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    Originally posted by Carterslave
    Indeed. She looks like she's ready to roll on the mean streets of Vancouver & chase down a few perps.
    Love that sentence!
    Originally posted by Carterslave
    ROTFMAO! Sometimes, it's just so much fun when someone coins a new word!


      Originally posted by SamFan31
      First, congratulations to MajorSam, our new SYSTEM LORD! Way to go!!! Couldn't happen to a nicer person.

      I was going to post a favorite Sam picture, but got carried away with the scene and I couldn't choose just one photo since it's such a Sam classic.

      Sam’s adventurous spirit takes her in new and wondrous directions, some more rewarding than others.

      I'm not so sure about eating exotic yellow entrees.

      Oh, YUK!
      I'm so hungry. I just wish I had an Astro Oreo...

      Getting rid of this right NOW!

      Caught by my host!

      I'm sorry. I hope I didn't offend you.

      Do not worry, Samantha Carter. Yours is the sentiment of many of my guests.
      That is just great, Samfan! Thanks so much for posting these pics!
      It won't let me rep you, so I'll just have to send you some *Royal* Blue Jello


        Originally posted by ForeverSg1
        Hey Sky...

        I found a cute little story with Teal'c and Sam that you might like here on GW.
        Not sure if you've read it already, it's called 'Behind Closed Doors'. Just a bit of fluff to put a smile on your face.

        I haven't read any of these stories, but your comment puts me in mind of what it would be like if they let Christopher Judge write an episode for Sam and Teal'c I think he does a good job with the Teal'c episodes he's written. Somewhere someone commented that he said he wasn't sure he could write for other characters, but I bet he could.


          Originally posted by Tok'Ra Hostess
          Fail Safe
          I think....

          <tsk!> The Goa'uld are so disorganized; these crystals aren't sorted either by size or by color. I don't even want to think about the state of their sock drawers....
          And you are correct, TH! And LOL at your caption (and it's references to Chimera)


            Originally posted by Strix varia
            So, it appears that we have fairly universal agreement that we want to see kick a$$ Carter return in Season 9. We want to see her commanding SG-1 and saving the world with her brilliant brain. But I'm curious if you all have any specifics in mind. What scenes would you like to see Sam in?

            Me, I'd love to see her leading a couple of volunteer SG teams to rescue another team (maybe Hailey?). We've seen other SG teams volunteer to come to the rescue of SG-1... I think it would be cool to see Sam return the favor, and in doing so, earn the respect and admiration of some of the other SGC personnel. Maybe this is in reaction to the Blue Feather syndrome... but I want TPTB to SHOW that Sam is respected by her peers, and that not everyone thinks she slept her way to her promotions, etc. etc...

            Along the same lines, I'd love to see her show off some of her skills as a pilot in combat.

            Anyone else have any dream scenarios they'd like to see for Sam in Season 9?
            Astrog enthusiastically sends in her vote to have StrixVaria added to the Stargate Season 9 writing staff.


              I'd love to see Daniel & Teal'c upset that *anyone* is going to replace Sam, even temporarily & even for a supposedly good reason. Not just because they're her friends, but because she is the most qualified to lead the team.


                Originally posted by ForeverSg1
                Hey Sky...

                I found a cute little story with Teal'c and Sam that you might like here on GW.
                Not sure if you've read it already, it's called 'Behind Closed Doors'. Just a bit of fluff to put a smile on your face.


                thanks Kat

                I have read it, but it's such a cute fic

                mmhm, i should remember it for the fanfic awards. there's never enough sam/teal'c

                ooh, and to everyone, if you haven't nommed your favorite sam stories - or any other ones - please, please do so by sunday

                we can't let our girl get left out and disqualified from the awards due to 'lack of entries' now can we?????
                Where in the World is George Hammond?



                  Originally posted by ForeverSg1
                  I, for one, love Sam. She’s a wonderfully, well-rounded character with strengths and weaknesses. I love her in spite of all her faults and idiosyncrasies. She’s not a plastic barbie doll pretending to be a soldier. She is stunningly beautiful, but she’s completely unaware of it. She’s brilliant, but unlike other scientists on the show she isn’t a bumbling idiot ( Felger ) nor is she totally full of herself ( McKay ). She’s fierce, independent, compassionate, and loyal beyond words. She may not have all the answers, but she never gives up trying to find them. She may screw up occasionally, but she always the first to admit when she’s made a mistake. She has insecurities, and like many of us, she may have allowed her feelings to get the better of her at times; but regardless if you agree with the things she does or not… you are still here. You are still watching. Whether you have a smile on your face, or you are jumping up and down, yelling and screaming at the television, you are watching…because you care. And in the end…that’s all the writers are trying to do… to get you to watch. We may not agree with everything the writers have done to Sam, but if they didn’t take the risks throughout the years, Sam would still be the same uninspiring character she was in COTG. So I for one am very happy for what they have given me. Kat
                  I can't rep you again, Kat, so here's some blue jello! Great post!


                    Originally posted by Skydiver
                    many of the shippers were happy with the implied ending and fishing, yet others were dissatisified having wanted more.
                    As as shipper, I was happy with the fishing thing and believe that it is a good sign that Sam will end up with Jack in the end.

                    I think I may differ from many shippers in one area, though, because I think that too much ship would weigh both Jack and Sam down too much and could cause them to lose their affectiveness at their jobs. I like the tension between them, but I don't want it at the expense of the show. I also disagree respectfully of the shippers who think that it would have been okay for Jack and Sam to pursue anything romantic while she was still in his direct command. I think it would have lessened them in some way - that they were willing to disregard the oaths they swore to for personal gain - and I would have lost some respect for them.

                    I believe that with the partial ship resolution we got is enough that Sam can stop dealing with that particular area of conflict in her psyche and focus on being kick butt team leader.
                    Originally posted by Skydiver
                    i can't say that sam has been irreparably damanged by eps such as gemini, i jsut think, in that one, we got a glimpse into just how messed up fifth left her.
                    That is a GREAT observation! Gemini is the result of New Order, not just because of their being a Replicarter but also because of the impact it had on her being.

                    Plus Sam more than likely couldn't imagine that their could be another "her" out there with her memories and not have her soul.

                    ...You're ALWAYS Welcome in Samanda: Amanda's Community of New Fans and Old Friends...


                      And the Blue Jello Awards
                      for the Best Carter Episodes of Season 8
                      go to....

                      Moebius pt 2

                      with Reckoning, pt 2, Moebius pt. 1 and New Order, pt. 2.
                      also all pulling strong vote counts. Lots of great Sam scenes!


                      Best Carter Episode Poll Results by Season:
                      Season 1: SaGC Thread page#43, Post#846
                      Season 2: SaGC Thread page#50, Post#983
                      Season 3: SaGC Thread page#70, Post#1389
                      Season 4: SaGC Thread page#88, Post#1751;
                      .....Season 4 Episode comments from SaGC members: Post 1752, 1753, 1754
                      Season 5: SaGC Thread page#117, Post#2338;
                      ....Season 5 Episode comments from SaGC members: Post 2339, 2340, 2341
                      Season 6: SaGC Thead page#147, Post#2921
                      ....Season 6 Episode comments from SaGC members: Post 2926, 2927, 2928
                      Season 7: SaGC Thead page#182, Post#3621
                      ....Season 7 Episode comments from SaGC members: Posts 3625, 3626, 3627, 3628, 3629, 3630

                      Season 8: SaGC Thead page#213, Post#4241
                      ....Season 8 Episode comments from SaGC members: Posts 4243, 4244 , 4245 , 4246 , 4247, 4248 , 4249

                      Great Sam lines and quotes
                      SaGC Thread page 167, post 3321
                      Top Episodes from Best Carter Episode Polls by Season
                      Click on the episode titles to view Sam-highlight episode pics

                      Singularity (S1) ............... Robert C. Cooper (Thread page #175, post 9)+ more screen caps (by Über)
                      Solitudes (S1)................. Brad Wright (Thread page #38, post 759)
                      Hathor (S1).................... D. Carren/J Carroll (Thread page #45, post 891)

                      In The Line Of Duty (S2) ..................... Robert C. Cooper (Thread page #50, post 984)
                      Tokra 1&2 (S2).................Johnathan Glassner (Thread page #6, post 105)
                      A Matter of Time (S2) ……...Misha Rashovich, Brad Wright (Thread page #6, post 110)

                      Jolinar's Memories/TDYK (S3).......S. Wareham, D.Stashower (Thread page #70, post 1390)
                      Foothold (S3).................. Heather E. Ash (Thread page #16, post 306)
                      Point of View (S3)............ J.Glassner, R.Cooper, B.Wright (Thread page #66, post 1320)

                      Entity (S4)...................... Peter Deluise (Thread page #88, post 1748)
                      Divide and Conquer (S4).... T. Valenza
                      2010 (S4)....................... Brad Wright (Thread page #78, post 1550)

                      Ascension (S5)................ Robert C. Cooper (Thread page #96, post 1917 and Thread page 11, post 201)
                      2001 (S5)....................... Brad Wright (Thread page #9, post 162)
                      ......................................+ p#205, pst 4083 (by Uber) + p#206, pst 4111 and p#207, pst 4135 - by Nearly Circular

                      48 hours (S5).................. Robert C. Cooper (Thread page #117, post 2340)
                      Desperate Measures (S5) ….. Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie (Thread page #117, post 2339)

                      Nightwalkers (S6) ……… ...... Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie (Thread page #147, post 2926)
                      Paradise Lost (S6) ………..... Robert C. Cooper (Thread page #147, post 2927)
                      Metamorphosis (S6) ……… ...Jacqueline Samuda, James Tichenor (Thread page #147, post 2928)
                      Unnatural Selection (S6) ……Robert C. Cooper, Brad Wright (Thread page #147, post 2927)

                      Grace (S7) ………................Damien Kindler (Thread page #182, post 3627)
                      Death Knell (S7) ….............Peter Deluise (Thread page #182, post 3629)
                      Heroes pt 2 (S7) ……… ...... Robert C. Cooper (Thread page #182, post 3629)

                      Threads (S8)………… Robert C. Cooper (Thread page #213, post 4249)
                      Gemini (S8)………… Peter Deluise (Thread page #213, post 4245)
                      Moebius (S8)………. Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie & Brad Wright & Robert C. Cooper (Thread page #213, post 4248)
                      Reckoning pt 2 (S8)…. Damian Kindler (Thread page #213, post 4246)

                      And special thanks once again to Skydiver for creating and maintaining the polls for us!
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                        Okay! I'm cheating here a little because I couldn't pick just one shot from this scene...the expressions just crack me up...

                        So, NAME THAT EP using these pictures...

                        BTW, still looking for people to post eps they'd like me to use as a basis for my "Sam is the Hero in Almost EVERY SG Episode" theory...

                        ...You're ALWAYS Welcome in Samanda: Amanda's Community of New Fans and Old Friends...


                          And here are the Season 8 Sam-highlight Summary Episode Comments:

                          chocdoc I found [Season 8] a bit difficult to do in an odd sort of way compared to the other seasons. I really had to separate out AT's amazing acting from my favorite Sam storylines that I think illustrated Sam's strengths. I didn't need to do this separating as much for the other 7 seasons.

                          If I were to pick the best three for AT's acting, I would go with New Order (particularly part 1), Gemini, Reckoning I and II, Threads, and Moebius 1/2 Oops, way more than three . What can I say---AT's acting is superb in many of the episodes. She was able to show her enormous acting range in these episodes --- playing extremely tortured yet resourceful (I'll explain below), evil (plays evil deliciously well ), plays sorrowful yet strong, and then plays comical/geeky. Wow!! What a treat to see AT play so many different emotions and roles. I noticed alot of great specific comments from many fans about AT's wonderful acting, particularly in the last five episodes.

                          AstroG I agree wholeheartedly! They really 'worked AT' in Season 8.
                          -she played tortured and broken by Fifth (New Order)
                          -she played an evil supervillian in RepliCarter (Gemini and Reckoning)
                          -she played 'beside herself' where she was both Sam and RepliCarter
                          ….on the screen at the same time (Gemini)
                          -she played the continuing soap-opera drama (Affinity and Threads)
                          -and she got to play comedy with AU Geek!Sam (Moebius)
                          What amazing range and breadth... and.. simply.. what fun!


                          NEW ORDER, PTs1&2

                          Skydiver What I loved about new order was the sam/teal'c stuff. Such nice friendship scenes. I loved them talking their way into looking for a way to save jack. And the fifth/sam scenes were just heartbreaking. He got to her, he really, really got to her. And we get a good glimpse into her strength of will that she's able to resist it.
                          NearlyCircular The Sam and Teal’c bonding was worth the price of admission alone, but we also got Sam vs. Fifth, round 2. AT did a great job showing Sam in extreme distress. And on the shallow side, I liked the way that Sam looked in Fifth’s version on the ranch.
                          AgentDark Great Sam/Teal'c scene and mental Sam whumping And of course, a promotion to Lt.Col.

                          chocdoc I think Sam was very clever in how she dealt with Fifth's torture. Fifth was seeking revenge, plain and simple. He was torturing her for the sake of just punishing her because he felt betrayed---and not for any other reason such as for information, etc. How can she stop Fifth from continuing to torture her? Because Fifth has human emotions (although he is extremely immature), she tries to tap into any compassion he may be capable of---she tries to tap into the human capacity to forgive. I think that is why she pleads with him---she tries to make him feel some empathy. Otherwise, why would he stop? So I think she is actually clever and resourceful in this very dismal situation. Sam is resourceful and clever under tremendous pain.
                          majorsal The Sam/Fifth torture scenes. How often have we ever seen Sam so physically or mentally upset that she's broke down? Sam was pushed to her breaking point, and I LOVED how Amanda played that. I wasn't that much of a fan of this ep, but THOSE scenes and Amanda's performance made it worth it. I recorded New Order to keep. And I only did that because of Sam/Amanda. Amanda was incredible in the torture scenes!

                          StrixVaria I liked these episodes. Sam seemed a little insecure and awkward with Teal'c in one scene on board their ship; I wondered what that was about because it felt out of character at the time. Once the action started, though, she was back to competent Carter, and I was happy. I thought AT did a great job with her torture scenes involving 5th, although I thought some of the dialogue could have been written better, and a part of me wishes she hadn't been quite so pleading...

                          When Carter said, "Part of being human is having compassion, learning to forgive," I cringed a little. I wish that the writers had written that scene differently. You know, here was 5th torturing Sam out of a sense of revenge (another very human emotion). Instead of pleading for 5th's forgivenss, telling him that he needs to have compassion... she could have shown him by forgiving him for torturing her. I just thought they missed a great opportunity to let 5th learn a little about humanity from Sam's example.

                          Skydiver Sam never really got to lead here, but I liked seeing her just around the base, doing her job and acting as kind of an advisor to jack. Also I loved it when she kicked bootie. Also I did like her scene with teal'c….what that woman can accomplish with a simple 'please'
                          NearlyCircular A possessed Sam kicks butt!
                          StrixVaria I missed Janet in this episode. It's hard to keep a good bad-guy down, and I did enjoy the reappearance of Anubis. I vaguely recall being slightly confused as to how they were trying to control the situation, but I seem to remember that Sam saves the day by shutting off the base self-destruct and changing the gate address at the end, so that was cool.

                          ZERO HOUR
                          Skydiver this was largely a jack episode, however I did like that we get to see sam in charge, and get a glimpse into her insecurities. I just wish we could see what happened on that planet
                          NearlyCircular You got to see Sam in charge if you didn’t blink, and I loved Daniel and Teal’c coming to her lab to support her.
                          Not Sulking – NC’s audio clip

                          StrixVaria This was a fun episode, although Carter-light. Nice glimpse of her in command, and I thought the exchange between her and O'Neill at the end was done very well. Although... it did reveal a moment of insecure Carter again, second guessing herself and her leadership decisions.
                          AstroG I really liked this little exchange… where Jack tells Sam that Teal’c said she was ‘an animal’ when they were under fire.
                          CARTER: I’ve been second-guessing myself for ordering SG-3 to remain at the Gate.
                          O'NEILL (making a dismissive gesture): Oh, pshaw! (He and Sam start to walk down the corridor.) It was standard recon. Your tactics in dealing with the ambush – perfect. You should read what Teal’c and Daniel wrote about your conduct under fire.
                          CARTER: Can I?
                          O'NEILL: No.
                          CARTER: Damn!
                          O'NEILL: Teal’c said you were an animal.
                          CARTER: Huh! Such an exaggerator.


                            Part 2 of the Season 8 Sam Highlight Summary

                            Skydiver umm…..well it was a cheesy remake of 'the English patient' in a way and I really don't remember much about it
                            NearlyCircular Sam leading the team through the gate at the beginning was a treat. At the end, she was hand signal person in charge.
                            AgentDark Soldier Sam in command, kickin' arse as usual
                            StrixVaria Sam didn't have much of a role in this one. I'm not recalling any standout moments, anyway. Maybe some soldier Sam at the end while rescuing Daniel?

                            Skydiver I loved the tension between these folks. Teal'c trying to figure things out and get out of the game. His scenes with sam were good….are you sensing a theme here?
                            NearlyCircular More soldier Sam, even if it was in the game.
                            AgentDark Soldier Sam again. And she got to wield two P-90's at once Hooah!

                            StrixVaria I thought this was going to be entirely a Teal'c (and Daniel) episode based on the previews, so I was surprised and pleased by the amount of screen time AT actually had. I thought it was a very original concept, although the computer game graphics were such a blatant plug for a commercial product that I was a bit put off. Good soldier Sam scenes. Good scientist Sam scenes.
                            the dancer of spaz I LOVED Avatar's final scene with everyone. I don't think I can say that enough. You've got Daniel and Teal'c who KNOW the truth, and Jack and Sam who aren't quite sure, but THINK they can trust each other, and they all have guns trained on each others. Jack's "Now what?" is priceless. I still have to rewind it every time, because it's a classic scene. It's great because they all had to blindly trust each other. Daniel and Teal'c had to trust Jack and Sam even though they didn't KNOW that they weren't Goa'ulds, and Jack and Sam had to do the same. Trust! That's what I love about those four. They can TRUST each other with their lives, even when they're at war with aliens while being stuck in an out-of-control, hypervigilante video game! Well, that's enough on Avatar.

                            Skydiver umm….she did look good in that jacket. I gotta admit I didn't care much for this eps as a whole, but it was nice to see another side of sam, see her warring with her two sides, wanting to be good in her job, wanting to have a life. It's a decision that more and more folks face every day. I think my only issue is kissing pete on the stakeout. Bad form and sure to be the subject of jokes around the sgc for weeks. I'm glad sam is happy, but that behavior just wasn't her
                            StrixVaria I liked Pete in this episode, and he was presented as pretty competent, and for that I was grateful since it showed why Sam might think so highly of him. I loved this exchange:

                            CARTER: It's bad enough being on your own without every TV show and commercial and magazine ad trying to tell you how abnormal it is.
                            JACKSON: I think that's what I just said.
                            CARTER: I mean, they make you afraid of being alone but at the same time tell you not to settle for anything less than the perfect romantic ideal, like that actually exists anywhere in the real world. I mean, either way you can't win. (She sighs irritably. Daniel raises his eyebrows at Teal'c, then turns to Sam.)
                            JACKSON: How's things?
                            CARTER: Good. (She glances between Daniel and Teal'c.) We were talking about Teal'c's friend, right?
                            JACKSON: I thought we were.

                            It was an entertaining way of presenting a very real truth.

                            There was another good scene between Sam and Jack in her lab, when she confesses that Pete has proposed to her. You could really see how well Sam and Jack know each other. It also revealed a lot about Sam's train of thought, and it was done perfectly in character for her.


                            Skydiver sam has some great interactions with alec, and I sense a real friendship – or at least a good working relationship. And it was fantastic to see her in the pilot's seat at last
                            NearlyCircular I really like seeing Sam out of the “office,” and on this one we saw that a lot. This was a chock-full of Sam episode, if you think about it. And astro, she got to fly!!
                            AgentDark So much Sam in this episode! She had a nice thing going with Colson and plus she got to drive a really sweet sports car (though I have no idea what model, or even make it is...) AND she got fly an F-302
                            Oh and Sam's now also been on National, and probably International, TV - She's famous now!

                            StrixVaria I enjoyed this one very much. I thought there was a good chemistry between Alec Colson and Sam (to a degree that I kept thinking he would be a much better match for her than Pete). Sam seemed to get over her nervousness in front of cameras (from Heroes) pretty quick, as she did a great job on Julia Donovan's show. I was very glad they wrote her dialogue in such a way that she never told any outright lies. And in the final scene, we get a good sense of Sam's compassion.
                            AstroG I really did like seeing Sam in the front seat of the 302!


                              Part 3 of the Season 8 Sam Highlight Summary

                              Skydiver this wasn't totally a sam eps but again we get to se her on the base, doing her job and just doing what she can to make things work. I love how, while I certainly know she's not jack's exec officer or running the base, she does seem to have some latitude to do things and take care of things…and jack trusts her to jut get the job done
                              NearlyCircular The one thing that I can remember is the scene with Sam and Daniel talking about the wedding. Too cute.

                              Skydiver I like sam taking charge again. And, even though it may not have been appropriate attire, she looks really, really good in that leather jacket. I also liked how she manipulated the folks in the alkash. Kept them from attacking that one planet.
                              NearlyCircular Sam kicks butt with her hands literally tied behind her back! Woo Hoo!
                              AgentDark Kickin more butt, this time with her hands tied behind her back lol. Go Sam!
                              StrixVaria Carter kicking the snot out of a guy with her hands tied behind her back! I did wonder if there wasn't more she could have done to stop the guys from launching the attacks on the Jaffa. Could she have charged them and been zatted into unconciousness? Somehow, if Daniel had been in her place, I couldn't have seen him just sitting there. He would have done *something.* And I sort of wish Sam had, too, even though it would have been futile.
                              Jckfan55 There was a nice little moment for Sam and Daniel when they were both captured. The bad guys were going to kill them b/c they said "we can't take them with us." Sam or Daniel says something like "I don't mind taking a ride" and the other says, "me neither." Sam gives this sort of innocent look. And, as has been said, taking the guy down with her hands tied behind her back was classic. Go Sam!

                              Skydiver this seems to be a counterpoint to Grace in a way. We get to really look into sam's psyche and, I think, we get a glimpse into just how much fifth messed her up. I have my doubts that she ever told the boys exactly what fifth did to her and that ended up biting her in the end. However, I did like her and teal'c's interactions. How he backed her up, tried to let her do things her way, yet stood ready to support her if things went south
                              NearlyCircular WOW! Just 2 great performances from AT.
                              Tara3583 i enjoyed as it showed Sam trusting Replicarter really without much hesitation and i liked that, i don't want to see Sam as a coldhearted soldier and although it was a replicator Sam imho really did want to give it a chance, after all it had all Sam's thoughts and feeling sand i have to say i was stunned when it turned out it was bad because i really did think other wise! Sidenote>>>I think Amanda does BAD and EVIL really well because when it hit me that RC was bad it made my skin crawl!
                              AgentDark Wow, Evil RepliCarter Sam. AT does *such* a good job at evil, its eerily good . The whole idea of the untapped, Dark Side of Sam is great and I wish they had of developed Sam's DarkSide a bit more (who knows, maybe in Season9. But then again, that's what FanFic is for )
                              Great fun to see two Sam's on screen and playing off each other again. Plus we got to see RepliCarter kick some arse at the end

                              majorsal A second Sam. One that has been through maybe even worse than our own under the hands of Fifth. A broken and fractured soul that wanted to die. A liar and manipulator that relished in destroying what she was sickened by in our Sam - trust in humanity. Two Sam's the same, yet profoundly different. An absolutely *wonderful* performance by Amanda!
                              chocdoc I am not overly bothered by Sam being vulnerable here and making a major mistake. She was clearly remorseful about it at the end of the episode and in later episodes. She knew that she made a mistake and regretted it. Our heroes are not perfect, thank goodness. And who could not like her interactions with Teal'c!
                              ForeverSG-1 ...because regardless of the outcome, I like that even after eight years of trauma and loss Sam has managed to still keep her compassion and trust. Regardless of what people have said about how this episode was so unlike Sam and that she would never behave this way. I have come to believe that maybe it really was just like our old Sam: to become so wrapped up in finding an answer or unlocking the mysteries of something that she often losses sight of reality for a moment. This isn't her first time. After nearly dying in metamorphasis she still wanted to study the machine without thought of what it meant to the people on the planet. During A Matter of Time, she was absolultely fascinated by the scientific aspects of the blackhole. It took Jack direct vocal interaction to pull her out of it and realize that their were people involved. It's not that I don't think Sam has a lack of compassion or feeling in these instances, but she becomes so absorbed at times it's like she has tunnel vision and the only thing she can see is what is directly in front of her. I think this became much of the case in Gemini.

                              PROMETHEUS UNBOUND
                              Skydiver no sam, so no comment
                              NearlyCircular No Sam, nuff said.
                              StrixVaria No Sam. <sniff>

                              IT'S GOOD TO BE KING
                              Skydiver finally! We get to see sam in charge, on a mission..and we get to see the whole mission. I enjoyed how she wrangled the boys, she's not as much their boss as she is their keeper. Her interactions with harry were good and I can tell that part of her likes the rogue…even if she wont' admit it
                              NearlyCircular Sam was in charge for a little while, but then got to do the science thing too. And the look she gives Maybourne when he mentions wives plural is perfect.
                              AgentDark I voted for this because it was the first time we really got to see Carter in Command. Woohoo! She got to be snarky to Maybourne (Shes in charge now, that means she gets to do it ) and She got to work on a PuddleJumper! Was slightly dissapointed how Jack came in and stole her limelight, but oh well
                              ForeverSG-1 I liked seeing Sam in charge. It may not have been a lot, but it was cool seeing her give the orders. The gun scene was sweet too.

                              StrixVaria this was one of my favorite episodes of the season. Sam was competent in her leadership role; she got to tinker with the ship. Kudos to whoever came up with the idea for her to grab Jack's gun... that was awesome.

                              FULL ALERT
                              Skydiver mmhm, sam knows how to run the fax machine <G>
                              NearlyCircular I’m drawing a real blank here. Kinsey and ?
                              StrixVaria I did see this one, but it didn't do much for me. I never really felt the tension between the US and Russia that was supposed to be there. I mean... weren't we supposed to be on the verge of war? Could have fooled me. And I don't remember Sam playing much of a role in any of it.

                              CITIZEN JOE
                              Skydiver lol, well the comments about her and pete were funny. She did have some good scenes in the end
                              NearlyCircular a clip show, so not much real-time Sam, except for the funny byplay with Jack on the phone, and her reactions to Joe at the end.
                              StrixVaria Fun episode, but very Sam light.


                                Part 4 of the Season 8 Sam Highlight Summary

                                RECKONING, PTs 1&2

                                Jacob: I'm sorry can ask until you are blue in the face, but it's never going to happen.
                                Jack: Ya know's times like these when I can tell where Carter gets her stubbornness.
                                Jacob: What can I least she was lucky enough to get her mother's eyes and intelligence.
                                Skydiver ooh, this is such a good one. We get to see replicarter and get a glimpse into just how deadly and evil our sam could be if she ever lost her morals. Replicarter is vicious, but not necessary evil, she's just 100% devoted to her cause, the survival of the reps. And she'll do whatever she can to accomplish it. She is our sam in a way, she has our sam's tunnel vision and devotion, just aimed the wrong way. I also thoroughly enjoyed sam and dad's scenes, in fact I ALWAYS love sam and dad. Though they were all split up, they were a team and all working towards the sam goal
                                ForeverSG-1 We got to see intellectual/scientific Sam figure out a way to make up for what she did in Gemini. To fix the problem she caused without any bumbling, or awkwardness. It was very cool.
                                NearlyCircular Replicarter was awesome, and I like seeing Sam and Jacob working together(for the last time, unfortunately). It was fun seeing her try to keep Jacob and Baal on task. Again, 2 great performances by AT. And of course, one of my all time favorite Sam quotes, You know. you blow up one sun…. – NC’s audio clip
                                AgentDark Working with Thor to fix the Replicator gun and then working with Ba'al to fix the Ancient Device. Some great Sam lines in there Oh, and RepliCarter's back too!
                                StrixVaria This was a wonderful episode! Replicarter was definitely creepy. AT did such a great job playing her. My favorite scene was the one with "Y'know, you blow up one sun and suddenly everyone expects you to walk on water!" (Of course). This episode had the old Sam Carter that I know and love... no insecurity...figuring out puzzles and alien technology...great banter with her dad and Ba'al... shooting up replicators.
                                Good stuff!

                                chocdoc I liked Sam working with Jacob and Ba'al in this one. I like how she negotiated between Jacob/Selmac and Ba'al so that they could succeed in making an effective weapon against the replicators. Negotiating, highly focused Sam under extreme pressure to get the job done.
                                AstroG Reckoning pt. 2 is my favorite Sam show of Season 8.
                                ->Sam gets to work with Thor and then Jacob, her father.
                                -> Loved the humor in this exchange
                                Sam: “Midday, the darkness is high in the sky”?! You sure about that?
                                Selmak: That is what it says.
                                Sam: It doesn’t make much sense.
                                Jacob: Yeah, well neither does, uh, (he looks at the clipboard) “the wind blows on the pillow” or “three days to the chicken,” but that’s what these phrases apparently translate into.

                                ->While working with her father, she gets to show some of her amazing mental flexibility as they work towards deciphering the heiroglyphics on the ruin walls. And then Sam gets to 'crack the code' - and I loved how CA showed Jacob watching her figure it out and then his pride in his daughter when she was done.

                                and then, of course, I loved this exchange.. a little fatherly pride and a little of Sam's desire to not be seen as so different from everyone else (even though she is)
                                Jacob: C’mon, Sam – it can’t be any harder than blowing up a sun.
                                (Sam looks irritated.)
                                Sam: Y’know, you blow up one sun and suddenly everyone expects you to walk on water!
                                (At that moment, the interface between the laptop and the Ancient screen begins to work.)
                                Jacob (smiling delightedly): There y’go!
                                Sam: Oh. Next up: parting the Red Sea.

                                You know. you blow up one sun…. – NC’s audio clip (to go with NC’s screencap panel)

                                -> Next we get to see Sam work with one of the series evil supervillians - Ba'al. She does what needs to be done - while her father and Selmak are recalcitrant.

                                Reckoning wasn't a 'Sam-centered' episode, but rather was a 'team episode', where all four of the original members of SG-1 were heroically fighting and contributing on different fronts. Sam was smart, strong and heroic. Reckoning, pt 2 is definitely my choice for the Season 8 episode which showcased the smart, strong, competent and capable Sam Carter that the series developed over the years.
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