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    Originally posted by Carterslave
    In the "Humor" category I think you'd have to put Hathor in there, for my money.
    As for "Best Writer", the standout would appear to be Heather Ash, who penned Rite of Passage, Learning Curve and Foothold, among others. Conversely, I wouldn't say Katharyn Powers is "Worst" but Emancipation does warrant a certain measure of infamy.
    Best Carter Line: "I loved Janet with the passion of 10,000 suns." Whoops! They haven't written it ... but they should.
    Carterslave: I have downloaded and archived your choices into the Summary list. And thanks for picking a 'Best Writer' - you're the first to do so.


      Originally posted by Coley
      Here's my two penny'th after the event!!

      I thoughts Sam's haircut in season 5 and 6 was just lovely.

      Apart from it being kick ass Carter style and in line with protocol, I thought she looked extremely attractive with it short. Not many people could carry such short hair off as well as Amanda. She has such a great head shape and bone structure and this style really brought that out. She looked just adorable

      Having said that Amanda does looke very beautiful with it longer in season 8, but for Sam season 5 and 6 is still the best style!!
      I'm with you Coley!


        Originally posted by ForeverSg1
        I've been spending the morning playing with my photo program and thought this really looked like something Jacob would keep of Sam.

        What a beautiful pic, Kat. It's a gorgeous shot of AT/Sam and I love the 'canvas effect' that makes it look like a painting.

        Kat - you should make a webpage/gallery of your photocollages and other Sam pics. Their great!


          Originally posted by Coley
          OKay what have I missed. Amanda will not be back until the 7th ep?! Is that right? Oh my giddy Aunt. How will I get through watching 6 eps without Sam? It's just not right that. How will the SGC manage without her?
          Oh my giddy Aunt?! I think I need an explanation of that idiom!


            A couple of folks have asked for the 'Blank Form' for the Best Carter Episodes, so here it is (with a few new categories added based on posted suggestions )

            What Are Your Series Favorite Carter Episodes?

            What are your choices for the following categories?
            (You don't have to post your choices for every category, you can just choose to comment on certain ones if you want).

            Best All-Around Carter Episodes: episodes that feature/showcase Sam and show many of the following: Kick-Ass!Carter, Soldier!Sam, Smart!Sam, Science!Sam, etc.:

            Great Kick-A$$ Carter Scenes:

            Best AT Acting Episodes:

            Best AT Acting Scenes:

            Great Episodes for the Character Development of Sam Carter:

            Top ‘Ship’ Episodes:

            Best Carter Humor Scene: Where Carter/AT gets to be funny...

            Best Carter Lines:

            Best AT Adlib:

            Best Sam-whumping scene/episode:

            Best Sam/Teal'c scene/episode: (this category is especially for Skydiver )

            Best episode where Sam had a very small part, but had a great stand-out scene or made a really big contribution: (ForeverSG1's category suggestion )

            Best Writer of good, solid Carter episodes:

            Best/Favorite Sam pics

            Best Snarky Sam Lines

            Best Episode which shows ScienceSmart!Sam

            For our internal poll, we could just post our choices in our posts on the SaGC - I am willing to watch the thread for votes and keep a tally and summary list of what folks choose. You can pick more than one episode for each category, and you can skip some categories completely if you want to. You can also nominate new categories...

            We're collecting and collating the responses through this Friday (when Sky closes the Ultimate Sam Episode Poll).


              Originally posted by Coley
              OKay what have I missed. Amanda will not be back until the 7th ep?! Is that right? Oh my giddy Aunt. How will I get through watching 6 eps without Sam? It's just not right that. How will the SGC manage without her?
              A bean, a bean ... the kingdom for a bean!! Methinks that our Royal Accountant and her giddy Auntie have just made Post 5100!

              Madam President - will you do the honours please? Or are we just commemorating every 500 even-numbered posts? It just seems fitting, somehow, to award a Bean to the bean counter who has hardly had the opportunity to post anything because of her failing communication device. Heaven knows when we shall hear from her again ... possibly not 'til Post 6000!



                Originally posted by astrogeologist
                The final chapter of a good Sam-whump fic was just posted last night
                Also features strong, solid Carter 'gutting her way through the pain'
                A note for non-shippers: it does get shippy around about Chapter 5 or 6.
                Hey, thanks, Astro, another good one to add to my list. I really enjoyed this.

                Also, I'd like to recommend:

                Surface Tension by Salieri

                The first time I came across it, I didn't make it past the beginning. I didn't like it at all. But someone on another list recommended it, and I went back to it; forced myself to continue reading it... and wow. I sure was glad I did. I was half-way through the story before I finally figured out what was going on, and things finally started to make sense. Plus, I think that Salieri uses some of the most beautiful and Sam-appropriate language I've come across in a fanfiction story, particularly in the last half. I just love the way she describes things using scientific analogies:

                "O'Neill stops her in the corridor by the elevator, a hand reaching for her arm and missing as she steps back. There is a slippery kind of resistance between her and the world, like the positive ends of two magnets forced together. She can't stand the thought of their smooth hands on her skin and she is deflected subtly sideways when they try to touch her, a slave to an immutable law. His hand hovers uncertainly in the air for a moment before retreating to his pocket."

                I just wanted to let people know that this one might be worth trying again if they gave up in the beginning like I did.


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                  Oi!! 1speed4Sam I hope you realize that you'll be in soooo much trouble if you go mute on me on the thread. The idea is to post - LOTS!!!! AND THEN LOTS MORE!!!!!


                    Thanks, Strix! I just scanned it, and it looks great! Now I have a bedtime story for tonight!


                      Originally posted by Carterslave
                      Best Carter Line: "I loved Janet with the passion of 10,000 suns." Whoops! They haven't written it ... but they should.
                      LOL! I'm with you, there, Carterslave!

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                        "Oh my giddy Aunt!" Lancastrian for:-

                        Oh my gosh
                        Well I'll be
                        Well I never
                        I'm taken aback
                        I'll go to the foot of our stairs
                        I'm so surprised in a mildly heartstopping sort of way

                        1Speed - help me out here!!!


                          Many thanks to everyone putting up Sam Fiction links.


                            Can heartstopping ever be mild?!
                            Maybe I should edit?!
                            Oh well it is late over here!!


                              Many thanks to the Jester for nominating me for a bean.
                              Gosh 5100 posts. We've come a long way haven't we. Bottle of Tribute raised to MajorSal for starting this great thread!!
                              Computer this log on has been surprisingly stable and I've been busy posting away!!
                              But bed now calls
                              Regards to all!


                                Originally posted by astrogeologist
                                OK, folks, I'm trying *really* hard to see the up-side of things... and trying *really* hard not to be cynical or depressed... but the more I hear of Season 9, the more I really think they are going to Tokrafy Sam. It's this feeling in the pit of my stomach along with all of the tidbit spoilers.

                                I don't want them to Tokrafy Sam because, in many ways, we would 'lose' our Sam... she would become 'Sam and TokraX'... at all times, TokraX is also present, not just our Sam.

                                And after a more than a season of shows that established 'insecure Sam' and did not establish Sam as a competent leader... where our Sam made mistakes and showed vulnerabilties and dealt with personal issues... I was hoping for Season 9 to tip the scales back the other way - back towards Sam's competence. But if there's a Tokra 'on-board', then it's as if our Sam wasn't enough... as if she couldn't handle it. I want to see *Sam* kick RepliCarter's ass... not 'Sam and TokraX'.

                                I'll also be pissed if they Tokrafy Sam because it will not give us the chance to just see Sam lead the troops. I want to see the woman lead competently and securely and have the confidence of her subordinates to work with. But if they Tokrafy Sam, then it's as if Sam, the female officer, wasn't enough. Men like Jack and Mitchell can lead....

                                OK... I am pretty down about this -- I need you folks to cheer me up -- tell me that I'm crazy and that I'm absolutely wrong - tell me that they are *not* going to Tokrafy Sam. Help! You did it once before, a few weeks ago, and I decided that I must be wrong... and I was much happier for awhile... but now my doubts are creeping back in and have taken seige.

                                I *so* want to see Sam dealing with the ramifications of Gemini and Jolinar's legacy.. and leading SG-1... and I so do *not* want to see her Tokrafied and turned into 'Sam and TokraX'. (And in my worst nightmares, the Tokra is Anise... shudder).

                                Dear Keeper of the Flame

                                It has come to my attention that you are experiencing angst over the forthcoming developments in Samanda this summer. You, the solid defender and stalwart keeper of all things truly Sam, are wobbling in your convictions and suppositions. All this, without having gone near the royal liquor cabinet ... which is more than I can say for some of those amongst us.

                                Let me try to analyze your dilemma and assuage your fears.

                                What's in a name? The proper noun Tok'ra seems to carry a particular negative connotation for you at the present time. In fact, you are now taking liberty with different, darest I say ...alien, forms of the noun itself ... growing it into a verb.

                                To Tok'rafy someone seems to imply the action of blending a Tok'ra symbiote with a Tau'ri host. Seen as a transitive verb, it does have a certain ominous ring to it: I tok'rafy, you tok'rafy, he, she, or it tok'rafies; we tok'rafy, you tok'rafy, they all tok'rafy. That is a massive amount of tok'rafication.

                                Alas, I can understand your fears for our beloved Queen. Would further tok'rafication produce less gratification and more frustration? This is a serious matter, indeed. Having been tok'rafied (but non-deified) previously, must she endure the same procedure over again and become a Tok'ra X or a Tok'ra XX? A dually certified, Tok'rafied, bonafide inhabitant of two different worlds?

                                I am beginning to share your need to pace and ponder ... our Queen, our beloved Queen, thrust from the universe of Samanda into the diverse realms of Tok'raland and Tau'riland. How would her fellow teammates view her in her dual role? Would she have so much on her mind, literally, that she would become either tongue-tied or bilingual? And how would she best express herself, her true Self - the Samandan Queen we have all learned to know and love? She would be beside herself! Oh cruel day! This must not be allowed to happen!

                                Rather than comforting you in your doubts, I have now worked myself into a feverous pitch of anxiety also. Perhaps a royal petition is in order. I hereby summon the Royal Court to meet immediately and send out a pronouncement, near and far, that our revered Queen be allowed to maintain sole occupation of her body. Princess Olivia alone should be the only one afforded dual citizenship!

                                Tok'ra begone ... no dibs on our fair Queen! Leave her alone! If you're looking for recycled material, consider Valla!

                                I must now retire to my lyre and liquor ... er, wicker ... my wicker chair in my study to meditate upon this dastardly possibility. You may join me if you wish.

                                Your loyal and concerned servant,

                                Last edited by ChopinGal; 18 April 2005, 05:22 PM.