls my text across the screen ... very frustrating. I was going to reprint my Carter Christmas Tale from last year and have been unable to. It doesn't look like my "align right" is activated but at this point who knows!

                        Please PM me if you've ever had this problem on the forum ... how did you fix it? In layman's terms please ... I'm PC challenged.


                          Originally posted by tara3583 View Post
                          No i have't one picked out although i've seen some from Chimera, there is one where Sam is wearing a red dress but i can't remember where i've seen it and the other problem is i don't know how to put pictures up here to show you! I guess i'm in your hands for any help that you might be able to give me and now i feel stupid for not knowing PC things! Thanks anyway for helping me
                          Well if you tell me which shot you want of her, I can pick it out for you and show you...and we can go from there.

                          And dangit! We're down to 4 stars again.

                          ...You're ALWAYS Welcome in Samanda: Amanda's Community of New Fans and Old Friends...


                            I voted 5 stars to this thread. Hopefully that works. Again Happy Hoildays to all Samanda.


                              i've voted 5 stars all along. I just hope it still counts when you do quick reply. cause that's what i do most of the time, it's so much faster
                              Where in the World is George Hammond?



                                Originally posted by JuliaR View Post
                                Just thought I'd say a very Happy Christmas to all of my lovely fellow Samandans on this day before Christmas Eve, not just from myself personally but also from all of the G4 and on behalf of those Gabit staff who don't drop by here often.
                                Happy Holidays to you and yours as well, Julia. And a wonderful New Year ... to everyone in Samanda. Here's to everyone's health, and getting just what you wish for in 2007!

                                Originally posted by kamjul View Post
                                Merry Christmas to every one of you! It's very foggy here, too! No snow this, year, however, just none. I hope you all have a wonderful, spent in family atmosphere, holidays. My best to all of you.
                                You as well, Kamil. Thank you again for putting together the greetings page.

                                Blessed be!


                                Live On Stage in Toronto - August 8,9,10 2008
                                ~all proceeds to benefit charity~