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    Originally posted by DEM
    OH! Forever in a Day!
    Yeah, Dem and Golfbooy!

    Ok, here's another one since things seem so quiet at the moment.

    This is said to Sam...
    "There are many forms of power my dear, some more subtle than others."

    *Seattle's going to the Super Bowl ---- Oh yeah! Oh Yeah! Does the wave with herself*
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      Originally posted by ForeverSg1
      This is said to Sam...
      "There are many forms of power my dear, some more subtle than others."
      Linnea, "Prisoners", I believe.


        Originally posted by parsifal
        Linnea, "Prisoners", I believe.

        Hmm, I seem to be alone again. Guess that's a sign I should actually go to bed.

        Edit: Just curious but is anyone here going to the Vancouver Con in March?
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          Originally posted by golfbooy
          For now I'm going to blame the preponderance of the "technobabble" joke in this episode on the writer's own feelings. That is, Joe Mallozzi has often stated that his proclivities often guide him towards humor rather than towards science. Coming up with the science behind an episode, no matter how far out that science might be, is something that Joe has often stated he loaths. I'm guessing that the ubiquitousness of the joke in this episode is more a representation of Joe's own personal feelings, rather than Daniel's or Landry's. Joe thinks that the technobabble explanations are exasperating and detract from the flow of his scenes, so in order to keep us dumb viewers interested he tries to get us to connect with Daniel and the others who just want easy answers. Then again, I'm not too sure about Landry. "On the ball" is not the first phrase that comes to mind when I think of his tenure at the SGC so far.

          That said, I do think that Joe did do a great job with the science stuff in Ripple Effect. And I'm not sure I equate the joking looks about technobabble with a lack of respect or patience with Carter. I don't want to read too much into this; it's just the writers going for a cheap, none-too-original beat between the actors. Sometimes it's just more fitting than others.
          Since when does Daniel want easy answers?

          I don’t care if Mitchell and Landry trade looks. Landry has already shown he is not as professional as Hammond so I expect it from him. Mitchell pretends like he wants to understand things but probably doesn’t considering his attitude, which is fine, he’s a military guy. But Daniel...... What will be everyone’s opinion when Carter starts rolling her eyes during one of his long winded explanations?

          Daniel and Carter have always been two peas in a pod, two scientists who had to deal with the military guy. They may give looks to each other about the slowness of the others but I can’t see them giving looks to someone else about the detailedness of one of their explanations. Or have I missed something somewhere along the way?

          The best explanation I have heard is the Daniel is subconsciously angry at Carter for the whole replicarter thing. If that’s true, he really needs to seek some therapy or maybe SG-1 should break up if they are no longer capable of working as a team and tolerating one another. JMHO
          Joseph Mallozzi -"In the meantime, I'm into season 5 of OZ (where the show takes an unfortunate hairpin turn into "the not so wonderful world of fantasy")"

          ^^^ Kinda sounds like seasons 9 and 10 of SG-1 to me. Thor, ya got Aspirin?

          AGateFan has officially Gone Fishin (with Jack, Sam, Daniel, Teal'c) and is hoping Atlantis does not take that same hairpin turn.


            Originally posted by ForeverSg1
            See that's where I disagree with you. I do not consider Sam as having 'been with' any of these men. I see men who are infatuated with Sam, who openly express their interest in Sam, but very rarely do we see Sam show an interest in them the same way. I'm not sure what you would call it. Kirk, always appeared to want to kiss the girl, whereas Sam seems to be thrown into situations where she has to deal with men who care for her but she doesn't reciprocate their feelings. Honestly, I don't mean to be rude here, but I see Sam much the same way I see the actors from Stargate at a con. Here you have a person who is flaunted over, admired, adored, ect... however, that does not mean that the person on the receiving end really wants to be in a relationship with any of the fans. They are just being kind and compassionate. They may hug or give someone a small kiss, but there is really no intention of starting a relationship. This is how I see Sam.

            Hanson was a freak and Sam showed little interest to want to be with him again.

            Narim expressed an interest in Sam, he even shared his feelings for her through a device. I think Sam liked Narim, he was intelligent and charming, but I don't believe she felt the same way about him as he did for her. The revelation of his feelings through the device seemed to throw her off-guard, as if she wasn't expecting it. I think she may have been overwhelmed by his emotions and simply chose to express her gratitude for being so forthcoming with her by kissing him good-bye, but I think it's obvious from their second encounter that she didn't share his feelings. Friendship yes, but I don't consider what they had as a romantic relationship.

            Martouf - I think Sam cared very deeply for Martouf, but she was so overwhelmed and confused by the feelings she shared with Jolinar that she wouldn't allow herself to get too involved with him.

            Lantash - The same goes for Lantash. In the scene with Elliot in the caves, he tells her that Lantash loved her and you see Sam flinch. It's like she's thinking to herself, "Oh no not again". Never do we see Sam tell Lantash that she felt the same way. I don't doubt that Sam cares for these men, but it's not as if she is putting herself into a romantic or sexual relationship with any of them.

            Orlin: This is one of the only men that Sam has come into contact where I really felt as if she was beginning to care for him. I truly believe that if things had been different, Sam may have actually allowed herself to become emotionally involved with him. When Orlin tells Sam that she cares for him in the park, I really do believe she was beginning to like him, but I don't believe she felt the same way for him as he did for her. It may have just been the beginnings of a great friendship and possibly more, but it definitely wasn't love as Orlin expressed at the beginning of the episode. As far as Sam/Orlin actually having an intimate relationship, I do believe that what he did with her with the glowly thing was very intimate; however, I don't believe this involved sex as we know it. Intimate does not mean sexual. I can have an intimate dinner party for four, but that does not mean an orgy will conclude the evening. The scene with Lam, Landry and Sam still irritates me.

            Fifth: I think Sam felt empathy for Fifth. He was unlike the other human replicators and they made him feel inferior because of that difference. I think when Sam looked into Fifth's eyes she saw something of herself in him. She may have recalled a childhood where she felt as if she didn't belong or where she was constantly being told how different she was. I think she saw the loneliness in Fifths eyes and wanted to help him and I think it hurt her deeply to betray him in the way that she did. But I do not feel that Sam ever loved Fifth.

            Felger: I think Felger's interest in Sam is a mixture of admiration and idolation. I never got the feeling that he loved Sam. It was more like an awe. Sam is probably the type of woman Felger has always dreamed of finding. She's beautiful, kind, and extremely intelligent, but I also think he is utterly in awe of her just as he is with the other members of SG-1. He does not care for the real Sam, he cares for the woman he's conjured in his own mind.

            McKay like Felger seems to be infatuated with Sam, and although he may be harmless, I seriously don't see Sam sharing his romantic interest.

            Barrett was a nice enough guy, but I think Sam pretty much shot him down twice thus expressing her disinterest in exploring a relationship with him. Friendship yes, but nothing more.

            Corso: I don't believe he really had any true interest in Sam. I think he was just flirting with her, much the same way Reynard with Jonas, in hopes that a few sweet words would win Sam over and obviously Sam wasn't impressed or interested.

            Pete, well we all have our own feelings about Pete. However, in my mind this is the only romantic/sexual relationship Sam has had with anyone in the past eight years.

            and then there's Jack...but I won't get into that debate.

            So I have to disagree, I do not believe Sam has been kirk'ed because in my mind Kirking involved mutual agreement that there is an attraction and I don't believe that has been the case with Sam. However, I am personally becoming quite tired of the petty way the writers seem to make men swoon over Sam's beauty. We get the point, enough already. If the writers really want to impress me then show me a female guest star who is intrigued by Sam's intelligence and/or interested in the her military experience. Maybe then we'd actually get an interesting story involving Sam.

            Edit: Oops totally forgot about Joe. Oh well.
            This is a brilliant summary of, and interpretation of, Sam's relationships (or non-relationships) with men. I pretty much totally agree with every opinion you've expressed here Kat.
            You summed up the Felger thing especially well too (which I also had never thought of as anything more than a bit of idolisation on Felger's part).
            Really though, I suppose I've never thought of any of Sam's encounters with men to be anything more than that, encounters. Chance encounters at that. Ok, so pete was quite serious I guess, and of course there is chmistry with jack, though I thought she was good with narim too. So... anyway.

            edited: I don't know about you, but the tone of my post sounds almost grumpy. Didn't want it to sound like that.
            Ack, I'm just in a weird mood, sorry everyone. And am posting on a subject I know nothing about not having ever been in any relationships. *deepspace decides to shut up*
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              Originally posted by Strix varia
              As a member of the Royal Security Guard, I'd ask that we remove the link to these pics from this thread.

              As Strix, I know I sound like a stuffy party-pooper, and I know I have no authority on the matter whatsoever.
              I missed the pictures
              I do understand what you're getting at Strix, I agree that it would be mean for pictures of Olivia to be plastered all over the net, but part of me would have really liked to see them. I wasn't here when the link was posted.
              Ah well.

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                Originally posted by OneillTwo"LL"s

                thank you for EDITING..

                Rant ON!! I didn't give anyone permission to HOT-Link my Photobucket..
                You have NO Right to do that!!
                No Respect for Amanda or Olivia..

                /Rant off!!
                alright I see I should have caught up with the whole thread before posting. Sorry.
                *stuffs large bundles of padding in her mouth and ties it up tight*
                I really really should have just shut up tonight.

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                  Originally posted by Skydiver
                  you haven't been talking to my shippy friends have you? cause they're always ragging me since sam and jack never really 'get together' in my fic
                  I love that you write Sam and Jack friendship though sky. But then, I have never wanted Jack and Sam to 'get together' (sorry shippers). What I have always liked about the ship on Stargate between Sam and Jack is that it's always been more like friendship.

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                    Originally posted by 1speed4Sam
                    Who else?

                    Bye for now, everybody be good.

                    And if you can't be good, be careful...
                    Hey 1speed and Coley! And nice pic of Hugo. Have a great trip! Sending hugs your way.

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                      Originally posted by Agent_Dark
                      ok, I FINALLY got to see Ripple Effect. My verdict? IT ROCKED

                      First off - Amanda was brilliant. Totally. She kick arse in this episode. Sam was brilliant. This was definitely the Sam episode I've been waiting for
                      What I liked about this was that there was finally some references to past episodes, something that has been lacking so far this season. A matter of time, red sky, heroes etc etc - it was fun to see those references.
                      Scientist!Sam working to solve the problem was great. 15 Carter's working to solve the same problem was better than great And I literally rofl'ed when I saw all the cups of Blue Jello on the bench in that scene

                      I see there is a bit of disentment at certain scenes involving Martouf. I personally didnt mind that at all (in fact, it reminded of the Han/Leia scene in The Empire Strikes Back where Threepio interrupts them ). And as for the numerous references to who Sam was with, I saw that as making a bit of fun out of the whole thing. And of course we all have our own intereptations of who they were alluding at

                      Not enough Sam/Jan scenes for my liking ('maternity leave'... I'm sure they have IVF in Janet's reality... ). However I really liked the scenes with Janet, Daniel and Teal'c. But the rest of the episode was so good I'll let it pass and make up for the Sam/Jan lack with fanfic

                      The new Asgard was a bit weird. But the look that passed between him and Walter was priceless

                      I was really enjoying Mitchell/Browder this ep too. I feel that BB is getting comfortable with the show and its showing in Mitchell. And the 'no pants' scene was rather amusing

                      And did I mention that Sam/Amanda rocked? Haha, she was totally brilliant in this ep.
                      Mitchell: Finally someone that can keep up with you?
                      Sam: Yep.

                      Gold. I loved it. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I'm still excited. And I need sleep.
                      heehe. I haven't been reading many spoilers, but this one looked so curious with all its emoticons scattered everywhere that I just had to read, and the ep sounds like so much fun. Thankyou for that AD *grin*

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                        Originally posted by Dani76
                        I agree with mini and golfbooy on this one. I wouldn't interpret too much into it. It fit the overall mood of the episode and I liked Sam's reaction to it. When it happened earlier this season (was it Landry, too?) it annoyed me much more. But I also agree that it shouldn't be used too much. Sam deserves respect for her opinions and solutions she finds to problems. It almost seems as if Landry isn't as patient with this stuff, maybe he hates to admit that he doesn't understand it. And he also shuts Daniel up quite often when he voices his concerns.

                        What I do have a problem with though is when Daniel reacts like that. I always liked the relationship he and Sam had, and how they each respected the other's accomplishments and showed interest for each other's field of expertise. I am missing that a lot this season. Teal'c's interactions with Sam and Daniel and his showing of support were always much more subtle because that's just the way he is. Sam and Daniel on the other hand always had this special bond thing going, and it's not there that much anymore. There was a bit of it this season, for example in BH when Daniel said how glad he was that Sam was back, even if it was just temporarily or in EDM when he helped her with her boxes. Sometimes they still exchange looks with each other, but I wonder if that is something AT and MS are doing because there isn't much Daniel/Sam bonding in the scripts anymore.

                        It is moments like this that I miss a lot, and maybe that's one of the reasons why I feel that there is no real team-spirit developing this season.

                        Yes I agree I miss the team-spirit or team chemistry too !! I miss Jack/Sam/Daniel/Teal'c’s great chemistry the way they played off one another. I miss the fact that you could almost tell they knew what the other wanted/needed/was going to say/ react to/ etc. without having to really say anything. It was in their facial expressions or their body language. It was just great friendship that blended well on screen. I miss Sam/Daniel/Teal'c this season. I was hoping they could continue the chemistry as they did in s8 when RDA was cutting back on his time (because those three still had great on screen chemistry.) I miss Daniel and Sam’s shared passion and wonder over everything science. I miss Teal’c’s subtle wisdom and offer of quiet strength/support to his teammates. (Sam and Teal’c in Space Race and Paradise Lost are just a few of my favorite Teal’c and Sam moments). I would offer my favorite team moments, but alas I’m late for work. So see you later.


                          Originally Posted by ForeverSg1
                          Maybe the writers are trying to have Daniel fill in for Jack in this respect, seeing as he was always telling Sam to give him short or dumbed down version, but it just seems out of character for Daniel and it's not an aspect I'm enjoying at the moment.

                          The occassionally joking I can understand, and I did enjoy much of the bantering in Ripple Effect, but on a regular basis it comes across more like a group of children teasing the smart kid in school simply because they don't understand what is being said. One would expect this type of behaviour from a bunch of twelve year olds, not grown men.
                          Originally posted by Lightsabre
                          But this has happened ad nauseum through the series.
                          Hammond and Jack have both cut Carter off and ordered her to get to the point on numerous occasions.
                          I saw this as simply more of the same.
                          They wouldn't understand the explanation and they didn't need it, so as soon as they thought they had an understanding, they asked her to stop.
                          No discourtesy there.
                          You have to keep in mind Sam is one of the top astrophysists in the world.
                          Not many people can keep up with her.
                          I'm a dumb teenager who knows practically nothing zero zilch about astrophysics, and even I can keep up with what Sam is saying if I really try. I always dislike it when the other characters cut Sam off midsentance while she is explaining something scientiffic (partly because I actually want to hear more, and partly because I think it's really rude and kind of mean). I can sort of understand it from Jack, and you get used to that after a while. One example I hate is in "A matter of Time" when Hammond is constantly snapping at Sam to cut to the point and stop explaining scientifically.

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                            Originally posted by ForeverSg1
                            The occassionally joking I can understand, and I did enjoy much of the bantering in Ripple Effect, but on a regular basis it comes across more like a group of children teasing the smart kid in school simply because they don't understand what is being said. One would expect this type of behaviour from a bunch of twelve year olds, not grown men.


                            that's part of my issue with it. it seems to be settling into 'ok, sam babbling and everyone being sick of her rambling' is going to be a running joke and, like daniel's coffee, teal'c's ignorance about earth, etc. are jokes that are now fanfic cliches (how about the infamous 'it's an artifact' 'it's a rock' bit thatis a staple of jack and daniel fic?)

                            sure, sam babbles too much. she has to. she's the exposition girl and, in the words of tptb, one of the few members of the cast tha can pull off all those long sentences and big words efficiently.

                            and used sparingly - like jack used to - it's ok cause who hasn't wanted to shut up a rambler...but while jack would cut her off with aplomb (often the tone of his voice was almost apologetic even while his words were rough) the other guys are doing it with a clumsiness that's borderline rude

                            if it shows up rarely, then ok, but if it's going to become a running gag in every show, guys find another schtick please. one that doesn't use an established character to be the butt of a very old joke
                            Where in the World is George Hammond?



                              Originally posted by DEM

                              Oh, and yes:

                              Hammond and O'Neill earned the right; Landry and Mitchell have not.
                              very true. and, to me, hammy has been an old family friend (he knew jacob and in my interpretation, knew sam as she grew up) and jack, while he may be short with her or snippy, ALWAYS respected her. i always saw jack cutting them off - and he'd do it to daniel too - as more of a 'dude, i respect you and know you know what you're doing. no need to explain, i TRUST you'

                              while landry and cam, it comes across as 'man, she's sucking all the fun outta our little adventure. someone quick, shut her up so that we can get back to work'

                              Originally posted by DEM
                              I also know that 'putdown' humour is not really my cup of tea; never has been. Combine that with being somewhat science-nerdy myself, it's hard for me to relate to a "yeesh, you're tiresome" response to Carter's explanations. :shrug: So, yeah, partly it's a personal problem.
                              and that may be why it bugs me. i've been the butt of the joke a few too many times.
                              Where in the World is George Hammond?



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