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    Originally posted by tsaxlady View Post
    Oh sure. Bid in £


    Live On Stage in Toronto - August 8,9,10 2008
    ~all proceeds to benefit charity~


      Originally posted by the dancer of spaz View Post
      *sings* Too late!

      I already put it all in my "AT3 or Bust!" jar, and no one's touching that baby. You'll be clawing it out of my cold, dead fingers.
      Wait a minute, wait a minute ... isn't the "AT3 or Bust" the motto of the Samandan who doesn't know whether to save for GABIT or get a boob job?!


        Originally posted by minigeek View Post

        (sigh) The things I do for the people I love!

        Standing next to the perpetually lovely Amanda Tapping and the sweet and petite Skydiver for a photograph, I feel very much like the 600 LB gorilla in the room! However, Skydiver has convinced me to shut up and suck it up, geek! (and i certainly don't want to know what happens if I disobey a direct order from Skydiver! (gulp!) ) In the interest of how much I love all you guys and how much I'm still grateful to you all for allowing me to present your beautiful thoughts and wishes alongside my drawing, we've finally gotten permission to share the photo taken at the presentation!

        So................ now that I've gone and finished all my whiny, petulant excuses! lol

        Here's a little back story for those unaware. Julia had graciously gone to bat for us and made a special moment available during the very first autograph session where Skydiver and I would be able to come in via a special pass and present what I've now come to realize is entitled "The Samanda Poster" to Amanda. In truth there are messages from all over Amanda's fandom on it, but the idea did originate here on this very thread. Not only did Julia make this possible for us, but she also took care of the expense of sending of the poster safely back to Amanda in Vancouver so that it would be possible for her to look at it in London and receive it later on at home without having to carry something that bulky around in her baggage. Julia took care of all of that and she told me it was her part of the gift as a Samandan herself, so THANK YOU again Julia, for making all of this possible. ((hugs))

        When the poster first popped into idea form I thought we might get nearly a hundred signatures for it. Well there was more than double that number!!!! I also received notes from people who, for whatever reason, couldn't participate or wanted to mention that they didn't feel eloquent enough to say anything but that their affection and admiration for Amanda was there anyway.

        When Becks came out into the lobby during the first autograph session and found Skydiver and I, she said: "C'mon you two!" and literally marched us into the room, past everyone, and set us up right in front of the autograph desk. GULP! lol I remember standing there much like a deer in headlights thinking Oh. My. God. What do I say?!! lol - but Skydiver grabbed my arm and tugged me out there with her, and together we managed to unroll the monster in the poster-tube.

        I know I've said this before, but when Amanda saw it, she immediately read two or three of the messages randomly and she remembered people. She looked up and she was smiling and she said, "Oh, I know her! I met her just this summer!" and "Oh my gosh, she's the lady who gave me the great potty training book!" and "I can't believe you guys did this!" - needless to say, I was somewhat tongue tied to reply. But I did manage to get out that there were a couple of hundred messages and that for every signature on that poster, there were at least ten or twenty others who wanted to be there, many of whom were at AT2 right now and some of who couldn't be, but were there in spirit. I don't remember if I managed to say anything else because I was so nervous. But Julia was so helpful and so was Skydiver that I think it actually went OK in the end!

        Amanda hugged Sky and I both (and somehow we need to share those hugs! Next year's GABIT event? Group Hug?! lol) and then she went back to reading more of the messages, she really seemed fascinated by them. To illustrate even further how amazing she was (I don't know if I should even mention this), but as has already been mentioned before in the thread, she had a very "wonky tummy" that morning and it looked like she was in a fair bit of discomfort/pain when we entered the room. Even so she GOT UP and came over and walked around and held the poster and hugged us, etc., and all I kept wanting to say was: "Oh, god it's OK, please don't worry about getting up...!" She hardly let it show, she was so amazing about it, so I opted not to say anything because hers was such a graceful gesture, I didn't want to tarnish it.

        Anyhow, as we finally left the room, Julia looked up and grinned and said: "See? That wasn't so hard!" (or something to that effect, and I could have hugged her right there, lol) but I think I hugged Sky instead and we walked out together (I was grateful for the support just then .... LITERALLY!).

        So without further adieu, here it is. The photo of Skydiver and I presenting the Samanda Poster to Amanda at AT2. Julia sent it last night and gave us permission to post. I think Amanda had to OK it first. You can really get a good sense for how large the poster was in the picture, finally.


        I have to say I felt such a great sense of pride to have been able to get up there and represent this group of people and so many articulate voices. There were so many amazing messages and so many encouraging notes on that poste from people all over the world, I had quite a few I am sooo not worthy moments the night before, lemme tell ya! lol I said to Anni when I got back that it was one of the scariest things I ever did. Also one of the most amazing things. The irony of course is that I do meet so-called celebrities on a fairly regular basis and I've never really been nervous before like this. Then again I've never really had a (famous) hero before so I guess it balances out. I have to say, Amanda Tapping is a personal hero of mine. Not because she's famous. Not because she's on TV. But because she's so absolutely, unfailingly genuine. She's REAL. I admire her more so now after AT2 than before, having met her. The thing is I can't even put into words the kindness or the warmth that comes off of her face to face, it's like an energy you can feel and she's so willing to BE around people; to hug them or to share whatever personal space they're comfortable with in order to make them feel special. She really does care and as a result WE all truly care about her right back.

        I didn't think it was possible that a TV "celebrity" could be so darn COOL. I went to AT2 believing I'd have my little case of hero-worship tarnished and move on (because c'mon, no one is that awesome in real life, right?!). Amanda is. I came away from AT2 realizing that we're not just nameless fans to her, we were not just demographics for her series, we were people and we were important to her on a level that seemed to go beyond the call of duty if she didn't truly care about folks.

        No matter where she goes from here, or where I go, I know I can personally say one thing for certain. I think a lot of us can. I will follow Amanda's career with interest and enthusiasm for the rest of her life. And I would wholeheartedly embrace any future opportunity to meet her again. She is truly one in a million.


        [ / gush off]

        (no really i swear!)

        mini(the carpal tunnel)geek


        Of course you're worthy Mini! You were the impetus for the whole project, it would never have happened without you. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming up with the plan, and pulling it off so well. It was a lot of work on your part.

        And thanks to Sky for helping you present, and Julia for arranging it all!

        You and Sky look absolutely adorable.

        I'd have given you a fridge full of green if the thing weren't locked!
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          Originally posted by minigeek View Post

          ... Call me jaded if ya like. Lord knows I've called myself jaded a time or two. But well, that's how it goes.

          Okay, you're, er, jaded ... and old. (It's the Guinness talking.)

          And what Deejay just said too. (Making up is hard to do.)


            Originally posted by minigeek View Post
            Amanda outclasses most 'celebrities' I've run into either professionally or personally. In terms of personability and genuine friendliness. Quite simply, she rocks.

            Did I mention the word genuine? Because "I'll tell you what" (and folks like tsax can back me up on this!) A lot of people you meet have pretty smiles and sparkling mannerisms, but none of it reaches farther than their exteriors. Sadly. Few really mean it when they smile at you and even fewer are in Amanda's league for geuinely caring who the heck you are, beyond how you might relate to their immediate world/requirements.

            Call me jaded if ya like. Lord knows I've called myself jaded a time or two. But well, that's how it goes.

            Genuine is the right word indeed.
            I was so glad to read all the reports from AT2 and Avalon where you all stated that she was making eye contact with every people she met, that she really cared.
            I felt that the 1st time I met her and the other times too. But when you tell that to RL people they have a hard time believe it, but I HAD to tell someone lol and I don't always have an other Amanda fan handy
            So, I'm glad we all feel the same, and that I wasn't hallucinating
            She definitely rocks !! I have a tshirt stating that

            And I will just add that I think JR Bourne is also like that, or maybe it was just because I was very impressed and plae when I met him


              Two beautiful Samandans at Amanda's cocktail party ... it's a shame that I can't remember their names ...


                Originally posted by ChopinGal View Post
                I'm almost speechless 'cause I'm laughing too hard ... at the commotion over mini's age and the replies from our almost 40s and 50s Samandans and then there's ... the golden age of Eleanor of Aquitaine. A woman for all seasons.
                I can relate. Sisters, the secret is thinking positive. Once you're over the hill, you pick up speed - it's all downhill!

                Now, about 1speed and his sexy smirk ... ROTFLOL ... he's John Steed to your Emma Peel my dear Coley. The dynamic duo!

                I just am catching up with pages and pages since I posted earlier today and yahoo! Samandans are now posting their AT2 piccies ... it all started with the Samanda poster! Let me go find some more to add to the mix.

                Crikey. Now that we've determined that Sky looks like AT's sister, does anyone think I could be her mum? (I'm gonna so regret writing this ... I've just had a pint of chilled Guinness at the new job's Christmas party. I ordered the Guinness in honor of my London Samandans.)

                Yes, Deejay ... I was signing your card in that one photo. Coley was watching carefully to make sure I spelled all my words correctly.

                Well-that's ALMOST like having a picture of me at AT2. Very cool!

                And you did a perfect job of spelling. Once I find a bigger picture frame, all the signatures-well on the first two pages, will be proudly displayed in my home!


                  Originally posted by SunKrux View Post
                  Please don't let your shyness win. We're all relativly harmless...well except for Oooooober and Spaz...they tend to bite. Oh and tsax...I hear (and saw) that she likes to lick people.

                  Welcome and keep posting.
                  Bite? Who me?????

                  ...You're ALWAYS Welcome in Samanda: Amanda's Community of New Fans and Old Friends...


                    for anyone that went to the avalon con, could i view your pictures? if so, email me at [email protected]




                      "FCOL, I don't care how many new teams we bring in ... this crew just won't pass the physical."

                      "I don't know sir, except for the older one with the bruise on her chin, they all look ship shape to me."


                      "The older one looks a lot like your mom, Sam."
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                        The usual suspects.

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                          Originally posted by Strix varia View Post
                          *grabs Ambermoon's credit card* I bid ten bucks!

                          You'll be using that credit card in vain my's still a puddle of goo! And I would have started off at $2!


                            Originally posted by AmberMoon View Post
                            You'll be using that credit card in vain my's still a puddle of goo! And I would have started off at $2!
                            Amber!!!!!!!You're alive and well and they didn't shut off your electricity for not paying the bill!!! Yippee! Now you can share some piccies with us. Hint: fuzzy teddy bear dressed in USAF uniform. I'm still kicking myself for not taking a photo at the moment we were all in back of room. Hope you have one!


                              Originally posted by SunKrux View Post
                              Puhlease! You're young! I'm going to be...40 on my birthday next shut up!
                              I hit it last month, yet I can still squee with the best of the youngsters here.

                              They've done studies about how people are happier the older they are.

                              Edit: Maybe it's all the Guiness imbibed while reading this thread.
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                              In memory of Deejay.
                              May we all be so well loved.


                                Originally posted by LaCroix View Post
                                Is there a song like that?
                                I'm afraid so

                                my fanfic