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    Originally posted by Mandysg1
    *Puts hand on scari's forehead, nope no fever* Scari are you feeling alright? I mean since when do you picture Sam vacuuming
    since sam 'made' the vacuum cleaner. naquada enhanced of course.




      Originally posted by MickSpeed
      hey all. just played around a little in photoshop - that's the result:

      my first Sam icon.
      The scene is from MM, when the pants topic comes up
      Nice one can we snurch it...or better...can I snurch it


        Originally posted by aske
        then all of a sudden SAM (or maybe it was AT) stabbed me in the back ..... I thought I was in a Psycho flick....

        SAM killed me!!!! *extreme shudders*

        I'm not so sure this is a safe place to come play anymore.....
        Hahaha, at least you went out in style


          teaser of whatever the hell the name is

          flashback to summit...jacob *sob*
          cambo 'i'm a bounty hunter'

          on the odyssey, looking for supergate #2, d'oh, it's a trap. they'rea attacked

          lots of pretty explosions, stuff blowing up, peopel owied (sam's there)

          stargatecommand gets a distress call, the intel was bogus, they were attacked by at least 3 mother ships, hull integrity issues, damage, as they were running form the attack (ok, turn hard RIGHT???? dude, it's a ship, starboard you idjet) they careen into a tobin mine field....omg, someone made AM watch those boring earlier season eps)

          they're being boarded.....cue to a worried look on landry's/walter's faces.....fade to credits
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          Where in the World is George Hammond?



            act one

            sgc briefing, vala offers to get a ship, waiving her fee of course
            sam wakes up, she's been owied, the lucian alliance comes in, asking for sam, emerson stands up for her
            baddie on the bridge, baits sam/emerson
            baddie leader hits on her, danateo?
            they want the beacon shut off so they can't be tracked
            he tries to intimidate her
            emerson says no
            baddie pushes her around
            emersonorders her not to help, he gets shot...with a pistol????

            sam's now ranking officer
            help them or others die

            the boys are in a mediocre cargo ship vala's procured, it's a clunker

            teal'c has one HORRIBLE hat on
            (and she still has those frelling pigtails)

            odyssey's transponder has moved, the teltac's cloak is wiggy
            they pick up the transponder on a planet, ok it's worse, it's pigtail buns

            they found the ship on a 'lucian alliance chop shop' (place to scavenge stolen ships)

            on the odyssey
            sam's back in the holding cell
            asked where's emerson
            she shakes her head, crying - she's been gone for hours

            vala comes ujp with an old friend
            daniel is vala's apprentice shamus (and yes girls, much leather abounds)
            she tries to get info from her old friend, asking what he knows, vala charms him
            he has a prt of the odyssey, the subspace transonder
            danateo is not part of the lucian alliance, he's a rogue
            the boys hear the discussion and gunshot but don't know who's shot

            daniel and vala get zatted, teal'c and cam are listening in on the teltac


            Where in the World is George Hammond?



              Tonight, Sam
              became commander of the Odyssey's crew. The ship is stranded in space, and the crew is on a planet below, being held by the Lucien Alliance. The bad guys shot Colonel Emerson to death right in front of us--making Sam the commanding officer on the expedition. Trust me; she would have preferred it hadn't happened. And one of the smarmy bad guys is making goo-goo eyes and lewd comments at Sam.

              Geez! What's the deal? Moral of the story: if you're offered command of one of our space vessels, turn it down!


                act two
                at the sgc
                cam and teal'c play the recording, telling landry that they lost daniel and vala
                they know that the odyssey is in enemy hands
                they're now asking hte jaffa for help

                on the ship
                baddie gloating, hitting on sam, she's working on something, she's not impressed, he wants her to fix the ship, it coiuld take the rest of her life ' that could be long or painfully short'
                daniel and vala show up, yep vala's source was working for the baddies. baddie 'takes care of' the snitch. 'don't worry sam, it's all part of the plan'

                sam's kinda skeptical, but clrearly heartened by friends

                briefing at the sgc
                briefing on who's who in the LA
                trying to find a weak point, someone to infiltrate

                cam wants to impersonate a memer of the LA to get inside
                (yep hewo)

                reol chemical from summit/last stand

                'i'm not saying it isn't risky, sir' (skoff)

                sam's working as slowly as she can, without the transponder the sgc can't find them
                finds out that d& V really don't have a plan. their only hope is to take back the ship, and it's a risky plan

                c&t show up, cam is in macho baddie mode
                he's impersonating a reclusive member of the LA
                cambo judo moves, gets his butt (and nose) kicked
                brought before the leader of LA
                la sees him as keflin

                cam's in
                one of baddie's lt's wants him to turn the odyssey over to the alliance. baddie wants leadership for himself (apparantly the LA is a shark eat shark world)

                they want sg1 because they've 'caused them more grief than the ori'

                baddie beliees the tau'ri are a force to be reckoned with and this is baddie's play to be the boss

                cam and netan talk (netan is leader of the LA) (i'm thinking netan is like Yu. a badguy that can see the big picture)
                teal'c is listening in...just as the cloak fails
                cam realizes that netan has nothing to do with odyssey
                they've seen teal'c and he's captured. cam can't help him without blowing cover
                Where in the World is George Hammond?



                  specuation, let's see if i'm right
                  cam gets netan to help, they defeat the baddie, thus securing netan's power, get the odyssey back and form a tenative alliance with the LA
                  Where in the World is George Hammond?



                    act 3

                    sam is 'working' and trying to help the others escape.
                    she suceeds and they start to slip out

                    tela'c is getting his butt kicked while cam watches
                    cam uses the pain stick on the whumper, says he'll torture teal'c himself
                    teal'c is willing to die/be tortured to save the others
                    cam and he fake it

                    baddie looks at video feed, something is going on
                    d&v zat the bridge

                    keflin/cam shows up at dinner, typical male posturing
                    cam outs danateo as baddie
                    netan lies, saying he ordered the attack
                    the rest of the LA are questioning him, danateo was ordered by netan i guess
                    netan set him on an 'impossible' mission, to get the odyssey

                    criss-cross double cross

                    teh LA is afraid of the tau'ri declaring all out war

                    netan is keeping power/control by his toenails, too many greedy follks under him

                    now netan wnats the odyssey found (what hte hell are they doing with projectile weapons)

                    netan calls cam on embarrassing him, cam says he did it to affirm natan's role

                    d&v on bridge
                    daniel vala banter, rodney like ranting
                    they're trying to beam the others out, only dan and vala escaped

                    the baddies know that d&v are loose

                    danateo knows sam did it, holds a gun on her, d&v are told if htey don't surrender, sam is dead...unless you surrender hte rest of hte crew is next...but sam's not dead, danateo is spoofing htem
                    Where in the World is George Hammond?



                      act 4

                      vala can't be sure if it'll work

                      donatelo is gonna shoot sam
                      but he's beamed away just in the nick of time
                      vala beamed him outside...he hits the windshield - glad she couldn't get sam, she'd have spaced her

                      they have control of odyssey least they saved themselves thus far, but one member is unaccounted for...but they're sitting ducks, no shields, no hyperdrive

                      netan sees cam with teal'c, he's 'interrogating' teal'c
                      'fine, we can kill him together'
                      netan calls his bluff, just as cam is gonna have to kill netan, they find the odyssey

                      and run into an alien from cam's past, one of the snake headed ones from last time - with the corn i think...who can out cam (isn't that convenient, one of 3 aliens that can recognize cam and he beams onto the ship) who knows him as 'cam mitchell, buonty hunter'

                      netan finds out about the odyssey, leaves, leaving cam and snake alone. snake wants half of cam's bounty. cam buys him off wtih 25% of the bounty

                      cam says to unchain the prisoner, and teal'c kicks ass with a little jaffa refenge thing LOLOL

                      i have grown weary of htis torture colonel mitchell!!!!!!! (line of the night)
                      cam 'i know, we gotta go'

                      cam and tela'c on the hatak, trying to get out, cam tells him about snake, they gotta get over to snake's ship before the hatak jumps to hyperspace
                      Where in the World is George Hammond?



                        act five

                        hataks jump to hyper space
                        netan beams onto snake's ship
                        netan knows about cam/teal'c
                        (or is it cam and the ring thing?)
                        uses that to hijack the hatak

                        two hataks jump out by the odyssey
                        daniel sits in the captain's chair
                        danieltells sam 'we need the hyperdrive ahead of scheudle'
                        how far ahead?
                        oh, ten secnds

                        netan hails the odyssey, asking for surrender,daniel's bluffing

                        the hataks power weapons - we need more time
                        LOL - for the record, i'm always prepared, you just have to push th is button here

                        'netan' on snake's ship IS cam, and is gonna fire on the real natan's ship

                        teal'c tells the odyssey to beam teal'c and cam aboard

                        netan is pissed at snake, cam and teal'c are beamed on board teh odyssey

                        'i screwed up' to quote the alien

                        vala and sam fix the engines, odyssey goes to hyperspace, netan is blowing up snake's ship (cheese of the night....'damn you cam mitchell')

                        yeah, cambo is back in style

                        big boy got banged up a bit

                        sam tells earth that they've declared war on the LA (and me thinks it's personal with her)

                        all in all, it wasn't as crappy as it could have been...but it wasn't all that spectacular either 7 of 10 for me
                        Where in the World is George Hammond?



                          I hope they play on it Skydiver because I is personal for her.
                          One of them killed a friend of hers and did it in a fairly violent fashion to make a point.
                          She has a personal attachment now to one of the new bad guys and I really hope they don't just drop it.

                          Good on her for
                          not giving in to his demands and further for sticking her neck out in her idea. The risk she took was a big 'un but it got the others out and about and able to do their thing while she did hers. But the fact that she didn't give in suggests to me that she did what she did in Insiders because she was simply stalling for time to give the others a chance to contain the action she knew was imminent. Sadly, they let her down there. Here, she stalled for time once again by taking her sweet time repairing the ship but did not give in to their demands because she knew that there was no one right around the corner reading to save the day.

                          And I further agree...
                          "Damn you Cam Mitchell"
                          ... *groan*

                          ...You're ALWAYS Welcome in Samanda: Amanda's Community of New Fans and Old Friends...


                            Originally posted by aske
                            I think this thread is causing nightmares.

                            I dreamed of all these little people, who I assumed where what I thought the members of Samanda & the Sam/Jack Family group must look like. Kinda cute and fluffy.... Then I watched Sam/AT walking toward me with this really odd smile and then something made me turn away from her and then all of a sudden SAM (or maybe it was AT) stabbed me in the back ..... I thought I was in a Psycho flick....

                            SAM killed me!!!! *extreme shudders*

                            I'm not so sure this is a safe place to come play anymore.....
                            Don't worry, it wasn't SAM it was Replicarter.


                              LOL -

                              I read:
                              Originally posted by skydiver
                              "sam tells earth that they've declared war on the LA (and me thinks it's personal with her)"
                              "sam tells earth that they've declared war on LA"

                              I thought Sam looked particularly grim tonight. I dunno...well, I'd be grim around those morons too. Yecch! And what the frack was that thing on Teal'c's head? He used to have such nice hat style.
                              TEAM SG1 LIVES


                                Hmmm...not bad, but not great.
                                AT was wonderful as always. She was the commander of the ship, but for horrible reasons. And that Anateo guy. Ick. I was hoping she'd get to kick his butt, but he got what was coming to him. At least Emerson ORDERED her not to do anything...I didn't get the feeling I did with 'Insiders'. And I don't mind her being somewhat teary eyed there either. I mean she is human and had just been through something horrific. To be honest, for a while there I was afraid Anateo had done something to her, but I'm SO glad he didn't. It was cool she let Daniel and Vala out and then worked with Vala to fix it. Nice Sam this ep, and I'll wait to comment more after you all have posted thoughts.