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    And here's a shot from Revisions (no point in Guess The Episode - this was way too easy)...

    ...make up an alternate episode title...
    ...or make up a caption for the photo...
    Photo is from


      Originally posted by deepspace
      possible spoilers for Moebius:
      This is in a way a bit like how I felt after Moebius. It was a kind of reality check. It made me realise that I am more likely to end up like the AU Sam than the real Sam, though right now I think I'd be lucky to do even that. I just don't see myself as ever being as bright and smart and amazing as Sam. Anyway, if you are a dork, then I like you because that means you are probably just like me. Not that anyone's ever told me I'm a dork, but it's come close a few times when some kids I know have told me I'm weird and that I don't have a life and when am I going to grow up. Oh, and some other kids can't understand why on earth I could possibly want to study science, because they think it's boring. And I think I've been called a geek once, but I'm not sure why, considering that I usually assosciate the word geek with people who are good with computers (or is that nerd?) and I am really not good with computers. Anyway... why did I write all that?
      ya know what? i'm a geek too.

      i'd like to think that i'm relatively smart, but i'm not what anyone would call pretty. i'm a bit plump and i prefer my casual comfortable clothes...and what my sister calls lesbian shoes...nice comfortable leather flats (no i'm not gay, but since i refuse to damage my feet in heels and dress shoes, she considers me weird)

      i read a lot, write and am not what you would call outgoing or personable

      but i'm me. and folks can accept me or they can get over it. I gave up a long time ago trying to be what i'm not

      I don't tell my sisters what i do online, in fact i try to tell them as little as possible about what i do. they can't mock you if you dont' give them ammunition

      deepspace, just be yourself. and there's nothing wrong with being a geek.
      Where in the World is George Hammond?



        Deepspace, I just want to echo what Sky said, and encourage you to not worry about being labelled as anything. I'm sure that astrog will agree with me when I say we need as many students as possible taking math and science classes. And the more classes the better. I teach math at a college of science and engineering, and I guess you could say it's full of geeks, myself included. But when our students graduate, they go on to work at some pretty impressive places, doing some pretty impressive work. Even if you don't think that you're a "natural" when it comes to science and math, keep trying, no matter what others think. It will pay off.



          Ok, back on topic, here are some sound bytes from Moebius 2.


          not the kind of guy



          Did you see the new commercial for Season 9 on the show tonight? The announcer says something like "This summer, meet the new team" Then they show pictures of Teal'c, Mitchell, an old shot of Sam and Daniel with a beard. Darn, it's hard to wait.



            Originally posted by astrogeologist
            And here's a shot from Revisions (no point in Guess The Episode - this was way too easy)...

            ...make up an alternate episode title...
            ...or make up a caption for the photo...
            Photo is from

            Rename the episode Amnesia, since not only do the inhabitants forget each other and events in the past, but if I recall earlier discussions, most of us seemed to have a mental block about the episode.


              Originally posted by Skydiver
              the s7 poll has been closed and the non surprising winner is.......Grace
              And the Blue Jello Awards
              for the Best Carter Episodes of Season 7
              go to....

              Death Knell
              Heroes pt. 2

              with Space Race, Lost City pt 2 and Avenger 2.0
              also all pulling strong vote counts. Lots of great Sam scenes!


              Best Carter Episode Poll Results by Season:
              Season 1: SaGC Thread page#43, Post#846
              Season 2: SaGC Thread page#50, Post#983
              Season 3: SaGC Thread page#70, Post#1389
              Season 4: SaGC Thread page#88, Post#1751;
              .....Season 4 Episode comments from SaGC members: Post 1752, 1753, 1754
              Season 5: SaGC Thread page#117, Post#2338;
              ....Season 5 Episode comments from SaGC members: Post 2339, 2340, 2341
              Season 6: SaGC Thead page#147, Post#2921
              ....Season 6 Episode comments from SaGC members: Post 2926, 2927, 2928
              Season 7: SaGC Thead page#182, Post#3621
              ....Season 7 Episode comments from SaGC members: Posts 3625, 3626, 3627, 3628, 3629, 3630
              Great Sam lines and quotes
              SaGC Thread page 167, post 3321
              Top Episodes from Best Carter Episode Polls by Season

              Singularity (S1) ............... Robert C. Cooper
              Solitudes (S1)................. Brad Wright
              Hathor (S1).................... D. Carren/J Carroll

              ITLOD (S2) ..................... Robert C. Cooper
              Tokra 1&2 (S2).................Johnathan Glassner
              A Matter of Time (S2) ……...Misha Rashovich, Brad Wright

              Jolinar's Memories/TDYK (S3).......S. Wareham, D.Stashower
              Foothold (S3).................. Heather E. Ash
              Point of View (S3)............ J.Glassner, R.Cooper, B.Wright

              Entity (S4)...................... Peter Deluise
              Divide and Conquer (S4).... T. Valenza
              2010 (S4)....................... Brad Wright

              Ascension (S5)................ Robert C. Cooper
              2001 (S5)....................... Brad Wright
              48 hours (S5).................. Robert C. Cooper
              Desperate Measures (S5) ….. Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie

              Nightwalkers (S6) ……… ...... Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie
              Paradise Lost (S6) ………..... Robert C. Cooper
              Metamorphosis (S6) ……… ...Jacqueline Samuda, James Tichenor
              Unnatural Selection (S6) ……Robert C. Cooper, Brad Wright

              Grace (S7) ………................Damien Kindler
              Death Knell (S7) ….............Peter Deluise
              Heroes pt 2 (S7) ……… ...... Robert C. Cooper
              And special thanks once again to Skydiver for creating and maintaining the polls for us!
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                geeks are what makes the world work.

                who do you think builds the bridges and roads we use to get around??? a bunch of engineers who, yes, i am not exaggerating, may not use pocket protectors, but who are massively geeky.

                who do they ask for help with the tech stuff? yet another geek (me...presentation wise)

                who gets all the pretty people on the air and who make stargate? the geeks. they outnumber the pretty actors 10 to one.

                brains last forever (relatively speaking) while prettiness fades pretty dang fast. your intelligence will take you more places than you can imagine and there is nothing wrong with making yourself smarter
                Where in the World is George Hammond?



                  the s7 poll has been closed and the non surprising winner is.......Grace
                  Where in the World is George Hammond?



                    Hey everyone! *waves* I'm BAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!! Finally got home last nite, but then had to do all this stuff, then wait for my brother, then give my family gifts I got for them, then all this other stuff, ended up getting to bed at about 5:30 am my time (only 9:30pm at my house, but still) Oh well, I slept till veeeery late My brother's b-day today, so had a dinner and all that. I think we're off to a movie or something soon, so I unfortunately don't have time to write up all my adventures, or go and read the whopping approximate 80 PAGES I missed. If any y'all want to hear some adventures, or hear about the places I went, here's the highlights, i'll write on request

                    Little French towns (Annecy, Chambery, Grenoble, Moutiers, La Cote D'aime)
                    Vimy Ridge

                    Eiffel Tower
                    Notre Dame
                    Les Invalides
                    Sacre Coeur
                    Arc de Triomphe


                    Musee D'Orsay
                    The Louvre
                    Centre Pompidou (crazy modern stuff)


                    Picadilly Circus, Oxford Circus (Shoppiiiing)
                    The Phantom of the Opera (At... Her Majesty's Theatre)
                    Buckingham/Big Ben
                    Tower of London

                    Then there's the Hot Chocolate Adventure in Paris, the two Bus Adventures in London, all the adventures on the Metro's, all my new friends, hostels I stayed at etc.

                    I'll get around to reading all the pages... tomorrow, I hope!!! Still no news of Amanda's baby... I was hoping to come back and see everyone partying, but alas...

                    (((((((((((((Samandans)))))))))))))) Missed you all terribly!!!!!
                    The Von MajorSam Family Singers debut CD... Coming soon

                    |||Official Member of the Chevron Guy Fan Club||


                      And... here is the Season 7 summary collection of SaGC episode comments:

                      ForeverSG1 Although I know a lot of people don’t particularly like the changes that occurred within Sam’s character from season seven onward, I truly believe season seven was “The Year of Sam”. It was oozing with great episodes revolving around Sam. Not only did we get to see her in action, but we were also given access into her heart and mind to see what she thinks and feels.

                      Skydiver I love the sam/daniel bits. 'are we involved?' 'no' it was cute and a nice break from the trauma of naked daniel
                      ForeverSG1 The one thing I liked about this episode, especially seeing no interaction between Sam and Daniel while he was ascended and his treatment of her in Full Circle, was that it really seemed to me that it was Sam, not Jack, who changed Daniel’s decision to come back to Earth with the team. The fact that Daniel wanted to know if there had ever been anything between them makes me believe that he still, even without his memories, felt a bond with Sam and trusted her. We also got to see Sam in the 302, although only as co-pilot and it did give us the wackiest plan!
                      O'NEILL: "Look, I realize I wasn't the most positive voice in the room..."
                      CARTER: "We all know it's an extreme long-shot, sir."
                      O'NEILL: "Well, my big problem with it is that all this depends on us trusting a Goa'uld to back us up."
                      CARTER: "This is our only chance to take Anubis completely out of the picture and Yu has come through for us in the past."
                      O'NEILL: "All I'm saying...just for the record...this is the wackiest plan we've ever come up with."
                      CARTER: "Wackier than strapping an active Stargate to the bottom of the X-302?"
                      O'NEILL (who is up and walking away): "Oh, yeah."
                      CARTER: "Wackier than-than blowing up a sun?"
                      O'NEILL (as he walks out the door): "Yep!"
                      CARTER: "He’s probably right."

                      I loved the scene between Sam and Daniel when Daniel sort of asks Sam if they'd been involved. AT did such a great job acting; it seemed like a bunch of emotions flitted across her face before and during her reply to him. I thought it was very moving.

                      chocdoc I mainly loved this episode because Daniel came back (though I miss Jonas). I really loved Sam’s interaction with Daniel though. I’m not sure how it goes anymore, but the lines where Daniel asks Sam if there was ever anything between them, and she tells him they were just friends, I liked that scene.

                      Skydiver sam and jack in the death glider/x-302. nice fighter pilot bits
                      Jckfan55 She pulls the ambassador down when the firefight starts in the storeroom. Our Sam--always looking out for the civilians. And she holds her own in the fight with Jaffa later & tackles the Jaffa leader. Good one Sam!
                      ForeverSG1 We don’t see a lot of Sam in this episode, but we do get to see her do some really nice Jaffa butt-kicking at the end. I really love seeing her in action and it’s so cool to be able to do a slow-mo view of the scene and know that AT is the person doing all the fights and stunts. ForeverSG-1’s pics

                      FRAGILE BALANCE
                      TokraHostess Finally, fast forward to that horrible scene in Fragile Balance when Sam, the most experienced glider pilot in the room, was summarily dismissed by lower ranking and equal ranking flyboys, men who perked right up when the little male came in and took charge away from her. <rarrrguuggggrrrghhh!>
                      ChopinGal I always think back to the scene in Fragile Balance where those young fly boys would not show her the respect demanded by the situation, yet when Clone Jack came into the briefing and proved that he was Jack, the whole dynamic changed. It sounds like women, as leaders in the military, have a harder time commanding respect. That shows how little we traveled in some circles.
                      AstroG I think the writers were so focused on how much fun they were having with young O'Neill's caricature of older O'Neill that what they did to Carter was collateral damage that they really didn't notice... or think was a big enough deal to let the opportunity for the scene go away... it was really a Jack O'Neill scene... so I would have preferred if they had written it so that the briefing had been handed off to some male X302 engineer (who doesn't even know how to actually pilot a plane - and then the other pilots' objections would make sense)... and then O'Neill comes busting into the briefing, and Carter has to be called in to vouch for who he is - and then he takes over and Carter is seen off to the side soothing the ruffled engineer's feathers. That way, the writers could have had their Jack-O'Neill-has-to-be-himself scene, but it wouldn't have been at the expense of the female lead.
                      Starfury Re: the Fragile Balance flyboy scene...when I saw that, I always imagined one of two followup scenes: one is simply later during the same briefing when one of the pilots asks a dumb question, the other is during an actual combat flight training, where one of them makes a stupid mistake and gets taken "out," and O'Neill says "See, if you'd been paying attention during Major Carter's 302 tech briefing, you wouldn't look like such an idiot right now.".
                      Coley Re Fragile Balance. I too hated the briefing room scene - I just cringed for poor Sam. To me it was quite unbelievable that the pilots would actually think and behave in that manner. I assume they would all be aware of Sam's expertise and heroic actions as a soldier and pilot and I would expect they would all hold her in high regard. However we got what we got. I liked Astrogeologists thoughts that Sam acted in that scene with grace and professionalism and it was the pilots who acted out of line!! Despite that scene I do like the ep, I like the idea of the young Jack clone. One of my fave season 7 snippets is in there (I love snippets)
                      Skydiver hehehe, in the beginning she did such a good job of trying to ball out the 'impersonator'. 'do you know how serious this is? impersonating an officer?'
                      chocdoc This was an episode all about Jack, but I really liked Sam in this. It must have been so hard to feel like this boy was her superior officer, but she managed it brilliantly. I never really had a problem with the scene of the pilot briefing. I only really noticed after I’d read people’s comments here.
                      StrixVaria I had read a lot of negative posts about the scene where young Jack takes over the pilot briefing from Sam before I actually saw it. I think if I had seen without that prior influence, I probably wouldn't have been bothered by it neary as much because it seemed to me that the writers were playing up Jack rather than putting down Sam. What I did appreciate, however, was how Sam gave young Jack the respect and courtesy deserving of his rank. I thought she behaved very professionally.
                      ForeverSG1 Like some I found the treatment of Sam in this episode to be bit condescending and disrespectful at first, but after re-watching the episode I started to look at it in another light. The episode really wasn’t trying to make Sam look bad, it was to show that Jack, even in a teenage body, still had the same mentality and confidence as before. As brilliant as Sam is, she still has a lack of self-confidence that perhaps allowed the men in the 302 briefing to not give her the respect she fully deserved, but Jack on the other hand has been a Colonel for nearly ten years that we know of, and he was out to prove that he deserved to be in that briefing in any body. I try to think of Sam’s self-confidence as a lack of experience that will only increase as her
                      leadership skills become more finely tuned and used. I still found it to be an enjoyable
                      Young Jack: Ya know, I think the two of you are enjoying this a little too much.
                      Sam: are kinda cute. (first picture)
                      Young Jack: That's sir to you...and being trapped inside a scrawny little body is not my idea of cute.
                      ForeverSG-1’s screencaps from this scene:

                      hehe, I can't help it... I just find this scene utterly amusing.


                      Skydiver sam's heart break when she has to stay in the camp and listen to teal'c getting tortured. and then her and daniel taking on the ship, blowing up the hatak ship.
                      StrixVaria Sam in a sweaty tank top...! Woohoo!
                      Jckfan55 Sam talking about the SF movie she's seen where they act completely unrealistically. "What was their weakness? Water." I love her tone and expression on that "Water."
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                        Part 2 of the SaGC Summary Comments of Sam Highlights for Season 7


                        Skydiver mmhm, well i did like her and the alien dude, trying to figure things out. notice how she always tries to build a report with whomever they come across?
                        chocdoc Didn’t Sam get to work with someone on a neat fancy alientechnology computer?
                        Jckfan55 She almost loses her temper arguing with the scientist about the computer link. She is so frustrated!
                        AstroG I found this to be a great *team* episode. Although the episode wasn’t big on explosions or galactic threat, all four original members of SG-1 were offworld on an exploratory mission. Daniel was translating, Sam was teching, Jack was commanding and Teal’c was watching and protecting. For Sam, I liked the interaction between Sam and the alien scientist… and I noticed that she kept her weapon with her even when seated at the alien console (perhaps the ramifications of Foresaken?)… but I think they just should have had Jack or Teal’c stay with Sam while she worked with the alien tech, and then the other (Jack or Teal’c) should have stayed with Daniel while he had his nose in the musty old texts. Both Sam and Daniel needed someone to watch their back while they were pre-occupied with figuring out the science and history.

                        LIFEBOAT Skydiver i only watched this one once, but i seem to recall sam and daniel working to try and solve the mystery to fix daniel
                        StrixVaria When Sam wakes up in the infirmary, she says, "Janet," even before she opens her eyes. It just speaks volumes about Sam's relationship with Janet. (There's a short story in there, somewhere, I think.)

                        ENEMY MINE Skydiver well, sam's 20 seconds were my favorite part.

                        SPACE RACE Skydiver LOL adrenaline junkie. yes, the announcers were majorly cheesy but i loved seeing sam work with warwick. it was a nice continuation from forsaken and it was fun to see her basically finagling her way to having fun
                        AgentDark And then there were the 'fun' Sam episodes, Space Race and Avenger 2.0. I enjoyed both of these episodes and it was great to see Sam in a more light hearted role.
                        ForeverSG1 Adrenaline Junkie Sam. We all knew she had this in her but it was fun to finally see Sam let go and do something for once just for the sheer pleasure of it.
                        StrixVaria I never have completely bought into the adrenaline junky Sam personna, but I really liked the was she got into the plans and diagrams... scientist Sam was right on the mark. The end scene with Sam and Daniel back on base; I don't remember exactly what their exchange was, but I remember really liking it. (How's that for being vague?).
                        chocdoc I remember this as being another of those episodes that I wish they’d done more subtely. But it had Sam co-flying a spaceship, right?
                        deepspace well, I watched Space Race the other day, and loved the part where he hands her the instruction manual for the ship. He tells her that he had it translated into their language. O'niell looks over Sam's shoulder and says something like "that's not our language", and Sam says, 'No sir, it's mine."

                        AstroG Loved the spotlight on Sam’s ‘Need For Speed’ – I love seeing glimpses into this side of her character… it doesn’t get much screen time (when there’s big-time piloting or such to be done, it goes to Jack). Also loved seeing the humor in this episode…. loved the interchange with Teal’c when he says that she has requested that he stay with her instead of going with Daniel and Jack for the official governmental ‘talks’. Also loved the scene at the end where she is miffed because the race was full of cheaters… and she says that she plans to ‘kick butt’ the next time! You Go Girl!
                        Scene: SGC, Sam is walking through one of the SGC corridors.
                        She rounds a corner and sees Daniel hanging up a red handset.

                        Sam: "Hey..."
                        Daniel: "Hey."
                        Sam: "I just heard from Warrick. The winner of the race hired him as co-pilot on her new contract with Tech Con."
                        Daniel: "That's great."
                        Sam: "Yeah. He sounded really happy."
                        Daniel: "You don't."
                        Sam: "I'm fine."
                        Daniel: "You've still got that ion drive to study."
                        Sam: "I know...very cool."
                        Daniel: "You're just sore that you lost."
                        Sam: "Well, come on. It wasn't fair...bunch of cheaters."
                        Daniel is grinning broadly now.
                        Daniel: "So, whatcha gonna do?"
                        Sam: "Next year...I'm gonna kick butt."

                        AVENGER 2.0 Skydiver 2.0 yes, felger is annoying, but he and sam play well together. i loved her balancing between encouraging/helping him and trying to rein him in. and the ending was great. 'think bolivia'
                        AgentDark And then there were the 'fun' Sam episodes, Space Race and Avenger 2.0. I enjoyed both of these episodes and it was great to see Sam in a more light hearted role.
                        ForeverSG1 My 13yr old absolutely loves this episode. It’s not one of my favorites but it was amusing to watch it with him. He chuckled and giggled through the entire thing, but then again he really loves Felger. I have to admit there were some really funny moments in this episode. The scene when Sam goes to tell Felger that he’s been given permission to work on the virus and that she’s been asked to work with him and Felger pours soda all over himself is a blast. Sam’s reactions to Felger’s blunderings are so reserved that it makes me laugh even harder. I love the scene at Felger’s apartment with

                        Felger’s pants on backwards. I’m not sure how AT could make it through that scene without laughing. It had to have taken them a dozen takes to get through it. The
                        dream sequence at the end was wacky but funny. I totally didn’t expect to see Sam rip her shirt off and attack Chloe, and Jack’s response at the end was priceless. Overall, it was nice to get to see a light-hearted Sam and you can definitely see how compassionate she is as she tries to work with Jay.

                        StrixVaria Asinine Felger fantasies aside, I really enjoyed this episode. I really liked the way Sam stood up for Felger when everyone else was ready to give up on him. Sam has had a habit of doing that throughout the series (she helped Hailey at the Academy, she argued with Jack over the value of the recruits [Elliot?] in Proving Ground, etc.), and I thought it was a nice touch by the writers to have her being a champion for someone again. There was a scene on a bridge with Felger that I thought was especially touching (compassionate Sam at her best), and the final battle on Baal's (?) planet was awesome. Soldier Sam in action!
                        chocdoc I remember this as being yet another of those episodes that I wish they’d done more subtely. There were quite a lot of good Sam soldier scenes though. Felger just never grew on me. I really don’t like his character. And the last scene of his weird dream of Sam and that other woman, oh how that made me hate the episode for ages. My favorite part of this episode was actually the little miniature Stargate set that Felger had in his house. When I thought this was the first episode of season7 I was really worried that the whole season was going to be like that.
                        AstroG In the audio commentary she says that this gun gave her nothing but problems -the props department had literally invented a gun for this episode because they couldn't use the standard P90s that they usually used (they couldn't get ammo as it was all sent to the war in Iraq). AT said that at one point the thing basically exploded on her and the bullets just shot out sideways and she dropped the gun, shouting out something like It's Stargate Barbie and We're All Going To Die! It's amazing to me that she saw it as humorous - I think I would have been scared and then gotten pretty pissed at whoever put that gun together! AT also made a very funny (and sharp) comment that she wished that she had picked up the fallen bullets and started simply throwing them at the Jaffa... ROTFL! Only a comedian would think of such a thing! And the image in my mind is hilarious! Here, take that, you evil Jaffa! (as she flings bullets at them). Handthrown bullets vs. staff weapons...

                        She also said that the 'ancient stone ruins' were actually lightweight fake props... and she kept knocking them over.... ooops. LOL! I love the fact that AT can laugh at herself!

                        And as a final note, Jack brings the calvary to the rescue in the stolen alkesh. I would have really enjoyed having Carter handle things and then when Jack showed up, Carter would have been standing guard over Felger as he finished up. It would have been great for Jack and company to arrive and Carter has it under control - just competent and professional. With a line or two along the lines of... Jack: 'Came to see if you could use some help...but it looks like you've got things under control...' and Carter just shrugs and gives him one of those small, unprepossessing smiles. "Things could change at any time, sir, so your alkesh is more than welcome." "Good job, Carter." Now I don't need to see Carter always handling everything and never needing any help... but I would have enjoyed seeing her handle this one on her own (I think she earned it with what she had to deal with with Felger all episode ), and then get to greet Jack and Co. more as colleagues than as saviours.

                        More Avenger Screen Caps by AstroG
                        CARTER: "How's it coming?"
                        FELGER: "We're getting there. It's pretty cool, isn't it? You and I working together? We're sort of like the intellectual Butch and Sundance of the SGC."
                        CARTER: "Butch and Sundance got cornered and killed by the Bolivian army."
                        FELGER: "Yeah...that's a good point, yeah."
                        Suddenly, Sam sees Jaffa entering the clearing in front of her. She pulls Felger down with her behind some stones.
                        FELGER: (still holding the laptop) "What? What? What? What?"
                        CARTER: "We got trouble."
                        FELGER: "Wh-what kind of trouble? What?"
                        CARTER: "Think Bolivia."
                        NC's 'Think Bolivia' audio clip
                        NC's screen captures
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                          Part 3 of the SaGC Summary Comments of Sam Highlights for Season 7

                          BIRTHRIGHT Skydiver i liked this one and for once, we had an amazon type episode that isn't so odd and over the top. sam had a good relationship with mala and really felt for her when she died.
                          ForeverSG1 Personally, I really liked finally seeing a planet where the women were in charge and I enjoyed seeing Sam being the one whom the leaders go to instead of Jack.
                          StrixVaria Amazons! Nice to see Sam's counterparts in Jaffa society.
                          chocdoc But then Avenger was followed by this episode, which I really liked. I particularly liked how it was Sam they chose to talk to instead of the Leader Jack. I don’t like every female warrior on a tv show, infact, I don’t like most of them, but I really enjoyed the fact that they brought in female Jaffa to Stargate. So yes, I loved this, despite all my dad’s comments on “look, more Amazons like my daughter”.

                          EVOLUTION, PARTS 1&2 Skydiver i really enjoyed this one. a nice mix of adventure and fun. sam trying to command her dad, bratac and tealc...yeah, good luck. but i loved her and dad, always do. trying to catch the SS, infiltrating the base, sam was just plain enjoyable
                          StrixVaria I was glad to see Sam in command, and I thought she did a good job in that roll. I did, however, think her getting smacked by the Super Soldier at the end was pretty lame. Whumping is good, but she just *stood* there (bad writing/directing). (Oh, wait, this is supposed to be about my *favorite* parts, isn't it?)
                          chocdoc Sam in charge!!! What else…. Oh, sam in charge!!!

                          More AstroG Screen Caps from Evolution

                          GRACE Skydiver sigh. such fun angst and drama. we really get to see what makes sam tick
                          AgentDark A great episode for both Sam and Stargate in general. It had a very surreal feel to it and AT did a wonderful job of playing a concussed/confused Sam. We also got to see inside Sam's mind a bit here with her delusions seeing her teammates and also her personal issues.
                          Particulary great Jacob scene in this episode as well.
                          Probably has to be one of my favourite SG1 episodes ever

                          ChopinGal Grace was such a wonderful showcase for Amanda's talent ... she took us on a trip into her mind and we watched as she fought to make sense of what was really happening to her. Sam Carter's defenses started to peel away like the hull of the Prometheus ... and, once her defenses were down, she was forced to look at some painful personal issues. The scene with Jacob was the high point of the show. How believable and poignant she made that encounter look.
                          ForeverSG1 I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy this episode when it first began and I realized the entire thing was going to be via Sam’s narration to what was happening, but I have to admit I really loved it. I really liked being able to see into Sam’s psyche; to see how her mind works, even with a concussion. It was a life changing episode for Sam and made her truly look deep within herself to decide what she wanted/needed in life. I really think AT did a phenomenal job on this one.
                          StrixVaria I loved this episode. It's probably one of my favorites. I thought AT did a fantastic job; her confusion/suffering from the effects of the concussion was totally believable. I think the writers could have done a better job with parts of the storyline (Ummmm...why did the crew abandon ship in the escape pods?), but I loved getting a glimpse into Sam's subconscious mind.
                          chocdoc This is a good Sam ep, but actually not my most favourite. It was so strange and surreal that when I woke up the next morning I wondered if I had actually watched an episode of Stargate the previous night or if I had dreamt the whole thing. Amanda played the headwound really well though.
                          MajorSal I loved this ep so much. I loved seeing a vulnerable Sam, who was slowly falling apart physically and psychologically. It was interesting to see her slightly 'warped' versions of her friends, but that was do to her concussion (or was it?). My fave parts of this ep (which equal a LOT of parts that are too many to mention) are when she's talking to 'Jacob' in the messhall, and when she's sitting alone(ly), leaning against the bulkhead/wall, and Grace (and then Jack) comes in to talk to her. She looked so alone and lonely in that scene. She just gave up. Separate from my mini review of the ep, I'd like to ask you guys if you think Sam was really 'not' alone on that ship? Do you think Grace was the cloud, or aliens on the other ship, or just made up in Sam's imagination?

                          AstroG And more kudos for the writers - they let Sam save herself (and the rest of the Prometheus crew), instead of having Jack or some other 'calvary' come in and save her. And not only did they let her come up with the solution, it was *so* in character. Smart!Sam got to save the day. And they wrote this episode so that it didn't simply look like Sam was presented with a problem and immediately pulled a solution out of thin air - instead, they showed her trying an idea, having it fail, then she'd try something else, and it wouldn't work, and then she'd have to go to Plan C and then D and then E.... until she eventually ran out of ideas that came quickly. So then she thought about it and came up with the idea to vent some air... but then she hallucinated Grace getting sucked out and abandoned that idea.
                          I love how Grace asks what Sam is doing, and Sam just tells her that it's complicated, so Grace says 'Try Me.' (This is a great plot device to explain what Sam is doing to the viewer - they get to have Sam explain it to herself!). Sam launches into a quickie technobabble explanation, in layman's terms, and Grace's response is one of my favorites 'Neat!' AT's reaction is even better - she's a bit non-plussed (she's not used to people saying 'Neat' after some technobabble), but then she just has to smile - she is basically talking to herself and Sam does think it's neat! At any rate, I loved the whole exchange here between Sam and Grace. Beautifully acted and played out.
                          Loved the ending scenes where her Daniel and Teal'c hallucinations are asking her what she's doing - advising her to take the safer course of action and save herself first and then come back with help to try and save the rest of the Prometheus crew. Love how her Jack hallucination tells D&T to shut up and just let her work.

                          And Sam gets to be heroic again in the last scenes as she saves not only herself and the Prometheus crew, but also the crew of the alien spaceship. And Sam's willingness to risk trusting others is what makes it all work. Sam makes a deal with the previously hostile aliens, gets the Prom crew back and then uses the partial-hyperspace-time-shift-bubble to get both ships out of the nebula. Once there, it's all up to trust, because that hostile alien ship has them seriously outgunned... And this time Sam's trust works. The aliens quietly leave. Very in character to show Sam problem-solving and her willingness to risk trusting others and her willingness to act on the belief that others will also act honorably.
                          More than six months before I got to see the episode, I had heard and read synopses of the show… Carter is stranded alone on the Prometheus… and has some time to think about her life. Now, stranding main characters on a ship is an old TV sci fi plot device, so, to be honest, the episode sounded fairly… boring. But then I finally got to watch ‘Grace’ (on the DVDs this past November) – and I was stunned at how well the episode was constructed, filmed and acted. The story was never boring… and in fact, the episode seemed to reach the end all too quickly. I have actually watched this episode three times now (and that was a first for me with a TV show episode), and I see more commendable attributes with each viewing!
                          Overall, I enthusiastically give the writers, directors and actors of Grace,
                          5 blue jellos

                          The episode ‘Grace’ exceeds the quality of most standard TV science fiction.
                          Writer: Damien Kindler; Director: Peter F. Woeste
                          We've said this before, but I want to repeat it:
                          Amanda Tapping’s acting was simply stellar - five-star ! She truly acts – she doesn’t just stand in the scenes, say her lines and let the scene play out around her (as many TV actors do). She put forth an exceptional performance worthy of the cinema or theatre – and she was believable – and that believability, that veracity is what is so outstanding. And AT does this all the time, not just in Grace. And it's what makes AT stand out head and shoulders above almost all other actors.

                          AstroG’s Grace post 1 (#3250): opening scenes: Kid In A Candy Store
                          AstroG’s Grace post 2 (#3267): Concussion, waking up, first hallucinations
                          AstroG’s Grace post 3 (#3277): Hallucinations - some are annoying!
                          AstroG’s Grace post 4 (#3287): Hallucinations and Reality
                          AstroG’s Grace post 5 (#3306): Maybe It's Alive?
                          AstroG’s Grace post 6 (#3313): Who Are You?
                          AstroG’s Grace post 7 (#3341): Bubbles
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                            Part 4 of the SaGC Summary Comments of Sam Highlights for Season 7

                            FALLOUT Skydiver i had fun watching sam work with jonas. i've always enjoyed the two of them togther
                            chocdoc We got Sam and Jonas again, and they tunneled through a planet! I really really liked this episode. It was a nice one off with lots of Sam.

                            AstroG This was a great Jonas-Sam episode. Loved seeing Sam deal with the drilling technology… and seeing her figure out that it was based on Goa’uld designs. I also really liked the scene where Kyanna recommends giving up and turning back, but Sam won’t quit. Go Sam!
                            Things are heating up in the excavation vehicle.
                            Teal'c: Hull temperature is 1100 degrees.
                            Kyanna: The ship cannot take much more of this.
                            Sam: Divert power to the shields.
                            Kyanna: We have no way of knowing how thick this vein of magma is. If we turn back now, we may get out alive.
                            Sam: I said divert power to the shields!
                            The two women stare each other down for a while until Kyanna finally relents.
                            Kyanna: Power diverted. Although I'm not sure how much difference it will make.
                            Teal'c: Hull temperature is 1200 degrees.
                            Kyanna: Do you really want to risk your life for the people of this world major? I am not so sure they would do the same for you.
                            Hot steam starts pouring in.
                            Jonas: We're losing hull integrity.
                            Kyanna stands and starts trying to sort the problem, it seems that she succeeds.
                            Sam: Teal'c?
                            Teal'c: Hull temperature is dropping. 1100 degree's and still falling.
                            Sam: We made it through.
                            Kyanna: Very impressive.

                            CHIMERA Skydiver pete aside, it was nice to see sam the person, outside of work
                            AgentDark Chimera had Sam in a dress... She looked good
                            ForeverSG1 I personally loved seeing Sam’ away from the SGC and being a girl for once. I really enjoyed the playful way she reacted to Pete (granted I wished she could react that way to someone else). I really liked getting to see Sam in a non-work related situation, where she could let her guard down and we saw all the normal insecurities come out: no Major Carter, no brilliant Astrophysicists saving the world…just Samantha Carter. It was great getting to see Sam smile and laugh openly. AT has such a beautiful smile, it’s sad that we have seen so little of it over the past few years.

                            I don’t like how they did this episode in terms of showing us the viewers how much time had passed since Sam had actually met Pete to the beginning of the episode. The main reason I didn’t like it is because from what we saw, Sam and Pete really didn’t spend that much time together before they were doing a horizontal dance and I just don’t see Sam as being that type of person. I mean she hasn’t been in a relationship in eight years, but a few weeks after deciding she isn’t going to pine away for Jack any longer she’s sleeping with another man. It’s not what I would expect from Sam normally. I also didn’t like the fact that an upset Pete basically walks out on Sam the very next morning, yet Sam is the one shown trying to call him to make things right. I won’t get into the whole background check fiasco and following her to the stake-out. In my opinion this was poor writing on the writer’s part. They had an opportunity to make this a really good episode, but the way they portrayed Sam through it all left much to be desired. Overall, I have very mixed views regarding this episode there are parts I enjoyed( mostly just seeing a happy Sam ) but there are many things that made me want to cringe.

                            StrixVaria My jaw hit the floor during the hot and heavy panting scene in the bedroom. Where on earth did *that* come from???? I thought the "hum-worthy" scene with Jack and Sam in the elevator was very amusing. I didn't have a problem with Pete running the background check but had conniptions about him crashing the stakeout. All in all, I liked the exploration into Sam's personal life, and I thought AT did a good job considering what she was given by the writers.
                            chocdoc I thought this was a good fun episode. My only wish would have been if it had been a one-off. My favourite scene has to be Sam and Jack in the lift, with Sam humming the stargate themetune! And Jack coming up with a quantum physics word “Quarks”. I ROFLOL at this.
                            ChopinGal We have just let the 500-lb gorilla into the room! LOL Yes, the subject of Sam Carter's love life is a hard one to discuss without getting emotionally involved. I've posted on the subject of bf Pete at other threads. Frankly, I'm feeling a lot like Major Sam over some of the scenes in Chimera which I felt did not ring true to who Sam was before she fell "head over heels" (Amanda's own words) over this guy. Lord knows, Sam deserved to fall for somebody and get a life outside the SGC, and break the Black Widow curse, yadda, yadda ... it looked good in theory; in practice, it was sadly lacking. IMHO, the writers seemed to go from bad to worse from the bedroom scene on. This man, Pete, obviously has serious issues of his own. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways ... Telling Sam that his ex-wife threw all his stuff out on the lawn. A lovely mental picture and red flag going up! Somehow, talking about the ex in the new girlfriend's bed just doesn't seem too diplomatic. And, then, the insistent prying (and pouting) accompanied by a hissy fit in the bedroom and the immature scoot out the door without even putting his shoes on before he hit the street. Don't forget the spying - phoning his FBI friend (who actually gave him great advice: "she's out of your league!") What was this all about?! He's a cop; he knows she's in the military. They were set up by her brother - what more did he need to know? Both professions have secrets and rules to keep. We do have to credit his determination though ... following her to a stakeout and almost getting her and himself killed. Oh, don't forget refusing to answer his phone while Sam (who thinks she is the guilty party) desperately tries to reach him. Yes, folks, all of these wonderful scenes played out before our disbelieving eyes.

                            For me, this was one time when Sam's vulnerability was painful to watch. I wanted to mail her a copy of Dating for Dummies. And, then, I reminded myself that Sam Carter is an imaginary character, she is not my niece or student. Somehow, though, I felt that the younger women, who look up to her as a role model, may have been wanting much more from the writers too ...

                            Okay, I'm off my soapbox - er, just a minute, aah, that's better - I just put the gorilla back in his cage. Peace! CG

                            NearlyCircular Until I started reading this thread, I was fairly ambivalent about Pete. I liked the idea that Sam should have a personal life, and I liked the fact that Pete apparently made her happy. But I find myself agreeing with many people here when they say that it was all too sudden. More back story would be helpful. I wouldn't want the show to wallow in the dating lives of the team since it's not a soap opera, but just a few glimpses would be better than nothing. And as others have stated so well, the way that Sam has been portrayed in her relationship with Pete hasn't been true to the character as it's been developed over the years.
                            lucylou I was wondering, there has been so much negativity in various places about Sam and her relationship with Pete. What do you all think of it? I personally don't mind it. I know I'm probably in a minority but I think it's good that they're not showing Sam pining for Jack all the time and having her experiencing a relationship with someone else. I used to be a die hard shipper but I don't seem to be so much anymore. I'm all for character development and giving the actors and actresses on the shows a chance to portray all the aspects of their characters that they can and I love the fact that through Sams relationship with Pete we get to see a whole new side of her that we wouldn't have seen if she was just there pining for Jack. It gives a whole new emotional depth to the character that just wouldn't have been explored if it hadn't been for Pete and I personally think that it's good that they chose to explore the character that way. If they want to keep her a believable military officer there's no way she could be with Jack unless one of them leaves and through bringing in Pete we've learnt a whole lot more about her. It gives us more to relate to and it gives Amanda some great material.
                            Astrogeologist Well put! And I think that that's why they brought in a boyfriend for Sam. To round her out... to give her character depth... to give AT a wider range for her acting talents... I was all for the idea of a boyfriend for Sam - and I still am... in fact, I think they should have made references to occassional dating thoughout the series - for all of the 4 main characters. That said, I didn't like the morning bedroom scenes in Chimera - where Pete demands information she can't give him... and then he storms out... and then follows her to the stakeout. IMHO, those final scenes were poorly written for the ramifications to the character of Sam Carter.

                            I also don't think that they should have written the whole Pete engagement scenes (Affinity)... They are detracting from the wonderful female character that they constructed over 6-7 years on the show. The character of Sam Carter will only get so much screen time... they need to redirect their focus back onto her professional competency and heroism.
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                              Part 5 of the SaGC Summary Comments of Sam Highlights for Season 7

                              DEATH KNELL Skydiver my all time favorite. soldier sam, the boys looking for her, sam running from the unstoppable and nice warm ending
                              AgentDark Hooah! Soldier Sam! Sam only had a few lines in the entire episode, but whole escape and evade scenario was perfect. On the run, no-one to back her up, no weapons and hunted by a powerful warrior - oh yeah Particulary like the McGyvering of the UCAV
                              ChopinGal Death Knell was what we all want to see more of: soldier Sam in the field using her mind and will to keep going against some heavy odds. I think this may be one of AT's favorite episodes too for the same reasons ... she got to look and act like a real soldier under fire!
                              ForeverSG1 What more can you ask for…SoldierSam using her survival skills to escape the impossible. It’s amazing to think that she was there for hours, if not days on her own, with nothing more than her own intelligence and sheer desire to live to keep her going. Even exhausted and hurt, Sam is capable of rigging the missile and UAV to fire at the super soldier. I even got a small shippy moment at the end with Jack and Sam. In my opinion, this is one of the best SoldierSam episodes.
                              StrixVaria Loved all the Sam scenes! Whumping! Shooting off rockets! Hurt/Comfort! And my heart almost stopped when she told Jack, "Just give me a minute," at the end. OMG. We haven't been shown many (if any) other scenes of Sam being completely at the end of her endurance like that.
                              chocdoc One of my favourite Sam episodes. So nitty gritty dirty and real. Sam on the run from the supersoldiers, managing to survive against all odds. Morelike sam the Supersoldier. And I didn’t find the last scene of her resting weak.
                              MajorSal Sam the lone survivor. Sam fighting for her life. Sam without food, water (that she didn't have to hunt down for), shelter, and first aide. Sam being hunted down mercilessly by a killing machine. Sam using her soldier skills, her survivor skills, and her intelligence to fight an unwinable foe. Sam losing the battle, but facing death with dignity. Sam dropping some of those walls and admitting she's whipped. Sam saying goodbye to her father, not knowing if she'd ever see him again. Sam surviving.

                              AstroG The first time we get to see Carter avoiding the SuperSoldier. There is no dialogue - the expressions on ATs face simply *make* these scenes. The relief on her face as he walks away is superbly acted.

                              Loved the part where she gets to MacGyver the UAV's weapons into something she can use against the SuperSoldier. This scene displayed Carter's technical expertise under pressure.

                              After 'blowing the SuperSoldier up', AT portrayed the wounded and exhausted soldier perfectly. For me, this is one of the best AT acting scenes in the entire episode. She looks exhausted... there is no exhultation and no arrogance at having (apparently) nuetralized a SuperSoldier... AT portrays the battle-weary soldier superbly.

                              Love the part where she flips the weapon's special matrix crystal at Jack before he finishes asking for it. Of course, I have to be honest, I would have preferred for Jack to hand the weapon to Carter - then she snapped the crystal in and then she fired it at the SuperSoldier... I know she was exhausted, but if the episode had had Jack chased all over the planet by the SuperSoldier, Jack would have been the one written to fire the final 'kill shots' that took it down permanently.

                              More Screen Caps by AstroG

                              HEROES, PARTS 1&2 Skydiver sam runs the gamut in this one. embarrassed with the film crew, anxious about the mission, her grief, sam and teal'c moments, sam and jack. it was just a great episode
                              AgentDark I voted for both parts 1 and 2, as they really dont seperate themselves from each other. From her nervousness at being in front of the camera, to her emotional scenes at the service, we really got to see Sam out of her element and just being a normal human being. The episode itself was really well done too.
                              The Sam/Teal'c moment with Teal'c offering his words for Sam's euology stick out the most for me.

                              ChopinGal Heroes Pt 2 was an ensemble episode but Sam almost losing Jack and then losing Janet on the battlefield brought her to a new level of angst. Powerful scenes throughout but one of my favorites was Teal'c coming into Sam's lab and sharing her sadness and pain, embracing her, and then helping her, almost shyly, by providing a written note which became the eulogy she was to deliver. Sam lost Janet, but I think she reached a new level of friendship with Teal'c in this episode.
                              ForeverSG1 I absolutely love these episodes. I really think the entire cast did an excellent job and the story was wonderfully written. This was a highly emotional episode for Sam and AT did a brilliant job with all the demands it had of her. Three scenes that stand out in my mind are: In the corridor when Sam comes back from the battlefield, her face covered in dirt, blood and tear-stains. I can’t describe how many emotions we see in her face at this moment: fear, pain, sorrow, anger, ect… but you could feel every one of them in that brief encounter.

                              The second scene is in Sam’s lab when she’s trying to write a few words for Janet’s memorial service and Teal’c arrives. All those raw emotions come flooding through the television screen…it was truly heart-wrenching. It was nice that Teal’c came to Sam to ask her to say a few words regarding Janet on his behalf. It really showed how much their relationship has grown over the years. I have noticed how Teal’c seems to be one of the few people in Sam’s life where she can open up emotionally without really feeling embarrassed by it, we saw it in Paradise Lost as well as in Heroes.

                              The other scene I truly love is with Jack in the private infirmary room. I know many fans were upset by this scene, but personally I found it extremely touching. Sam just lost her best friend and nearly lost someone else for whom she cared very deeply. I know others probably think that Sam’s thoughts should have been with Janet and not telling Jack how worried she was, but I always think back to “Meridian” when Sam is saying good-bye to Daniel and remember her saying these words… I don't know why we wait to tell people how we really feel. I guess I hoped that you always knew. I think Sam regrets perhaps not having an opportunity to have said good-bye to Janet and knowing how close she came to losing Jack as well, she wasn’t going to let that moment slip through her hands again. He may be her CO, but he is still a friend and the idea of losing someone else so close makes her seek him out and share a moment. It was nicely written, not over the top, and beautifully acted by both AT and RDA.

                              Click here to listen to NC's audio clip
                              CARTER: Interestingly, in our study of off-world DHDs we found that our gate actually draws 10% more wattage than offworld gates, now that far exceeds any potential loss due to our manmade interface. We think it has to do with the way the superconductive crystals inside the gate absorb electrical energy, but we're also trying to demonstrate that the DHDs are some how producing a purer more efficient source of power.
                              Room Silent, shot of film crew dumbstruck.
                              BREGMAN: Could we get a shot of the gate spinning?
                              CARTER: Yeah, sure it's really cool steam comes out of it and everything.
                              StrixVaria In Heroes 1, I howled when she abruptly stopped her science-speak and said something like, "and steam comes out and everything." It was perfect. Of course, AT was brilliant in Heroes 2 after Janet's death. The scene with Teal'c was heartbreaking, and I thought the scene with Jack in the infirmary was totally believable. I could just see how conflicted Sam was... grieving for Janet, yet at the same time so grateful that Jack survived. It would be overwhelming.
                              chocdoc The first episode of this I wasn’t all that fussed about, but the second one has to be one of my favourites. Only why oh why couldn’t they have kept Janet. I sobbed! The best Sam scene being her being followed down the corridor and losing her temper and telling them to switch the cameras off.
                              MajorSal Coupled with Heroes 1 (where we got to see a very happy and open Sam), Heroes 2 was the other side of the coin. She lost her best friend. She almost lost Jack too, so her feelings were in battle with feeling sadness and relief. The scene where she talks to Jack and breaks down was a tour de force for Amanda. Especially when she was hugging Jack; you could see every emotion and thought playing on her face. As a shipper, I was in heaven. As a Sam and Amanda fan, I was in awe. In the scene where Teal'c brings her his eulogy note; I liked seeing her have to go pick up Cassie - it showed the new responsibility that literally felll at her feet. When Sam stood at the altar, speaking of all the ppl that Janet had saved over the years... you could hear Sam's voice slightly breaking. Just a truly magnificent performance through out.
                              AstroG I loved the part where Sam is explaining the Stargate… and then realizes that the interviewer and his crew are bored with the *scientific explanation*… so she disappointedly turns to the gate and suggests that they film it connecting… and she says something like ‘it’s really cool… it gives off steam and everything’… AT’s tone and inflection are just perfect for conveying Sam’s true feelings! ROTFL!
                              Another Sam highlight was the scene in the corridor, after the battle, where she emotionally tells the interviewer to leave her alone.

                              EMMETT: Don't look at him we're cleared to shoot here. Just follow me.
                              *rushes towards Sam* and bring that bring the sound. Major, what happened?
                              SAM: Please *holds her hand up to him, she's crying*
                              EMMETT: Now I know that at least one person was injured back there.
                              *still moving* and all I want to say is-
                              SAM: Look leave me alone and shut that damn thing off.
                              *The cameraman shuts off the camera*
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                                Part 6 of the SaGC Summary Comments of Sam Highlights for Season 7


                                (NearlyCircular's screencap from AT's special Director's Commentary)
                                Skydiver story rather cliche, but i know that i'll always l ike that amanda's directed. i wish we'd have seen more sam/anna empathy, but her scenes with barrett were good. and it was great to see sam in charge
                                ForeverSG1 Not necessary a Sam specific episode but it was an Amanda episode and we get to see her shine as the director. I really liked seeing the interaction between Sam and Barrett again.
                                StrixVaria I didn't care for this story very much, but I thought AT did a good job directing. I think there was a scene between her and agent Barrett (????), where he asks her on a date or something, and she tells him that she's already seeing someone. AT played it in such a way that made me think that Sam was sort of surprised by both the question and by her own answer... like... after all these years of being single, suddenly *two* guys are asking me out?
                                AstroG Thoroughly enjoyed AT’s Director’s Audio Commentary. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, then you still have a big treat ahead of you. Big Kudos to AT for her directing accomplishments in this episode!

                                INAUGURATION Skydiver well, like disclosure, this one doesn't count

                                LOST CITY, PARTS 1&2 Skydiver this one was also good. IMHO, much better than full circle to be an ending. sam's angst and sadness was beautifully displayed. I liked sam's discomfort in 'ordering' jack to do stuff, being forced into a role she wasn't quite emotionally ready to take, not just command but losing a good friend
                                ForeverSG1 I have to admit, I loved this episode because it gave me a bit of everything I adore about Stargate. It gave me a team episode with great special effects and battle scenes. It gave me Jack gone Ancient which I always enjoy and it gave the shipper in me some really touching moments. I’m not really sure if I can think of anything negative to say. These two episodes are probably my all-time favorite in that they provided every thing that I so love about this show. My favorite scene is with Sam and Jack near the end when she is leaning over him, pleading that he doesn’t give up now after they have finally won. ‘Please…Jack”. It moved me to hear her call him Jack. I know Sam does a lot of other wonderful things in this episode but that is the moment that will stand out in my mind forever.
                                I was looking over the photo galleries on season 7 disk 5 today and found a couple of shots that I thought were very interesting. One reason was because they showed our mighty heroine in action and another because the scenes of her were cut from the actual episode Lost City.

                                In the first picture, Sam is the one on the right. During their entire run back to the gate, Sam is running backwards covering the guy's back.

                                Most of what we see of our team during this scene is picture 2 where Teal'c and Daniel are carrying Jack back to the gate. Sam is still in the background covering them.

                                Pictures 2 and 3 are found in the picture gallery, but they aren't actually in the scene. All we actually see of Sam is the very last picture. A tiny, blurry movement of Sam shooting at the enemy behind Jack as he's falling.

                                I found it really cool to find these pictures and see how much Sam and
                                AT were doing even though her shots never made it past editing.

                                StrixVaria While there were many things about this episode that I really loved, it was also the beginning of the "insecure Sam" that we saw so often in season 8. It was perfect when Sam told Jack something like, "I should have taken the download." That was so in character. There was lots of action in this one, and Sam held her own. I laughed when she gave the order to Jack.
                                chocdoc Everything about this pair of episodes was BRILLIANT! I loved them. Completely independently, before reading that the script for this was originally going to make a movie, my brother and I were agreeing with each other that this was a better movie than the movie. I loved Sam in this, everything from the scenes at Jacks house drinking beer to aboard the ship, especially her giving him an order. And my favourite scene at the end where Jack was frozen in stasis. We had both episodes played in one night, which was supergreat. The funny thing being that they left it with Jack frozen, and I was going “Oh no, it will be another six months before they even think about airing season8.” And then the very next week they started season8.
                                MajorSal Another chance for Amanda to show a magnitude of different emotions. I loved the scene where Sam went to talk to Jack at his house. She was *so* uncomfortable. One of my fave moments was when Daniel and T knocked on the door and she closed her eyes briefly in lost chance/defeat. Then when Jack put her in charge, and she tried again to tell him what she wanted at his house... I loved the look she exchanged with Jack; I felt it clearly showed she 'wasn't' really getting what he meant. Or more importantly, she wasn't sure 'he' got what she was going to say. Another missed opportunity that Amanda played wonderfully. And then when she begged 'Jack' to hold on... staring adoringly at him and placing her hand on the ice... She's *fantastic* at playing emotions without words.
                                AstroG Lost City was a Jack-centric episode. Good scifi with grand space battles interspersed with some personal scenes. Great scifi development for Jack’s character – he goes Ancient again, and this time we see more of the ramifications and effects. And Jack was *the* hero – he almost single-handedly takes on Anubis’ space fleet and saves the entire planet Earth! Great episode for Jack fans!

                                As for Sam’s part – I was decidedly underwhelmed. But this was a Jack episode and Sam had a wonderful episode with Grace and fantastic character development and great scenes in Death Knell.

                                I was hoping, however, that the final scenes would be more of a team effort – instead of ‘Jack O’Neill Saves The Planet and the Other Three Just Happen To Be On-Screen At The Same Time’. I was expecting to see Daniel have to do some critical translations or such in the last scenes in Antarctica… and Sam to get to do some major heroic techie stuff in those final scenes in Antarctica… and I would have liked to have seen Teal’c get to do some *major* heroics too… But instead it was Jack O’Neill takes on Anubis all by himself while the other three provided cover fire and shot at the SuperSoldiers. Again, for a Jack episode, Lost City was fantastic scifi in grand, sweeping fashion.

                                Really hated how Jack shut Sam down *twice* when she tried to talk to him (at her house and then on the teltak). I don’t mind ship… in fact, I like it… but I *hate* to see the female as weak, pining or pathetic – and the scenes came off very unbalanced and one-sided… the character of Sam Carter is being laid out while Jack O’Neill is closed off and non-commital. Gyak!

                                What would I have liked to have seen for the last scenes in Lost City? Keep almost everything in that last battle… but write it so that *all four* of our original SG-1 characters had something critical and heroic to do down there in Antarctica… something along the lines of Jack is in the chair while Sam, Daniel and Teal’c all have to simultaneously and in concert work 3 separate panels around the room. They have to shout out results and commands to each other… they each contribute… Daniel with his linguistics, Sam with her tech-expertise and Teal’c with his knowledge of more than 100 years of dealing with artifacts (Goa’uld… but lots of that is stolen from the Ancients). Some sort of set-up where Jack *couldn’t* operate the weapon by himself… sort of like the Ancients had a set-up like the US has for launching nuclear weapons – it can’t be done by just one person. And in this case, the Ancients set this weapon up so that it needed 4 people… and SG-1 is probably the only team with the right combination of talents to have pulled this off. Then add in some danger… some whumping… maybe some exploding panels… some small booby traps that they set off…but survive… But keep the rest of that last battle the same in terms of the scene in space and the aerial battle over the ice. That’s what I was hoping for in a season ending (maybe series ending) team effort.
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