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    Only have time for a quick post at the moment and then I need to get back to work.

    My View From The Peanut Gallery


      Originally posted by minigeek
      I see that point, in so far as the writing could be poor enough to allow it to happen. But if there was strong writing, good character development - not just for Sam Carter but for all of the current and new members of the SG universe, they really could make it work. Unfortunately, unless Brad has a significantly different POV than Robert did (does), I'm not sure that will happen, either. I'm hoping, of course, I've always been hoping, but the realist in me has to acknowledge the more likely scenario, as you said so well, Coley.
      I certainly agree, if it keeps up this way, we may not have a season eleven to look forward too. So I'm holding out hope that Brad brings something magical to the table. Brings back the character conflict, at the very least, and the interpersonal angle enmeshed with Robert's happy-go-lucky space battle sequences.
      Ok, I've seen a bunch of people mention this in a number of different places. I have not, however, been able to find anything that specifically mentions that Brad Wright will have any further influence on SG-1's season 10 than he has had for the past couple years. What I'm saying is, has there been a statement made that Brad Wright and Rob Cooper are essentially switching show runner duties for the upcoming seasons?

      Also, from basically gleaning through the various articles, statements, inteviews, etc from cast and crew, and from Joe Mallozzi in particular, I see Brad Wright and Rob Cooper working very much together to produce both SG-1 and Atlantis. According to Mallozzi, Cooper and Wright are responsible for 90% of the story ideas that get made for both shows, as well as for doing what I perceive is a massive amount of rewriting of scripts. I know that Cooper and Wright read and make notes on all 40 scripts that are produced. And I still get the impression that whenever someone (network, sony, etc.) really wants to talk Stargate, they're sent to Brad Wright.

      That being said, I do think that having Brad Wright on set during filming of episodes would make a difference. He is better at including the subtle, meaningful character interaction that has been missing this season. And I think he's more concerned about character, rather than story. Cooper has always been a big ideas man. I think he's come up with a lot of the big, sweeping plot stuff that has made the show great for so long. And I think that the first 6 or 7 years were so tight because Cooper and Wright were working on the same show together.

      And, for all the bashing of Cooper that seems pretty ubiquitous online, I think it's worth pointing out that he's had way, way more obstacles and difficulties to deal with during his tenure as showrunner than Wright or Glassner ever did. RDA's reduced schedule, the change in networks, losses of Frasier and Hammond, AT's pregnancy, MS's departure and return, whatever happened with Corin Nemic, obvious increased pressure from Scifi to dumb down and sex up the show, budgetary issues for season 8---all of this has had to be dealt with since Cooper officially "took the reins". That doesn't even mention his responsibilities in helping to develop Atlantis and get that show up and running. Having to "end" SG-1 for the last 3 years hasn't helped anyone either. Now there's the whole Cameron Mitchell debacle which seems to be getting worse. And Vala is coming aboard next year after receiving what can only be described as a rather polarized fan reaction. I'm not trying to absolve Cooper from any mistakes he may or may not have made. I definitely think he bears much of the responsiblity. I'm just saying that he hasn't had the free run that Glassner and Wright enjoyed when it was RDA, AT, MS, and CJ there everyday for 5 or 6 years.

      I mean, I do hope it's true that Cooper and Wright are "switching" shows this year. I think that Atlantis very much needs what Cooper brings to the table just as much as SG-1 needs Brad Wright's talents. For me, nothing really happens on Atlantis. The big story lacks any direction or meaning. Torment of Tantalus, Fifth Race, and Fair Game are all Cooper's work, and they all greatly helped to put SG-1 on a clear path storywise. Atlantis needs that. At least I think it does. Likewise, and as many of you have mentioned, SG-1 needs a little less brusque of handling of the characters. Things have been too workmanlike for too long when it comes to character interaction. I think that Brad Wright has always had the best grasp of who each character is, and I think has always used the most care when bringing those characters alive onscreen. And, to skirt the evil, pernicious, rapacious moniker of "off topic", I think that that care has been most evident in the character of Carter. Or Teal'c. But one of those two.

      To be honest, I'd be a happy camper if Cooper and Wright went back to writing 10 or so episodes of SG-1 each season. Thems was the days.


        Originally posted by minigeek
        I know this isn't completely topical, however the lovely and talented Myrth has made me two new kick-arse Sam sigs and I'm so excited, I'm just itchin' to share! I so love her irreverent style!

        So I now have them on rotation, but there's only three in the bucket. The two that aren't blue and familiar (and say "by Myrth") on them bottom left, are hers!

        Aren't they cool ?!

        Thanks so much babeh!!!

        I want T-SHIRTS!! For both of those!! LOL

        Mini, Myrth and Sky, I'd green you all if I could. Thank you all, mini because you asked for the sigs, Myrth because you made those pieces of art and sky for the cooliest Mary Poppins caption/joke ever.
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          Originally posted by jckfan55
          These remind me of the story AT tells about meeting RDA. If I recall it correctly, they were having them stand next to each other to judge heights and how they looked together. He says something like "Hi Babe, you don't mind if I call you babe?" And she blurts out, "not if I can call you Dick." She said she thought there goes the job, but he laughed & they got along great from then on.
          Great comeback!
          I prefer to be called Sunny, Sun or SK. Thanks.


            Originally posted by minigeek
            One thing I did want to add, I think Claudia Black is an extremely talented actor as well. I wasn't a Farscape fan while it was on the air - I didn't watch it at all, I actually saw Vala before I ever knew who Aeryn Sun was, however I've seen Claudia in other things and she's good.

            Having said that, I was a more than a little bit icked-out by what the network and the writing team decided to do to her character in Stargate this season. I was frustrated as well. Since she's coming back quite soon, I'm hoping that the writing team reaches out and grasps their new opportunity to give Vala the depth and dimensionality she deserves. Should that be the case, then between Claudia and Amanda, they might just be able to support a new dynamic that's strong enough to sustain SG-1 as a series for a while longer. Talent such as those two ladies have individually is rarely combined in an effectual manner on television these days. But when it is - watch out.

            Hope springs eternal!

            I'm with ya all the way MG! One of the things I'm looking forward to the most with S10 is the hope that TPTB will pull their collective heads out of their eemas and realize that with Amanda and Claudia, they have two of the most talented ladies on their show and they shouldn't waste a single second of either ladies air time. They should also write a kick-butt relationship for them. You know, similar to the wonderful relationship that Sam and Janet had. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Janet and Sam's relationship and wouldn't want a thing to diminise (sp) it. But by golly, Sam needs another good girlfriend and the potential is there with Vala.
            I prefer to be called Sunny, Sun or SK. Thanks.


              Originally posted by ChevronSeven
              Wait. They're not carrying Zats anymore? I knew that T wasn't carrying his staff weapon anymore. Well, that just sucks.
              There's something weird about T not carrying his staff weapon anymore. With a P90 and hair, he doesn't look anymore like a Jaffa. They could remove his tatoo at any time nobody would notice. It's like they turned him into the Mr Muscle of the team. The only times he looks like a Jaffa is when he's on Dakara.
              But what ? no zats anymore ! I second it, it sucks.
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                One I hadn't seen before.


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                  Originally posted by MajorSam
                  Hey everyone! *wave*

                  Well a while back there it seemed like I was maybe going to be getting into the swing of Samanda again!!!! But alas life has come back. Not only do I have the normal mayhem of my life, I am directing the show I wrote, going up first week of March, and have now been accepted to do ANOTHER show for a festival going up exactly a month after! I'm already freaking out... so I probably won't be on much, if at all, until mid-May :| :| I'm going to mis you all *sob* If anything huge happens, someone email me or something! lol, can't fall TOOO far behind...


                  Wish me luck!!!!!!

                  (Ok, I admit I'll MAKE time to come on and share my Creation Con stories <g> But that's it...)

                  Awesome news for you. Directing your OWN show, how cool ! You rock.
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                    First off, I'm a straight girl, but if I went that way I'd have to say good. I like it when she sweetly smiles and those adorable dimples come out. That's hot. Besides, Good Carter will always try to save the world(s), and I love when she speaks the technobabble!

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                      Originally posted by KatG
                      Chiming in to agree here. Yes, occasionally the thread goes off topic, but it doesn't take that much to nudge it back on. Personally, I'd rather skim through the stuff I'm not that interested in, than have to switch between two different threads. That actually seems like a lot more trouble to me.

                      Then of course we would have to get into what's OT and what's not OT and people being afraid to comment because it might be OT, and to me that stifles more conversation than a bit of OT.

                      I have to stress I don't mind a bit of off topic chatter either. Its adds to the fun of the thread and I do it myself. However, in my opinion, it has got a bit much. Everytime I come back online pages and pages have been posted. I haven't the time to read all of it - so how do I manage to read the great Sam stuff and respond? I can't cause I don't have the time to find it. Sometimes I've logged on, read a few pages - all the time I've had, read nothing that sparks my interest or is about Sam and then had to log off.

                      I don't want the off topic to end, but there is a lot of to and fro one lining chit chat - me myself being guilty of this sometimes - and perhaps we could just limit it? If there is a line of chatter people want to persue it could be taken to the other thread.

                      I feel very strongly about this as I, on the whole, want to discuss Sam and Amanda - that primarily is why I come here - I haven't been able to do that recently to any great extent.

                      A number of people have commented to me that they feel the same way - and that is without prompting from me!

                      I'm all in favour of the majority of stuff staying here and people being friendly supporting each other in successes or mishaps - this was all done previously. I just want people to be mindful some of us can't log on for hours and hours a day and trawl.


                        These looks so good, they have to be bad....

                        "We'll keep the light on for you."


                          Originally posted by gatershanks
                          Hey thanks for making me feel welcome!
                          O i would just like to say awesome banner!!
                          Well if you're talking to me then thank ya.

                          There are several really great Sam banners around...and many people who make great ones. I love your banner too btw.

                          ...You're ALWAYS Welcome in Samanda: Amanda's Community of New Fans and Old Friends...


                            Wow, I wanna green everyone on this page for some brilliant analysis of the current leadership situation. Of course the system won't let me...grrr. You guys rock & mini outlined my view perfectly as usual

                            Also the "If I can call you Dick" line... freakin classic and I hadn't heard it either. God damn I love Amanda.. lol.

                            And :sigh: I head to work... I'll pop by at lunch and see what else is happening

                            Oh yeah.. Sky that was seriously the funniest thing I've heard this season re: Mary Poppins... rock on mod-woman!!



                              Much hotter when good.

                              Hallowed are the fans of Stargate!


                                I think that Replicarter's uncaring and callous nature is much sexier, but who can say no to Ancient1's pictures of good Sam?
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