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    Originally posted by jckfan55
    See, that's the kind of development that is not only good for Sam, but for Mitchell too. Maybe we get more clues in season 10.

    In some ways it seems that they only got to know each other after the crash in Lost City. She maybe knew him as an acquaintance, but didn't get to really know him until later. My sense is sort of that Sam visited him in the hospital a lot and she helped with his recovery in the morale sense at least. On the other hand, maybe she knew him at the AF Academy. I don't know why they're keeping it a big mystery--unless the writers can't decide themselves.
    i'm actually more interested in sam-vala interactions now than sam-mitchell. i'll admit that i prob won't ever be able to get past mitchell having (what i feel should be sam's) command of sg1. i also started off liking mitchell a lot (*he* saved those first 5 eps for me when i didn't want to watch the daniel/vala show), but he (to me) went downhill somewhere along the line. vala was greatly improved in 'crusade', so i have hope for that character.




      Originally posted by SunKrux
      There will be more later...just too tired and need to get off the frellin' computer and get laundry finished so I can go to bed soon. I have to work tomorrow.

      I will leave this...for those who attended...and didn't know me...I was the one fan who asked Amanda about any Sam/Vala moments we'll see in S10. Amanda related that there is a scene that sadly got cut (time constraints probably) from "Morpheous" in which Sam (don't click if you don't want to know)
      offers to be a confidant to Vala about her adjustment to being with/on the team. She mentioned that Vala was uncomfortable and that Sam was being kinda geeky, but that the scene was very good and touching. So be on the look out for a "look" between the two that might need explaining and that will be the missing scene.

      I then told Amanda that I was excited to be seeing her and Claudia onscreen together, since they're both such powerhouse actresses. She flashed that smile of hers, said thank you and moved on to the next fan.

      Oh the photo ops...I got a HUG! That's right...I got an AMANDA hug. I promise I didn't ask for it. I had given her a gift - well two actually - I gave Amanda a small glow in the dark Devil Ducky keychain and a Devil Ducky (think rubber ducky with devil horns - can be found here Archie McPhee ) for Olivia. When I told her the bigger one was for her daughter, she said "Awwww, thank you" and gave me a hug.

      As I left I mentioned that there are HUGE Devil Duckies and I had considered getting Olivia one...but she would have killed Amanda with it. That thing is frellin' HUGE and pretty heavy.

      Ok, that's it for now...more after I've had time to write a proper report.
      Thankyou Sunny! It's so great to hear different people's experiences of the con! I'm glad you're having fun, and wowwowowowow you got hugged by Amanda! You lucky ducky (erm, no duck pun intended there). I find it a shame that they cut out the Sam/Vala scene (that was a great question to ask by the way, good work), as I was hoping that season10 would start to incorporate the new characters into the team with more interaction and... dare I say, emotions?
      Have some goooood sleep . You deserve it.

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        Originally posted by Coley
        This is really difficult especially if you really do not like the characters. The people who are posting long posts - what you call rants - may be trying get across a logical argument and listing points that have led them to this conclusion. These points may be reinforced after every ep - which may lead to repetition.

        I think everyone agrees it is a writer problem. I think Cameron could be a great character. If the producers let Vala cover her cleavage and the writers gave her some more lines that didn't revolve around sexual innuendo her character too has potential.

        TDOS Says it well that LT fans of Sam/AT are likely to be disgruntled at the goings on in SG1. I don't think the series needed these 2 characters It just needed a great 4th team member for SG1. I wanted Teal'c to have a bigger more inclusive role in SG1 - so our fave characters have been sidelined. I for one would prefer them to be sidelined by really good characters, Their addition to SG1 is more annoying to me because they are not (IMO). Thus I now am not interested in the show only season 1 to 8

        You can't be kind to a character you don't like, but hopefully we can be respectful. In a way if people are listing long posts about things they dislike about the character - hopefully this is better and more respectful than making a trite remark - like I'm afraid I did a few posts back.

        Does this make sense??
        Yep - I agree it has been a writer problem. Martin Gero said on Saturday that a new writer has been hired for next season. Only time will tell what kind/quality of episodes we will get from the new writer.

        The lines of people wanting to ask Amanda questions was so long before she even got on stage that I did not get in line. However I did ask her a question when she was signing my autograph. I asked "Will we see you direct an episode this season?" She looked at me smiled and said I wish - but at the moment they can not get me out of an episode long enough to have time to prep to direct. The up side of this comment leads me to think we will be seeing plenty of Sam Carter in S10. What kind of quality story lines will they be only time will tell.
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          Originally posted by ForeverSg1
          Awesome slide show! I'm having a serious "Guh!" episode here. The woman is just too doggone beautiful for words. {Sigh!}
          Sorry to hear that RCC and Shanks are being arse-ish about S9, not that I don't expect it from Cooper. As terrific as Browder was on "Farscape", TPTB really don't seem to know what to do with him here. A pity, because I think they're only using a small fraction of his talent. He & AT play well together (w/o being in any way shippy, thank Heaven), so I'd like to have more episodes that capitalize on that, although "Arthur's Mantle" was a good start.

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            Originally posted by Skydiver
            oh sally....guess what i got bored and did


            all of trinkets in one lump sum
            thank you!

            now that i'm not so down on things, i'll... well, i'll 'want' to read something.




              Originally posted by Formerhost
              I hated this "backup singer" line too. In Beachhead it was actually Vala who showed respect towards Sam asking about her opinion.

              BTW, I wonder whether anybody at the con asked Amanda, or Michael, or Beau what Claudia's baby boy name is.
              I did not hear anyone ask or anyone volunteer this information. N John Smith just made a passing comment about her having the baby.
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                Originally posted by minigeek
                I just read in one of the other con report threads that some lady wouldn't let Amanda hug her because she said Amanda had "germs".
                I might risk bubonic plague if it would get me a hug from AT. At least I'd die happy, ya know?
                Unfortunately, I haven't found the link to the "Mary Poppins" story and I've looked through 5 or 6 pages. Help!
                Oh, and it's good to see so much purposeful irritation coalescing over the "glass ceiling" on this & other TV shows. It's been a pet peeve of mine, especially after they had Sam's brain go on vacation in "Gemini." Talk about setting a character up for a fall!

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                  Originally posted by ForeverSg1
                  Hello everyone,

                  Well I finally managed to be able to log on to Gateworld this weekend. Believe me, I really did try but I wasn't as lucky as Tsaxlady. Everytime I tried to post a few comments either the hotel system wasn't working for me or I had trouble logging into Gateworld.

                  Unfortunately I don't have a lot of free time to post my comments about the weekend as I leave for the airport in a few hours and I still need to get dressed, finish packing and eat. I also haven't had time to clean up the photos I took. I wasn't as lucky as Tsax in that I had to sit in row L and my photos aren't that great. I took over 150 photos of Amanda but with the horrible lighting ( I won't go into it now ) and all the great photos of the back of people's heads and their camera's I took...let's just say those numbers were widdled down to only a handful I'd be willing to actually post. I'm hoping I have at least a dozen or so good photos.

                  Here are a few I have managed to play with a tiny bit. They aren't great, but at least it's something.

                  I'll try to post more tomorrow as I probably won't be home until 10pm EST. Hopefully these will tide you over till I get home or someone else can post some better quality photos of AT's Q&A.

                  Con & Brunch Photos

                  Edit: One comment I will make and I'm not sure if Tsaxlady or MajorSam has made this before, but there is a photo in my slideshow of Amanda and Executive Producer John Smith. He had some really wonderfully sweet things to say about Amanda and what she's meant to the Stargate franchise. Basically he repeated what he has said in the past that Amanda was/is their second next to RDA. I was really happy to hear one of the producers finally come out publically and say how much her presence has helped to make their jobs easier on the show over the past nine years. Hopefully Sony and SCIFI will take these words to heart as well. I don't believe that Amanda IS Stargate, but they would be truly stupid to believe that she wasn't a major asset or the character of Sam is not needed or wanted.
                  Beautiful photos Kat! And not just because you have such stunning subject material . They are really gorgeous pics of Amanda.
                  I look forward to hearing more when you've all rested. Thanks for all the updates though, it's been loads of fun to be a part of the con, in a distant kinda way .

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                    Originally posted by Skydiver
                    You got me. cause scenes like THAT are what fans have been missing. THose little non-plot moving moments that show that these folks actually give a fig about each other

                    See, that's the stuff that should stay and the expensive sfx that needs to be toned down

                    if the characters are boring, so is the show

                    Hey everyone it’s me again.

                    Tonight I had the great great pleasure and privilege of having, along with a few good friends, dinner with Joe Malozzi, a fantastic person. On this topic…

                    it’s from the first ep of season 10, a walk and talk scene, and they had about 10 minutes extra in the ep and they just had to cut down.

                    He’s been talking to Ivon about it and is pretty sure that season 10 WILL in fact be having deleted scenes. Bloopers are apparently controversial because they “make the show seem unprofessional” we argued for a solo blooper DVD that would guaranteed sell like a hot cake, but we’ll see.

                    From what I remember, I’ll give you all the Sam highlights. I’ve absolutely no clue whatsoever what you all know, so if I’m just repeating spoilers than I’m sorry, it’s new and exciting for me!

                    Sam eps to look for, as well as pretty much the highlights of what I remember. Please don't go crazy over this or anything, he said I could post it all but still, i'd like to keep this toned down as best as possible, would be very much appreciated!

                    The first ep, the 9th episode in which the Orion goes missing with Sam on it. We said she stole it and has gone solo but unfortunately Joe said no. The first of the two parter is ending with a huge cliffhanger for the ENTIRE team, with a good bit of Sam in the second part, as well as Flesh and Blood. She’s big in the Pegasus Project and Insiders.

                    With respect to the random Cabin episode, sg-1 minus Mitchell weren’t able to make it to Landry’s cabin for some poker game, then there was some weird road flood or something so he’s stuck with the General. There’s some weird creepy stuff going on in the forest at his cabin. Meanwhile the rest of Sg-1 is offworld also experiencing some strange happenings, and of course it ends up being all connected.

                    With regards to ship, well, hm. He really didn’t give away, just talked about how “focus” episodes on relationships weren’t so great. I argued for just a short, one little scene/mention and we’d be fine. Hopefully he’ll remember that, Amanda did claim a “yes” to ship yesterday. *crosses fingers*

                    The very controversial Daniel ep is I think episode #13… hehe…

                    OH, HUGE THING!!! Amanda so far has not been scheduled for even ONE Atlantis episode. The idea of 10 of each is NOT true, she is firmly full time on Sg-1!!!!!!!!!! I got the impression it’ll only be a few eps of Atlantis if anything, but so far not one.

                    Um… so yeah a lot in the Quest about some artifact they’re looking for, it ends up of course being different from what they’ve expected….

                    I forget which ep, but ther’es this one where they go to this planet that’s entirely dead, as in like, people just died right there in their beds and stuff. Sg-1 is there with a med team checking it out and apparently they all get infected with this thing, and one of the medics falls asleep and they can’t wake him up. Basically, if you fall asleep you’re dead, so there’s some creepy stuff going on in that ep, and hopefully some crazily tired Sg-1!

                    The 200th episode apparently makes Wormhole Extreme look like peanuts. Said there was comedy and all, but it’s not a solely comedic ep. All the crew and them are NOT making guest spots as before, and unlike before it is going to be a fully all team centered episode.

                    The crazy Vala ep… number 8 I think? OMG, I can’t believe what he said… It starts off with this family, in a deli, going up to the counter and Vala is there. She goes “oh hello there, I’m Vala, what can I do for you” so she serves them and all. Then these two guys come into the deli and try to hold it up, which ends up in Vala totally kicking their asses. The manager comes out to see the commotion and is all ‘what the heck!?!? Why did you do that?” and Vala goes “I have no idea...” and then there’s the opening credits. That’s all he told us.

                    Um… he said I could quote him in that “Creation Conventions are absolutely ridiculously overpriced” … because of course we talked a lot about the Con and who all gave away spoilers there

                    Er… found some out about Atlantis… would you all want to know?

                    *scratches head* what else… I dunno. Joe was really very wonderful and it was an amazing privilege I am so glad to have had!!!
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                      Originally posted by MajorSam

                      Er… found some out about Atlantis… would you all want to know?
                      Yes, please, if it wouldn't be any trouble.


                        Originally posted by Myrth
                        My comment would be who the hell is N. John Smith and what does he do? lol.... woulda been nicer if it came from Coop or Wright. BUT... t is nice that they're acknowleging her value regardless... something that should damn well be acknowleged [feels the fire starting] As for Amanda's comments, I say You go girl!!

                        The way she's been treated has been apalling on many levels, but one thing I've recently come to realise is that the thing that gnaws my gut on it the most is the "glass ceiling" mentality. For a long time Stargate has sat in a unique cross demographic place where it was accessible to so many segments of the general audience. It would seem the talent to keep it there left with Gekko.

                        The latent sexism behind the decisions being made is dissapointing... to put a "soft" description on my feeling there. I don't want to make it about this... but I think even the airforce aren't that damn sexist. Time for the morons making these decisions to grow up and grow a pair, and stop hiding behind the fallacies that you need a penis to be in charge..... honestly there is zero logic in Carter not being in charge and that's the only explanation I keep landing on.

                        [ggrrrr]... ok I need to visit my happy place... Stargate Barbie.. busy? I have a nice little place down the road
                        N John Smith is one of the top PTB at Bridge Studios. He is just behind Brad & Rob. He was on stage speaking right before Amanda came out to speak. Brad & Rob were not at the con this year. John has had some wonderful things to say about Amanda in the past. It does not surprise me in the least that he came out on stage with her and said the things he did. Amanda almost cried while he was talking.

                        I don't think I'm going to get completly caught up on the thread tonight as I'm realy tired and I have to be at school very early in the morning. I will leave you for the night with the link again to some of my con pictures, I have added a few more and will continue to do so for the next week or two. You can find them here.

                        One last thing after listening to Amanda talk about the GABIT event and then coming home and taking a better look at the dates. As long as tickets for the event are still available when my back pay arrives at the end of April (we just settled our new contracts for this year last week and will get a 3% raise retro active to July 2006) then I will be going to GABIT this year. So I'm crossing my fingers and hoping they will still have a ticket available in a month when I have the money.

                        Sorry if I'm covering things that other people have mentioned I'm just working my way through the thread from the last post I read and responding to posts.
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                          Owwwwwwww Fun, fun, fun! Great report there Major! At ease. lol
                          Dinner with JM, still asking the mail man where my invite was That's okay.. next time! hehehe There better be Ship lol even the guys in my class want ship!! there funny ones We were watching The X-Files in Class today (after looking at Peter DeLewis in 21 Jump street lol so cute!) and they were all like MULDER KISS SCULLY! hahaha I was telling them to shut up, as they were missing the plot and camera work

                          Thanks for sharing!!


                            Originally posted by Agent_Dark
                            From the way MajorSam explained it to me on msn, it almost sounded as if Amanda herself was a Sam/Vala shipper!
                            Wow! Yay for Amanda!


                              Originally posted by tsaxlady
                              Yep - I agree it has been a writer problem. Martin Gero said on Saturday that a new writer has been hired for next season.
                              For which show, SG-1 or Atlantis? Or both?


                                Originally posted by Simhavaktra
                                Sentient Gentlebeings of Any and All Ilk,
                                Gah! Who are you calling a Gentlebeing!?! :shudder: [I can cope with sentient ]

                                [snippety-snip-snip]... I believe the nuances of this bashing / criticism continuum to be beyond my natural data-analysis capacities, and, therefore – I need concrete guidelines delineating good (acceptable criticism) and bad (bashing), in order that I may avoid repeating... [de dum de dum]... Give me examples, please,

                                ... many, many examples if you will, please, please.
                                Ok! Ok!

                                Please don’t think that ‘Oh, you know, something like that’ will make anything clear to me: it will probably make everything crystal...

                                Eek! Lemme get a word in edgeways!

                                .. clear to anyone else, but it probably won’t make anything clear to me, social ignoramus that I...

                                .. I am not only social-nuance-challenged, despite my gender, I am horribly bad at determining the intentional meaning and content behind minimally-syllabic answers...


                                .. I will absolutely take your word to heart with regards to your definitions and your responses to this quandary of mine, if you are so kind as to give them.
                                Nnnnng.... How's about these:
                                1. "Cameron is crap and Teal'c should disembowel him already" = bash
                                2. "Cameron is the best thing since blue jello and has gorgeous legs" = gush
                                3. "Cameron is a brave and talented fighter-pilot who saved SG-1's arses in Antarctica (and here's why I think so, reference-the-text, etc. etc.) " = constructive critique
                                4. "Cameron is an arrogant reckless liability who nearly got SG-1 killed in Off the Grid (and here's why I think so, reference-the-text, etc. etc.) = constructive critique

                                [note: I chose deliberately strong yet nevertheless constructive examples for 3 and 4 to illustrate]

                                This is the one place on Gateworld where I feel I can be unapologetically pro-Sam,
                                Pro-Sam away! Unapologetically! No need to even mention Cam for that if you don't want to.