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    Originally posted by the dancer of spaz
    "There's An Alien In My Basement" is Not a Sexy Come-on

    Fifth Man...
    Don't Lock Sam in a Room with a Computer, if You Don't Want Her to Hack Into the System

    Red Sky...
    Don't Bypass Protocols, Genius

    Between Two Fires...
    With Artificial Intelligence, Creepiness and Obsession Know No Bounds

    Stay Away from the Spineless Weenie or You'll Regret it 9 Years from Now

    Desperate Measures...
    Rescue Me

    Wormhole X-Treme...
    Mockery is the Highest Form of Flattery

    Fail Safe...
    Damn Crystals

    The Warrior...
    *insert snarky grin here*

    Between Two Fires-LOL! And Ascension. And 2001.

    You guys are SO good at this.


      99 new recruits on the wall.....

      speedos not required

      The Ice Queen cometh

      Leather is good for what ails ya


      and you thought you had troubles

      the other guys
      keystone coombs

      when in doubt, follow the man with the big gun

      the cure
      what's the shelf life on a pickled snake?

      it may be ugly, but it's hers

      unnatural selection
      fifth...sixth...seventh time's the charm

      sight unseen

      smoke and mirrors
      Jack in dreams have come true

      paradise lost
      what do you do when you lose a colonel?

      clean up on aisle 5

      size is relative


      gimme more hose jack, you're nowhere near the fire


      see, will you listen to me next time

      full circle
      Where in the World is George Hammond?



        Tangent: Yes, Jack, our ship is bigger than yours.


          Originally posted by Skydiver

          full circle
          Full Circle: Daniel, I am so not talking to you...


            Ripple Effect or...
            They thought they could make up for the lack of Sam in Season 9 by putting hundreds of Sams in one episode!
            Say No To Kirking: Join STAKS



              my fanfic


                Originally posted by Skydiver
                speedos not required
                "Out of the Abyss" (SJ Angst)....................Best New Author.................."Else Close the Wall Up" (Sam)
                Hic Comitas Regit. Welcome to Samanda.


                  Ohhh ok.. I think I can play this.... ummmm... maybe.. I'll give it a shot

                  Death Knell - You think you had a tough day?!

                  Grace - You think you had a tough day?! - the sequel

                  Foothold - Will the real Jack O'Niell please stand up!

                  Avalon - Wherefore art thou SG-1

                  Avalon II - Wherefore art thou SG-1 part 2

                  Camelot - Wherefore art thou SG-1 part 20

                  Beneath The Surface - This isn't the vacation I had in mind

                  I dunno.. is that in line with the game?



                    Nightwalkers...Snaked today gone tomorrow

                    my fanfic


                      Originally posted by Strix varia
                      [on edit] And I don't know if sending mud-pies is allowed. But I'm sure Joe wouldn't mind getting a Mississippi mud-pie.
                      We can always send him a cow pie from Lancaster, PA that someone mentioned bringing to Shore Leave.

                      (Relax, it's chocolate, marshmellow and a few other things.)

                      Mourning Sanctuary.
                      Thanks for the good times!


                        Small Victories: I don't like the yellow ones

                        Rite of Passage: Cassie Has Two Mommies

                        The Sentinel: The One Where Sam Doesn't Do the Science Stuff
                        Nightwalkers: We're way cooler than you are

                        The Changeling: Firefighters Are HOT!

                        Heroes 2: She's Dead, Sam
                        Paradise Lost: Maybourne, You Are a Polygamist Every Day of the Week
                        OOPS! I meant It's Good to be King

                        Watergate: The One with Counselor Troi in a Submarine

                        New Order 2: The One With Naked Gooey Sam
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                          Originally posted by minigeek
                          Yes, and I think Mandy was sort of saying that too. I don't think she disagrees (she can correct me if I'm wrong in saying that, but I don't think I am ). I don't think she disagrees with that at all, and from what she wrote, I think she actually made a really great point as well.

                          The automatic, immediate physical attraction is a part of the equasion (but perhaps a smaller part) than what really ends up becoming the primary attractive factor.

                          By that I mean, for a lot of women (including the amazingly intelligent, albeit fabulously fictitious Sam Carter), the primary attractive quality we look for in a partner stems from our ability to respect that person; to laugh with them (and occassionaly at them), and to have a meaningful dlalogue (verbal or non verbal ) with them.

                          Hence, women are often stereotyped as being "emotionally older" than men of the exact same age. I say stereotyped because it's absolutely not a universal truth. It is, however, a general status quo.

                          So women (in general) who find themselves attracted to a man, quite often find themselves attracted to an "older" man as a result. Whether that's 5 years or 15 years. As we grow older, the lines of "age" begin to blur a lot more. As in, they matter less and less.

                          What I got from what Mandy was saying, was that - while initially she saw an automatic social taboo (older man and a much younger women), she very quickly began to get to know the characters (as 'people'), and therein lay the REAL foundation for what the attraction between Sam and Jack is really about. Sam Carter is not about model-quality-gorgeousness in her guys (See: Pete Shanahan <ahem>); she is, however, all about the stuff beneath.

                          I'm not saying RDA (and by extension Jack O'Neill) isn't, to borrow a phrase from AD "Teh Hawt" , because he IS. Just as much as Sam is. But I am saying that from a female POV revolving around attraction, I think a lot of Jack's "sex appeal" does stem from his personality. Both the actor, and the character he plays.

                          That's what Mandy was (I think) trying to illustrate with her point, too. She didn't see it until she could feel it. Until she got to know the characters. And the same thing is (I think) very true for Sam Carter as well.

                          All the (so-called) initial "attraction" Carter felt for O'Neill - which some might argue was a "first sight" sort of thing - did stem from both her homework on his background (prior to meeting him) and the very telling tete-a-tete they had as a first conversation. The immedate attraction there (to my mind) was always far more firmly rooted in their personalities than it was in their physicalities. I think the physicality of it was there, and was probably amplified and multipled a few hundred times because of the emotional/interpersonal connection that sparked between. Which, of course, went on to grow into something a great deal more.

                          As an aside, I also think Jack's backstory (coupled with his SG-1 canon story) proves he's always been a sucker for smart women, too. He tends to find himself attracted to the kind of women who can stand up to him, or point out when he's being an idiot; and who'll have no compunction about calling him on it (see Sara, Kerry, Sam...).

                          That's one of the reasons I always rationalized his so-called loyalty to Laira in "100 Days" as being far more a product of his own internal guilt (for giving in and promising her something out of a need to find solid footing and move forward), than it ever was of his actual "love" for her. Jack doesn't make promises lightly, he feels things deeply, especially his own guilt (much like Sam again), and therefore tends to end up caring about the people near him - a lot more than he'd ever want to admit to. I'm saying he's got a heart as big as all outdoors locked up inside of him, and since Sam's pretty damn perceptive, I also think that's yet another reason she fell for him as hard as she did.

                          So, yeah.... that's Sam (with a side order of Jack) - to me.

                          Excellent Mini! I'll remember you if I need help explaining something..which is most of the time


                            The Lost City : Finders Keepers

                            Torment of Tantalus: The Naked Truth

                            Is this working?


                              Nightwalkers: Trenchcoats and creepy towns aren't just for Mulder and Scully.


                                Originally posted by minigeek

                                (super snippage)

                                So, yeah.... that's Sam (with a side order of Jack) - to me.
                                i can't green you, but i wanted to tell you that i love, LOVE, LOVE your post!