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    Yey! *clap clap clap* Well done Chopin!
    Yepp, it's blank down here.


      Just thought, seeing as Samanda isn't *just* about Sam and AT, but about the unity of the fans, that I'd write a little something about us lot and the Samandan community.

      As today is our birthday, let’s take a look,
      At the Tome of Samanda, our royal book,
      Follow our story back through the ages,
      Backwards we go, over one thousand pages.
      We’ve talked of Amanda, we’ve talked about Sam,
      Now on our birthday, let’s take a look at the Fans.
      It started with Sally, the counsellor of the court,
      Who calms when it’s stressed, when tempers are short,
      Then came a trio, no longer there,
      Then our mod Sky, cross her if you dare!
      Each fan in our midst, has their own role,
      Inscribed and stored on royal scroll.
      Our famous court Jester, also famous as Bard,
      The talented Chopin, who makes poems look easy, though they are hard.
      Not one can forget, the fab Agent Dark,
      The Samandan bouncer, who’s left a huge mark.
      There’s Mini and Uber, our “Pain in the Bum”,
      Well actually Mikta, but rhyming that is no fun.
      Forever, our designer, and 1Speed4Sam,
      There’s so much to say about our lovely clan.
      There’s Myrth and there’s Qasim, there’s Chevron and Lys,
      Please don’t be offended, if your name I did miss.
      Since these scrolls were written, more Samandans have come,
      With such a huge family, our world’s never glum.
      This time next year, we’ll have been to Shore leave and Gabit,
      Think of the things we’ll have to talk over and rabbit.
      So thanks to Samanda, thanks to you friends,
      Here’s to ten more years, fun and love that never ends.
      Yepp, it's blank down here.


        And a quick gift for any SAmandan J/S shippers, I have two fics for y'all.

        Learning Curve (Quantum Deep) is Sam and Jack's journey through time, revisiting their past.

        Staff Blast is a romantic Christmas offering for you.

        Yepp, it's blank down here.



          We are rockin' on the Sam and Jack Shipper Thread for their first Christmas together.
          Please visit. Friends of Sam are most welcome!

          from the Twelve Days of Shipmas
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            Already there, Nell, already there! Because we never got our party organised, I invited them over to the Shipmas party.
            Yepp, it's blank down here.


              Happy Birthday to you.

              Happy Birthday to you.

              Happy Birthday fellow Samandans.

              Happy Birthday to you!!


                Whoot! Serves special Samandan cocktail: 1 shot vodka, 2 shots malibu, topped up with orange, decorated with grated chocolate.
                Yepp, it's blank down here.


                  Happy birthday to everyon1!!!!

                  it's been such a cool year and i've had so much fun getting to know all of you

                  oh, and here's something we can all band together to do, forwarded without permission, but i don't think Kamil will mind

                  As, sadly, I have received very few greetings for Amanda, I am
                  that. Please send these by 22nd of November or otherwise it will be
                  difficult for me to put these together. I'm also sending this reminder
                  to other other Amanda Yahoo group and to the members registered with
                  Amanda Tapping.Com, so if you are on these lists and a member of the
                  site, you might get this message twice:

                  Well, I'll be gathering Christmas greetings for Amanda again to be put
                  at her official website ( , so I hope you would
                  like to participate!

                  I'm planning to put them up for her on 22nd of December and would put a
                  link to them on the site for everyone to see once Amanda has had a
                  chance to look - on December 25th.
                  Please only follow these simple guidelines:
                  1. Send your greetings to [email protected]
                  2. In the subject line of your email write CHRISTMAS GREETINGS FOR
                  AMANDA (make sure these are the exact words you put, in CAPITAL letters
                  - I'm going to put a filter for my messages, so only those will be
                  admitted, so make sure you put these exact words; I suppose a
                  operation would be the best idea).
                  3. Make extra sure I get your message - best idea for you would be to
                  send your message so that it asks me for a confirmation of its receipt.
                  If I don't get a query for confirmation, I will send you one myself,
                  if you wish to take the burden off my shoulders... thanks. <g>
                  4. Make sure you write your messages in two kinds of formats: either a
                  Word file or a jpeg/gif image. That way you will preserve your original
                  formatting. If you put it into an email message, it could get distorted
                  and nobody wants that. So it'd be best to simply attached a .doc or
                  .jpg/.gif file to your email.
                  5. The formatting should be neat. Please check your message for
                  or errors of grammatical/lexical nature. (Amanda writes a beautiful
                  extremely correct English, so let's offer her the same thing back.) I
                  will reserve myself the right to alter these if I find "amanda" instead
                  of "Amanda" or "their" instead of "they are". That goes also for any
                  shortened versions like "u" for "you". The most common internet
                  abbrieviations will be okay, though, like LOL or ROTFL, because they're
                  so widely used. If you are a non-English speaker and have difficulties
                  with the language, please do not hesitate to ask myself. I am a teacher
                  of English, so I should be able to help you out. <g>. And I will. I'm
                  here for you guys, so you're quite welcome to consult me.
                  6. Lastly, it may seem odd, but please include your name or nickname in
                  your greetings. There have been a couple of cases in the past where I
                  actually didn't know who it was from.
                  7. Finally, write from your heart and soul!
                  8. Have fun.

                  If you are a member of the site, you will probably get the same message
                  again shortly. I'm sorry about this, but I'm simply trying to reach as
                  many people as possible.

                  Best wishes to you all,


                  Let's make sure that our queen has plenty of nice christmas greetings to wake up to next weekend

                  yes, NEXT WEEKEND, so please don't put it off and procrastinate.
                  Where in the World is George Hammond?



                    To Tracy Jane for her celebratory poems and to Sky for reminding Samandans to post some Christmas wishes to Amanda! Well done!


                      In honor of Samanda's first birthday, this is the quote serie :

                      Kingdom of Samanda : Hic Comitas Regit


                        Sam is among her peers here!!!!


                          Lys, those banners are great.


                          Happy Birthday to everyone.


                            Originally posted by Lys
                            In honor of Samanda's first birthday, this is the quote serie :

                            C'est magnifique! Lys, thanks for the wonderful Advent calendar and now, this! Lovely words of inspiration for all of us and so applicable to Sam as you've illustrated!

                            And, SamFan31, great job on the countdown too! Love her smile today!


                              Hey Jester where's my long sunday email??


                                Wonderful quotes Lys - and I love your cap for NC!!

                                Great posts, poems and art from everyone!!