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    Originally posted by minigeek
    She's got a bird on her jacket sleeve under the SGC patch. What does that signify? The AF?
    Yeah, its the Air Force patch.


      Originally posted by Skydiver
      petition david. he makes the avatars.

      when you get to the custom level, i can make some for you, but david is the keeper of all things graphic on the board
      Thanks, i'd like that


        ...And the results for the Season Two Poll are...

        In The Line of Duty
        came out as the episode with the most votes
        for Favorite/Most Memorable AT acting scenes.

        The Tokra, parts 1&2 came in a very close second

        Results of Season 2 Poll + posted comments
        Results of Season 1 Poll + posted comments

        Many Thanks to all who voted

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          And the Season Three Poll is now up and active

          Please note that you can vote for several episodes when you cast your ballot,
          but once you hit submit, it won't let you come back and vote again.

          You can vote in the poll, and then post your comments in this thread.
          Comments and discussion may also overlap into the Sam's A Great Character Thread.

          Pics that capture your favorite AT acting scene are greatly appreciated too!
          (A picture is worth a thousand words...)

          If you want a reminder of what each episode was about... Season 3 Episode Summaries

          >>>Link to Season 3 Poll


            Originally posted by astrogeologist
            Different poll - this one's on a GW Thread

            Favorite SG-1 Actor
            Thankyou for the link, i've been over and voted and guess who's up there at no. 1, our favourite girl Amanda! i hope the ptb are taking note of all of this and Amanda herself can come here and read what is written about her


              Originally posted by Skydiver
              gratuitous spammage and a new icon for post 11,000


              WTG SKY!!

              CONGRATS ON 11000 POSTS
              "Live Peace - Speak Kindness - Dwell in Possibility"
              Hug Your Loved Ones!!
              ~Amanda Tapping


                Originally posted by majorsal
                i'm going then!
                okay, i'm not.
                i'm going to the (?) session.
                okay, i'm not going to that one either.
                I'M NOT GOING AT ALL.

                because i have no $.
                but i'm over it. i'm living through you guys!!
                BUT, if i were going, i'd go to the sunday pm session. THE last session...

                If I didn't live so far away, I would invite all of you who are NOT going to my house for a BBQ! We could have our own little shindig.
                "Live Peace - Speak Kindness - Dwell in Possibility"
                Hug Your Loved Ones!!
                ~Amanda Tapping


                  Originally posted by Agent_Dark
                  ZOMG! From another thread, its a pic from a new s10 preview!

                  SAM IN ATLANTIS AND! Sam/Vala/John OT3!
                  HOLY BUCKETS!!!!! Man, I can't wait for season 10...I mean I really really can't wait!!! I want it now!!! This is soooo coool!!! WooHoo!!!!!!!!
                  "Live Peace - Speak Kindness - Dwell in Possibility"
                  Hug Your Loved Ones!!
                  ~Amanda Tapping


                    while voting for amanda (), i saw this GREAT replicarter video! i'm not sure if it's been mentioned here, but i don't remember it and i'm here every day.

                    so here be it -


                    ps - spoilers for up to s8



                      Originally posted by Skydiver
                      very true.

                      course, sam could be wearing a burlap sack and still look classy

                      she's Diana to Vala's Camilla
                      Great comparrison...but I like Vala...not nearly as mich as I love Sam...but she's still ok...I don't think much of Camilla and would never compare her to Diana!
                      "Live Peace - Speak Kindness - Dwell in Possibility"
                      Hug Your Loved Ones!!
                      ~Amanda Tapping


                        Originally posted by Deevil
                        Just a bit about 'stalker' pete and Cassie. First, we don't even know of Sam found out about him doing a background check, because even if Jack found out, he wouldn't tell Sam because she was happy - he wouldn't ruin that.

                        Second, I do think Cassie would have liked the guy, because despite everything he was a nice guy, and he did love Sam even though I felt he resented her work a little.

                        And I do think that Sam cared about him deeply, and could forgive him following her (only because she understands that that is part of who he is). But I think when she said yes, she was so caught up in the need of something stable, she forgot to check is she really loved him that much. In the end, Sam wasn't all the nice to Pete either ya know. Which seemed ver OOC, but at the same time... I could see it in the abstract working.
                        Well said Deevil...but why do you think Sam was not so nice to Pete?
                        I had no problem with Pete but I'm glad it didn't go any further...he was definitely NOT her type!!
                        "Live Peace - Speak Kindness - Dwell in Possibility"
                        Hug Your Loved Ones!!
                        ~Amanda Tapping


                          Here's how the celeeb poll looks like it will end (in less than an hour from now)

                          AT made it to #8! WOOT!

                          1. Jennifer Garner
                          2. Michael Vartan
                          3. David James Elliott
                          4. Renee O'Connor
                          5. Catherine Bell
                          6. Lucy Lawless
                          7. Hayden Christensen
                          8. Amanda Tapping

                          9. Nathan Fillion
                          10. Ben Browder
                          11. Vincent d'Onofrio
                          12. Richard Dean Anderson
                          13. Lauren Graham
                          14. Ewan McGregor
                          15. David Duchovny
                          16. Jensen Ackles
                          17. James Marsters
                          18. hilarie burton
                          19. Gillian Anderson
                          20. Mark Ruffalo
                          21. Treat Williams
                          22. Gale Harold
                          23. Michael Shanks
                          24. Kathrin Morris
                          25. Randy Harrison
                          26. Maura Tierney
                          27. Jared Padalecki
                          28. Kellie Pickler
                          29. Dwight Yoakam
                          30. Joaquin Phoenix
                          31. James Lafferty
                          32. Emily VanCamp
                          33. Bethany Joy Lenz
                          34. jodi foster
                          35. mariska hargitay
                          36. patrick dempsey
                          37. Kristen Bell
                          38. Liam Neeson
                          39. Sophia Bush
                          40. Robert Fuller
                          41. Chris Potter
                          42. Carmine Giovinazzo
                          43. Gregory Smith
                          44. Eddie Cahill
                          45. Robert Beltran
                          46. Vince Vieluf
                          47. david hasselhoff
                          48. Joe Flanigan
                          49. Summer Glau
                          50. Rachel McAdams
                          51. David Boreanaz
                          52. Mark Harmon
                          53. David McCallum
                          54. Agnetha Faltskog
                          55. Amber Benson
                          56. Annifrid Lyngstad
                          57. Ellen Pompeo
                          58. Callum Keith Rennie
                          59. Bucky Covington
                          60. Katharine McPhee
                          61. Kate Mulgrew
                          62. Hugh Laurie
                          63. Jason Behr
                          64. Ellen Muth
                          65. Alyson Hannigan
                          66. victor garber
                          67. Aaron Stanford
                          68. Mitch Longley
                          69. Connor Trinneer
                          70. George W. Bush
                          71. Goran Visnjic
                          72. Johnny Depp
                          73. stevie nicks
                          74. Jason Dohring
                          75. Carlos Bernard
                          76. Alan Rickman
                          77. matthew fox
                          78. Clay Aiken
                          79. Jennifer Aniston
                          80. Chris Pratt
                          81. Sarah michelle gellar
                          82. Scott Patterson
                          83. Bill Clinton
                          84. Hugh Jackman
                          85. Andy Samberg
                          86. Ace Young
                          87. Mike Rowe
                          88. Adam Savage
                          89. Eric Nyhammer
                          90. Dominic Monaghan
                          91. claUdia blAck
                          92. Peta Wilson
                          93. David Radford
                          94. Jessica Alba
                          95. Mandy Patinkin
                          96. Eddie Cibrian
                          97. Milla Jovovich
                          98. Michelle Trachtenberg
                          99. Will Makar
                          100. Stephanie March

                          To vote for AT:
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                            Originally posted by chelle db
                            Well said Deevil...but why do you think Sam was not so nice to Pete?
                            I had no problem with Pete but I'm glad it didn't go any further...he was definitely NOT her type!!
                            But she wanted him to be.

                            After her hallucinations in "Grace", Sam wanted a 'normal' boyfriend and a 'normal' relationship. I'd say that her subconscious was quashing any doubts she was having, both about Pete himself and about her feelings for him.

                            Sig courtesy of RepliCartertje


                              Final Totals

                              1. Jennifer Garner 82315
                              2. Michael Vartan 68933
                              3. David James Elliott 58547
                              4. Renee O'Connor 40168
                              5. Catherine Bell 38753
                              6. Lucy Lawless 27947
                              7. Hayden Christensen 26215
                              8. Amanda Tapping 23993
                              9. Nathan Fillion 22912
                              10. Ben Browder 20336
                              11. Vincent d'Onofrio 19129
                              12. Richard Dean Anderson 16530
                              13. Lauren Graham 16065
                              14. Ewan McGregor 13541
                              15. DAVID DUCHOVNY 12632
                              16. Jensen Ackles 12407
                              17. James Marsters 11620
                              18. hilarie burton 9363
                              19. Gillian Anderson 9186
                              20. Mark Ruffalo 8499
                              21. Treat Williams 7414
                              22. Michael Shanks 6812
                              23. Gale Harold 6806
                              24. Kathrin Morris 6729
                              25. Randy Harrison 6650
                              26. Maura Tierney 6574
                              27. Jared Padalecki 5747
                              28. Kellie Pickler 5428
                              29. Dwight Yoakam 5351
                              30. Joaquin Phoenix 4546
                              31. James Lafferty 4469
                              32. Emily VanCamp 4251
                              33. Bethany Joy Lenz 3997
                              34. jodi foster 3951
                              35. mariska hargitay 3910
                              36. patrick dempsey 3868
                              37. Kristen Bell 3824
                              38. Liam Neeson 3642
                              39. Sophia Bush 3570
                              40. Robert Fuller 3492
                              41. Chris Potter 3446
                              42. Gregory Smith 3126
                              43. Carmine Giovinazzo 3101
                              44. Eddie Cahill 3091
                              45. Robert Beltran 2895
                              46. Vince Vieluf 2850
                              47. david hasselhoff 2806
                              48. Joe Flanigan 2734
                              49. Summer Glau 2639
                              50. David Boreanaz 2542
                              51. Rachel McAdams 2537
                              52. Mark Harmon 2377
                              53. David McCallum 2340
                              54. Agnetha Faltskog 2275
                              55. Amber Benson 2174
                              56. Annifrid Lyngstad 2159
                              57. Ellen Pompeo 2096
                              58. Callum Keith Rennie 1944
                              59. Bucky Covington 1850
                              60. Katharine McPhee 1818
                              61. Kate Mulgrew 1795
                              62. Hugh Laurie 1773
                              63. Jason Behr 1757
                              64. Ellen Muth 1726
                              65. Alyson Hannigan 1724
                              66. victor garber 1717
                              67. Aaron Stanford 1640
                              68. Mitch Longley 1573
                              69. Connor Trinneer 1560
                              70. George W. Bush 1554
                              71. Goran Visnjic 1539
                              72. Johnny Depp 1528
                              73. stevie nicks 1517
                              74. Carlos Bernard 1493
                              75. Jason Dohring 1493
                              76. Alan Rickman 1403
                              77. matthew fox 1395
                              78. Clay Aiken 1393
                              79. Jennifer Aniston 1380
                              80. Chris Pratt 1313
                              81. Sarah michelle gellar 1233
                              82. Scott Patterson 1221
                              83. Bill Clinton 1194
                              84. Hugh Jackman 1177
                              85. Andy Samberg 1161
                              86. Ace Young 1149
                              87. Mike Rowe 1081
                              88. Adam Savage 1076
                              89. claUdia blAck 1073
                              90. Eric Nyhammer 1071
                              91. Dominic Monaghan 1070
                              92. Peta Wilson 1066
                              93. David Radford 1059
                              94. Jessica Alba 1043
                              95. Mandy Patinkin 1022
                              96. Eddie Cibrian 1016
                              97. Milla Jovovich 998
                              98. Michelle Trachtenberg 993
                              99. Will Makar 980
                              100. Stephanie March 964

                              Sig courtesy of RepliCartertje


                                Wow. When I posted this link last Saturday afternoon, I had no idea it would catch on. Amanda was in 39th place and losing ground. I couldn't stand to see that happen, so I called in reinforcements. I was scared people would get upset, that they wouldn't appreciate me posting a link to a 'silly poll'. I thought a few votes would trickle in- but I was WRONG! In a good way, of course. Around 5 p.m. Saturday June 24th(central standard time) Amanda had maybe 2,500 votes, give or take. By 2 a.m. Saturday July 1st at the close of the poll, she had reached the 8th spot with almost 24,000 votes(23,993 to be exact).

                                Not long after the link was up, other fans posted it on other sites. Soon, not only were Samandans voting, was there as well as a host of other AT fans. We were coming together to support our girl.

                                I wonder if Amanda will ever know about the party we threw in her honor. And what a party it was! We had videos-many thanks to our VJs!!! We had guess the quote and even chatted using episode names. We talked about Amanda-when we first saw her and just generally how great she is-all while click click clicking away.

                                We were SO positive the whole time. We knew AT/SC would never dodge a challenge, and we weren't either. Amanda fans are some dedicated people! We had folks from all over the world-from Australia to Belgium to the UK to all across America and Canada-voting day and night for her. People went without sleep, recruited family and even neighbors, and voted on multiple computers within their homes(great exercise by the way). Mandy's cat was even on the verge of learning how to use a mouse!

                                AT is generous and so are her fans. We helped out other voters that needed a hand. How many of us knew who Lacuna Coil was before this week? And how many more people know about Amanda Tapping thanks to her fans' hard work?

                                Probably the most touching thing about the voting was how we reached out to RDA. We had made our goal, and realistically couldn't make the next place with only a few hours left. Some of us alternated votes, some posted links at RDA sites, some voted exclusively for RDA. At any rate, we stayed ahead and managed to give RDA the boost he needed. In the last 30 minutes we even bumped Michael Shanks up a notch. AT fans are giving, like Amanda herself!

                                So maybe Amanda didn't get #1, but you know what? Moving from 39th to 8th in such a short time was a far greater feat than those that placed above us, who had been sitting securely in their places for weeks. What an amazing show of love and devotion by AT fans! Not just any actress has such an amazing fan base- and the fan base is only as amazing as the actress. Her forum was a party 24/7-nowhere else I went had such constant fan support.

                                Sure, it was just a fun poll. TPTB might not ever see it and nothing may ever come out of it. That's too bad, really. We love Sam Carter the same, if not more, than we did 10 years ago. They should see we still cherish such a wonderful character, played by an equally amazing woman. This was such a morale booster and a great way to get the word out about Amanda! Next month I say we get her to #1! She deserves that spot-and I am being 100% honest about that. I have never seen a better actress...not in the movies and not on TV. She's top notch, classy, a gem, shall I keep going?

                                I want to take a moment to thank EVERYONE that voted. You didn’t have to, yet you spent your time and effort to do it. We probably have crooks in our necks and cramps in our fingers, but what a ride! Not only did we spend the last week promoting our favorite actress, but as AT fans, I think we grew closer. We all worked together towards a common goal. It was great fun, and I hope to see you around next month.

                                Amanda, we at Samanda-and all your fans-want you to know we love you! This wasn't much, but it was a small way to say thanks for all the time you've spent on the show, for what you've done for us. In the end, Lizlove said it best:
                                Originally posted by Lizlove
                                She deserves it. For spending all those hours on Stargate. For making us create this big happy family. For making wishes come true. For saving some of us. For showing us there still is love and compassion out there. And for much more...
                                Changing the world one smile at a time...

                                Thanks Amanda.
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