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    nice to have you back Deepspace!


      I apoligise in advance to those posters who think this is just too daffy down dilly - It's just a bit of a rum and coke!! I'm afraid after 5 days being the serious Accountant - I've just got to let go!!

      Right to me old Royal double yolker, firstly many thanks for spreading the wooden pews regarding our Inaugural Gala tomorrow night. Secondly I must say the me and you sounded delicious. Pray tell me who is the rubber duck for the night? The Lillian Gish sounds very tasty - is there a rocking horse to go with that? Have you thought about adding a Ruby Murray? Bang goes the Brixton riot eh!!

      On the practical front have you checked we can lay our hands on enough Owen Nares for the night? Also we will need a saucepan handle on each Cain and Able. You mentioned about the parking. I must add that there will be plenty of sherbet and dabs available for the journey home. The entertainment sounds fantastic. Is this Murray chap a good mangle and wringer then? I hope our Agent Dark will be paying attention just in case the girls go Patrick Swayze for him! I'm also looking forward to hearing a few stewed prunes from you. I assume there will be a kick and prance afterwards. I'm just a Lilley and Skinner, and I'm not too good on my pins and pegs really.

      Have you hired a pillar and post for the night and are there going to be any bubble and squeakers?

      I must say I'm ready for a good ole Russell Harty. But don't you worry I won't be getting Oliver Twist. Me old cheerful giver is giving me a bit of Barney Rubble, so no alcoholic Edna Everidge's for me!

      I note that formal is required, so I've gone and dug out my best almond rock and I've bought a nice new pair of ones and two's. I'm wearing them in at the moment and I can tell you they're giving me some Omar Sharif. Think I may even put on my Mae West Tom foolery. I've booked in to have my Bonny and Fair done tomorrow. I must also remember to go to the Sherman tank to get some Crosby, Stills and Nash. Any chance I could coat and badge a lift off you?

      Do we yet know if our Jimmy O'Goblin will be gracing us with her Royal presence? I accept that it is probably too close to the birth of her basin of gravy, but it would be tops if she could come.

      I've heard it may rain tomorrow, so anyone thinking of walking don't forget your Quaker oats and Auntie Ella's. More importantly don't forget you bat and wicket, or you'll end up paying again on the Henry Moore.

      Right, must dash, me heap of coke is shouting me!! See you tomorrow, it will be a ding dong bell of a do!!!!


        daffy down dilly = silly
        rum and coke = joke
        double yolker = joker
        wooden pews = news
        me and you = menu
        rubber duck = cook
        Lillian Gish = fish
        rocking horse = sauce
        Ruby Murray = curry
        Brixton riot = diet
        Owen Nares = chairs
        saucepan handle = candle
        Cain and Able = table
        sherbet and dabs = cabs
        mangle and wringer = singer
        Patrick Swayze = crazy
        stewed prunes = tunes
        kick and prance = dance
        Lilley and Skinner = beginner
        pins and pegs = legs
        pillar and post = host
        bubble and squeakers = speakers
        Russell Harty = party
        Oliver Twist = p****d
        cheerful giver = liver
        Barney Rubble = trouble
        Edna Everidge = beverage
        almond rock - frock
        ones and two's - shoes
        Omar Sharif = grief
        Mae West = best
        Tom Foolery = jewellery
        bonny and fair = hair
        Sherman tank = bank
        Crosby, Stills and Nash = cash
        coat and badge = cadge
        Jimmy O'Goblin = sovereign
        basin of gravy = baby
        Quaker oats = coats
        Auntie Ellas = umbrellas
        bat and wicket = ticket
        Henry Moore = door
        heap of coke = bloke
        ding dong bell = Hell


          Originally posted by deepspace
          Looks like everyone's been having fun in Samanda, and lots of new faces too!Twenty pages while I was gone !!!!!!!!
          ok, I need to go catch up...and I nearly missed the season4 poll!
          Welcome back deepspace - you were missed!
          ...and now I think I need your help with the SaGC accountant...who seems to be hitting the sauce... or maybe the spiked blue jello...
          Originally posted by Coley
          Do we yet know if our Jimmy O'Goblin will be gracing us with her Royal presence? I accept that it is probably too close to the birth of her basin of gravy, but it would be tops if she could come.

          Right, must dash, me heap of coke is shouting me!! See you tomorrow, it will be a ding dong bell of a do!!!!
          OK - this was the same time it was almost unintelligible to this west coast US denizen! I figured out some of them... other just made me laugh even if I didn't have a clue what they meant. Of note... how in the world did a 'baby' become known by the slang phrase 'basin of gravy'? LOL (and this was one of the few that I figured out before you posted the translation list).

          And...after I'd made my way through to the end, I reloaded the page...and you had so kindly posted a translation list! In some ways, it's a lot more fun when you don't know what the slang phrases mean... my imagination went all over the place
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            Wow, so many great posts.

            Coley = Crazy Brit

            Originally posted by hrh36
            P.S. Don't really care what BB's character does.
            Waterboy ;P And make him wear that pink apron with 'New Guy' written on it that Jonas wore in the Changeling

            I seem to remember ages ago in this thread, someone asking for a picture of Carter in with her dress hat. I found this the other day:

            Carter Hat
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              Originally posted by Agent_Dark
              Coley = Crazy Brit

              Originally posted by Agent_Dark
              And make him wear that pink apron with 'New Guy' written on it that Jonas wore in the Changeling
              I was impressed by that scene in the Changeling -- these guys (actors, writers, etc.) are willing to laugh at themselves. That scene just looked fun!

              Originally posted by Agent_Dark
              I seem to remember ages ago in this thread, someone asking for a picture of Carter in with her dress hat. I found this the other day:
              Sorry about the size, couldn't be arsed resizing it
              Great pic... dare I ask what arsed means? Or is it parsed? Arsed is not in Coley's translation list.


                lol arsed - aussie/brit slang for 'couldn't be bothered'


                  As we come to the close of the poll for Best Carter episodes for Season 4, here are some screen caps from Entity. ChopinGal suggested some screen caps that showed the expression that AT showed for the scene where Jack zats her. Hope you enjoy...
                  For Season 4's Entity:

                  Communicating with the Entity

                  Jack's first shot with the zat does not stun the Entity... it just seems to make it angrier.

                  Jack takes the second shot... and Sam collapses.

                  Two zat shots.

                  Sam's body is on life support and there is no brainwave activity from either the Entity or Sam.

                  I am here!

                  O'NEILL: Hey Carter, where you been?
                  CARTER: It's gone?
                  HAMMOND: Yes it is.
                  CARTER: I was shouting for you to hear.
                  O'NEILL: We heard.

                  Photos are screen caps from the episode Entity
                  Transcript excerpt is from the Stargate SG-1 Transcript website



                    Originally posted by ForeverSg1

                    I want to apologize to everyone for my posts recently. I know they may seem very confusing and not well thought out at times. Your posts have been intelligent and reflective and right on the money!

                    Unfortunately I'm a stay-at-home mom and homeschooler and my four year old always seems to decide to climb into my lap and sing into my ear just as I'm trying reply to something. Bless you momma - one of the hardest and least respected jobs in the world!

                    As annoying as it can be at times, it's hard to look into her face and be angry when she is singing the following words: She's gotta be your priority, of course!

                    There is no use in crying
                    you gotta keep trying
                    because in the end
                    you will discover
                    There is always a way
                    You gotta know you can make it
                    There is always a way
                    You gotta believe in yourself.
                    If you believe, there is always a way

                    Holy Hannah, your brilliant daughter just gave us Sam's Song! And made her first post!!

                    LoL, just thought I'd give you a brief moment into my chaotic mind. But it's a very Creative Chaos, indeed! Your posts add a lot to Samanda.

                    Hang in there! This too shall pass ... little ones grow very, very quickly ... but when you're with them 24-hours a day, it's like being stuck in a time-dilation machine.
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                      yep, astro has it right, the season 3 poll is closed adn the obvious winner is Entity

                      and the season 5 poll is now up, so please go pick your three favorite eps of s5
                      Where in the World is George Hammond?



                        Originally posted by Skydiver
                        yep, astro has it right, the season 3 poll is closed adn the obvious winner is Entity...and the season 5 poll is now up, so please go pick your three favorite eps of s5
                        And the Blue Jello Awards
                        for the Best Carter Episodes of Season 4
                        go to....

                        Divide and Conquer

                        with Beneath the Surface, Small Victories, Upgrades and Prodigy
                        also all pulling strong vote counts. Lots of great Sam scenes!

                        And special thanks again to Skydiver for creating and maintaining the polls for us!
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                          Originally posted by astrogeologist
                          Chocdoc has done for Seasons 7&8 what I was hoping we could all do for the earlier seasons! So here's what I was thinking: How about if everyone posts their brief comments on any and all of their favorite Season 4 Sam-scenes? As the Royal Archivist, I am willing to compile the responses and then post the summary when we have the results from the Season 4 poll on Friday. This will help shine some light on the episodes that 'don't get many votes' (as Skydiver so astutely noted after the past couple of polls).

                          You don't have to even use complete sentences... chocdoc's format was perfect! (shorter will be better when I compile the responses together)
                          And here are the Season 4 archived and summarized comments that were posted on this thread over the past 5 or 6 days (I apologize if I missed anyone's posts)

                          SMALL VICTORIES
                          sky sam and thor, kicking rep tushie
                          spliff watching her figure out how to save the day with her "inferior" intellect .
                          And blowing up the O'neill was just a bonus
                          MSam The yellow ones. Sam uses her “stupidity” to save the Asgard as we know it
                          AgtD Sam saves the Asgard from total destruction with a 'dumb' idea. 'Nuff said.
                          4VRSG1 blast to watch Sam with Thor and watching her hug Thor is absolutely priceless.
                          NrlyCrc"Yeahsureyoubetcha" and hugging the puppet.
                          Sam firstly volunteering to go with Thor - knowing that the Asgard are in great danger - quite a brave act she may not come back! Her worrying about the replicator blocks she has left behind. Working with Thor on the problem. Not giving up when they seem to be struggling and having enough conviction in her own solution to reason with the mighty Thor regarding blowing up the O'Neill. Her confidence is blossoming. Fave clip - her spitting out the yellow block - even though she knew it was Thor's favourite - nice!!!

                          More screen caps from Small Victories – ‘I Like Yellow’

                          THE OTHER SIDE
                          skyhow sam knew that jack was letting alar die...and let him
                          MSamSam’s reaction to the wormhole closing on the people. So human… beautiful
                          AgtDThe scene at the end where O'Neill orders the iris closed even though he knows that the guy is going to come through. The look that Sam's gives him speaks 1000 words. Brilliant.
                          NrlyCrcThe Other Side - the long look she gives Jack at the end
                          DncrSpz the look she gave Jack in The Other Side. This is another moment in SG-1 history where absolutely no words are necessary. The guilty, blank look that RDA/Jack sent right back solidified the silent conversation, and it was so, so, so cool.
                          coleyInteresting that initially in this ep she sides with O'Neill and not Daniel. I did enjoy her agreeing with O'Neill for a change, even if I was more sympathetic to Daniel's argument. We get to see a bit of Soldier Sam. And yes, that glare at the end. She dares to glare at her CO to let him know just how she feels about him closing the iris.

                          skythe pool scene....and amanda was so hot in that red sweater
                          MSam Zipping through crazy force shields, need I say more!? Great humour with “diet” soda etc.
                          AgtDSam the Pool Shark! Pity we didn't get to see Sam hold her own up in the fight though
                          4VRSG1 one of my favorite episodes to watch because it's just so much fun, and to top it off we get to see Amanda make that absolutely sweet pool shot.
                          JkfnI love how Sam writes a book in a few hours
                          coleyWow! we see a dark Sam in this ep I thought. Her exchanges with Janet are so unSam - she certainly had an edge to her. She even nearly argues with Huggable Hammond about taking the bands off. Excellent that we see the three characters drives in overdrive!!! Daniel with his books, O'Neill lost in himself and his physical abilities - wanting to kick Goua'uld ass and Sam, trying to figure out what the armbands are made out of, and writing her book on wormhole physics - very cleverly done by the writers. Sam in subtle but evident cocky mode at the pub - from nonchalantly correcting Daniel about the height of the wall, to potting the shot and asking for double or quits. Yes Sam has a dark side! Her fantastic peeve at O'Neill when he blamed their AWOL on her for wanting steak - A really peeved look and "It was your idea…..Sir" a grittier side to Sam and all too easy to start bowing at Amanda's feet re exceptional acting ability (did I mention I think she's a great actor?)

                          Teal'c is reunited with his lost love -- a woman who claims to have found a way to communicate with her symbiote and defeat the Goa'uld.

                          DIVIDE AND CONQUER
                          skyrealizing the truth before they were both killed and making jack see it, despite being distinctly wiggy from the drugs. not to mention killing marty
                          MSam Beautiful reacting in the face of admitting feelings she definitely shouldn’t have. She kept it professional, even when said confession were done. Had to watch someone she has feelings for, even if they’re not hers, die. Very powerful, with the whole “Samantha?” and then having to shoot him…
                          DncrSpz Another good episode, even if you don't like ship, because it was the end of a character whom I've just recently started to fully appreciate (I kinda wanna know what happened to "Stuck," now!). Anywho, the second look was the look Sam gave Jack as he was going down the hall. I can't remember what kinda lens they used on the camera in that episode, but the closeups they did of people - specifically AT - had this look to them that was really unique. The look she had of complete confusion and desperation was classic - and ship or no ship, I know that Sam would have felt the same way if Daniel or Teal'c were to make the decision Jack made. The final look that's a S4 fave was in the flashback to Upgrades, which is a shot I don't think was actually in the original episode. At any rate, that scene was really cool too. No words, just looks. More desperation. There's something about this actor where you can't help but feel what the character's feeling when she gets that look in her eye. They're all like that, really, but in this instance, I really saw it in Sam. The third was the look she gave Janet while she was in the infirmary. She almost looked, I dunno, betrayed a bit. Like a lost kid who's succumbed to the inevitable. Very cool.
                          coleyThe best bit for me - and again the writers take Kudos for this is that it is Sam who decides to keep the ship between her and O'Neill just in the room. It is he who asks, "Are we OK with that?" I thought this very important for her character. It would have been a big shame for it to have been the other way around!!
                          chopin Sam trying to break free in Divide and Conquer in order to stop Jack from being tested ... her look as he went past and down the hallway, and her look of longing and love when she gazed at him through the force field; final scene with Martouf's head in her lap and how she caresses him. Just a few moments that stand out for me.
                          Gateworld's post-size limit means that I had to cut this summary into 3 sections, so parts 2 and 3 are in the following posts.
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                            Season 4 comments, part 2
                            WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY
                            skysam was so fun when she was egging jack on. 'so, what's going to happen now'...believing him even though his story was incredibly unbelievable
                            MSamSam’s different reactions in the loops “Since when have you heard Colonel O’Neill use *insert technobabbleI* in the same sentence!? And correctly… for the most part…
                            4VRSG1hysterically funny and although it is predominately a Jack episode, AT is amazing in the scenes she does have. I really love the expressions on her face when Jack is staring in the briefing room and last scene.
                            coleyLoved her being very serious in wanting to solve the problem of the loop. And of course brilliant observation by Sam to Hammond when Hammond is wondering if O'Neill's insistence they are in a time loop could be valid "When was the last time you heard Col O'Neill use terms like subspace field and geomagnetic storm.. and he actually used them correctly…….for the most part". Plus we get to see that given a kiss by O'Neill - she would certainly kiss back. Wondering at the end if Jack did more than just kiss Sam in one of the loops - brill!!!

                            MSamLoved how they Sky-Dived out. Amanda herself loves it, and I’m sure she had fun getting all done up in the Artic suit
                            NrlyCrcgood interaction with Markov. But another strong female character we probably won't see again.
                            coleyYup Sam jumping out of the plane (thanks astrogeologist for the clips). Her daring to be sarky about her CO in front of him "Actually this is quite charming" - loved it!! Her acknowledgement of a fellow brilliant mind and obvious pleasure at meeting her. Great scenes in the submarine - though the best lines went to Daniel

                            THE FIRST ONES
                            skysimply being soldier sam, going after a missing friends
                            AgtDSam in woodland BDU's. I think SG-1 should wear them more often
                            coleyA bit of soldier Sam again!!

                            SCORCHED EARTH
                            skyher balancing her personal beliefs with doing her job.
                            AgtDSam being ordered to do something she obviously didn't agree with. It was good to see her personal morals conflicting with her duties.
                            NrlyCrcSam faces a moral dilemma and takes the high ground each time.
                            coleyThis ep shows that Sam has great dilemma between her head and her heart, what is practical, what is right. It showed this inner turmoil brilliantly. Sam has heart, she's strong enough to argue the case, but she does follow orders.

                            BENEATH THE SURFACE
                            skyThera was sam...just a less inhibited sam. [/color] MSamSeeing a more innocent Sam. Even with her memories erased, she wants to use her knowledge to help everyone. Handled “feeling feelings” at the end very well. “Sir…” very sad. Yet another showing of the sacrifice she’s doing for her duty.
                            4VRSG1My shippiness comes through in this one, and AT is absolutely stunning in this episode even covered with dirt. I would kill for eyes like hers.
                            coleyDidn't quite like Sam being too eager to please and impress the head honcho. I wondered if it was a subtle way to show that she is not happy when she's not in charge of solving a problem - or frustration at things not being the best they can be - a bit of intense Sam here I thought. Brilliant that she had the bravery and courage to clear the plant and risk her life when there was an overload. It showed the whole SG1 of that mind.

                            POINT OF NO RETURN
                            skythe whole 'torture' bits with Tanner
                            coleyBrilliant her determination to solve the problem and not to give up. Some great interaction with Jacob.

                            skyoh i love this one. going to dad to get help, how she defused his anger in an instant with 'colonel o'neill and teal'c need your help'.
                            MSam “Damn it Colonel we didn’t come all this way to take you home in a box, now wake up!”
                            4VRSG1Once again our lovely heroine saves the day by bringing home Jack and Teal'c. WTG Sam!
                            coleyNow they're all special agent spies searching houses!! Great interrogation scene with Daniel. The best scene has to go to Teal'c on the vibrating bed complete with huge smile!!

                            THE CURSE
                            skyooh, shooting osiris. we had rambo sam, taking on a goauld
                            MSam Vintage Motorcycle can you say!?!?! A first peek into the adrenaline junkie that is Sam
                            coleySam's so cool she's got a motorbike - brill' Loved her working with Janet. Her taking on Osiris.

                            THE SERPENT'S VENOM
                            skyi LOVE the whole bomb bit.
                            4VRSG1Oddly enough I managed to miss this episode entirely until a few weeks ago. Had I known what I was missing I would have ran to watch it. I loved nearly every scene with Sam in it. From a very skittish Sam trying to get inside the bomb, to Jack sliding Sam out from underneath it.
                            NrlyCrcSerpent's Venom - "It's all Phoenician to me, sir." and "Trust me, it's a math thing."
                            coleySelmac needing Sam for the maths and Daniel for the translation and (after a bit of throat clearing from O'Neill) Jack for the laughs!! Great her and Daniel working together under the mine. Loved the " trust me it's a math thing" Her persuading Jacob they owe Teal'c and must try to save him

                            CHAIN REACTION
                            skyhow sam manages to balance what she needs to do with what bauer is making her do...and her supreme snarkiness in the end. the ultimate 'i told you so' moment
                            MSamShowing relationship between Hammy and Sam. I loved it, so father/daughter like
                            AgtDAgain Sam's morals conflicting with her duties.
                            NrlyCrcSam faces a moral dilemma and takes the high ground each time.
                            Fred Season four's 'Chain Reaction' has my absolutely favorite Major Samantha Carter/Amanda Tapping moment. To was a very powerful moment and illustrative of how far Samanthat Carter has grown in self esteem since season one. It is in the scene toward the end. The gate has just shut itself down. Major Carter is sitting at a bank of monitors. General Bauer sits down and apologizes to her. Major Carter does not respond. She does not look at the general. She stares straight ahead, then gets up and walks out. This showed such disdain, contempt and utter disrespect for a 'superior' officer, that I was, in that moment, impressed, in awe and proud of the charactor Major Samntha Carter.I cannot imagine Carter behaving in such a fashion in seasns 1-3
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                              Season 4 comments, part 3
                              skysam, saving the world one more time...and paying the ultimate price to stop the aschen
                              MSamA look at what could have been. From what I say, how she betrayed herself, and Jack, to go to Joe. She, and everyone else, messed up, and now they’re seeing the consequences. They sacrifice themselves to try and fix it. Very profound
                              4VRSG1I loved this episode. I know it's a really tragic one but I truly thought AT did a fantasic job in this episode. The scenes between Sam and Janet were wonderfully done and I honestly felt Sam's pain and betrayal when she found she couldn't have any children.
                              coleySam having a life beyond SGC - being happily married. Showed a lovely feminine side to Sam in her clothing. Also showed her emotional side in the scene with Janet when she finds out she can't have children. Excellent exchange with Jack. This scene for me just bristled with tension. Superb acting by both ---oooops must keep away from the acting. It is Jack that is narked that Sam got married to someone else. Loved Sam's attitude when O'Neill says maybe her Ambassador can help" She just wanted to punch him I'm sure, but just walked away with a "be like that then" stride. Liked the fact that she took control of what to do and decided on the plan. A shame O'Neill came in and took over the lead. Great that it was she in the end that saved the day. Hero Sam!!!
                              chopinSam at Jack's cabin in 2010, looking so Carter Chic in those jeans, t-shirt, and long white coat, trying to eat humble pie and then, finally, realizing that she wasn't going to change his mind and knowing when to call it quits and leave;
                              more screen caps from 2010

                              ABSOLUTE POWER
                              skyfighing the unfightable force of power mad danny
                              MSam “I just have my opinion. That used to mean something to you…” A very intriguing look at something that could have been, and of course that sexy sienna suit! As well interesting bit of Sam-Torture in Danny’s mind.
                              NrlyCrcSam faces a moral dilemma and takes the high ground each time.
                              coleySam figuring it out, but not being able to follow through on it. However manages to persuade O'Neill. I was surprised about how difficult it was for her to persuade him, but she did in the end.

                              more screen caps from Absolute Power

                              THE LIGHT
                              skythe fight on the beach, her falling for the light
                              MSam The one time Sam actually possibly yells at someone
                              AgtDSam's 'stoned' look was great lol. And the scene on the beach where she's arguing with O'Neill was great.
                              Jkfn My favorite line in "the Light" is when Jack prompts her to say "sir" and she says something like "you think I'm keeping *that* up if we're trapped here forever?!"
                              coleyLoved her being narked with her CO for using her as betting fodder. Interesting that Sam was not bright enough to avoid the lights powers - I actually though this was a good move by the writers!! Excellent attitude to O'Neill on the beach - loved it. She's not just going to roll over and defer if they are stuck there -I think this showed some of her inner attitude that doesn't come out too often.

                              skyshe did such a good job dressing down the recruits. she's definitely been hanging aroudn jack too long
                              spliff I liked seeing Sam as a soldier and a scientist in this one. She did both well.
                              MSamShowing the young ‘un how it’s done. Love seeing her challenged, and by someone so young Nice insights into her past life as Resident Acadamy Geek
                              AgtDGot some Carter backstory out of this. The more backstory the better I says!
                              coleyI just loved this. It showed again a different layer to Sam (Oh so many layers to peel) Loved her being out of SGC lecturing. Loved how she interacted with Hailey - loved the fact she was prepared to stick her neck out for her. She persevered with her.
                              UberSG1Fan I think Prodigy was stellar work and it showed several sides of Sam's character and personality:
                              1. Super genius - she's a guest lecturer on a topic that's so far beneath her.
                              2. Not always perfect - she recognizes and acknowledges that she made a mistake in the calculation when Haley pointed it out.
                              3. Superior officer - the way she handled Haley - both in the lab and in General Kerrigan's office - but especially in Kerrigan's office and afterwards. She was brilliant in the way she dressed Haley down.
                              4. Mentor - despite Haley's chip on her shoulder, she recognized the potential and exposed her to a reality she couldn't have imagined.
                              5. Scientist - ever the explorer, Sam was able to examine one of the light bugs.
                              6. Unsure of herself - she fumbled a little to give O'Neill a temporary solution to the bug problem.
                              7. Quick on her feet - was able to give O'Neill a means to temporarily deal with the bugs even though she just arrived on the scene.

                              skyshe did such a good job being so cold and bad
                              MSamUh… the whole episode! How it shows she’s invaluable to the program. Brilliantly acted. And she died!
                              4VRSG1As I said before this is my all-time favorite SG1 episode or close to it.
                              I was amazed with AT's performance in this one from beginning to end. Never once did I look at the entity and see Carter.
                              coleySeems to be in many people's top 3. I thought more of an acting gem than a Sam gem. Liked her bravery in the control room when shutting down the iris and the fact she was more concerned about the computer loss than her injury. Also liked the fact she wanted to communicate with the alien
                              chopin "I was shouting for you to hear me" and Jack's very low-keyed "we heard."

                              more screen caps from Entity

                              DOUBLE JEOPARDY
                              skyhey, robo sam saved the day.
                              MSamTwo Sams!!!! Maybe we should have three for the price of two deal
                              AgtDCarter's android double shows us Sam's strength of char by sacrificing herself.
                              coleyThe double gets the bravery award. Loved her fooling the interrogator woman and blowing her to kingdom come. Also her willingness to die for everyone else. Loved the real Sam's sarcastic quip to the O'Neills arguing, "As much as I would love to see how this plays out"

                              skyblowing up a sun...who can top that???
                              MSam “How do you know these things!?” “I studied Mothership blueprints” “You know how to have a good time…” “Havin a good time now Sir” “You go girl” Sry, can’t remember if that’s in here, or the second part… And of course Blowing up a sun!
                              AgtDSam getting nervous about blowing up a sun
                              coleyHell - her idea to blow up the sun - what a gem!!

                              sky =Skydiver
                              spliff = Splifficated
                              MSam = MajorSam
                              AgtD = Agent Dark
                              4VRSG1 = ForeverSG1
                              NrlyCrc = NearlyCircular
                              DncrSpz = Dancer of Spaz
                              Jkfn = Jckfan55
                              chopin =chopingal
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                                astrogeologist, thank you so much for summing up all the comments and putting up some more fabulous pictures! I think a bean of some sort should be awarded.