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    Originally posted by Agent_Dark
    Linzi and florence - Welcome, we always like to hear from fans of Sam

    And I totally understand where you're coming from too. The last think I want is for the writers to usurp another character on Atlantis with Sam. Alot of people have had issues with writers doing that with Mitchell on SG1, and I have a feeling it'd be the same thing on Atlantis. I like Atlantis perfectly fine as it is (that's not to say Carter would make it better or worse, just that I like how Atlantis works atm)
    But there is a shallow part of me that says that if Sam doesn't have a place on SG1 anymore (which I think is an absurd thing to say), then I'd be happy if I got to see her in Atlantis.

    And ((((mahinasmama)))). I'm sure there'll be plenty of great stuff about Amanda to come out of her con
    Adding a DITTO to your comments, Agent Dark!

    Just sayin'.
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      Originally posted by ForeverSg1
      I can't stay for long. I just popped in for a moment to say "HI" and to post a few more photos from this mornings Q&A.

      I also thought you should all know that today during the Q&A, Chopin Gal asked Amanda a question (it was a personal question), but she mentioned at the beginning that she was from Samanda and Amanda's reaction was wonderful. She actually told everyone at the con about Gateworld's Sam is a Great Character thread and went on about the book she had recieved from us.

      Seeing as it's Chopin Gal's story, I really don't want to say too much, but it was so wonderful to know that she really loved the book and how much it meant to her. CG will hopefully be up here this afternoon to post her comments. I'm not positive, but I think at the moment she is doing the autograph signing with Amanda.

      The Q&A really hasn't really delved into the Sam character much. Most of the questions being asked are rather personal, things like how Amanda draws motivates herself during very emotional scenes such as the death scene with Jacob in Threads. With this con being in Europe it is very difficult to really ask any questions regarding the future, as so many people here have only seen the first three episodes of Stargate and many have not even seen season eight yet. Someone did ask her what her favorite episode this season was, and she said it would have to be Ripple Effect. That she was very happy to have some old friends back and she was just as sad to see them leave again.

      I'll really try to sit down later today and think of all the different questions everyone asked and her answers. However, many of the best parts of the Q&A were just Amanda simply being herself and chatting.

      Kat, nice update. And I for one am grateful for any photos you and the other attendees can share with us. What a nice feeling to know AT knows about Samanda and mentioned us at her gathering! YEOW, that's just awesome! How special is that!

      Just sayin', reports from Gabit will be such a treat! Thanks again, Kat for bringing us into your visit. Look forward to more of your impressions.
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        Originally posted by Lys
        I don't know what to say. I'm really angry and frustrated with the latest news. So angry that I needed to go off line to calm down, and I'm not even sure I succeeded.
        I agree that we have to stay respectful and kind if only to honor the kindness of Amanda. She's such an amazing person, I can't believe how bad she's been treated. I hope the Samandans in GABIT can give us more news. I'd really like to know how she feels about the whole situation. But if I can extrapolate from her comment to the fans, telling them that they didn't seem upset, I'd guess she's upset.
        Besides, I don't want to see Sam in Atlantis and it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm not very fond of Atlantis. The cast on Atlantis is already a huge one. They already had trouble with it and removed one of the main characters after the first season. They already have something like the ultimate collection of geekdom. They don't need another scientist, even if said scientist is Sam. I fear that if they bring her to Atlantis it will be at the cost of one of the actual main characters. That's bad. And I really don't think Amanda would be comfortable with this idea.
        Sam, the unique and wonderful character she brought to life, belongs to SG1. She's the natural leader of the team now that Jack is gone. TPTB don't know what to do with the character. Tell me they're joking. They create a new enemy, one who can master and build a giant gate and they don't know what to do with the Earth gate expert ! Again, tell me they're joking. They have an experienced officer, actually the most experienced one in the SGC, because she has not only eight years of gate travel behind her but also two years of studying the gate and they don't know what to do with the character !
        OK, I'm not going further, I want to stick to our kindness motto, but it's rather hard today.
        On the positive side, it's wonderful to hear from our fellow Samandans in GABIT and I'm really glad for them. They can apreciate how kind and wonderful Amanda is. And I'm delighted that she got the SaGC Collection and spoke of our little kingdom.
        I'm off searching for caps of our Queen. Let's show everyone how great and amazing Amanda and Sam are.


        Morning, Lys. I feel the pain but also the positive in your comments. Hard as it is right now, I keep the hope that all this is pre-S10 studio negotiating wrangling and deliberate publicity grabbing. As you say above, there's no way they "don't know what to do with the character" the talented AT has delineated for 8.5 years; I'm sure they'll be a blurb in some tv media publication/website on the flurry this has caused. Voila, publicity for SG1 and SGA. Thanks too, for remaining in true Samandan form and disagreeing with dignity, difficult as it is.

        I can't think of anything more uplifting right now than expecting all the reports from Gabit from our dear Samandans! So far I'm lapping up any mention of Samanda and Astro's hand delivered fan book to AT, and *sigh* that she MENTIONED SAMANDA BY NAME! Almost enough to make me swoon.

        Just sayin', hope to see your caps later, Lys! Thanks for hangin' out!
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          I can just see the tptb standing on the fairway of some Vancouver golf course plotting on how to get rid of Amanda Tapping. History is repeating itself. Remember the beginning of season 4 when they brought in Vennsa Angel ( Anise ) because they thought Sam wasn't 'sexy' enough. Yeah right; 6 seasons & a million dollars later. That stupid, stupid assumption and act was also roundly panned. This is outrageous! Amanda Tapping is an A-list actor. ----THIS WILL NOT STAND----


            Originally posted by ColonelSamOneill
            Hi everyone, I've never posted here or anywhere before so bear with me. I've read the recent news and the posts made about it and even some of JM's blog. I am the last person to give TPTB credit for anything, but maybe we are overreacting. RCC said they didn't know what they were going to do with the character of Sam Carter yet, but that could simply mean that they are tossing around a lot of ideas and it's just that nothing is set in stone yet. It could also be that they are saying that to keep from revealing storylines they may already have settled on. I agree that not telling Amanda is ridiculous, but this could be a good thing. This whole mess tells me that TPTB know that the status quo will not work. Someone at a high level of power, we don't know who, wants a male lead. It's wrong, sexist, and idiotic, but there it is. My theory, until JM announced in his blog that Carter and Mitchell were to be coleaders, was that they would come up with some new position or command for Carter. I think co-leadership could work in the sense that if Carter were in command she would still need Mitchell to step up and lead when she has to be working on whatever alien device they've found etc because no one else on her team has those skills. My only problem with this is if I were in the position I just outlined for Sam I don't know that I would trust Mitchell with my team. I've been confused about how they've handled this from the beginning. Although they seem to be determined to have a male lead, they're not stepping up to the plate and making him into that. This could be because they're afraid Mitchell would threaten the character of Sam Carter, which he already does. This leaves them in a bind with the character of Sam Carter because they aren't going to let her lead SG-1 but they seem to realize that it would be unacceptable for her to simply be relegated back to the position of 2IC. Therefore they have to give her something else to do, and maybe they are working on that. Right now, I don't think we know enough to make any kind of judgment yet. I do wish we knew who is really making these decisions so we could lay the blame in its proper place. I apologize for the length; I have been lurking here for a couple of years now and I guess I had a lot to get out.
            Wow, first time here and you sound so like a Samandan already, ColonelSamOneill. I like your reasoning, and I agree that there is the possibility of other outcomes to what we've heard so far. No way TPTB could ignore AT's accomplishments with her character and it's certainly becoming harder to justify not making her the team's official leader. So anything could come down on this, including something favorable to AT and SG1. Nicely put.

            Just sayin', this is the place to "let it all out," ColonelSamOneill, and more so in your well reasoned comments. Welcome aboard, post again (and again... )
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              To all of you

              Sam Power !



                Thanks so much, CG and Kat for reporting from GABIT. I admit to feeling really down last night after reading the bad news, but this morning's news about Amanda's response to our "red book" helps a lot. I'm so glad that she knows about this particular group of strong supporters. Do you suppose that Madam President might have been the one who called her and told her about SAGC? I seem to remember Major Sam mentioning something like that at one time.



                  First of all thankyou Gabit people for all the updates about Amanda as my husband and me have just got back from holiday so could not go to Gabits, had a cocktail ticket too

                  I just can't for the life of me believe what i'm reading all this about Amanda and that they don't know what to do with her character, god i'm so upset that i really can't think straight and i'm a 50 year old woman who has seen the woman in sci in the early years (60's and 70's) being refered to as nothing more than sex objects or there as the lady with the family.
                  With Sg1 came Amanda who really did show you what woman in sci could do and TBTB can't find what to do with Sam, i was really liking s9 and the new people and looking foreward to s10 and the thought of just maybe AT and CB working together and making the Stargate francise really somthing out of this world, geuss i'm wrong!

                  I would follow Amanda in what ever she did in the future as i think she is a class one actress and shame on RC and the PTB who have treated her this way and it will serve them right if she decided not to sign her new contract!


                    (((((Samandans))))) (((((Friends)))))
                    I'd like to share green jello with everybody!!!! Alot of stressful info and speculation is being processed in a short time with dignity and empathy that is worthy of AT/Sam!!!


                      I have read the report on the Gabit and Amanda and about her contract .I can't believe thay said that they do not know what to do with Sam next year ..well I know ...make sure she goes on a well deserved holiday with the man of her choice

                      I feel very sorry for Amanda and I hope she will not sign for SG1 AND SGA ..TPTB is a disgrace to actually say that they don't know what to do about the character ..I feel like crying for Amanda as I find it disrespectul to not actually talk to her about it . Amanda doesn't need that bunch of * whatever you want to call them * .

                      Amanda please sign for your new series ..we will follow you wherever you go .I would love to see you in another show .

                      Please run fast from Stargate SG1 and SGA ..If TPTB wants Vala to be the one , then leave it to them ..As soon as you go from Stargate , I will go too ..I'm not interested in watching Vala and Daniel at all .

                      I promise I will watch until the end of season 9 because you are in there .

                      only FOR YOU Amanda

                      AMANDA POWER


                        Originally posted by Traveler Enroute1

                        HELLO, EVERYBODY!
                        THANKS FOR COMING TO OUR PARTY.
                        WOW. Seems like a long LONG time ago! Officially it's now T-5 minutes til our Royal 1000th Page Ball ends. Although it may end more like a bash than a ball, it's still been a blast for me!

                        So -

                        THE KINGDOM OF SAMANDA

                        In true Samandan Fellowship, we have honored our beloved Amanda with dignity, humor, visual homage and of course our reasoned, learned commentary to issues of momentous and/or modest import. Let this Ball signify our continued support and love for Amanda, for the Kindgdom of Samanda, and to our new and old friends who assembled here. In remembrance of this Royal Ocassion, henceforth, speak loudly, but kindly, speak firmly but with respect, and above all, SPEAK of the one we hononed here as Worthy of the Highest Regard, our LOVE.

                        We missed the 1000th page this Ball, but every post moved us closer. What a ride we gave it! When we do reach that milestone, a hug from Traveler Enroute1 awaits you! Many many kudos to Samandans and friends of Samandans who dropped byto dance, to spar, to just listen. (And I'm rolling!)
                        MISSION: STARGATE REWATCH 2011-2012 ENGAGED DONE!
                        Beware Helen Magnus - Doctor of A$$-Kicking


                          Why I loved Sam in season 2 :

                          Jolinar. One of the best episodes ever in SG1 and outstanding acting. Besides, Jolinar brought us the whole Tok'ra story arc.

                          DAD !! Sam and Jacob's relationships has always been a bonus in the show. How wonderful it was to watch Jacob being first a bear and later a Teddy bear.

                          The complexity of the feelings between Sam and Martouf. I loved how she tried to sort out her emotions and Jolinar's feelings.

                          In season 2, we got Sam leading the team for the first time !

                          To be continued
                          pics courtesy of
                          Last edited by Lys; 31 October 2005, 03:58 AM.
                          Kingdom of Samanda : Hic Comitas Regit


                            Kat and CG, thanks so much for your GABIT updates. During these tense times it’s good to hear news directly from the attendees.

                            Thank you for taking the time to post. Thank you for letting Amanda know we support her. Thank you for letting us know the chocolates and flowers were a success and they provided the “welcome back” we wished to communicate. Your comments about Amanda’s reaction to “the red book” brought a lump to my throat. I’m so happy she really, really liked it (Astro, I hope you’re lurking). We’re all looking forward to more updates when you return.

                            For those of you who wish to download “the red book” it can be found at


                            It’s a large PDF (12 mb) but well worth the time to download.

                            Is it any wonder we admire, love and feel protective of this marvelous woman and the character she created? I keep hoping to wake up and find all this upheaval is a bad dream. But, alas….


                              Originally posted by ChopinGal
                              Oh ... this is important: Amanda sought out anyone who had to do with "the red book" at the cocktail party ... one of the GABIT directors approached me and knelt by my table and whispered: "are you involved with this?" and, then when Amanda came to our table, the first thing she wanted to talk about was "this amazing book" that was just recently delivered to her trailer and she "sobbed" when she started to read it and look at the scope of what was there ... and I told her it was to share with Olivia when she's older and she smiled and said "yeah, then Olivia will know that her mom wasn't all bad" - something to that effect. She told the general audience again today at the Q&A panel that this is a gift she will share with Olivia as she grows up. Lovely and so rewarding to know she finally received it. For some reason, not until the last few weeks!

                              Uber, Samfnintn, and Major Sal ... not to worry, I have managed to complete my mission regarding your PMs and requests ... and will contact you shortly :>) It's been an amazing trip and still not over!

                              And spending time with Coley, 1speed and Kat (dipsofjazz too) has been priceless!

                              What we've known all along: Amanda is Canada's hidden treasure and a class act all the way! Let's hope nothing but the best for her in months to come! She could not have had a personal convention at a better time - a roomful of people showing their support and love!

                              Will try to tighten this all up when I get home - flying in on Monday night - look for me on Tuesday!

                              Thanks, Kat, for use of your laptop! Everyone sends great big Samandan hugs! Photos will be coming I'm sure as we all managed to get some pics!

                              Peace, CG


                              Thank you so very much for your report. I'm so excited that "the red book" was so well received by Amanda. Even though I had a tiny contribution, it was wonderfully put together and now Amanda has something to remember us by. She has always been so gracious and caring to all her fans. I'm excited that some of you got to spend time with her (and a little jealous too ) and that the con went so well.

                              Many, many good vibes and best wishes to Amanda on her career. I'd love to see anything that she'd be in in the future.

                              Have a safe trip back to all the GABIT attendees!


                                Wow - the news that TPTB don't know what to do with the character of Sam is very disturbing, to say the least! And the way that they've treated Amanda is just horrible!

                                I haven't seen any of season 9 yet - it hasn't yet aired here in Canada, so I don't know what's been done with the character of Sam this season (I do know that Amanda was out for the beginning of the season on mat leave) but I can't believe that they don't know what to do with Sam? Again, I haven't seen season 9 yet, but how do they justify taking the leadership of the team away from her? In the military, you have to screw up really bad for that to happen! In RL, if someone had to take a leave of absence for a short period of time, they would bring in someone to TEMPORARILY command the unit, until the person could return.

                                Also, having Sam go to Atlantis just doesn't make sense. If anyone from SG-1 should go, it's Daniel. Atlantis doesn't really have an archaeologist/ancient expert. They do, however, have a brilliant scientist in McKay. I *like* McKay, as obnoxious and as arrogant as he is. I wouldn't want Sam to replace him!

                                Sam should be the leader of SG-1, and, from the sounds of things, they should be treating Amanada a lot better than they are!
                                Proud Canadian and army wife!