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    It's about time for another scifi motivational poster. Here's one from another Sam fan, Geogirl, who plays mostly in another scifi forum. She knows I like to share her handiwork at Samanda too.




        I was thinking back to the episode Maternal Instinct, and all those deep Oma'isms. Do we have enough Oma's here to finish this very deep thought
        If one has a big wick, then.....

        my fanfic


          Happy Birthday LadyJeep!

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            burns longer?
            "Out of the Abyss" (SJ Angst)....................Best New Author.................."Else Close the Wall Up" (Sam)
            Hic Comitas Regit. Welcome to Samanda.


              Question for Doctor Samantha Carter: In your expert opinion, Doctor, why is it that whenever people are out of phase with this dimension (pick any tv series that's ever done this), said people pass through everything except the floor?

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                Originally posted by minigeek
                Question for Doctor Samantha Carter: In your expert opinion, Doctor, why is it that whenever people are out of phase with this dimension (pick any tv series that's ever done this), said people pass through everything except the floor?

                Now mini is that a fair question, considering the writers, producers and directors have no idea how to answer that question

                my fanfic


                  Originally posted by majorsal
                  great scenario, mandy!

                  i was going to let others contribute before giving mine, but i'm too antsy.

                  sg1, landry, and vala are in the briefingroom. everyone leaves, leaving sam and vala alone. sam starts to get up from the table when vala starts a conversation.

                  vala: so, colonel carter... can i call you sam?

                  *sam glances up and nods*

                  vala: so, do you find daniel attractive?

                  *cocks a brow* sam: attractive, as in sexually attractive?

                  *vala nods*

                  sam: no. i know he's an attractive man, but daniel and i aren't like that together.

                  vala: okay. then do you find teal'c attractive?

                  sam: why are you asking me these questions?

                  vala: how about mitchell? he's very interesting...

                  sam: vala, i'm not sexually attracted to any of these men. they're my *friends*. *pauses* okay?

                  *sam finishes gathering her notes and begins to leave the table.*

                  vala: do you find *me* sexually attractive?

                  *sam stops in her tracks. she glances to vala*

                  sam: no, vala, i don't.

                  *vala grins*

                  sam: and i don't think you're attacted to me either.

                  *vala raises a questioning brow*

                  *sam walks toward the door but suddenly stops and looks back at vala*

                  sam: was your symbiote male or female?

                  vala: what difference does that make? and besides, symbiotes are non-gendered.

                  sam: well, if you were used to the influence of a male perspective, like your symbiote had been in a male body before taking over--

                  vala: what bloody difference does that make!?

                  sam: and i think you just like using sex to control and dominate the men around you. must be hard to deal with me then, vala, seeing as i'm not vulnerable to your machinations.

                  *vala rolls her eyes*

                  *sam opens the door*

                  sam: you know, vala, you and i have a lot more in common than you realize.

                  vala: and how's that? we're both forced to wear boring outfits?

                  sam: that we've both been taken over by goaulds, and that we've both survived our encounters and have left-over memories and abilities.

                  *vala stares boringly at sam*

                  *sam shrugs*

                  sam: hey, no problem, vala. *starts to walk out door* too bad, though, because i wouldn't have minded having someone to talk to about jolinar, and her--

                  vala: what did you say?

                  sam: what?

                  vala: did you say jolinar?

                  sam: yes.

                  vala: how the hell do you know that name?

                  sam:... because that's the symbiote i had.

                  *vala blanches*

                  sam: vala?

                  vala: jolinar saved my life...

                  to be continued


                  Hot damn! Hurry up and finish this, Sally! <drools> I think you have Vala's voice down pat, and I love Jolinar fic.

                  A Cherokee elder sitting with his grandchildren told them,
                  "In every life there is a terrible fight – a fight between two wolves.
                  One is evil: he is fear, anger, envy, greed, arrogance, self-pity,
                  resentment, and deceit. The other is good: joy, serenity, humility,
                  confidence, generosity, truth, gentleness, and compassion."
                  A child asked, "Grandfather, which wolf will win?"
                  The elder looked the child in the eye. "The one you feed."


                    Originally posted by Mandysg1
                    I was thinking back to the episode Maternal Instinct, and all those deep Oma'isms. Do we have enough Oma's here to finish this very deep thought
                    If one has a big wick, then.....
                    One's flame need not perish.


                      Special delivery through the snow and sleet ...

                      HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lady Jeep!



                        Happy Birthday LadyJeep!!!

                        Here is another cap I did when I was working on S2

                        My View From The Peanut Gallery


                          Originally posted by Mandysg1
                          Do we have enough Oma's here to finish this very deep thought

                          If one has a big wick, then.....
                          then the candle burned out a long time ago.


                            Originally posted by Mandysg1
                            If one has a big wick, then.....
                            ... one needs a lot of tallow.


                              We had a few takers for Deepspace's idea about picking an older episode to discuss last week. For anyone who'd like to do the same this week, the Monday night SciFi lineup looks like:

                              Evolution Pt. 1

                              Within the Serpent's Grasp
                              Serpent's Lair


                                heck, maybe while sam, daniel, and teal'c are stuck in the corner, they can go on mini adventures in their little area. sam will run tests on the angles of the corner, daniel will try to 'communicate' with the corner, and teal'c will shoot the dust that dares to exist in their corner!
                                Originally posted by scarimor
                                I made Science!Sams:


                                Free use to all Sam-lovers.
                                These are Five-Star! *****
                                Originally posted by chopingal
                                The Dream

                                I had a dream, said Sam
                                Extricating herself from a jam
                                Of wires and sensors designed to test
                                Sam's innermost desires while at rest

                                I am in command of SG1
                                Jack is gone and there is none
                                So well qualified to walk in his shoes
                                Than I, myself, the one he did choose

                                Even though I took short leave
                                I always planned to return, retrieve
                                My former post as I comprehend
                                Lt. Colonel Sam Carter, leader of men

                                For this I was groomed as I did my time
                                I covered my CO's six and kept things in line
                                Years of off-world combat as I slogged through hell
                                While watching my comrades, I learned lessons well

                                I stood up for the weakest and worked many a night
                                At computers and simulations to lessen the fight
                                Using brainpower rather than firepower in wars that had to be waged
                                Yet I was ready for either and not afraid to engage

                                I earned the respect of my comrades-in-arms
                                And gained admiration for my natural charm
                                No matter what happened, how low things had sunk
                                You could count on Sam Carter's spirit and spunk

                                So now I'm confused as I awake from my slumber
                                I'm attached to these wires and feeling quite somber
                                My dream seemed so real, it was who I had become
                                But in awakening I'm faced with a troubling conundrum

                                I wanted to be at the top of my game
                                But now my desires are sounding quite lame
                                There are new men at the top who are giving the orders
                                And I've been displaced, a citizen without borders

                                I worked and I strived to be all I can be
                                But somehow gender and youth are compromising me
                                I'm Lt. Colonel Sam Carter, past leader of men
                                How do I reclaim what now has been taken?
                                Originally posted by chopingal
                                Coming and Going …

                                Well here she is once again
                                Back for a super Season Ten
                                The boys are here, Danny, Teal’c and Cam
                                And someone new (let’s hope she’s not a ham)

                                Where it all will go is still uncertain
                                “What do we do with Sam?” left the fans hurtin’
                                We hope the writers did learn their lesson
                                And with Sam’s character they stop a messin’

                                Sam’s looking good and feeling strong
                                At the head of SG-1 is where she belongs
                                Loyal fans know that Sam is legit
                                A certain macho male seems counterfeit

                                If they don’t restore Sam’s command
                                We hope they do lend the new guy a hand
                                Send him to school to learn how to lead
                                Right now he seems like he may be on speed

                                Sam really likes him as a kid brother
                                But can she trust him as she did another?
                                Her former CO with eyes so brown
                                Could make a joke but was not a clown

                                Jack was what a leader should be
                                Mature, resourceful and, yes, humility
                                Taking care of those in his charge
                                In Sam’s eyes, he always stood large

                                From him she learned how to pull her weight
                                Each time the four of them went through the Gate
                                They’d fight and talk and walk and run
                                It was one for all and all for one

                                Those were the best eight years of Carter’s career
                                By year eight Jack stayed on the base and he let her steer
                                He taught her well and Sam passed the test
                                Showing that she, indeed, could lead the rest

                                AT was just getting settled into her new role
                                When a personal event put Sam Carter on hold
                                Instead of writing Sam as gone but not dismissed
                                TPTB took Season Nine and gave it a twist

                                The new guy was crowned as king of the show
                                Sam Carter in charge just had to go
                                Motherhood loomed and she had to wait
                                To return to the set, return to the Gate

                                When Amanda came back to play Sam
                                She may have felt like she had been on the lam
                                The season already moving into episodes 6 and 7
                                She had to jump in and take what was given

                                It was a good gig and she got back her groove
                                Sam Carter belonged and made the right moves
                                Yet something was missing and it didn’t seem right
                                That sense of command and a team that hung tight

                                Yes, it was a blending, of course not a Tok’ra
                                They were learning a new dance, the old one was over
                                The rhythm was off but the beat still went on
                                The fans were still hanging around, hoping for fun

                                New villains and characters came into our midst
                                The Priors and Orii and chubby Nerus
                                Season Nine sped on by and now almost gone
                                Some battles were lost, some battles were won

                                Sam Carter grew into a leader, a chief
                                She rose to the top if only so brief
                                Why can’t we see her as that once again
                                Now that we’re getting her back in S10?
                                ***WHOOT!*** Chopingal, you're literary talents always amaze me!
                                Thanks so much for posting and sharing with us all!
                                Originally posted by ChopinGal
                                Weather Report …
                                Mostly Sunny with Occasional Thunderstorms

                                Samanda is a safe place
                                To escape for a moment or two
                                Take a look at the great photos
                                Share a comment, feel less blue

                                Get caught up in Sam discussions
                                Check in with friends, old and new
                                Sam is what has drawn us all here
                                And from love of her, many friendships grew

                                It’s almost magical what has happened
                                A few early posts on what makes Sam great
                                Have turned into a multi-paged thriving thread
                                About all things Sam and the Stargate

                                There have been many sterling moments
                                And moments of discontent too
                                Samandans are quite passionate
                                Strong feelings can cause hullabaloo

                                We want what is best for Sam
                                To see her always well written
                                Carter has been a role model for many
                                Don’t take away what has already been given

                                So we watch and wait
                                Rejoice and worry
                                New plots and characters
                                May change Sam Carter’s story

                                We are a diverse group of thinkers
                                Our feelings at times overflow
                                We have many highs and lows
                                Sometimes disillusioned with the show

                                Just when things get too, too angsty
                                Some Samandan does the deed
                                To change the tone or wisely remind
                                That kindness here is what we need

                                And so, just like a great big family,
                                In moments of chaos and contention
                                We remember Hic Comitas Regit
                                And try to temper our dissension

                                We can agree to disagree and state our opinions fairly
                                Annoyance at writers and characters are to be expected
                                Keeping in mind that a role is not the person behind that role
                                Should keep the actors well respected

                                Looking back on the early days of Samanda
                                There was lots of joy and laughter
                                Great discussions, teasing banter
                                The proverbial “happy ever after”

                                The honeymoon couldn’t last forever
                                We’ve grown and changed and so has Samanda
                                New seasons came and troubling questions arose
                                What was best for Sam and best for Amanda?

                                The kingdom was full of comment and opinion
                                Being loyal to both, we felt the need to protect
                                Some voices were raised in defense, while others took offense
                                Singularities collided, along with mutual respect

                                Remember what drew us here in the first place
                                Sam Carter and the actor who brings her to life
                                Amanda is our role model as well, a kind and generous spirit
                                Let’s follow her lead as we manage the occasional strife

                                Hic Comitas Regit
                                ...and then you go an one-up yourself!