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    Originally posted by Agent_Dark
    It was in jest?!?! :O

    Samanda's a great thread about Sam and if anyone tries to turn it into something else, well I do have access to the Royal Armoury


      Originally posted by Skydiver

      now, as much fun as this is, we don't want to annoy folks with our off topic now do we? It's probably better suited to the anti-s9 thread

      how about sam?

      what do we thing s9 has in hold for her?
      Oh gosh!

      Sam in charge of SG1 and leading lots of sucessful missions against earth's increasing enemies.

      Soldier Sam in battle kicking butt - and I mean really in the thick of things!

      I'm with Astro - Sam flying the lead in the F303's - ahhh that rhymes - ChopinGal leave!!!

      Sam using her sci knowledge to get the team out of scrapes off world

      Sam sharing kudos with team mates in team based ep's. I would love an ep where they had to pool their expertise to get out of scrape. Well more than just one ep

      Sam facing and getting a good whumping and coming out the other end the stronger and maybe wiser. Oh Astro I would love an "Overtime" type of ep!!

      Sam being funny. I'm hoping her and CM can strike up a friendly exchange of sarcasm (like 1s and Moi - saturday after me laying the base for all things Stargate - 1s "I'm off to get soemthing out of the car!" Coley "Oh, what do you need an asprin already?" 1s "No some ear plugs!") I just love Sam being funny and AT is just the lady for it!

      More action for Sam - much much more action!!

      More the team together off base if they have to extend the "relationships" theme.

      More Sam and Teal'c - though I think they may have Teal'c off world tied up with the Jaffa - sob!!

      enough for now?


        Originally posted by majorsal

        Caption this.


        Oh my god! Did I really have my hair like that?!

        They at least could have given me a cool backpack!

        OKay this is really freakin' me out!

        I'm way younger looking than that!


          what i'd like

          sam in command

          sam and cam conflict of some sorts (not romantic)

          sam and teal'c stuck off world and having to save themselves

          simply more sam
          Where in the World is George Hammond?



            Originally posted by jckfan55
            Good point.

            Good point.
            After looking at the *context* of the interview quote it seems she was basically referring to Cassie. So I may have gotten hot and bothered about another misbegotten boyfriend arc. I'm not down on the *idea* of Sam having a personal life, I just haven't always been entirely pleased with how they've handled it. BTW, I didn't think the writers did a great job with Teal'c and his neighbor/girlfriend either.
            Regarding Teal'c, I was very disappointed with just seemed so out of place for him to have a thing with that gal when supposedly I believed there was a relationship brewing between him and Ishta. It felt out of character for him to behave that way...

            Back to Sam, though, I don't want them to spend more full whoppin' episodes regarding her love life...I think that's what the end of Season 8 was for. I don't mind undercurrents in episodes in the future. If they drop the issue entirely it'll seem really bizarre and forced, like why on earth did they bother with Threads? But then, they've dropped things before...when Martouf died and later when Lantash died...she sure recovered quickly.

            And that leads me back to Cassie, another dropped topic, who I think should be mentioned at the very least in passing. I wrote previously on this thread how Lockdown would have been a neat opportunity for Sam and Cassie to hash it out...perhaps Cassie isn't adjusting well without Janet after all?

            Maybe we'll have a redeemed opportunity for that convo in Season 9.
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              Originally posted by sg-1fanintn

              It's sort of weird. We film next door, and we barely see each other. We just know that whenever something goes wrong on our set, we blame Atlantis. So there's that sort of friendly rivalry. You know they got air conditioning, and we didn't. And we went, "Oh, I guess their show is coming back next year, they got the air conditioning " You know, we really had to kvetch a lot to get our air conditioning. Things like that. (laughs) That's terrible. But otherwise, it's all very friendly.


              I don't know that it's affected how we shoot our show, or how we…I know that our departments our totally taxed. The art department is doing two shows; and costumes -- you know everyone, even though they're divisions -- they’re spread so thin, I don't know how the crew can keep doing it.
              . .
              Aha! An explanation for the sleeveless tee's in season 8! The costume department just didn't have enough material left after costuming Atlantis to put sleeves on the t-shirts of SG1.



                Originally posted by ÜberSG-1Fan
                But I think that's what makes her way cool... We don't have to choose! We get it all...

                But as to which I prefer... truly depends on my mood.

                Sometimes I just want to see her be a smart alec and laugh my head off at her in any scene with McKay and more recently Maybourne.

                Sometimes I want to see her softer side and love watching Grace or Singularity.

                Sometimes I want to see her make a mistake, so I'll view Red Sky or Gemini.

                Sometimes I'm in a mood for a mystery, so I'll have to see her solve a major problem like in Matter of Time or Small Victories.

                Sometimes I just have to see Sam be taken over by an alien being, so I'll see Entity or In the Line of Duty.

                Sometimes I'm in the mood to see her deal with loss, so I'll pop in Heroes or Paradise Lost.

                Sometimes I want to see her enduring something painful, so I'll go for Death Knell or New Order.

                Sometimes I just want to see her try to get a handle on her O'Neill issues so I'll be in the mood to watch Lost City or Threads.

                Sometimes I want an "she's not really our Sam" episode, so I'll watch something like Point of View or Moebius.

                Sometimes I just want to see her kick back, have some fun and show that 1000 megawatt I'll drag out Space Race or Nemesis (she said she was having fun...).

                Sometimes I just have to see her kick major butt and will load up Avenger 2.0 or Reckoning or fill-in-the-blank...

                Then there are the times I'm in the mood for a practically all encompassing episode (almost all of the above) and I'll watch Foothold!

                IMHO, this is what makes Sam a hero for every season.

                Great post Uber!!


                  Originally posted by Carterslave
                  Along with adventure, cultural conflict, mythology, gunplay & an exciting vision of the future, what I love about the Stargate series is that they feature capable, smart, funny, compassionate, mature women—not crumpets. Fraiser, Carter, Weir ... they're my kind of ladies. The campy Vala & her tramp du jour outfits are not my bag. The advent of Dr. Rommie is comparably depressing. My big worry is that we're seeing the Maxim-ization of SG-1.

                  The day Amanda Tapping leaves Stargate is the day I stop watching. She's the glue that holds it together, IMO.
                  Originally posted by Carterslave
                  Season 9 Sam ideas:
                  Sam points out to TPTB that be that Excalibur wasn't the Sword in the Stone but, rather, the sword that King Arthur got from the Lady in the Lake. (Who turns out to be Nirrti—and, oh, they're in big trouble now.) Actually, having somebody pull the sword out by accident would at least be in keeping with the actual Arthurian legend.
                  Originally posted by Carterslave
                  Say, what does a guy have to do around here to get some blue jello?


                    omg, Omg, OMG! I've just *cough* seen the *splutter* promo pics *choke* for season9. I thought Vala's costume in PU was bad! Oh help, this is not Stargate! I cannot believe they've changed the image of the show this much. And she's going to be in what, six episodes? Oh hell.
                    If nothing else I hope the Arthurian theme works out. It could result in some really cool stories, but it could also go so terribly terribly wrong. *thinks of all the tacky Arthurian shows she's seen*.

                    I had hours free yesterday to come and post, an absolutely free Sunday, but Gateworld kept giving me database error messages. Now I haven't got time to do any more than throw in a few meaningless posts.

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                      I have to say that for the last few weeks I haven’t thought much of Stargate Atlantis. I liked the Pilot ep, and then everything else seemed to be pretty dull. But I’ve figured that maybe that’s partly due to the way I’ve been viewing it. If I watch it and try to compare it to SG1 (which invariably happens), I keep finding it’s either not as good, its plot isn’t as well rounded, the characters aren’t as likeable etc… However, if I compare it to the rest of the Scifi shows that have ever aired on TV, I have to admit, it’s actually really good. So this week I decided to watch it as a science fiction show, not as a spinoff of Stargate SG1. I found I actually enjoyed it. I am starting to like the characters (well, still trying to get used to liking McKay, I mean, he was such a jerk to Sam in SG1), this latest episode actually seemed to have a plot, and, overall, it was good scifi.

                      ...deepspace is a PROUD MEMBER of the Sam's A Great Character Thread...

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                        Originally posted by chocdoc
                        Just read AT's third interview (posted in Stargate news). She already mentioned in the second interview about how she hoped she would be able to LEAD the team. In this interview, she talks about wanting a storyline with Cassie. I hope the writers take these suggestions to heart.
                        Can someone post a link to this?
                        Originally posted by chocdoc
                        Well, I think we have such a strong opportunity for Carter to be CONSISTENTLY well written in season nine, as a competent scientist and soldier because shipping (with anyone) should be kept to a minimum, and so the writers can concentrate on the brilliant and kickbutt side of Sam Carter throughout season nine.


                          I have been having a lot of difficulty picking an ultimate Sam episode… missed the poll anyway. I started off with Death Knell, thinking, well, this episode is all Sam, it’s pretty much nothing but her, toughing it out, fighting for her life. Then I changed my mind, and thought of all the episodes I like most.
                          While I love In The Line of Duty and Entity, they really aren’t Sam episodes so much as great episodes that have huge ramifications for Sam, but are not really about her, so much as the aliens that take over her body. Brilliant acting by Amanda though.
                          I then thought of Foothold, which really does show most sides of Sam, she’s competent, clever, and saves the day (world). I tossed around a few more, and swapped my preferences around numerous times, but I keep coming back to A Matter of Time as being one of my very favourite episodes, which is about the real Sam. I know it doesn’t show the military side of Sam so well, as it’s mostly about her as a scientist, trying to come up with a scientiffic solution to a major problem, but for me it just really shows Sam, as… Sam.
                          I’ll probably change my mind tomorrow, if not in the first five minuted after I submit this post.
                          But thankyou again to skydiver for running the Sam polls from beginning to end, and to astrogeologist for archiving them. And congratulations to the winner, Grace.

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                            I was wondering how many people here read scifi or fantasy books. I realise everyone has their time cut out for them reading fanfics (which I have decided that I am going to start to do as soon as I find a Sam story with not too much romance or torture (I’ll get to those later) and definitely no slash, to start off with), but Strix (I’m pretty sure it was Strix) commented on Elizabeth Moon’s Paksenarrion books much earlier on in this thread. I’ve since been thinking about what other female characters I admire in books. I’m not a feminist, but I do like reading books about women who are warriors or soldiers. I certainly found the Paksenarrion books worth reading.
                            I particularly think that the character of Ash in Mary Gentle’s book Ash: A Secret History, is another brilliantly portrayed soldier, only she weilds swords, except… well, I don’t want to spoil the end just in case anyone ever reads it, but lets just say… modern military is in there too. The book is also really about the science of Quantum Physics, which is another reason why I love it.
                            I grew up on Tamora Pierce’s books, most of which featured girls either disguised as boys or not, training to be Knights. They were young adult books, and fairly basic, but I found them fun. Whether it was Alanna or Kel or any of the other girls who became Pages and then Squires and then Knights, I lapped up their tales non stop.
                            Now, having waded through a lot of steriotypical fantasy novels about huge, brawny, egotistical guy heroes, I have been trying to sort out in my head why in a lot of ways a female soldier is more realistic than that. I am by no means saying that there aren’t brilliant books with male heroes who are written well, only that they are rarer, and harder to find. Surprisingly I haven’t read that much science fiction, so if anyone knows any good scifi female soldiers, I’d love to know.
                            Sorry if this is all off topic, it’s just Sam makes me think about a lot of things, and sometimes those things are not on the topic of Sam.

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                              Agent Dark: CA is voicing his character for the Stargate Video Game! Looking even more forward to this now (we'll get to play *as* Carter! )
                              I have been following the progress of the game for a while now. The shots I’ve seen so far show pretty good graphics. I’m actually quite looking forward to it coming out. I’ve only recently in the last year gotten into gaming (now that I have my own computer). I have been gaming on and off since I was tiny, but using brother’s computer usually means using it on his terms, when he wants you to, so I never found it that fun. I’ve now been through a number of Star Wars games, fantasy games (Might and Magic) etc… and was thrilled when I heard they were making a game of Stargate.

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                                Best Carter Lines: and those of you who chose them.

                                From Foothold, cited as a Best Carter line and in the best Carter adlib and in the snarkiest lines:

                                AgentDark, Astrogeologist , MajorSal, ForeverSG1
                                Maybourne, you're an idiot every day of the week...

                                click here to listen

                                Thanks to astrog for these pictures

                                From Singularity

                                You didn't think the Colonel had a telescope on his roof just to look at the neighbours did you?

                                click here to listen

                                From Revelations

                                Don't give me that way of the warrior crap

                                click here to listen

                                From Nightwalkers

                                Astrogeologist, dipsofjazz
                                Wormhole Theory, motorcycle riding and lock-picking

                                click here to listen

                                We have another tradition; it’s called hardened arteries.

                                click here to listen

                                From Enemies

                                Skydiver, Astrogeologist
                                Welcome to MY life!
                                click here to listen

                                Again pictures from astrog

                                From Reckoning

                                Y’know, you blow up one sun and suddenly everyone expects you to walk on water!
                                Next up: parting the Red Sea.-

                                click here to listen

                                From Grace

                                This is real, this is real

                                click here to listen to astrog’s audio clip

                                Sure, but the massive headache really takes the edge off it all.

                                click here to listen to astrog’s audio clip

                                pictures courtesy of astrog

                                To be continued...