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    Hey Samandan buddies

    Sorry I've been so scarce lately (what with episode 200 AND Mandy's Birthday and all) ! - I'm really sorry to have been awol, but things are a bit bumpy over here right now and I'm not able to be online as much for the time being.

    Having said that...


    Can't miss my good pal and fellow canuck's big celebration all together, can I? May you get everything you've been wishing and dreaming for...

    Luv you guys a bunch, all of ya, and I hope to get back in action really soon.

    Huggles all around,
    mini(the slightly bent but not broken!)geek

    I will post the AT2 Card reminder right after this... in case I don't have a chance to get online for a bit again.

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      Originally posted by Rachel500
      Just to be clear, my posting the link here was certainly not to suggest or force anybody to sign that doesn't want to - after all, everybody has their preference for whether they would like to see the show in its present format continue or not. It's simply there if anyone does.

      If the show does get cancelled, I am going to miss Sam Carter...
      OH, me too!!

      I'm sorry if my response came off harshly. I didn't mean it to--I don't think petitions will help, and, as I said, I'd have a hard time justifying keeping the current show.

      But, yeah. Already miss Jack. Now I'll miss Sam, too.



        Hiya Folks,

        ANOTHER AT2 / THANK YOU CARD Reminder!

        If you wish for your personal message and signature to appear on the
        Amanda Tapping THANK YOU poster presentation to Amanda at AT2 (you
        don't have to be attending to have your message on the card!), please
        visit the following web link for more information. IT'S EASY!

        Cheers & Hugs,
        -> [email protected] <-

        Live On Stage in Toronto - August 8,9,10 2008
        ~all proceeds to benefit charity~


          Originally posted by SunKrux
          I'm not surprised at all about when the morons at SciFi choose to announce the cancelation. When they canned FS, the ONLY reason they announced it earlier than they originally planned is because David Kemper, Richard Manning (two of the producers) and Ben Browder had a chat the NIGHT they found out and told the fans to go make noise. The producers of FS actually did care what the fans wanted (just rarely gave most of it to the fans. ) and that's why they broke the news before SciFi did. Scifi waited TWO WEEKS after that night to announce the cancellation.

          They're morons and when SG1 was picked up by them, I had a feeling it wouldn't last much longer because the morons in charge at SciFi are MORONS! They have no clue what scifi fans like or want. They never will.

          Yes I'll miss Amanda too. Here's to her!
          Here's To Amanda! If it were not for her wonderful portrayal of Samantha Carter, none of us would have been given the opportunity to meet each other and for that I am truly grateful.

          There are still tickets to Gabit!! It could be our last big hurrah with Amanda! Come on you know you all want to go now! What's so bad about selling blood, plasma, maybe a kidney? It's not like you don't have two, right?

          Three cheers for Amanda!! Hip, Hip....


            D'oh! And now I just read that the scuttlebut's been confirmed and all. SG-1 is cancelled. Well, I can't help but think a lot of us already saw the writing on the wall for that one. But be that as it may, I know we all wish the cast and crew and everyone involved continued successes in the future - it'll really be a new chapter for some of their lives, and I think (if I may be so bold as to say so) some of them are probably more than ready for a new chapter to begin, anyway. I'll line up with the rest of ya'll in missing my very favorite action science fiction heroine of alll time once she's off the air, though ... we'll all have to get together and drink to Samantha Carter. ANd for ten fantabulous years...

            Live On Stage in Toronto - August 8,9,10 2008
            ~all proceeds to benefit charity~


              Sam was\is a great character. Hopefully TPTB will give her something great on the way out. I know the shippers are hoping for that kind of ship but I could do with the deep space explorer type like Ivonava left B5 with. Of course she could just get her own command too, that would be good .
              Joseph Mallozzi -"In the meantime, I'm into season 5 of OZ (where the show takes an unfortunate hairpin turn into "the not so wonderful world of fantasy")"

              ^^^ Kinda sounds like seasons 9 and 10 of SG-1 to me. Thor, ya got Aspirin?

              AGateFan has officially Gone Fishin (with Jack, Sam, Daniel, Teal'c) and is hoping Atlantis does not take that same hairpin turn.


                Originally posted by ForeverSg1
                Three cheers for Amanda!! Hip, Hip....
                ... Hoooooooo-RAY!


                  I am a shipper but I'm all for a good Sam episode at the end. That would be awesome for both Amanda and Samantha. They both desserve it, especially after S9!

                  For Amanda: Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                    i'm actually quite sad at the cancellation news. i really do hope that another network picks it up and helps to fix whats been going wrong in the last couple of years. i still think the show still has great potential, and that the (relatively) few problems it has can be mended for the most part.

                    and i agree with deejay and sunkrux completely too.

                    and sci fi really are a class act to break the news to the guys on the show just before the 200th aired. really really classy. (obviously sarcasm there, just in case people don't know me). *sci fi enter room with a puppy* hey look everyone a puppy! *sci fi kill puppy*

                    well if all else fails i really do hope that amanda and a select few go off and get a really great show or spin off or something.

                    hopefully amanda tappings career will just go from strength to strength regardless of what happens with sg-1 now.


                      I know it is not really over yet, but I think we all should be realistic about it and it will be the last year of Samantha Carter en Stargate Sg1. Maybe we will see Samantha again in Atlantis season 4, that would be great.
                      Somehow I am really sad about the fact that I will not see Amanda's portrayal of Sam again after season 10. She did such a great job with it. She really made the show for me. I only was a little kid of 12 years old when I started to watch the show and from the first moment, I was looking up to Samantha Carter. She was the kind of person I wanted to become. She really was great IMO. She was everything a girl wants to be. She was so much more than just a woman. The first season they really made her a teammember, a scientist, a friend, a collegue,... She had her flaws but that just made her human. She was not 'the hero', none of the original SG1 characters where heroes. They all did great and heroic thing but they were not heroes. They were just humans like any of us.

                      And I really can say that I will miss Amanda, and everything she did to me (and I don't think only to me). She really made me appreciate little things in life. Not only as Samantha did she do that but also just as being Amanda. She really is a great person to look up to. I hope that after it is over, she will find another thing that she can enjoy, like she did enjoy stargate sg1.

                      I know that this sounds not really optimistic but I am really sad about the fact that it is over with SG1, I know that the last couple of season where not the greatest but still... The cast and crew really did not deserve such an ending!

                      I do hope that GW and Samanda will not end here cause I really feel at home here! I love reading all the posts!!
                      I also do hope that I get the change to meet Amanda in RL but now with cancelling the show I know that change is really small.

                      So to end this rather long post I made something:


                        Originally posted by the dancer of spaz

                        EDIT: Kes, the weird thing about this arrangement, I thought, was the fact that Daniel was supposedly older than Sam based on his statement in 1969. So the inverted arrangement of age, where Daniel is the oldest and Cameron is the youngest, is very odd to me.
                        Yeh. Michael is playing the oldest. Wierd lol

                        Originally posted by Gate gal
                        I almost posted on this yesterday, but I was afraid to say what I thought (fear of the leadership issue). However, since you asked about Sam's age then I am going to go ahead and jump in with a another thought as well. I think Sam is supposed to be about the same age as AT (b.1965) or a few years younger. Either way, I'm sure she was born before 1970. Now, I personally think that if
                        Cameron was born in 1970
                        then he couldn't possibly have gotten promoted to Lt. Colonel until after his accident in LC2 (too young). This would mean that either he and Sam got their promotions about the same time, or he may have gotten his promotion after leaving the hospital (meaning Sam would have senority). If the PTB insist that they are of equal rank then they can just say that Cameron got his promotion on the same day as Sam (just not on camera since he was in the hospital). Not what I want, but at least it is a theory as to why they would be equal.

                        I know all you wanted was her age so sorry if I gave too much information.
                        I was under the impression that Sam called Cam Colonel in Avalon 1 flashbacks but I just reviewed the transcripts and no, she doesnt.
                        I guess it explains the way Cam is sometimes. Not that 36 is young but the actor is so much older that I guess looking or acting a bit childish is his way of looking younger. Specially next to MS.


                          Originally posted by Rachel500
                          Well, I didn't mean to start a debate about Daniel's hair with the fic, especially not on the Sam thread, LOL!

                          I'm glad you found the story funny, Kes, and thanks for the feedback.

                          For me, S1 Daniel started out with a light/medium brown hair colour but he's slowly gone darker over the years especially with the short funky style - maybe its the gel. I don't believe I've ever called S1 Daniel 'dark-haired' (although I'll have to go back and check through my work) but it seems to fit S10 Daniel rather well, IMO.

                          At least, there's never any doubt that Sam has gorgeous blonde hair!
                          I guess I'm comparing to my own hair color. Cos if that is dark my hair is black LOL

                          Originally posted by ForeverSg1
                          So to answer the question of who has senority Sam or Mitchell? If we want to ignore the fact that the writers did not follow promotion eligibility reqs in order for Mitchell to have obtained his Lt. Colonel rank before Lost City, then Mitchell is the senior officer; however, if we want to look at their past history, then one would have to believe that Sam is indeed the senior officer.
                          Its not really about senority or rank, its more of the actor doesnt look that age. Its bugging the hell out of me. Why didnt they just pick a younger actor?


                            Originally posted by jckfan55
                            Sam's/AT's hair has changed shades a few times. It's darker in the beginning of S3 and you can see darker roots in Into the Fire. I think AT is naturally a darker blonde than she appears on the show--she lightens it up a bit. Which is fine. If she's like me, her hair was much lighter blonde when she was a kid & then it got a bit darker, but still blonde. I thought it was kind of interesting how AT mentioned her hair in the special.
                            how she likes it longer & how the really short hair cut was in frustration. Also how when she has longer hair she can go around and no one recognizes her. I guess that's the way to avoid getting mobbed.
                            Personally, I think she looks great with short hair and looks good in just about any cut, though I do have my favorites. I do like the latest one quite a bit
                            and apparently so does she.

                            Oh and did I say SAM ROCKS yet today?
                            Yeh, hair tends to get darker. My mum is a blond and her hair was so much lighter when she was younger. Now its like a really light different brown lol
                            I love the short hair, AT looks so good in it. The way she had it in the 200th was perfect.


                              Poor Mandy, I hope this news doesn't spoil your birthday.

                              Happy Birthday Mandy !


                                Originally posted by ForeverSg1
                                I wish I could say that I didn't see the writing on the wall a year ago!

                                That is truly sad how SCI-FI used the show like this in order to get that stupid title. I wish I could be shocked or disappointed by the news, but its something I've seen coming for a very long time now. And while I do feel really badly for the actors and Stargate crew, I really wish they had just ended the series with season 8.

                                I'm just hoping it goes out with a shred of dignity. I think S10 has been an improvement over S9, if not back to the quality it once had, so it may go out on an ok note.

                                Edit: are they not letting them film the full 20 episodes? If so, way to say thanks to the people who put your network on the map in the first place, regardless of declining ratings. Gotta make room for more classics like "Tripping the Rift" and films like "Mansquito," I guess. Even Corin Nemec's watchable-ness couldn't save that one for me.

                                The silver lining in this is that AT will be free to pursue LEAD roles in other things. Or supporting roles if that's what she wants. The end of SG1 will not end my appreciation and support for Amanda Tapping. I hope to see her in as many things as she wants to do. Thank You Amanda for service above and beyond the call of duty.
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